Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life Could be a Paper Clip

Is there anything more boring than a paper clip? Yes, indeed. Life without laughter.

My personality is rather hum-drummy. I can delve into serious matters but I wish I had a quick wit and could make people laugh.

Norman Cousins wrote Anatomy of an Illness, telling how he cured himself of a fatal illness by living with laughter every day. (He later said the disease may have left him anyway because he didn't fear the disease. That is another story but I'll just focus on the laughter part.) The doctors were baffled to witness such medical defiance.

I've been seeking out old movies or old re-runs that make me laugh. I've rediscovered Frasier. Every member of that cast clicked beautifully and each individual got their share of laughs. Niles is such a hoot who gets laughs with every expression.  The show seemed to lose it's pizazz after Niles and Daphne got married.  It felt like new writers to me but it still gave plenty of laughs.

Some situation comedies bore me silly but I'm open to any suggestions you might offer. I don't want my life a paper clip. I want my life one big loud belly laugh.  So be it!


  1. But at least you can clear wax out of your ear with a paper clip.
    If you're careful.

    1. Al
      You are right. There are times when nothing else will do but a paper clip.

  2. I agree a good laugh always makes things better, I not sure about curing fatal illness, but stranger things have happened so who knows.

    1. Merle
      He had ankylosing spondylitis....... a disease where the connective tissue in the spine disintegrates. It it usually fatal but he only allowed laughter in his life along with vit. C and the doctors were amazed.Thanks for stopping.

  3. I'm like you. Always finding the funny side of every situation, always finding a reason to laugh.
    ( I don't have to try hard. It's the way I am).
    I will think about something and get back to you...

    1. Julia
      That is such a great trait that you possess. My humor is slightly selective. My brother has a kind of dry sense of humor and I laugh at or with him so easily. Also I have a girlfriend of over 50 years and we have always been able to laugh until we can't breath. See ya later.

    2. Do you like Italian movies? Some of them are very funny...

  4. I always laugh through The Golden Girls. M*A*S*H was another favorite of mine, though I prefer the earlier episodes to the later. I never did care much for Winchester. Frank Burns made a much better butt to the joke. Of course, that show had serious moments, too. It remains the only sitcom that could make me laugh until my sides hurt and/or cry buckets given the storyline. That is quite a feat.

    1. Robin
      I alway watched the Golden Girls and their re-runs and I finally knew every line and it still was funny. Mash was my favorite. My son, the youngest (all the other kids had left home) as a teen, washed dishes at the country club across the street from us. He would get home just in time for mash and we always watched it together, OMG we would laugh, They are still showing reruns. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. hahaha a paper clip
    Yeah would be hip
    Laughter can do much
    Works for the cat and such
    Keeps Pat going
    With each showing
    Whose line is it anyway
    Is a good display
    As for 30 minute shows though
    Most suck now a days worse that zombie toes
    Martin was a good one
    Golden Girls was fun
    All in the family was great
    There are some for your plate
    or could always go way back when
    Visiting Green Acres at your den lol

    1. Pat
      They were some good ones
      People could laugh tons
      All in the Family, wasn't that Archie Bunker
      That was one funny show with never a clunker
      Green Acres was a hoot
      Lisa's hotcakes were as tough as a boot
      Of newer shows, Monk was fun
      But hard to find a now rerun

  6. I LOVE Frasier!!!! I have all the series (serieses?LOL!)on DVD and play them whenever I feel I need cheering up!! Niles and Daphne in Moon Dance! Can't beat that!

    What about Golden Girls? Totally adore Blanche! Take care

    1. Old Kitty
      I'm so glad someone else likes Frasier too. WOW, you have all the series. I'm impressed.
      Yeah, that Blanch was a kick, she and that ex-husband Stan. Haha

  7. Ah, I miss Frazier. That show had such intelligent wit.
    I agree with Mr. Cousins and remember that book.
    What cracks me up today is my cancer support group. Sounds strange but these girls are a hoot. Every time we leave a restaurant, people come up to us and smile as they say that we were having too much fun. Funny friends are a huge plus.
    BTW--thanks so much for telling me about Gold SeaMeal. Mighty is doing great on it and his coat has never been better. He is like a teenager these days.

    1. Patti
      OMG, I'm so happy about Mighty. I always hesitate recommending anything because it might not agree with them. Did I tell you about Puss Kitty, the shelter barn cat that I had to move with me into town??? I thought she was a short hair cat when I got her but after sea meal, she's a long hair cat. She was so sick that her hair just didn't grow. Isn't that a hoot? I wonder if humans can take it?

