Monday, August 25, 2014

86 That Person

Have you ever been 86'd? 86, meaning kicked out, told to leave, given
the boot? I was curious as to how that phrase came about so I looked
it up and found many conflicting origins. The one most given was in
the 20's there was a code number of 86, meaning a restaurant or soda
fountain was out of an item. They would yell 86.

I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in a while and she said, "Do you
remember when we were 86'd from the widow's club? I didn't but
once reminded, I now recall.  Sounds a little harsh, kicking grieving
widows out of a club. Actually there were 3 of us who got the boot. Our sin
being we also belonged to the Oasis Club and this club didn't want those
widows. Hahaha.... what a deal! That was 14 years ago and we had all
just recently lost our husbands.

Groucho Marx said, "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would
have me as a member." He also said, "Wives are people who feel they
don't dance enough.  In some quirky way, I can relate to both.
Do you want your hair to grow? Cut it when the moon is in Leo.  Truth.
I'm a truthsayer, meaning would I lie to you?  I always want my hair to
grow. When they were giving out hair, I was in the wrong line. I was
in the boob line so I ran over to the hair line, that was closed and by the
time I got back to the boob line, that was closed too. Get the picture?


OMG  It's almost September. It brings on a September song but don't
worry, I won't sing it. (I may hum a little) Next month Terry from
My Journey with Candida, and her adorable husband are coming to
Montana for elk hunting. She's bringing sequins and we're going to
get all gussied up and hit the casinos, floozy style. We have sooooo
many plans and you know there will be a plethora of poop and worm

Gotta run. A handi-man is coming to re-design the chicken coop.
What a life my chickens have. Just lay me an egg a day and I'll be
your slave. LOL

Friday, August 15, 2014

There really is someone older than I am.

No pictures. This is from my old mac. That failure of the vid in my last post was
most likely the fault of this worn out computer which has served me well. I
have a brand new mac that hates me but not as much as I hate it. Why do they
have to make things more complicated when they seem to be working just fine?

Do you know anyone with more years under their belt than I have?  I do.
Her name is Lo (from Lois) and she is 87. Yup, she has 2 years on me. I
love Lo because she is so free and honest. I thought I was but Lo reaches
out beyond. You can feel her attitude of, "I'm me and I don't give a sh__
what anyone thinks."

She'll say it just that way too. Boy can she swear. I heard cuss words I
never knew existed and if that is the way she feels, it's OK with me.  We
both have poor eyesight and she never proof reads. I'm getting there.

Lo's husband was a jazz musician and she occasionally plays some of
the most toe tapp'n jazz. I think some of it is his, some not.

Her writing is funny to the point of often putting me in hysterics.  Now
days, her health is not the best and she evidently spends more time in
bed and compains about it but in a very humorous way. Her posts have
bigger spaces inbetween and I don't know if her eyesight is good enough
for her to read many blogs. She used to read mine, I know and I do
appreciate that. I wish I had her gift for writing.

Her blog is "It's Always Something" in case you want to take a peek.

I just received a back order of a new watering can, a Peter Rabbit style
that does not leak water. I waited all summer for it and I can see why
everyone wants one. But get has a big sticker on the can that
says it has a 10 year guarantee. means I'm OK with it until
I'm 95. I suppose then, I'll have to get a new one. LOL
OMG...It's almost time for my exercise class on Skype and I have to do that on
Ms Priss New Computer. I have to get gussied up a little for that. LOL

Monday, August 11, 2014

Are Your Ducks in a Row?

It's good to see that someone has their ducks in a row. I've been trying to
do just that, all summer. But now the asters are beginning to bloom and 
that means summer's gone, kaput, finished, the end. Am I sad or a little
blue (like the Grumpster?) naw.......I'm ready to learn something new. 

I did learn a few tid-bits this summer that I'm tossing into my massive
tid-bit bag. I learned not to get too attached to neighbors..... they move.
Neighbors on all sides and neighbors next to the neighbors who move,
move. It's like dominos falling and I just moved back here.  Is it me? No,
I think they are all getting new agendas. I saw the new houses of 2 neighbors
and they are leaving their beautiful trees and moving into a treeless hot
lot. Oh well, perhaps the new houses have a sun porch BUT they
wouldn't need a sunporch with shade trees. Not my concern.

I'm always disappointed when liars pants don't explode in flames. That
would be the simple way to identify liars or the long nose trick. Both
would work equally well and we could cross the street, if we happened
to see one approaching but we woudn't want to get run over by an
oncoming fire truck trying to quench the pants.

It wasn't a plan to stay away from blogging all summer but it slowly evolved
as my delight in gardening gained momentum. I realize many of my bloggie
friends thought I had bit the dust... emote (I think that's the Arabic word).
Still kick'n, still going to post. I hope everyone had a delightful summer,
got lots of sunburn and did just whatever the heck pleases you.

Looking forward to visiting with you all, once again. Yay, it's good to
be back

Saturday, May 17, 2014

An Average Day

4 AM  Wake-up. My inner alarm just likes to wake up at this time so I turn on the computer and head over to Pat's "Rhyme Time" and write my rhyme.  If my rhyme makes sense, I know I'm alert for the day. WOW, mighty handy little check points.

4:05 AM  Roll out the yoga mat and do 21 reps each of 5 Tibetean yoga exercises. Creek, crack goes my spine but now I'm ready for the 30/30 plan.  If you're in the dark about this, it means, eat 30 % protein within 30 minutes after waking or the body goes into stress mode, thinking it isn't getting any protein and hoards fat.

