Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Got to be Nearly Time to be Thinking Spring

Anybody thinking spring? I am. Getting to be that time when fans start thinking BASEBAll. I was only a fan by association because my husband owned a baseball team, the Minnesota Twins. I'd been to only one game in my life until I met him. Calvin lived baseball. He breathed it, digested it, slept and dreamed it. When I married him, I married baseball.

Minneapolis' new baseball park, Target Field, sports a life size bronze statue of Calvin. I've never seen it because I've never been back to Minneapolis. Last summer, son, Zonnie was there and took these pictures. I tried to post them before but being a clumsy tech, it was a no-go.

The likeness of Calvin by sculptor Bill Mack, is amazing. Calvin would be immensely thrilled to see his beloved team play out in the open air again, where baseball was meant to be played. Calvin was a walking baseball encyclopedia. Oh how I miss his baseball stories of times past. He was bat boy for his Father's team, the Washington Senators and told fabulous stories of "The Babe ," Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Honus Wagner, and Christy Mathewson. After Calvin inherited the team he took it to Minnesota and changed the name to the "Minnesota Twins," because Saint Paul and Minneapolis are known as the "Twin Cities."

Although Calvin will never visit this ball park in person, he will keep vigil over it always. Hey, Dear Husband, I got two words, "Play Ball."
P.S. I love you


  1. Oh what a lovely post. And how exciting to have a bronze statue of your husband watching over the ball park.

  2. Oh how kool is that !!! A friend of Mrs. C's family actually played for the Twins...second base back in the late 80's...but only for 1 year

  3. What an awesome story. My ex is and was very "invested" in the Atlanta Braves. I told him that when they started cutting him checks, I would share his level of excitement. Until then... natch. LOL. I can see that marrying someone who oThe Greats would be a "gamechanger." BTW, I love your stories!

  4. Oh Manzanita, this is so sweet. I'm glad you found a way to post them. I have some fond memories of Twins baseball. I heard Calvin's name often during those years. I like knowing we have shared this state.

  5. I am not much of a sports person and baseball is probably at the bottom of the list of what I might occasionally watch. My dad and my sister both loved baseball. Being from the northside of Chicago, their team of choice was (of course) the Cubs. Dad would take my sister and a couple of our cousins to a game at Wrigley every so often. They all loved it. I was already married so I got a reprieve! My sister was (and is) such a Cubs fan that she follows the stats and knows about 20 times as much about the sport as I do. My own closest brush with baseball was that I lived in Vero Beach, FL when I was a little girl....spring training camp for the Brooklyn Dodgers. (It was a looooong time ago!)

    My dad used to tell the story of the only time he ever took me to a baseball game. I was about 5 I think. I was realy excited to be going. When we got ther he got me a hot dog, then a bag of peanuts, then a drink, and finally some popcorn. After I finshed all of them I was ready to go home. We'd been there about 45 minutes!! It's funny but I can still remember hearing the vendors hawking their stuff, "Redhots! Getch'yur Redhots right chere!" But I don't remember a single thing about the game! :) Despite all that, it must be gratifying to have your husband's likeness at the home city for "his" team!!

  6. How cool is that! Now when I read Minnesota Twins, I'll think of you. I used to be a rabid Giants fan in the 1980s and early 90s, even enough to collect baseball cards. Still have the cards. Have no idea what to do with them. But, I am very happy the Giants won the pennant last year. Go Giants!

  7. Awwwww Manzanita!! This is so lovely!! What a brilliant way for a city to honour a man who gave his life to the love of baseball for Minneapolis!!! Wonderful - such a proud photo of your hubby and son!! Take care

  8. Beautiful, beautiful post!

    JD is gonna love this. I have told him how much I enjoy 'talking' to you, but he has never seen your blog. (He is not much for this social-interaction stuff). ANYway...he is an avid baseball fan and stories like this make his day. And since he counts the Twins as one of his favorite teams, well...bonus!

    One day we will get to Target Field, and when we do, the trip will be even better because we will be thinking of you.

    Much love,

  9. OOh gee...Wow! That is too cool. How wonderful for you and son. A bronze memory... I love your stories.

  10. You owned the Minnesota Twins?


    How freakin' awesome is that??

    Wait til I tell my husband I follow the blog of the wife of the man that used to own the Minnesota Twins!

  11. Ann,
    Oh Ann, thank you. Yes, he was a great baseball man but more than that he was a dear husband.

    He, the second base baseball player, must have known Calvin. He always made himself available to the players.

    I could see it's a tough financial game as well as a game that recognizes talent. As long as my husband owned the twins, it had been a family owned team, totally dependent on baseball. They didn't have the big corporation money that most of the teams now have. Of course when TV sharted televising games, that brought in extra revenue.

    I know there was a way to get the pictures from my email so everyone could use them but it was selective. I finally took pictures with my el cheapo camera of the email pictures and then onto the blog. That worked and guess what, I thought of that all by myself. tee hee but they came out grainy from all that. Al least I got them on.

    I can understand the passion for the Cubs by your sister. I had that passion when my husband was alive but now I'm into my own things again. Fancy you growing up in Vero. We lived in Indialantic for 25 years. Neighbors, but I suppose you had moved on by that time. We used to Vero for a lot of their spring training games.
    A good story about all the stuff you ate. If you ate that much now, you'd eat your Dad out of money. Ha

    You collected baseball cards!! Good for you. My one son did and he didn't even know what he had when he was little but he discovered some big winners in the shoebox when he was an adult.

    Old Kitty,
    It's a great honor but the statue looks so life-like in pictures that I don't think I want to see it for real. I think it might leave me with a sad memory. After the games are over, he would be so alone out there. Thanks for you kind words.