    2. I believe that about your cat. This stuff is good.
      Ha ha,I had similar thoughts about humans. I have areas that could stand thickening up. Maybe in a smoothie:))

  8. Is that a white delphinium in your header picture?
    I remember Frasier and you're right, the show did lose something after Niles and Daphne married. I remember also wanted to smack some sense into Frasier several times, he badly needs some common sense instead of over analysing every little thing. Niles too, but Frasier was worse.

    1. River
      Yes, but it could be more of a very light blue and most of the color got washed out with the closeness of the picture.

      Happy to hear you liked Frasier too. I never particularly liked the character of Frasier but he was such a great straight guy for the others. Niles and Daphne were the ones who sent me into hysterics and Roz too, with her slutty ways.

  9. On laughing, I kind of got out of the habit through my second marriage, the man just did not "get" comedy and jokes. After a couple of years having to explain every joke, I gave up. I still watched shows I thought were funny, but laughed on the inside. It's been three and a half years and I'm laughing out loud at comedy again, probably scaring the neighbours with my hoots. We have Mash reruns here too, but I keep forgetting to turn them on. I agree with Robin, Frank Burns was much better than Charles Winchester.

    1. River
      You poor dear. I know just what that is like. After my husband died (and he was the funniest dearest person and I guess I thought all men should be like that) I met a full-blown Narcissist. Never knew one before but WOW, did I learn fast. I knew him for one year and during that time he put me down every time I opened my mouth.... not overtly, it was soooo subtle that most people wouldn't notice. I was afraid to laugh or express an opinion. So unlike me but he knew the tricks to dominating me into becoming his victim. It took about a year to get a clue to what he was and then I read every book on Narcissism that I could get my hands on and it was like the books were written just about him. They think they are so unique but all just like peas in a pod so they are then easy to classify. It was the worst year of my life and once I was free of him I felt reborn and laughed every chance I could.

      I also agree... I liked Frank Burns better too.

  10. Laughter really is the best medicine. Whenever I'm feeling down, watching something that makes me laugh is guaranteed to put me in a better mood. Frasier was a great show. I loved the chemistry among the cast members. Have you watched Parks and Recreation or Modern Family? I think they're the two best comedies of the past half-decade. I highly recommend them!

    1. Keith
      Guess I haven't. Is Modern Family a British sitcom? I watched some British ones that are hilarious. Thanks I'll look them up.

  11. Frasier keeps me company while I eat lunch! I also wrote about laughter recently. I've gone through times in my life when I just didn't laugh much. Not so these days, and I'm so grateful. Good luck finding a multitude of sources for big belly laughs!

    1. Joy
      Thanks for commenting and I just returned from reading your post on laughing. Sounds like a good man you have there. Keep laughing.

  12. The inventor of the paper clip is a very rich man, and he's helped make life a ton easier for a lot of people. Just saying. :)

    Cheers makes my husband laugh. I've gotten him a couple of the series discs over time and he takes them out every now and again to get a good chuckle.

    1. Rosey
      I personally know plenty of rich people and it surely doesn't mean they're not boring. One needs just enough money for personal requirements and the rest is for showing off. Show-offs are usually pretty boring. My opinion....

      Your husband has good taste, first he chose you and Cheers is wonderfully funny. I forgot about that show. Wonder if they are showing re-runs.

  13. Life without laughter is dull as you say. I'll have to find more things I can laugh at and not be so serious.
    The paper clip is a great invention. So is the clothes pin.
    Thanks for putting me on your blog list!
    I put your blog on my blog list not just because you listed me; you have a great blog!

    1. Thank you for the comment .You have stimulating weekend filled with laughter.

  14. Dear Manzanita,

    Laughter is the tonic
    Cleared the depression something chronic
    I live and I laugh
    Not doing it by half
    Done with down
    Removed my frown
    Most sitcoms don't do it for me
    Just predicable and plain silly
    I do like a bit of a British show
    Don't you know
    "Coronation Street"
    Where reality and comedy meet.
    We can make Monty Python seem like a serious TV
    More surreal and we're set free

    Now back to my advanced thumb-twiddling
    It's better than piddling

    Dear Manzanita
    Who could be sweeter

    Take care of thee,
    Your friend, Gary :)

    1. Hey Gary
      When we frown
      We drop our crown
      And we can't rule
      It's just plain cruel
      So why not laugh and sing a song
      And once more we rule like old King Kong

      Have a smiling friendly weekend.

  15. I don't know why... but I don't laugh easy. It seems though when I talk to you, you make me laugh. Maybe one day we can both laugh until we pee our pants.

