Sunday, February 15, 2015

What a Day

                      What a day this has been
                      What a rare mood I'm in
                      Why it's almost like being in love

I think the above words are from the song, "It's
almost like being in love" but from what musical?
It feels like Guys and Dolls? I'm too lazy to look
it up but I'm sure someone will know and tell us.
It feels like when they went to Cuba on that bet
and she, (Jean Simmons in the movie) fell in love
with Marlon Brando.
God, he was really a hunk when young but look
what old age did to him. Twas a pity.

This is the day after the love day and where is the fat
little guy in the diaper?  Did he use up all his arrows?
What a bothersome little twit he is. Are all the
maidens puffed up and zitted out from stuffing their
faces with the chocolates from heart shapped boxes.

I was at the health food store yesterday and the check-
out gal asked me about my evening plans. I told
her that my lover was taking me to dinner and
he had previously asked me what I
which I replied, "A diamond tennis bracelet. He
is so generous." She just stared at me with her mouth
 open, as though she wanted to say something but
couldn't form the words. Then I said, "Kidding," and
we had a big laugh.

Darkness has fallen. I have to go out to the
green house and check the temp. I transfered the
new little plants from upstains to the green house
but I put a heat lamp on them for the night.

Hope your week is filled with new and exciting
ideas. uuummm...... I think I really would like
that tennis bracelet.

Dream on, kiddo

Monday, January 26, 2015

Springtime in the Rockies

It's here. Woopi Ding. Springtime has spring. I knew it, I just
knew it. I could smell it in the frozen air and hear it in the
crunch of the little icy crystals as my Snow Trax cleats bit into
the solid ice.

For the past 3 days, temps soared into the 50's and the sun
burned into the newly exposed skin of the runners and even the
strollers. People are coming out of their houses in droves.

Will we have more cold and snow? Perhaps, a little but February
is our month to shine. I'm already planting seeds in the green
house. Goji berries and more alpine strawberries. Who's
gonna be the health nut now????

I know I've been among the missing but the 2 cold months
of winter is the time for catch-up and making future plans.
Look out springtime, I'm a-com'n.

As soon as I say adios, I have to challenge one hungry
Puss to go into her travel bag. No breakfast for her as she's
off to the vet for teeth cleaning and hair matt removal. But
it's sleepy time work and I feel terrible to do it to her.

So with this little newsy tid-bit, I'll say adios and locate the
hungry Puss, who is probably under the bed because I
think she knows what is coming.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rosie the Riveter

Perhaps you know I begin my day writing a rhyme over at Pat's
'Rhyme Time" blog. It's my little "I'm still OK" test. His post
always gives me a good laugh plus today's title is a memory jab

Been there. It was smack-dab in the middle of WW2 and there
was not an able-bodied man left on the street who was not in
uniform. Women who had never lifted a finger outside of the
kitchen, took to working in factories and food production.

It was a fantastic time, women stepping out of their girdles
and zipping up their coveralls. The summer I was 14, I got a
job at the local corn-canning factory.  Hair tied up in a
bandana, I looked like all the other "Rosie, the Riveters" with
my standard little black lunch box, packed with enough
sandwiches to cover lunch and snacks for a double shift.

I worked in the cutter room where the sharp blades on a
conveyer belt cut the corn off the cob. This room was not
for the clumsy and when working such long hours, one
 really had to keep their wits on board.

The war was what Really closed the book on the great
depression.  Jobs, jobs, jobs beckoning from huge signs
 were the pied pipers that brought women and young
adolescents out into the work force. Lucky Strike Green
may have gone to war, but we were actually earning that
green folding stuff that would buy us food and a few
trinkets we had been without for such a long time.

Swing music blaring from radios where ever we went.
Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey. In spite of the war,
those WERE the days.  I guess that would be called
my coming of age. LOL

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's December one

A statue of my husband at the bb field of the Twin in Minneapolis

Yipes, today is Dec. 1, my husbands birthday.  He was born
103 years ago in Montreal, Canada.  The photo above is
of a bronze statue of him at the new ball field in Mpls. It
is such a life-like statue, that for me, it's a little creepy.
Calvin's life was baseball so it is fitting that he now
greets all the Twins fans at the door.

Calvin's life was one of enchantment that he shared
with me for over 25 years. Dec 1....smack-dab in the
middle of Sagittarius astrology and one so lucky to be
born on this date is a laugh and a love a day.

So to Calvin and all you lucky Sadges to be born on this
day, I give you the high-five and say, "Celebrate like only
a Sagittarius knows how."

Calvin Griffith  1911-2000   RIP

Monday, November 24, 2014

Raw Sweet Potato Soup

Here is a video of Terry and me making raw sweet
potato soup. We were, more or less, playing around
and using the soup as a prop but, no kidding, it is
delicious and just in time for Thanksgiving. 

We used raw sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, a little nama shoyu (or any form
of salt),  a little chili powder, and water. We dumped everything into the
Blendtec blender, put the setting on soup and were rewarded with a beautifully
 orange tasty soup.

Terry, from "My Journey with Candida" has been visiting Montana for
the last month.  We dabbled in many areas......making videos, being
one of them. LOL


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Repeat it Often Enough

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
people will eventually come to believe it.
                          quote attributed to Joseph Goebbels and often, Hitler

This day, in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Like the
whole world, I was numb with shock.  My eyes were constantly focused on
the little TV that sat in the kitchen of my home in Minneapolis. Two days after
the killing, we witnessed live, another killing, when Jack Ruby shot Lee H.
Oswald, the suspected Kennedy killer, the man who shouted out when
apprehended, "I'm a patsy."

Today, all information pertaining to Kennedy's killing will say he was shot
by a lone gun man, Lee Harvey Oswald.  Who has the time to dispute that
or who even cares any more. I care and for 51 years Kennedy's assassination
has been my obsession. So many books written ........ sooo many theories but
the Warren Commission is still touted to be the final word. Amen. What
a joke that is, but again, if the government said it, it must be true.

The Kennedy killing quest has taken me down
hundreds of paths that branch out in every 
direction and produced names of people, famous 
and obscure, who were never allow a voice or 
were mysteriously eliminated. 

But repeat it often enough and it will become history.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Have You Ever Met a Blogger in Person?

Terry, from "My Journey With Candida," is visiting me. 
 She only had to mention 2 little words (elk hunting) to 
entice her husband to pack the pick-up and head for 
Montana. While her husband hunts, we are having a 
blast doing crazy things, such as hunting for
fossil rocks. I can't drive by a rock pile without Terry
saying, "Stop the truck" and she's out poking around
in a rock pile. We've been to ghost towns, casino 
hopping, mountain climbing and Terry saw her first
live cattle drive. What fun having her here and showing
her my part of the world. 

Our Halloween costumes. Manzi on the L and Terry in the orange wig
Terry poking around in a fossil rock pile. That mountain went straight up
Some remains of Marysville ghost town
Another ghost town tucked away in the Elkhorn Mountains

Have you ever visited in person with a blogging buddy?