Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wanna Buy A Duck....Who's Joe Penner?

Why did I name this blog "Wanna Buy a Duck?" That's easy. All the other names were taken. I spent two days researching names and every idea I came up was stamped "rejected." I figured blog names are usually nonsensical and mostly "catchy." Maybe this is catchy and maybe not.... but I'm finished looking for names and I can talk about Joe Penner. He was a comedian during the '30's and 40's whose one remembered claim to fame was "Do You Wanna Buy A Duck?" Who knows why some phrases catch on with the public ........ like Hubba Hubba ...... which meant a "Hot Babe." I remember Hubba Hubba but Do you Wanna Buy A Duck was a little before my time. (Thank god, something is) .

The video ducks are Montana Ducks. but where they go in the winter (if they all go) is beyond me or even beyond my wondering. I feel really really bad if any of the Montana ducks (or anybody's ducks) go south near the oil spill. That whole episode makes me so sad, I can't even think about it. Maybe our Montana ducks will stay here this winter because they'll find cleaner water than parts of the South. We'll see. But in the meantime we have a whole summer to enjoy our ducks. Maybe they'll learn syncronized swimming, wear little Ester Williams swim caps and start a successful water show and show this sinking economy that original thinking can still support a lucrative home business.

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