    1. Terry
      Hey, that is something if I make you laugh. I've always wanted to be able to make people laugh. You'll have to meet Marilyn too, when you come. She and I can laugh steady for at least 5 min. until we are weak and usually over the silliest thing. We'll all laugh together. I think it's a form of health, too. No peeing the pants though. Hahaha

  16. I think paperclips are rather neat; you can clip paper with them, clean your nails (in an emergency), pick locks (in an emergency or when burgling your lovers house for evidence of (his) misdeeds (:o])) – but yes, they are not funny.

    Sitcoms over here (UK) have lost their humour too – must be a generation thing. My sons laugh at ‘modern’ sitcom or comic stand-up humour and I wonder if they have something wrong with their minds…

    Give me the old stuff any day, I still find Laurel and Hardy wonderful and ‘old’ Brit comedy programmes. US favourites: Golden Girls and Third Rock from the Sun (bought the videos of this a long time ago – still wet myself laughing at the hospital episode).

    Watch the old stuff Manzanita – the good stuff from both sides of the pond; laughter is the best medicine and it is out there waiting to be supped.

    And; you have never struck me as rather hum-drummy, more so very much alive and kicking.

    Anna :o]

    1. Anna
      Thank you for that truthful, meaningful comment. You can always come up with the best advice. I know what you mean about humor and this generation. My own kids and I can laugh over the same things but I don't get it what the grandkids are laughing at. Of course, they think I'm very corny with the stuff that makes me laugh.

      Hahaha So you've picked a few of those locks, looking for lovers evidence, huh? You'll have to teach me how to pick a lock with a paper clip. Don't have lovers any more but you never know when it might come in handy.

      Yes, I still love Laurel and Hardy. I wrote a post about my friend Marilyn and how we always get in trouble and as we were running from what we thought was a mountain lion or bear, she said, "Another fine mess you got us in, Olly."

      I had forgotten "3rd rock from the sun." That was one funny show. I'd love to watch that again. Trouble is, it's hard to find the old re-runs. The writers were so excellent.....every line was a belly laugh.
      I think this summer I've felt hum-drummy because every day was a yard-work day and mostly hard labor. But that is soon coming to a close when snow balls fly.
      Thanks for you great suggestions.

  17. Sadly they are hard to come by in today's tv landscape

    1. Holy Ghost
      Boy, you said it. Those sitcoms today really need the canned laughter because I can't find the humor.

  18. Ohh, I like your new banner!! From your new place?

    And you're right about being rich. My only attachment to money is travel, I like to do it and it always costs a small fortune. Well worth it, but a small fortune nonetheless. If I was smart I'd have been a travel journalist instead of choosing the career path I did (which I like, but I'm just saying). :)

    And thank you for the compliment!

    1. Rosey
      Yes, traveling seems to be your "thing" as it was my husbands. He was a Sagittarius and they love to travel. I had to travel with him most of the time but I'd rather stay home. One can't have gardens when you're traveling. Doesn't your husband travel for his job or does he just like the traveling like you do?

  19. Yes, Golden Girls and Mash are the best. I also loved The Carole Burnett Show. That always made me laugh.

    1. Susan
      I had totally forgotten Carol Burnett. That whole cast was a hoot.

  20. That's a beautiful trait to possess. Have a lovely Sunday.

  21. Very few TV programmes make me laugh out loud. Spending time with friends is a far better way. As for paperclips, when I first left school I worked as a typist for several years. It was boring. So boring that I once got into trouble with my boss because I'd hooked together every single paperclip in the whole office. When he tried to use one I got called into his office and spent the next half hour taking them all apart again. Soon after that I retrained as a teacher.

  22. I did love Frasier. I just started Netflix again and was happy to see Doc Martin. Another blogger recommended that show and I LOVED it.

  23. I totally get what you mean!
    Laughter is really paramount to keeping or even getting well.
    I love old silent flicks like Charlie Chaplin.

  24. Hi Manzanita .. laughter keeps us young and happy and with a good outlook on life ... and it cheers others up.

    I'm not sure where I get my laughs from - occasionally crazy situations, some bits of tv, ... laughing at things can be so helpful too ...

    There's so much to life ... enjoy those little things and laugh along .. cheers Hilary

  25. The the following tv shows:

    The Increasingly Poor Decision of Todd Margaret
    I'm Alan Partridge
    Alan Partridge Alpha Papa (2013 movie)
    Beautiful People
    Kath & Kim (Australian version - Not U.S. version)
    Kath & Kimderella (movie)
    We Can Be Heroes
    Ja'mie Private School Girl
    French & Saunders
    The Ruby Wax Show
    Absolutely Fabulous
    Kids In The Hall
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