Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ya Gotta Love Commercials

Getting your Super Bowl beer and snacks ready? Can't leave the TV during commercials because that's the best part. Remember this Budlight commercial of 2007 that was banned. Usually call me prude but I think it's funny.

Geico commercials are hysterical. I never tire of the Drill Sargent turned Analyst one. I must have drill sargent mentality because this is the kind of analyst I'd make.

This is another Geico commercial that I find wildly funny. I'm looking at it through the eyes of a dance teacher. We often dance along side a couple guiding their steps. I've seen some frantic movements in trying to keep up with the music. But not everyone sees it as I do. I'm having a go-around on You Tube with someone who insists it's a commercial for gays. Some of the young commenters on YT have a brain that only knows four-letter words but this person presents a plausible argument. He insists Geico meant it as a gay commercial and I'm watching it with naive eyes. I still think it's the funniest. What's your opinion?


  1. These are great!

    IMHO, I don't think Geico intended to target the Gay audience in the Tango commerical, but if it increased their sales in that community, they got a bonus, eh?

  2. One of the only reasons I watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials. I love the ones with the Clydesdale. Always make me cry.

  3. That Bud commercial was hysterical!!! LMAO!!!

    And you can't be R. Lee Emery! That has got to be the best commercial for 2010! "Cry baby." Gotta love it!

    Not to crazy about the salsa dancing one. Kinda like they tried too hard. I didn't think "gay" at all with that salsa commercial. Figures though it would though for that audience.

  4. Oooh I'm at work and can't play these clips!!!! But will do later at home!!!

    p.s. I love the pics you use for your blog headers!!!

    Take care

  5. Loved the first one and mostly agree with ryoko on the dance one.
    That is the only show that I don't ignore the commercials.
    I usually lean towards the Clydesdales and the talking babies.
    Betty White stole it last year.

  6. Love the Clydesdale ones, but Cry Baby one is the best...I laugh every time.

  7. Clare,
    I agree with you. A sale booster too.

    I used to drift away from the TV during the game, too but my husband always called me back for the commercials. The clydesdale's are terrific.

    Cry Baby zings with a lot of people. Want to say, "Suck it up, baby."

    Old Kitty,
    I think they are so clever. Perhaps you don't get them. Funny writers.

    I agree with last year's. Betty White is certainly doing OK for age, huh She's one tough old Broad.

    You'll probably be watching the game with a newborn lambie on your lap.
    Me toollll love that Cry Baby one.

    Thank you every one... love you all.

  8. These are so funny. I'd make the drill sergeant type of analyst, too, I think.

    That luscious pepper in your header made my mouth water :)

  9. Hahaha! I love commercials - seriously! These are fab.

  10. Carol,
    That figures that we'd both be drill sergeant analysts with our Scorp.

    You probably don't get the same commercials that we do.

  11. I love the Super Bowl commercials! I used to work for FedEx years ago in the legal department. At that time, FedEx (then Federal Express) had some of the best commercial on TV. We got to screen all the commercials in the legal department before they were approved. Those were fun work days!

  12. I too love the drill sargent one.

  13. Funny! Once in a while, we visit Ft. Lauderdale and stay at a hotel with a lounge under a pool with a full length window - and yes, it happens!

  14. Galen,
    You aroused my curiosity as I couldn't recall the FedEx commercials. One funny one was the Castaway. A guy with long hair and beard knocks on a door and tells a women he was marooned on an island for 5 years with the FedEx package and he wanted to deliver it in person. She takes the package and he asks whats in the package. She says, "Nothing really, just a satellite phone, GPS locator, water purifier, fishing rod and seeds. Just silly stuff."

    Mrs. Tuna,
    Me too. My favorite. Suck it up, baby.

    Funny. It's probably audition time for porn star wannabees.

  15. I usually don't watch the Super Bowl, even for the commercials, but love the analyst...Go to Mambie Pambie land...:-)

  16. Just dropping in to say hello and thanks for dropping by my little blog. I've never known anyone from Bozeman before. I'd never even heard of Bozeman until I watched a TV show called The Big Bang Theory and one of the main characters decided to move to Bozeman.