4:15 AM    The yoga reps go fast and I'm ready for a spinach/pea powder smoothie with added supplements. Yuck on the taste but I can swallow anything if I know it's doing my body some good.  Next I have 3 egg yolks and a piece of sprouted grain bread with yummm..... butter. Butter, butter, butter..... my all-time favorite food but I look for unsalted organic and I add my own salt.... pink himalayan salt.

5 AM  I feed critters.... dog, cat and 5 chickens.

 6 AM finds me puttering out in the green house, watering, weeding, repotting and singing old 40's tunes from  from the top of my lungs with Cody howling because it hurts her ears. So much for my singing.

 By 8 AM my neighbor dropped off some 2x2  in. long lengths of left-over wood from some cabinets he's building. He thought they'd make great stakes for tomato plants and bingo, he is correct. We chatted and laughed about last evenings episode with the Barred Rock Chicken who didn't want to go in the coop. Bam... he nailed her with a fishing net and I grabbed her. He admitted that was the most action that net has seen. Ha

I grabbed my purse and was going to check out the string bark for paths at Wal-mart when I spotted the back of my work truck. Dang, I had forgotten to unload 25 bags of compost soil and this was not the way I wanted to begin my day. Neighbor had left for work so nothing to do but get out the wheelbarrow and begin hauling. OMG.... this is crazy.

By 9 AM I was in the Walmart nursery parking lot waiting for someone to load 10 bags of bark and wondering how they would get unloaded, since the 25 bags of dirt had taken every drop of my energy.

On the way home, my little truck drove right up to a "City" coffee hut. This day called for the zip that only coffee can give. I ordered a double espresso over ice but the cute little barista gave me a lecture on how to order it. She said the espresso had to go in the cup first and the ice added on top or there would be a burned taste. Shucks, it always tasted burned to me anyway and that's what I liked about it. But
I listened, she gave Cody her treat, I tipped her and left.

Next, I pulled into Agri Feeds to get pellets for the chicken coop floor.  The owner, a burly gentleman put a large bag of pellets in my pick-up and said there was no charge as he wanted me to try it and see if my chickens liked it better than the wood chips. People are just plain "nice" here.

I was home by 9:30 and suddenly knew a lucky duck was on my shoulder. Geno, my old handi-man who had moved to Boulder, was sitting in his van waiting for me. He was going to paint the chicken coop, the new tool shed and the garage ....AND.....he unloaded the bark.

That meant I could begin hoeing the compost into the garden soil.  Bam..... I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to tell the sprinkler guys that there is a leak in the system so Cody and I walked the 3 blocks to talk to the sprinkler people. A lovely walk this time of year because the whole town was fragrant with new fruit blossoms. Dale, the lawnmower service man who had worked there forever, was at the front desk. After lamenting how our mornings were going, I think his aim was to make me laugh with a joke. Here it is..... a 3-legged dog walked into a bar and said to the bartender, "Boy am I pissed.  I'm out to get the guy who shot my paw." I couldn't help but smile, especially at Dale's innocent effort.
He came around the desk and gave me a hug..... I don't know why but people just do that in these
Mayberry-like towns.

My life may sound pretty boring to most of you but neither can I imagine big city living and walking around  on hot cement all day.  Each person has a life to live that suits them. What a perfect world this is.  If so inclined, give us a peek into your life.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zingiber Officinale

A few of my herbs

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
Z is for

Fooled Ya!

It's really Ginger but
try to find a good
"Z"  herb.

Zingiber is a tropical plant found in E. Asia, Australia, India
and China.

I am a great fan of ginger, both in my cooking and in my
teas. I love the zippy bite of ginger that will mask the
bitter taste of some of the important herbs.
Aside from using it in cooking, it can be taken in a
tincture syrup or in capsule form.

Medical Uses:  
Used for colitis, diverticulosis, gas, indigestion,
nausea, morning sickness, paralysis of the tongue,
hot flashes and as a colon clease

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Yellow Dock

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
Y is for Yellow Dock

So many of our
herbal plants
have been handed
to us by Native
Americans.  Yellow
Dock is another
medicinal plant that
has been
brought to the
attention of
the Europeans
who settled
in America.

The yellow refers to the interior color of the
root, rather than the flowers or leaves. The darker
the yellow, the stronger the plants. Plants collected
in water are useless as the roots are light colored.
If you pick your own go for the deep yellow.
There are plenty to go around.  Tiz better to pick
your own than to cultivate it in your garden, as
in truth, this is a big ugly plant. Why introduce
it in your herb garden?

Medicinal  Use: The herb has great value  for
taking care of the skin.  Yellow Dock is one of
the best astringents and antiseptics, also good
for cuts, scraps, wounds and lacerations. A real
boon for chronic skin disease, a blood purifier,
enlarged lymph glands, liver ailments, sore
throats and anemia.

Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xylosma Japonica

         A-Z Challenge
         My theme is herbs
         X is for Xylosma

This was a tough one.  Not
many plants beginning with
the letter X.

Xylosma grows near the
seaside and is native to
central and southern Japan
and the Woodlands of Korea.

Medical Use:  The ashes
of the stem bark are mixed
with water and used to treat
jaundice, scrofula, sores
and tumors.