Monday, January 31, 2011

Sequel and Sequel to Two Souls on Their Journey

I promised a sequel. Daryl and I stayed married 25 years with much separation during the latter half. I later found out he was a full-blown Narcissist and it wasn't all work that kept him away from home. At that time it was just called "womanizing" or "a man thing" because the word Narcissist from mythology, wasn't coined for personality disorders until the 1980's.

Marilyn and Harvey split about the same time. They had their issues too, because if you recall, Marilyn's plight came about because he didn't want to be married. Daryl was always kind to me and many Narcissists need the respectability of a family and their secret lives too. We all tried to be friendly, not buddies, but civil friends for our families and what had been the "good years."

My advice to any woman who is smacked in the face by a Narcissist's secret escapades is: "Never allow yourself to become an extension of a man in the first place." Develop your own talents and a strength will follow. I had made the dance world my life when I was left alone for long periods. I had also become interested in politics and never stopped my quest for knowledge. I raised my four kids but never made them the center of my Universe. I allowed them to follow their own path.

Marilyn and I stuck together as friends throughout everything, as spirituality became our main focus of life. We both remarried and had happy and serene lives, lacking only the robust partying of youth.
A sequel to the sequel:
If you've been following my blog, you may have read about Ken, the medical intuitive and psychic who I think is as gifted as Edgar Cayce.

If you recall, it felt entirely right to take Marilyn into my home. Laughter came so easy to us and we could talk and talk for hours. We have never, in fifty years, felt any displeasure with the other, it's always love. I asked Ken for a few examples of our past lives together. This is what he said.

Ken took a moment to trance into us. (We were on the phone. I have regular appointments with Ken, but we've never met in person.) I'd never mentioned Marilyn to him before. He came out of the first trance laughing because he found Marilyn and me laughing and laughing. This incarnation was in the 17 hundreds in France when we were both men and in prison for fighting against the regime. Seeing movies of the prisons of that period, I wonder what we had to laugh about but we were young rebels who would no doubt laugh and die for a cause.

Another incarnation about the 1820's, Marilyn and I were both women going West in a wagon train. We became close friends during the drive and settled with our families as neighbors upon our destination. We were visiting at one house when attacked by Indians and Marilyn was hit with an arrow. She died in my arms and I lost my zest for life without her.

Marilyn and I have had hundreds of lives together, as have all of us but I'll leave it at that because I realize it's a subject many would like to sweep under the rug.

Adios my bloggy friends and remember "Trust the Universe."

This clip is of Shirley Temple and Buddy Ebsen dancing. Later in life, Buddy played Jed Clappert in the "Beverly Hillybillies." Call me weird, but I've always found Buddy my idea of one sexy dude.


  1. Trust the universe... very astute.

    Happy Monday!

  2. It is amazing how we find our friends down through the ages. This Ken sounds interesting. Loved reading the story of yourself and Marilyn.

  3. Oh wow. What a pair of sequels! You and Marilyn are amazing! You two are true soulmates - from you past lives to this life. Amazing. The men may come and go and use up some of your energies but the connections you two have surpasses these others. I just love your twinned stories and how your children are all thriving too. Yay!!

    I've never seen this Shirley Temple/Buddy Epsen clip!!! Fantastic! Two very seasoned troupers - wonderful stars!! Take care

  4. I remember Buddy Epsen as Russell on Davy Crocket.

  5. Such good advice - all the more so because you've lived it!! I wonder is it always the case that a strong connection to a person in this life means a strong past connection? Interesting point to ponder ...

  6. Talli,
    And Happy week to you. Thanks for stopping.

    Ken is fascinating. Never laid eyes on him.... But only phone conversations. Amazing.

    Old Kitty,
    I've studied Cayce for years and he says most people gather together from past incarnations. Perish the thought if I have to do Daryl again !!!!
    That little Shirley could dance.

    That must be the movie. I never saw it. I think it was in my brother's era (he's 14 years younger)

    Red Nomad Oz,
    I think it is usually the case when you feel a strong connection to someone. After I had met my 2nd husband, he later said he recognized me the way I put my elbows on the table. Now this had been our first meeting and he was a man who didn't outwardly believe in re-incarnation (at least I never heard him talk about it in 25 years) But yet, he said he knew me from that and I don't even think he knew what he was saying. But it means we had been together previously. Don't you think?

  7. If you meet up with Daryl again, try to think of him as a public servant: "He who makes you appreciate everyone else"!

    xoxoxo, cd

  8. I'm glad you answered Red Nomad Oz's question for it was mine also. Interesting.
    Also think Clare Dunn had a super comment. One that I will remember when I think of past losers.
    Gosh, I just can't be original today. Sorry.

  9. Clare,
    That is a clever comment. Patti said she likes it too. And I did appreciate my 2nd husband because i had Daryl for comparison.

    You are always original. You are "Thee original."
    People talk a lot about soulmates and it seems they are thinking it's this wonderful romantic forever love. From my lifetime of reading about re-incarnations that could be the case, but usually it's going back with the same person to fulfill some of your past karma. That was why I never wanted to get divorced from Daryl. I wanted to fulfill my karma with him. But he was the one who got the divorce because he wanted to marry a gal who was younger than our kids. Remember the movie, "1st wives club." It was like that and it makes the "old wife" feel really old. So you were engaged 3 times. Did you keep the rings? I would.

  10. Hi Manzi,

    I have enjoyed reading Two Souls on Their Journey. It is very interesting, thank you for sharing it with us.

    I got your message and thank you for leaving it. :). I love your header picture. It is absolutely beautiful. As you said, the two pictures are so alike...amazing!

    Stay warm,

  11. I shall amend my comment from the last entry. The tale of Marilyn and you is a happy continuing story without end, Amen.

    Joy and love,

  12. Well followed your trail over here Manzanita, and yes very interesting to read your story of Marilyn. I empathise, with 3 sisters who lived through those 60's years, and were' sent up north..."
    Nice to see you cared enough to take her into your life.