  17. That's hilarious, I love the first one, I'd never seen it! LOL

    Readng River's comment, I have certainly heard and know of Bozeman, that's in Montana! I am always placing ads on Craig'slist and on Facebook to try and get some cliente out there (I'm a wedding photographer in real life) because Montana is my favorite state and I desperatly want to shoot a wedding there! I figured my best shot was the Bozeman LDS Temple, since Mormons tend to get married more frequently, but I want any old wedding out there! I LOVE Montana! It's beautiful! I watched Frontier House on PBS a decade ago and Ive never forgotten that landscape!

  18. Hahaha...I do love those commercials. That's the best part of Superbowl Sunday.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It's so nice to meet you.

  19. Janet,
    I even laugh out loud when you mention Namby Pamby..... I do see myself as a hard-nose drill sargent and to the whiners, I just want to say, Too bad, Baby. Suck it up. "

    Bozeman, itself, would have no reason for popularity but it gets buckets of snow in the surrounding mountains and Big Sky Ski Hill is well known with the rich and famous. I shovel almost every day. Ready for spring because I gave up skiing years ago. White, White, White. but it gives me a chance to stay indoors and write and dance and attend to my natural health stuff.
    I love your header, by the way.

    If you want to shoot a wedding in Montana, that's what you'll get. I'm sure of it. Montana can be harsh in the winter. But for instance this past week. One day it was 25 deg below and in 2 days it was 49 above. Now it's leveled off in between somewhere. I'll write more on your blog.
    Thanks for stopping.I

  20. You've got my morning off to a great start. I'll be smiling all day. As to the "Tango" - it's possible, but I didn't think advertiser's were yet targeting the gay community with their adds. Bottom line, it's really, really funny. I'm new to your blog and spent some time poking through your earlier entries. I really enjoyed my visit here and will definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  21. This is one of the fist years in a long time I will watch the game as well as the commercials, my favorites are the Budwiser ads. Have a great Friday!!! :)

  22. Hi friend.
    Sorry I haven't been around in a while. So glad I stopped by and saw these - especially the therapist one. That's hysterical. Thanks for the laughs.

  23. I miss the Geico ads, but we have Tower Insurance ads in NZ that are pretty close.

  24. What great commercials! I'm one of those people who only watches the Super Bowl for the commercials - and then I love to send links to my favorites to my kids! I'm not sure about the gay debate - could be true or not. But the drill sargent analyst has to be my favorite!
    Visiting from Follow Friday 40 and Over.

  25. Mary,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and congratulations on the nice mention you got on Red Nomad Oz's post. You certainly have an interesting and varied blog.

    Coupon Queen,
    The Budwiser ads are great. I liked the one from last year where they formed a bridge of humans to get the bud truck across. Funny

    It's been a while for both of us. But I think of you every time I look at chololate :)

    That's right we wouldn't get the same ad. I'm sure your Tower Ads are just as funny. Thanks for stopping.

    I don't watch the football either. My husband used to call me into the TV room just when the commercials were on.

    I love your great comments. Thanks a million. Manzanity

  26. I just dropped in to say hello. Have a great weekend!

  27. I liked both of the ones I could get, couldn't get the drill sergeant, for some reason.
    Thanks for the giggle.

  28. LMAO
    Love the ads, LOL.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm enjoying yours very much :)

  29. I am not fond of commercials because I feel that they are designed so well now that the are having a social impact. That makes me uncomfortable. Though you have tired to bring out the humour for bloggers I chose not to click on them. But that just me.

  30. JJ,
    Hoping your Sunday is the Best Ever....

    If you giggled, you mede me happy.
    Sorry you couldn't get the drill sargent. Thant's funny.

    Glad you stopped. Come again.

    I agree, some of them are annoying and some make me laugh. Thanks for stopping.

    Love to everyone on the SuperBowl Sunday... Manzanita

  31. I love commercials. They take almost as long to make, as much money and as much work as full length feature films. Then there's the research involved. When a really cute, intelligent and engaging one comes along, it's the very best thing. Do they give awards for commercials?