Friday, May 8, 2015

Dance Floor

Have you ever started a project and straight from the git-go, 
everything went wrong. I don't mean a little glitch here and there
but I do mean "everything." That's what is happening right now
in my garage, as I'm setting up another studio.  

First of all, the structure itself is nearly 100 years old and 
would welcome a wrecking ball.  (Actually the house would 
too, but that's another story).  What we did to the garage, we 
did it twice because nothing worked the first time. The maple 
dance floor is half finished and driving the young floor installer 
crazy. Well, I guess I'm the one who is driving him crazy because 
if there is one thing I really know, it is dance floors.  It is the 
dance floor I had designed for the Bozeman studio and my son 
so graciously took it apart. (Does muttering to himself count?)
My header for the past couple months is the dance floor, as 
it waits patiently for installation. 

Is that the pinnacle of optimism, building a dance studio at
age 85? I'll be teaching Bliss Work to Senior Ladies.  I've 
been studying it for the past year by Skype and the beautiful 
teacher wants me to teach it here. It is the chance to help older
women as I have been helped by Bliss so I am eagerly approaching
this new endeavor in my life.  I will also have the 2nd part of
the class a jazz class. Older ladies STILL like to dance with a
little hootchy cootchty wiggle. LOL

But what the heck, who cares what goes wrong because I have a
new Happy Pill.  It's called Boost by touchstone essentials.
Ingredients: Pouchong Tea Extract, Arabica Coffee Bean 
Extract, Cocoa Powder Estract. Rhodiola, Rosea Root, and
Garcina Cambogia fruit. WOW now that's a boost!

"Oh Dang!  There's another problem you say?  Who cares? Just hand me mah happy pill and go fix it. " 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is For Zeolite

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

The whole, exciting
trick to longevity is
staying healthy by
eliminating toxins.
Every direction we
turn, we run into
poisons and chemicals
that take a hit on our vitality.

The zeolites are from a natural formation of volcanic
rock and natural saline. It has a remarkable chelating
effect for removing heavy metals and poisons from
the body. A healthy body, free of chemicals and
toxins is about the thing that leads to a long, happy

The 2 zeolites I take, are fulvic acid (not folic acid)
that dissolves bad calcium and I occasionally take
MSM.  (I talked about that under the letter M)

We must be vigilant to promote good health in our
twilight years.  When I talk to my older friends, we
all agree that it takes all morning to take us through
our health routine. Is it worth all that effort when one
gets old?  That is up to the individual. If one gets
old and cranky, probably not. Let it go. But if you
are filled with laughter, enjoy people and still have
hobbies, I'd say, it is definitely still worth the effort.

A young couple moved in across the alley.
When I was in my garden last week (and the sunshine
was pouring down) the young gal came over and
said, "I'm so happy we moved here because I can
learn so much from you." That made it all worth
while and I'm closing with laughter and happiness.

Thank you for reading my posts and it has been
a fun journey through the alphabet with you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is For Yacon Root

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

Yacon Root is a favorite
natural sweetner that
also offers many
health benefits. It has
an amazing quality that
regulates and nourishes
the friendly intestinal flora. This positive factor is a boon
at any age but especially appreciated by those who have
reached the top of the hill and are slightly on the declining

The Yacon Root resembles a yam and is juiced into a
concentrate.  Besides being a guardian of yeast, diabetes
and bone density, it has been touted as a food for weight
loss, made popular by the Dr. Oz. show.  Mostly, I
believe the weight loss scam should be replaced with
holistic reasoning, but that won't sell the manufacturers

Always beware. Too many weight loss gimmicks. Here
is a secret. Keep your body in sparkling health and
the pounds will melt away. But I think we already
knew that.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is For Xylitol

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

A number of years
back, I was somewhat
shocked when my
biological dentist
told me about the
benefits of xylitol,
like actually helping
prevent cavaties. He suggested I take both the gum and
the little candy pellets. It tasted so sweet and was far
too yummy for me to believe this was actually good
for my teeth. Why was my dentist telling me to eat
something that tasted like sugar and had half the calories?

Xylitol was the big name around 15 years ago and even
 promoted as a tooth savior by my dentist. I
bought the gum and candy but never felt this sweet-
mint could protect my teeth. The original boxes are
still sitting, nearly full, in my herb room.

Then I stopped hearing about xylitol and a report
recently appeared  in the "Journal of American
Dental Assoc" suggesting the claims that
xylitol stops cavities, needs further studies.

Well I guess I called that one right. Anyone have
any thoughts on xylitol?

Monday, April 27, 2015

W is For

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

    W is For.......Forget it. No way!!!!!
I can't go there. You'd never believe me anyway.

I'll just wish you a Super Happy W-Day.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

V is For Vitamins

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

When I was on the
Gerson diet a few
years ago, I
began giving myself
Vitamin B12 shots
daily, I noticed
an improvement

in my mental clarity.  Humans get most of their
vitamin B12 from animal products and since I
eat very little meat, my body greatly benefits
from the vitamin B12 shots.

40 % of the eldery seem to be deficient in B12.
Symptoms of a B12 deficiency are low energy,
fatigue, poor memory or auto immune diseases,
and thyroid problems.

We may actually get enough B12 but are not
digesting what we eat. Here I go again, always
reverting to digestion but see how the lack of
probiotics and enzymes and not chewing enough
affects your whole body. It's all connected and
that is why it's called holistic.

Do yourself a favor and ferment a jar of that
yummy, crunchy home-made sauerkraut.  The
commercial stuff is always soggy but you can
find that crunch in your home-made.

Friday, April 24, 2015

U us For Underwear

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

One thing I've noticed
about aging..............
no more cute little
undies. It's not
that there's any law
against wearing
scanty panties but
the utilitarian ones
just feel more comfortable. Nor do I mean we have
to send away to the Vermont Country store for the
old granny bloomers that come to the knees. lol

It's just "good-by" thongs and bikinis and "hello"
panties that at least come up to our natural waist.
It's really just "hello" comfort.

Stop dreaming. No one's looking at your bum
anymore, anyway. hahaha