Saturday, September 13, 2014

Do you think you'll be a spring chicken again?

One chicken to another, "And how is your life going?"

All spring
chickens get
old. Proof of
the pudding,
here are 2 of
the baby
chicks that
I got in

It seems like
lately all
I hear is,
"You ain't
no spring

All I want to say is, "Screw you. Don't you think I have mirrors.
I can see that."

As a dancer most of my life, it saddens me even more to watch
my head jut forward as my shoulders and back become rounded.
And the very, very worst thing happening to this "has-been spring
chicken"  is that when I try very hard to straighten up, I
absolutely can't.  I am frozen in a hideous position that is 2 inches
shorter than my former self.  What is this sucky old age that is
touted to be "the golden years." Blaat....

I should have asked what you want first, the good news or the bad
news but I just gave you the bad news first.  Rejoice....... there is
good news.  I have discovered that young people can be old inside
and old people young, depending on how much one uses the short
muscles that support the large ones.  People go to a gym every
day and work on the same large muscles without ever giving a
thought to what supports those hunkers.

To wonderful new technology:  I hate you because you rattle my
brain, but I also love you because you transport me miles
from home  where I can inject knowledge into my shrunken
brain cells.

I've been taking exercise lessons by Skype from a wonderful
gal who had cured herself of this old age malady when she was
very young and for 30 years she has helped others regain the
height they lost and for instance, are able to clip their own
toe nails again. (You have to be where I was, to fully appreciate
what this toe-nail thing means.....Ha)

The exercises are totally different from the ones you would
do in a gym and she keeps adjusting a program that is uniquely
designed to strengthen each person's core.  My friend,
Marilyn has been doing this a year and has already gained back
the 2 inches she's shrunk. I have a long way to go but joy
of joys and hallelujah, I can again balance on one leg, yoga style, without a
wobble.  That alone is back to spring for this old chicken. LOL

How's your springy chicken do'n?
PS..I don't understand computers at all. I first published this post
and it was lined up the way I wanted it and after a day it took off
on it's own and ended up all crazy. I don't know how to change
it without doing the whole thing over. and age.
Double blatt


  1. My springy chicken is ignoring the 'I'm heeeeeeeeere' signs of older age. Mostly ignoring. ;)

    Glad you found an exercise program you like, and that is beneficial.

    And hurrah for being able to reach your toenails. I remember how hard that was in month nine when I was having babies. Those suckers hurt when they get too long (the toenails, not the babies). :)

    Have a nice weekend!! :)

    1. Rosey
      The babies night hurt a little too. Haha I remember I used to hear old people complaining about not being able to reach and cut their own toenails and didn't know what they were talking about. It was as if I woke up one morning and had turned stiff in the middle. Suddenly I knew what they were talking about. Maybe if you keep on ignoring the signs they won't happen.
      You too have a great weekend.

  2. Agree. And whoever said 'life begins at forty' also lied through their teeth! Pah! There's nothing remotely enjoyable about getting old.

    Like the old adage - life is waisted on the young. So true don't you think?

    1. Wendy
      You write true words. Some times it's OK but a lot of stuff can also happen that you never signed up for.
      Here's another part of it. When one is young and has the flawless skin and the gorgeous figure, they often don't have the money for the beautiful clothes and jewelry that would look, ooohh so good on you. As you get older and can finally afford designer clothes and some gorgeous jewelry, the body looks like a potato sack and diamonds on top of wrinkles just isn't too appealing. So where's the lesson in that one?

    2. Haha! I know it's not funny, but you're sooooo right - sadly!

  3. Hi there, long time no see.

    getting old is a bugger, I hate it. Not because of the years but because of the aches and pains they bring.

    By the way, regaining lost inches is a fallacy. I read only today that the loss of height is something to do with the bits between our vertebrae which shrink throughout life. This bits cannot be regained. everybody loses height from the 40s on.

    Tough, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose elasticity. We can walk tall at any age unless we have some medical condition or other.

    I know, it’s no fun, but I might as well accept what I can’t change and still be the best I can be.

    Carry on dancing!

    1. Friko
      Yes, it's been a while. Thanks for dropping by. It seemed like all of a sudden I WAS having trouble walking tall and dancing was getting to be a thing of the past. I don't even mean ballroom but just dancing around by myself in my house.
      Bending and stretching seems easier again and I'll see what things are like come spring. Maybe i'll be a chicken again. LOL
      Sorry that you recognize aches and pains too but your attitude is always super.