    How smart your JD is for counting the Twins as one of his favorites. I hope you do get to Minneapolis and Target Field for a ball game. Then you can send me a "post card." Ha

    Thank you everyone for your neat comments. I love you all. Manzanita

  12. What a touching story and how great that he will be watching over the Twins for a long time now. Some 30 years ago, in Los Angeles, at the car wash, I met an old black man who shined shoes there. As I got to know him, no he didn't shine my shoes, we just talked, I found out that he had played for the Negro League and had some wonderful stories to tell of baseball in the old days. I will never forget him, though his name escapes me now.--Inger

  13. Actually, I have been thinking about Spring and how much I love having the sun warm my face (even here in the desert). We only get to a couple of games each season and I so enjoy the atmosphere. People are so laid back, some engaged in the game, others are chatting with friends and strangers, and still others are enjoying their hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, beer or whatever they fancy for baseball fare. It is like the cares of the world are a million miles away. My husband and stepson were in the stands for game 7 of the series when our Diamond Backs won their first time out. It is something they will probably never forget.

    I love your story and it is so sweet that you share it with all of us. You have led a life that is inspiring. Your relationships with your friends, children and husband are wonderful examples of a life well-lived, with strength, conviction, compassion, courage and love. The book Walk the Talk mentions why we should live by our values and your life stories are beautiful examples. Oh and I love the big grin on Zonnie's face as he stands next to the life sized likeness of his dad....Sweet, just sweet. ~Blessings, Janet

  14. Downunder here in OZ baseball has kinda passed me by - but even I get how incredible this story is!! Happy travels!!

  15. Manzi: Great post. It must have been exciting. Everyone has a story!

  16. That is the sweetest post. I teared up at the end. I wish he could see that statue, but I'm glad the team will be playing in the open air which is what he'd want. Your son next to the statue is great!

  17. Inger,
    My husband used to talk about the Negro League of the old days. They had a lot of talent and some great players. He had only good things to say about them.

    You touch my heart with your sweet comments. I do so much appreciate them. Thank you. I'm happy that your husband and son have wonderful baseball memories. Guys love their baseball. Some women, too, but usually not as passionately as men. I've never read the book, "Walk the Talk." I'll have to look it up.

    Red Nomad Oz,
    As much as I was once involved in BB, I'm not so much anymore. When my husband was alive, it was so easy, I was right there. Now I don't even live by a ball team.

    Hope you are OK. Thanks for stopping and the nice comment.

    I appreciate your stopping and writing such a warm comment. That means a lot to me. Thank you.

    Thank you everyone for the gracious comments. I love you all. Manzanita

  18. Nice story. Now how many can say they have a bronze statue made of them?!

  19. A touching and beautiful post.Thank you for sharing it. *hugs*

  20. Holy WOW...your hubby OWNED the Minnesota Twins. How totally cool is that. I can imagine how Baseball WAS your life back then. I love most all sports. I am sure it came with it's degree of headaches however eh.
    What a wonderful tribute to him that they made a statue of him. very very neat

  21. Love your photo...back in the 40's my grandparents had a similar looking store, it was called "Kelly's"!!
    I’m a new follower from “Follow Friday 40 and Older”, your site is amazing and I’ll definitely be checking back often!! I would love it if you would follow me back!!

  22. Wowzers. That is something I didn't expect. How lovely they have a statute of him. I shall have to tell my friend Michele to take a picture next time she is in Mlps.

    I've said it before and will say it again, you never cease to amaze me.

  23. love hearing different stories from bloggers yours is one full of great excitement

    I am your newest follower you can find my blog at

  24. Bobbi,
    Thanks for stopping and commenting. I appreciate that.

    Big D,
    yes, it's an honor for those who remember.

    Thank you for coming over. I'll see you on your blog.

    Yes, life goes on and is lonely. A statue helps once in a while. Ha

    If your friend Michele takes a picture, i'd like to see itl.

    Thanks for following. I'll be by to see your blog.

    Thanks, everyone. Manzanita

  25. Monica,
    I bet Kelly's was a delightful store. i would have loved it. And your Grandparents.

    My header is a photo by Robert Doisneau, French photographer from the 40's 50's. I like all of his work.

    Thanks for following. I'll be by your blog shortly.
    Love and Peace, Manzanita

  26. I need a Kleenex! What a beautiful tribute to your husband. Actually, right now, I'm kinda choked up as my hub's got baseball in his DNA and I could really feel what you wrote. Thank you, Manzi, for putting so much into words. Calvin was a smart man -- he married you!

  27. Playing catch up here. How neat to have your husband's image become a permanent part of such a wonderful sport. Those must have been facinating days. Would love to hear about them.
    It is a shame you haven't seen it in person but really neat that your son did and got the pictures for you. Your hubby was a handsome man, so is your son.
    The season is almost here. I can't wait.

  28. Kitty,
    Ahhhh, you are so sweet, Kitty, to say that. He was a very nice person and a good husband. i was the lucky one.

    Yey, kiddo. Are you back? I'll have to check. Yup, it won't be long. The pitchers are the first ones at spring training. I used to love spring training. We were in Orlando at Tinker Field. I don't even know if that is in existence any more. Thanks for the sweet comment.

  29. Manzanita, knowing you has been such a treat. I know I'm terrible at leaving comments or taking forever to get back but you are a joy.
    I didn't know anything about you and your hubby and the Twins. I know lots about the Twins now but nothing from before.
    You are such an aweseome woman and so fun to read. Take care my friend. God Bless!!