Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Update

Household-'purging is finally near it's end. I began this quest right after the A-Z and fought with myself all summer over " sentiment don't mean a thing, if you ain't got the room...... do wop, do wop, do wop. " (Only you oldies will know the song I'm punning with.) "The Good Samaritan Thrift Store is definitely better off with my discards. Everyone knows the stress of moving from one house...... consider moving out of two. At times I wanted to pull my hair out, but thankfully, no wigs needed..

It has been a summer of discovery. For one thing, I discovered cats again..... not really by choice but rather by necessity. After years of being a rental and falling into neglect, the barn became an attraction to pack-rats. That's something you don't want to see every day. After the clean-up by Bob and Geno, I needed a strong rat-deterrent and what better than a cat.

I chose 2 eight-year old felines from the shelter. They were socialized and old enough to stick around but they looked pathetic with their distended bellies and thin dull fur.  Oh, oh, here I go again. As if I don't have enough to do, I studied cat nutrition and began making my own cat food (along with Cody's dog food). It payed off big. A way to go yet, but they slimmed down, coats began to shine and get thicker and they now follow me around whenever I'm outside.

Names?.... I just call one "Puddy Tat" and the other "Puss Kitty."  The names seem to agree with them because they come when called.

Below is a short video I put together of them hanging out in front of their barn and playing on the woodpile.  I think tiny critters must hang out there.  The background music is written and played by Flamenco Guitarist, Paul Renslow.


  1. Their coats look pretty nice to me!!

  2. I know you are an adventuresome person, but a cathouse? Or, properly, catbarn? One never knows what you are going to do next.

    I can fully understand how busy you have been. Moving house in not for the faint of heart, especially among those of us who are over 55. I'm still trying to clean up after our move from house to apartment last year. (Trying experience that, indeed.)

    Hope the rest of the summer goes well, and that you are not burned out of house and home.

  3. I am so glad to see you back here. I was beginning to be worried about you. The kittehs look happy and healthy. Hopefully they keep the rodents down for you.

  4. I'm so happy to hear from you again. I had been wondering how your move was going. The kitties will be good company and it sounds like they will earn their keep. A good arrangement.

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  6. The coats look great and yeah cat nutrition can be a pain with all the garbage food out now a days.

  7. I've been thinking about you, wondering how things were going. I'm glad it's getting finished. The cats look fabulous doing what cats do, licking paws and sniffing butts! :D

  8. What sweet little kitties Manzi!! So happy you finally found them and they sure do look content.

    And yes, I do remember that doo whap song..

  9. Well it is about time you came back. You were missed.
    Lucky you to have found cats willing to control your rat problem and lucky them for I am sure 8 year olds don't normally have a good chance of adoption. Win/win.
    They are looking good.

  10. Welcome back!!!
    Your cats are beautiful and their coats look shiny and healthy!

    Please share your recipe for the pet foods!

  11. Hellooooooooo, Manzi! I missed ya. Glad to read that you're doing well and having fun in your new digs. :-)

    Hope you'll consider sharing your cat food recipe. Molly the Cat has decided that raw food is THE thing for her to eat. I've found recipes that read so complicated that right now we're driving way far to keep her in supply.

  12. Sooooo glad to see you back again. I know what a major pain it is to weed out decades worth of "stuff", but it's something we all have to think about doing eventually. (Hmmm, I suppose I could keep putting it off and leave it to our kids to handle...) Your kitties look healthy and happy. I hope your greenhouse is thriving, too. Thank you so much for your kind words regarding the death of my mother-in-law. I truly appreciate them. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

  13. Dear Manzanita, so good to have this update from you! As a cat lover of many, many years, I want to say that the new members of your family are truly handsome. I like their names also--Puss Kitty and Puddy Tat.

    In case you have some interest in reading a couple of books written by a cat with whom I lived for 17 1/2 years, I want to tell you that on Amazon you can see "A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story" and "Twelve Habits of HIghly Successful Cats & Their Humans"--both were authored by Dulcy but Amazon insists!!!! on using my name for cat lovers to find!!! Or, you can find both books with links to Amazon on my blog. Peace.

  14. Welcome back you incredible woman!! And now with two adorable and totally gorgeous kitties!! Yay!!! They are stunning!!! And doing a great job frightening all the rats away!!

    Take care

  15. These look like very pretty cats now. The kitties are lucky to have you. I'm sure they really keep you pest free.

  16. Those 2 cats are lucky to have been found by you. Their coats look great, healthy and strong. You'll get another 8 - 10 years out of them.

  17. The cats are gorgeous!!
    Oh, I want one.....I'm heading to the shelter the day after I retire!
    That's a few years away yet. Meanwhile I'll just pet some of the local cats, they're getting used to seeing me around.

  18. I'm interested in reading your cat food recipe too, I believe in being prepared.

  19. Dang it all, I guess that means I'm an 'oldie'!! I immediately recognised the tune you poached ...

    But don't tell anyone - in the non-blogging world, I can still pass for 'youngish'!!!!

  20. Hi Manzanita .. sounds like busy isn't the word .. good luck with the final push ... the cats look a great idea and they'll enjoy their new home - freedom, being looked after and good food (over and above rats!!) ..

    Cheers Hilary

  21. I read your previous post. Not being in bloggerland for a while, I've missed out. How exciting your move sounds! To the country. And the kitties are lovely. Just nice to come over here and see you again!

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  23. Well it must have been a stressful time. Sending things off to Thrift places is hard to do. But bless you for bringing some felines on board. They will help the rat packs move away:) Rescued at 8 is really a great gift for them. And now they will show you their gratitude.
    Welcome back.

  24. Glad to hear you're surviving the house-purging and yes I do know what song you mean!! That looks like two cats that have truly landed on their paws. Our two were about five when we got them from rescue. They make a home, don't they!

  25. Good to hear you've got on top of the whole moving house and purging experience. I don't enjoy it - ever. Still you've given me encouragement to follow in your footsteps and tackle the "junk room".

    I was thinking of you yesterday when I was reading bout the shameful political shenanigans that have been going on - nuff said.


  26. Bear, in the midst of his own stressful time (though not moving) is just catching up after a month and hoping your are doing well.

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  30. Manzanita, You are so very quiet. I hope all is well, and that life is flowing smoothly for you. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and miss your presence.


  31. Hi Manzanita, I hope you are well; you seem to be in good spirits and I'm glad. Please take care of yourself.

  32. For me it's "sentiment don't mean a thing if you haven't touched that item in a year".
    I love the new cats, they're just beautiful.
    When I eventually get a cat it will be from our local animal shelter.

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