  4. I'm more of a winter bird. Oh to balance on one foot again. Can still clip my toenails but it hurts like a sucker to do so. I was short to start with but this is getting ridiculous.
    So glad you have found a way to gain height. Hum, if I grew back those 2 inches I'd be more weight appropriate.

    1. Patti
      I never thought toe nails could get to be a problem but that's a great plus for you. It feels good that I can bend with more ease but, as I said, I have a long way to go.

      Ha to the growth. Well, I haven't gained any inches yet as I've only been at it about 4 months. I saw before and after pictures of a gal who had had been doing the exercises for a year and she had on the same dress only it fit her differently. On the before, she looked like me....head thrust forward and a round back and big belly. (oh god, I sound gorgeous) On the after, her head and back were in straight alignment and a very flat belly. Marilyn lives in San Diego where this gal teaches these exercises and she was able to go to the classes 6 days a week. I have to practice on my own, of course, and always getting up the motivation is a tough one. Ha But the desire is strong so I'm giving it my best shot.

    2. I can only dream of a flat belly. My family is a stocky, rounded breed.

    3. River
      I dream of flat bellies too. I still have the memory of when I had one and it was delightful. A lot of mine stems from my liver. I have a weak onstitution and I could never drink alcohol, smoke or do all the things that people can do who have inherited caveman genes. But often those people take their great genes for granted and never take care of their bodies. For instance, my first husband had the constitution of a bull and he abused his body terribly. His mind was brilliant (one of the smartest men I ever knew) but he got alzheimers and it was pathetic that such a brain could deteriorate into nothingness and yet his body was strong.

  5. Arthur has got me in a few places my back my knee and my hip are ageing faster than the rest of me, sad isn't it.

  6. Merl
    I know Arthur. He's one of the "Itis" boys,.I used to think he was a hunk and far too good to ever look at the "likes of me." Well phooey. He's now glancing in my direction and I now think he's a jerk. Sorry about those ageing parts but we still have the good minds. Ha

  7. I so like youth better, you hit your knee or hurt your back or something, go to bed, wake up, and poof, gone. Now it takes forever in a day to heal, not sure I want to make it to 80 lol but hopefully yoga will keep me upright for a while.

    1. Pat
      I'm so glad you are doing yoga, not that you are NOT a spring chicken because you really will help you with the physical, spiritual and mental.

  8. Keeping our backs flexible is so important...
    And don't forget your vitamin D supplement, Manzanita...

  9. Julia
    Life seems to be one big trick most of the time. I really still feel like I could do an aerial flip, as I could do when I was in my teens. Right but just try it. Haha

    I do take vit. D daily. In fact my daughter was just reminding me too. lol

  10. I wonder how old winter chickens are?

    1. Adam
      Blimy, winter chickens are probably older than god. eeeeks, I think I'm there.

  11. I started a post on being over 90 after I saw a 60 Minutes episode on it. Only thing was I started the post a month ago. This is my old age - lack of follow through. Otherwise, life is good.
    One of my neighbors is over 90 and a bit stooped over but I think she is the happiest most productive person in the building. She's always kind, upbeat, and moves fast but the thing is I think some of us are born with happy genes or being fun genes and those are the ones who live into very old age. I think you just might be one of those Manzie.

    1. Rubye
      I know you have physical pain from time to time but you're doing wonderfully good, yourself. Where you are living now seems to suit you and that makes a difference in one's outlook on life. I did the same when I moved from Bozeman back to Helena. Even thou this old house should have been sold as a fixer upper, I'm happy living in it because of the yard and the friendly neighbors.

      I don't ever really have pain but I've noticed some structural changes to my body that I didn't like. Hurray for your 90 year old neighbor. May her life be blessed for a long time yet. Often times life is a trade-off and one has to be able to accept what comes.

  12. What do you mean "Again"??
    I'm STILL a spring chicken!
    I'm only 62....(and can still clip my own toenails, I sit down and lift up each foot in turn)
    Does this wonderful exercise lady have a website?
    So sorry to hear your back is hunched now, hope you can get straightened up soon.

    1. River
      No my dear.... my finger was not pointed at you. You are a true spring chicken and will always be. You abound with great energy that will persist into the triple numbers.

      She does not advertise because she has her classes in San Diego and Skype lessons take up the rest of her time. But Skype is wonderful and can reach a lot of people. Each person has a program that is especially desgned for their body. The program is constantly being tweaked as the small muscles gain strength. I get a new program about once a month and we Skype once a week as she watches and makes minor changes.

