Monday, May 30, 2011


What did you do before enlightenment?
Chop Wood Carry Water.

What did you do after enlightenment?
Chop Wood Carry Water.

Some people do well with change. Others don't. I'm in the "don't" category. Anything new puts me in a real tizzy. I recently unboxed a new printer that had been sitting in a closet for a year. I was comfortable with the quirks and blank spaces of my old one.

How about new cars? That's a tough one, learning about all the new gadgets. My car is three years old and I still don't know how to run the radio. Why were knobs such a bad thing? At least I could find a station.

People speculate on what they would do if they won the lottery and were suddenly millions of dollars richer. A lot of spending would be going on but not at my house. The latest new thing to make me climb the wall is a water ionizer. OMG the buttons, the different settings. I live in fear I'll push the wrong button and never find my my old setting or that I'll be drinking acid water.

Is it weird to be a woman and not like shopping for clothes? I shop in my daughters Goodwill bag. No labels to cut off and I know things will fit. Besides, they're free.


  1. Oooh too funny!!! Nope...hate shopping. I try never to go to a mall and this is mall country. I time myself, kind of like an Indy mechanic. My "new" car is 1 1/2 yrs and I don't know about the radio either, but that's ok, I don't listen to a radio when I drive. My new dishwasher is driving me crazy...thinkin about doing them by hand. UGH!!! We sure seem to have a lot in common...

  2. Well you've forced me to say I've gotten older there are a lot more things I need to see changed and many times, dislike the ones that do change.

  3. Oh, this made me smile. I like some new things but learning how to use them, not so much. I used to hate shopping, but now that I've lost so much weight and look so much better, I'm enjoying a new outfit occasionally. But I so get this post.

  4. I don't do change!! LOL!! I've been at my workplace now since 2001 and the changes that management have forced through - and all to do with technology! Aaaaaaargh!!! I always say, if it ain't broke why fix or worse replace it?!?!?

    Take care

  5. I'm with you on the not liking shopping thing.....but.....I love change and new toys. I like to prove that I can still learn new things.

  6. Is "enlightenment" what they call the new technology? As I told OUTOFMYMIND recently (she was having problems with an electric egg cooker) newer is not necessarily better or easier for eggs--or husbands. Or, obviously, a lot of other stuff.

  7. oh, you're too funny. i can relate. i like simple so i don't need stuff with all sorts of gadgets or 'the latest greatest...'

    i don't like shopping either - never really have. especially clothes. yuck!

  8. The problem is that all these gadgets keep changing while my back is turned and they simply won't explain how to operate them.

    I've long ago given up shopping. I replace the trousers that wear out with new ones, that's about it. Sad really, I used to love clothes.

    It's all a sign of old age and I'm not proud of getting left behind. Just too lazy to bother.

  9. I enjoy a new to me outfit now and then. I mean, really,vintage clothing stores are so much more interesting than the stuff in the big box stores.

  10. The most hysterical thing about this whole issue (upon which I include myself among the anti-change!) is that here we all are grousing about it on a machine we don't understand, on the ethernet that we don't understand, using technology that we don't understand, talking with people we don't know!!! I guess we can handle change when we really want to! :D

  11. I absolutely hate shopping too! But I do much on the computer so I don't have to drive anywhere. Clothing though, I get at my local thrift store and it is free to all there. I still do many things the old fashioned way.

  12. I hate to shop for clothes. Unfortunately, groceries is another story.

  13. Turquoisemoon : More in common than you think. I always do my dishes by hand. Ha. It always seems like double work to load and unload the dishwasher. Only time I use it is for company when I have a lot of dishes.

    Chuck : Although we try, there are some things we can't hold back.

    Karen : Good for you for being able to lose weight. That always calls for a shopping spree. Wheeeee

    Kitty : Paramount saying. I'll drink to that. Now we can all go out and cultivate our gardens. :)

    Mybaby john : I guess someone has to do it. I'm proud of you. I used like to "do" it but lately, I'll watch you do it. :)

  14. Well the more one simplifies the easier life can be, and change can be stressful!

  15. wow..nice to hear that you can get free clothing.. :)

  16. Fishducky : Good enlightenment statement. I'd say you are enlightened. Egg cooker.... my husband had one of those when I married him. It always made the eggs taste like rubber.

    Texwisgirl : Gadgets always bug me. Just give me a sharp knife and a cutting board.

    Friko : And gadgets take up too much space too. One thing you'll never be, is left behind, my dear.

    Briarosestudio : Vintage is wonderful if you can find them. They are taking on such great popularity and becoming scarce in these parts.

    Mellodee : I'm laughing too because you are so right. I learned this technology (a little) but I say this, if I had to do it again, I would probably pass. Did I say say that? Nooooo I enjoy it and all the people I meet. I'd do it again.

