Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dupery Reigns Supreme

So you think government officials are like Jimmy 
Stewart in "Mr Smith Goes to Washington," pure 
of heart and fighting tooth and nail in Washington 
for bills that will benefit the people. Yeah, well....
sorry your lobectomy went haywire. 

I bet you think this post is political.  No, not
really. Maybe just some leanings in that direction.

I remember life in the 1950's....... I was at a 
cocktail party wearing a new black cocktail dress,
similar to the ones Audrey Hepburn usually wore.
Of course everyone had a fancy-named drink in
one hand and a cigarette in the other.  Cigarettes 
and booze in a smokey room. The talk was, "Buy
chemicals and plastics." Yup Froggy, that was
the beginning of poisoning the planet and I 
stood there like an idiot, only caring if I was
making an impression on the sad joker in
a pin-stripe suit. 

Up to that time, lawns were almost maintenance
free because white clover lawns were the choice
of the day.  Clover lawns were beautiful AND
(get this) drought resistant, fixed nitrogen from
the air, needed no fertilizer and tolerated 
compacted soil. 

Can you imagine NOT spending a red cent for
up-keep on your lawn? How much do you spend
now, with mowing, aerating, fertilizing, watering, 
power-raking, and often re-seeding in the spring?

So after the war, big campaigns for beautiful
grass filled the hearts and minds of the new
suburbanites. Buy "Round-up," kill the clover, kill
the bees and we all know what happens after we
kill all the bees. Let your kiddies and pets romp
in that brilliant green chemical grass. Oh, so 
Sonny has allergies, too bad, wonder how he got 

I do small patches at a time. I lay down card-
board and cover it with black dirt. I keep it moist
and during the winter, it's all covered with snow. 
Then I mix clover seed with more black dirt
and add a netting if it's scorching hot come
summer. My yard is terribly large for me to do it
all alone but I'm gaining on it. Today I unloaded
15 bags of dirt by myself. Yeah for my Bliss Work.

What's my point in all of this?  I don't really know. 
Maybe I'd like to influence just one person to 
think of what we're doing. Are we going to end
up as we did in "Planet of the Apes" with the statue
of liberty mostly stuck in the sand?????

Who knows and only time will tell.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Always Carry a Big Stick

I got up this morning at the tip of dawn with an agenda on
my mind. Another wasp  nest in the greenhouse had to be
destroyed. I hate that. I'm really scared of those buzzy critters.

I tossed on a winter parka over my PJ's, tied the hood tight
around my face, zipped up and approached the greenhouse
with a big stick. DANG, the nest faced away from
the door, meaning I had to cross over the nest to get back to
the door once I poked down the nest.

My urge was to return to the house, mission UN-accompolished.
But what to do????? I can't use a poison in the greenhouse.
What if I tripped and fell during my escape? What if the sky is
falling on Henny Penny? Oh just do it, big CHICKEN.

POKE POKE. It was stuck tighter than I thought it would be.
I was using a walking stick. Who said, "Always carry a
big stick?" Was it Teddy Roosevelt? Who cares at this point.
I had to jump over that fallen nest as the wasps were beginning
to wake up and come zooming out. could all
those wasps fit in that little nest? They were zooming all
over the greenhouse and I never realized how fast they
could fly. They were not happy with me, yet they were the
usurpers. Ain't fair.

Back in the house and nary a bite or a trip or a fall. Time
for my morning curds and whey. (I really do eat curds and gives me wasp courage and makes me "Oh sooo
ADIOS for now