      It was when I hit age 80 that I began to notice that bending over to cut the toenails was beginning to be difficult. Others have said the same thing so the joke seems to be the toe-nail cutting thing. Ha My balance has improved almost 100%. I feel grounded and planted now. I can even do Latin walks (in dance) without a wobble again.

      My back isn't exactly hunched but it was certainly headed in that direction. Keep up that grand spunk and determination and you'll be called "spring chicken" forever.

  13. Hi Manzanita .. I see River has asked you for the website ... Spring chickens in our minds we are, somewhat older in our bodies ...

    I saw an interview with the choreographer of Cats .. she's now 88 .. but her skin looked amazing, and her body was subtle to put it mildly .. her name is Dame Gillian Lynne - in case you want to check her out ..

    Lovely post to remind us about tottering along .. that we don't need to do - if we just get our heads into gear when we get out of bed ... and keep ourselves healthier, wise and exercised in between each rise and shine ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary
      Thanks and I will surely look her up. I prob. make it sound worse than I really am but I was headed for the ...... what would I say..... the stone gang. I've noticed that dancers, like Dame Lynne, keep going longer. i've read about music conductors living longer lives too and I've often thought it's the music that dancers and conductors put into their body. Beautiful beats of music .... not that loud rock kind that jars the whole body.
      Even walking is such a great exercise but it's just too easy to get into an auto and drive a couple of blocks rather than walk. Haha

  14. I want the website, too!! I so relate to this post. I was with two gal pals this weekend and we talked a lot about how we feel on the inside as opposed to what we see on the outside.

    1. Karen
      Just think, when we see the 100 year old people, they are still feeling that spark of life and energy they had when in their youth. I've always felt that i could bound up and twist into a flip which I know would now land me on my head. Oh, the mind really plays tricks.
      This gal/teacher does not advertise because she doesn't have to. The only reason I discovered her was that my girlfriend, Marilyn, who lives in San Diego, was taking lessons from her and she kept raving about all her new found energy and the changes in her body, although her weight remained the same. Marilyn and I do face time a lot and I notice the changes in her face and she is radiant. (She's in her late 70's and is still training for another triathalon.
      I think this kind of body structural change is called "core work" and I'm always so out of the loop of new things that I never know about them unless they are shoved in my face. I think it's done at gyms all over but my teacher does her own thing. When she was yet a child, she suffered from scroliosis and arthritis (sorry I'm not even taking time to check this spelling but I've got to let the chickens know what I mean, I'm sure). She said by the time she was 17 her head was bent toward the floor and she saw her life as ruined. She began to study and watch the way people moved and the muscles they used. She took classes on muscles and worked for a chiropractor and devised her own set of exercises and straightened her own body. That was 30 years ago and now she devotes her life to helping others.

      But there is a bonus that i never knew about when I started this work. Our cells hold memories..... as you've prob. heard or know. As I work these little muscles, I've released those locked memories and had 2 epiphany's. WOW.... at first I didn't know what was happening because it was so intense. She said it's like peeling an onion and I'll experience many more. Better than a shrink, I'd say. I love this work and I'm delighted every day by the positive changes in my body.
      Adios I must run and let the little babies out. I always lock the door at night so the bad preditors don't get in. Haha

  15. Exercise and the right exercise are important to staying as much of a spring chicken as we can

    1. Holy Ghost
      You said it. I always did do a lot of exercise with all my dancing but I was always repeating the same movements on just the large muscles and a couple years ago i began to notice that my balance was completely shot. I have regained much but I want it all back and even more. Greedy little pig, aren't I.

  16. Replies
    1. Keith
      It's closer to when you turn the numers around. Ha

  17. I'm no "Spring Chicken" for sure ---but most of the time, I feel younger than I did when I "WAS" young..... SO---I like your good news!!!! I do have the rounded shoulders, the wrinkles, the aches and pains----of OLD AGE.. BUT--that doesn't seem to bother me much anymore... IF I wake up and feel good, then that is an accomplishment...

    When I was younger, I was a single parent raising kids and working full-time while working on my master's degree. (How did I do that?) It's obvious that I didn't take time for ME back then ---and allowed my weight problem to take control of me... Gads!!!!!

    These days, I have time for ME --and I have worked hard to get and stay healthy. I also am in a fairly new marriage (13 yrs) --and it is FANTASTIC. SO---I am happy and feel great. What more could be better than that????

