Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Souls That Search

Caution: If you are sensitive to words like reincarnation, dogma, and spiritual do not enter here. I'll be back with lighter subjects shortly. Manzanita

I am honored to have a man called Ken as my medical and spiritual adviser. He has been gifted for this incarnation, with the same blessings as had been given to Edgar Cayce. He is a humble man. Just knowing him makes me a better and grateful person. I look forward to our conversations with a child-like anticipation and I always feel I've taken one step more toward my final destination.

Good health is foremost in seeking our spiritual path. Ken helps me. He can look into my body and follow my blood, see the toxins and watch if my organs are ticking in sync. He doesn't touch. He can do it by phone or whatever. We live in a troubled, toxic world and our bodies were made for being sustained by natural foods. I admit it's a problem to cure disease and heal naturally but it can be done. If you need proof, look at me. I'm eighty and never followed the allopathic way.

I try to limit my conversations with Ken to every eight weeks. That is an exercise in patience because I would like to talk to him every day. After the medical advice is established, I turn to my favorite subject, reincarnation.

My one question last conversation was, "Why do I see so many people who are wasting their incarnations?" We talked about it at length and I may have already known the answers but it was comforting to hear Ken's words. He said, "It's the way the path to spirituality works. It's why we've all had countless, countless, countless incarnations and it's often confused with dogma. To bring it into factual existence, think of the people who spend their lives shopping, or pursing a business, or being a Narcissistic romeo, just raising a family, or winning beauty pageants. They're born and they die and that is what is in between. They reincarnate for say twenty times (who knows the exact number) and finally, one incarnation they begin to question. They are tired of shopping, business, beauty or sex and they begin to ask why they are really here. Now they can begin the spiritual quest to the satisfaction of their soul.

We mostly do our searching in silence but it's comforting to discuss our paths with other connected souls. I respect where everyone is on their own path and if you have entered into this post, I know you are respecting mine.

As an enlightened Monk, Father Joseph Stendhal-Ross, of this incarnation said, "It's the experience and not the dogma, that we are here to learn."


  1. Gosh I haven't heard the name Edgar Cayce since my 30's. I don't really believe in reincarnation nor do I disbelieve. There is is so much we don't know. As my mother was fond of saying, "Death is life's greatest adventure for then a lot of mysteries will be solved."
    I did have a friend who believed in reincarnation and she use to call herself, "Practically Perfect Louise." I guess she was on her 19th or 20th.
    And yes-- to your next to last paragraph.

  2. love the quote by Father Joseph Stendhal-Ross... I believe the experiences of this life have much to teach us.

  3. Oh golly I wonder at which incarnation I am now and if I'm wasting it too? I probably am which is definitely not good!!! Thanks for a thoughtful post and a fab quote to end it with!! Take care

  4. How blessed to have such a wise and gifted adviser in your life :-) Of course, we know, that he is there because you "opened the door," you were ready to hear. I keep thinking, geez! When am I going to "get it?" I am so often frustrated with my own stubborn resistance to sitting still long enough to "do something," if that makes any sense. I dole out fabulous insight for work all day, and at the end of the day...feel like a fraud. I believe as you do. I will get a "do-over." I don't want it though. I want to "get it" this time...but then again, do I? :-)

  5. Patti,
    You honor me by speaking so honestly about the subject of reincarnation. We all have our own spiritual agenda and each path is unique. Thank you. You are very special.

    Thank you for commenting. There's something so great about blogging. You can feel the bloggers spirituality through simple posts.

    Old Kitty,
    You wasting an incarnation? I should say NOT!!! I think of you as being one of the kindest of humans to other humans and animals. I see you following a path of spirituality.

    I'm afraid it comes in small increments and if you're thinking about it, I'd say it's working for you. I'd say you "are getting it." Look how far ahead you are of most people who don't question and go through life like a blob on a beach. You are a prize and an interesting person. Thank you for visiting this post.

  6. You are very blessed to have someone like Ken. I can understand why you would want to speak with him more often. As someone who is really trying to get healthy so that I can start a website, so that I can start a non-profit, so that I can make a difference here... I am feeling impatient. I feel like I am finally "getting it." I found Edgar Cayce and reincarnation and many of the ideas therein twenty years ago. It has taken me a long time and lots of experience to figure out how I am supposed to put all of that together to do what I am supposed to do here. In fact, I just wrote a post called "Timing Is Everything." But, it sure would help if I could get healthier faster.

  7. Hi Manzi, It seems there are as many spiritual paths as there are people, each has his or her own to follow. People are where they are, each of us working out our own "stuff." The key is to not get lost in the search. In reality, there is no place to get to, we're already there. But, I'm having fun finding that out. :)

  8. Thank you for this post. I met someone back in the 70s who pointed the way for me toward a search for a more meaningful life. But it was easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of work and personal dramas. I feel blessed to now have the peace I seem to need to focus on both my physical and spiritual health. I loved this post.--Inger

  9. Manzi: You are the best. Anyone not on a spiritual quest is missing a great part of life.

  10. Yeah! That's SO inspiring!! I made a decision nearly 2 years ago to enjoy THIS life to the fullest! I'm now on a wonderful journey - where only the essentials matter...

    Thanx for the great post!

    Happy 2011 journey!!

  11. Secretly, I hope that I am in one of my earliest incarnations... I want the ride to go on and on and on....

    xoxoxo, cd

  12. Just when I think you couldn't surprise me more, you post this.
    Good for you for following what you feel is your own path. I'm glad that Ken helps you and gives you guidance in more ways than one.

  13. Hello Dear Manzi,

    I truly respect and admire a person with a drive to keep clean and healthy, not only of body, but also of the spirit. What else is more important?


  14. Definitely the experience and not the dogma, Manzi. :-)