    Katlupe : You get free clothes at your thrift??? WOW, that's neat. Shopping online is my style too.

    Teresa : So true. Grocery shopping is a necessity. Unless we have a huge garden in the summer. But I don't anymore.

  17. I too dislike new gadgets. I think it's an age thing, the younger ones have no fear of pushing the wrong button!
    When I got my new car last October, the very nice guy in the garage sat in and brought me through all the gadgets, making sure I knew everything. When I had forgotten how to work one, I called back a week later and no probs, he was delighted to show me again. That's what I call service!

    But clothes shopping? LOVE it!

  18. I'm just the opposite with new. I want every new electronic gadget that comes out but a fixed budget keeps me in check.
    As for clothes however, can't remember the last "new" I bought out side of shoes. I am not hard on clothes and most of my daily stuff is many years old. I do envy your free grab bag.

  19. OMG! I'm a complete shopping freak. Maybe I'd better learn something from this post :D
    Do visit my blog and leave your footprints by posting comments

  20. Haha! Yeah, I'm with you! I might regularly change my external environment (travelling!) but the fundamentals are cemented in. Mostly.

    I prefer to think of it as experience actually teaching me stuff, not a stubborn character trait!!

  21. I'm hopeless with new things. New clothes hang in the wardrobe for at least a month or are worn for special occasions only and new items for the kitchen spend even longer in the cupboard before I can get myself to accept them.

  22. I with you with the radio. My son installed a "head unit" into one of his cars. I needed to use his car one day and sat in the driveway for about 15 minutes with the engine idling away trying to figure out how to use it. What ever happen to a button with the word "On" on it? Everything was analog. What did "SDP" mean? I mean really!

    Free is good! Though I do love to shop for new clothes.

  23. I feel the same. Still unsure how to use some bits of a tv remote, didn't use this comp for years frightened I might blow the universe up if I pressed the wrong button and so it goes on.

    I like old familiar things with buttons on and I really don't like shopping either.

    Anna :o]

  24. My hubby loves new gadgets, because he can comprehend the owner's manual.

    Me? not too much!

  25. Like they say nothing like aging stuff before using them. Don't ask me who "they" are though. Simpler the better, I say. These days, I go shopping in the husband's "I don't want to wear these tee-shirts anymore" stash and the mama's "oh, look, this is too big for me, it has elastic, it should fit you" stash.

  26. Ah...
    Where can I shop for a daughter?

    (I'm still chuckling, here...)

    xoxoxo, cd

  27. Manzi: I change constantly. No two years of my life, nor any part of it, has remained unchanged. I am a living metamorphosis.

  28. LoL... oh Manzanita... you are too funny....

    I feel the same way though,.. I am fighting a new computer. I would rather put up with all the problems this one has, even though I swear at it a lot, I still don't want a lap top.

  29. Karen G : What's that song, "Give me the simple life?" There we go. Just sing along. :)

    Reanaclaire : I'm not into the designer world of clothes.... not anymore so the free clothes work well.

    Mimi : That's a good place where you buy your cars. Service with a smile and a lecture on gadgets. :)

    Patti : I see what you mean. Remember years ago when there was one certain style that was "in." Now, anything and everything goes, any length any sleeve, any style.

    Nilofer : Of course you are a shopping freak and should be when you are young .... we love new clothes when young. Forgive us ... the old ones, we just kinda lose the urge to shop or be a fashion statement. Ha I bet we were all at the head of the sale line, waiting for the doors to open when we were young and had the energy.

    Red : That might mean that having a passion in life that will take the place of clothes shopping, whereas there are some women who make clothes their passion.

    Rosalind : A girl after my own heart. Things that plug into the wall and come with a manual always scare me.

  30. Irene : I'm LOL because I do that same thing but with my car that I've had for almost 4 years. I dislike digital "most things." I just today bought a new bathroom scale...analog. I tossed the digital one out.

    Anna : Although I vision you as being a pioneer in a lot of situations.

    Gigi :Yeah, men are usually good with gadgets. My husband loved kitchen gadgets and he couldn't even cook.

    Su-sieee :Seems like quite a few of us believe in aging things first.Mma always has good ideas. We coulf follow her.

  31. Ahhh... I have found a kindred spirit in you. Everytime my computer is "up" graded or I have to get a new camera, it makes me go crazy. I hate clothes shopping too. AND I love rummage sales.

  32. I can usually handle change after the fact, but rarely go looking for it or try to instigate it. Things suit me fine just the way they are, so I'm a bit leery of challenges to the status quo.

  33. BTW...LOVE the Pic of your G-daughter's band!

    xoxoxo, me