    What we need to do as people is to learn to balance these two extremes out during the mid-years of our lives... How can we take care of ourselves and take time for ourselves in addition to all of the other things we do when we are young???? I don't know the answer --but it's something we all need to think about...

    Great post.

    1. Hey Betsy
      It's always good news when someone finds the right partner because there are so many adventures for 2 people to share. From your blog I can feel that the 2 of you love hiking and travel and are enjoying life together. Prob. to youngsters, 13 years sounds like a long time but it really doesn't seem long when one is older. Most of the young people never make it together past 5 years. Haha
      When you look back, I bet you don't quite know how you managed to balance everything. You had a very heavy load, my friend. I guess I did no wonder we appreciate our freedom when we are older. I was married for a total of 50 years but divided between 2 husbands...... meaning 25 years with each. My last husband died 14 years ago and I don't even feel guilty when I say I really enjoy the freedom of being alone. I guess the numbers all come out right as I'm going to be 85. I try to keep a healthy lifestyle too because one gets more out of life if healthy and I don't want to be a burden on my kids. Thank you for sharing some of your life. By the way, you two look absolutely beautiful together.

  18. I'd like to be a spring chicken again.
    Especially since Mrs. Penwasser calls me an "old turkey."

    1. Al
      If Mrs. P prefers turkeys, you'll have to be a spring turkey, I guess. A lot of my friends are turkeys and I think they come in assorted seasons. LOL

  19. Modern technology is overrated. It makes us dumb, lazy and spoiled. So she gained back the 2 inches she'd shrunk? That's a lot!

    According to my Momma I'm 44. According to my doctor I'm 74. That's not a joke. If it was, I would smile and hurt my face in the process.

    1. Blue Man
      Right it's a lot and a lot to slouch down into your spine too. Someone up above (I don't mean in heaven but up in the blog comments) said, it isn't possible to gain back height but why not if the back is straighter? The teacher just told me she is working with a man of 90 who can still play the violin but his head is bent so far forward that he can't get the violin under his chin. After working jwith him just a few months, he can get it under his chin but has a long way to go because he wants to be straight. Who knows?

      Mommas always have the correct scoop on age, although lately when people ask me the ages of my kids, I have to answer, "Oh 50, 60, 70... somewhere in there. (No not really 70 as that would be ...maybe not) But 74 is a bummer and about that I am truly sorry. That does mean you are just 10 years younger than I am.

    2. Unless, of course you're 50 according to your doctor...

    3. Blue Man
      That would make you your correct age... almost. Every day I take the mutt to the fair grounds to chase a ball, the only place they can be off leash. I throw the ball with a ball thrower (goes longer distance) and while I wait for her to bring the ball back, I bend forward and flatten my hands to the ground. It feels wonderful to be able to stretch like that again.

  20. Ahahahahaha... I almost peed my pants when you said Screw You... don't you think I have mirrors. Remind me not to tell you that you ain't no spring chick.
    Your chicks really are getting big now.

  21. Terry
    Hahahah..No peeing in the pants.
    But people do just repeat the obvious. If I'm out mowing grass, I hear, "You ain't no spring chicken" anymore..... so then mow my grass for me while I sit in my chaise under a shady tree, sipping a pina colata, and watch them sweat.

    I think all of the chicks are laying now. They don't all lay every day and I still have to supplement my eggs with Costco's. Oh and Cody always gets an egg a day too. That is one that I add to her breakfast food, not one she steals from the chickens. Ha

  22. I've always looked a lot younger than I am, and that's great, but it's even better on those rare days when the aches and pains stay at bay for a while and I feel younger, too. I have to admit I'm no spring chicken, but I hope to lay a few more golden eggs before I hit that deep fat fryer in the sky.

    As for height? For some inexplicable reason, on my last visit, the doctor measured me a full half inch taller than I've EVER been measured before. (Yes, in my bare feet.) Talk about a "late" growth spurt. HA!

    1. Susan
      You are the spring chicken that laid the golden egg or something like that. That news is fabulous. I'm working my butt off and haven't noticed anything but I guess it takes a year before anything happens. Yes you do look younger. When we first started communicating and you had that previous profile pic, I thought you were around 30. Am I right? Ha

    2. HA! That's be a good trick, since our kids are in their forties!

    3. Susan
      I was once visiting someone in a nursing home and there were two old men sitting side by side, looking the same age. One old man pointed to the other and said, "I'd like you to meet my son." Could not tell which was father and which was son once they reach a certain age. LOL

  23. At my age, I cannot do any mountain climbing; I cannot paint a picture; I cannot bowl; I cannot play golf; I cannot surf; In fact, the things I cannot do are too numerous to list here. However, since I never could do any of that stuff anyway, I guess I'm okay!

    1. JJ
      You are the old vaudville comedian. The guy who asks, "Doc will I be able to play the piano after the operation?" Doc says yes. Guy, "Funny, I never could before. " Nyuk Nyuk You should be on the stage and there's one leaving in 10 minutes. ........ who wants to be the straight guy?

  24. Dear Manzanita, who is this woman who is helping you with the height loss and how do I get in touch with her and what does a session cost????? I, too, am deploring my slouch. Peace.

    1. Dee
      She doesn't advertise and she really selects who she teaches. It isn't like an exercise class where people can drop in when they want. The only reason I got in was because of my friend Marilyn who lives in San Diego and has been going to her classes every day for many months. I'll email you.

  25. I am grateful for the things I can do, and can let the things I can't go on to somewhere else. When I see shapely young women, think to myself "I looked better than you!", and mean it.
    Life goes on.

    1. Susan
      And you still do, m'lady. Photos don't lie.
      Tee Hee.... actually I prob think the same to myself and that I had a long "run" at it.
      Cheers to you

  26. I scrolled through the comments to see if you ever linked to this woman's website... and I couldn't find anything. I think core work would help my mother immeasurably. She has shrunk at least two inches and cannot clip her toe nails (yeah, that is now my job so I am in favor of her getting this ability back!).

    I think I could use core work to strengthen those little muscles so that my shoulder would heal. I am learning via rehab that the shoulder is the easiest to hurt and it is surrounded by all of these small muscles (most of mine are in spasm - and painful - due to this injury). Much of the rehab that I have done has only stressed them out more (it hurts) and has set off the chain effect of causing the surrounding muscles to spasm. So, now my shoulder, neck, and even the muscles on my left side (torso) have joined the spasm party. As you might expect, none of this is helping my frozen shoulder to unfreeze. I don't see dancing being part of my future anytime soon....:(

  27. Robin
    I'm so sorry to hear that your shoulder is still giving you pain. I was thinking it was just a little inconvenience and is now better. Shoulders must be very hard to heal as I fell on the ice last winter and the shoulder still hurts, thankfully not all the time.That must be the shoulder you hurt when you were dancing with a guy who pulled you off your center. Funny, just this afternoon I was talking to my health gal and she wants some private lessons for her and the BF because she complained about the same thing. Since society has dictated that men do the leading, men should definitely have the dance lessons. Usually a woman can follow any male who is a strong leader (strong, meaning decisive, not robust)

    The exercise teacher does not advertise. She has group classes for people who live in San Diego and she charges by the month and the students can attend as many or few times as they want but the Skype is somewhat different. It is a private and costs considerably more than if one lives there. She actually chooses the Skype student as I'm sure it is much more difficult for her to find the time. The only reason I got in was because of Marilyn who goes to classes 6 days a week. If your mom is serious, I can email more info to you.

    it's so sad when you say, "no dancing/" How about classes in jazz or flamenco or even country line dancing. At least you don't have a partner jerking on your arm in those dances. I actually prefer dancing on my own and without a partner.

  28. Your post looks great on my computer, so who knows. I'm glad you found someone who can help you! Yay!!!

    1. Carol
      Yeah, this gal has been "there" herself and healed her own body into a straight, strong machine. :)
      Thanks for dropping by.

  29. perhaps they think you're a bit delusional as so many people like to think they're much younger than they are

    thankfully most of my life has been about tech and keeping on top of it so I have a wonderful understanding of all things computer related so I doubt I'll ever have to be concerned with being outdated

    1. Bio oh me oh mio
      Great idea. That is what I want to be .... a very knowledgeable person about tech but better yet I want to be the very machine that the techies think they manipulate. The best of 2 worlds.
      You will always be on top of it for sure.

  30. Hi Manzanita, young spring chicken! The Husband learned he shrunk an inch so he was mildly curious when I mentioned the exercises to him. A Google-searching I will go. I'm sure I'm a candidate for shrinking. The Mama is 4'9" at the most and we used to be about the same height. I probably towered her by 1/2 an inch.

    I agree computers are a pain but they are delightful tools for bringing the world to me on its screen. I'm just not in the mood to learn much more technology than I need to. We have a disposable phone and even that is confusing to me.