Friday, February 11, 2011

Come On People.... Get Over It

Sheila Jackson Lee, congress woman, went on the air accusing a Pepsi ad from Super Bowl as being racist. It is a black couple sitting on a park bench drinking Pepsi when along comes a cute white jogger gal and smiles at them. The black man smiles back and black woman looks pissed and throws her Pepsi at the man. He ducks and the can hits the jogger girl.

Not a funny ad to my way of thinking..... looks like the can hurt the jogger...... BUT to call this racist. Get a life, congress lady. They could have used a white couple and black jogger..... more complaints. Could have used all white....... complaint of racist in not using blacks or vice versa for the other all color.

Holy Moly People. When I saw it, I didn't even see color. I thought, "Ouch, that could hurt. That's a not too funny ad." What do you think?


  1. I thought it a bit extreme for just a look. The jogger looked down for the count. Didn't see raceism, just saw unnecessary violence. Is there a congress woman in charge of that? :)

  2. I didn't see colour either. What I saw was an add that was not funny.

  3. Racist? Try this-- substitute the abusive wife for an abusive husband and see how funny it is. What a stupid ad. So glad I drink Coke.

  4. Ok, I confess, I thought it was funny. (I am a white woman.) Not a great ad, and not a memorable one (I had forgotten all about it till I read your post), but not a racist one. At least I didn't think so.

    The best Super Bowl commercial? No question--the Darth Vadar kid.

  5. With all their money, this is the best ad Pepsi people could come up with?!?!

    Take care

  6. Other than the Darth Vadar kid, I wasn't impressed with any of the commercials and that includes the Bud one with the horses. Normally that one is outstanding. I didn't really care for the Pepsi one, but didn't consider it racist. I have a biracial granddaughter, so I sometimes could be considered sensitive, but that wasn't racist at all, just stupid!!!

  7. Mrs. Tuna,
    Will people turn to Coke?

    Good one Patti. I didn't think the jogger was flirting, but smiling at both. I guess it was because the husband smiled back.

    Right. Me too.

    You hit the nail right on, because abuse is what it was. Coke? Really???

    The Darth Vadar Kid was voted the best ad .... by who ever votes for such things...!!!

    Old Kitty
    As Karen said... it was an abusive wife.

    I agree with you. I always look forward to the ads of Super Bowl. I, too was disappointed. But at least my Packers won. Rah Rah Rah!!!.. But I'm really a Vikings fan but Packers being the next best thing in proximity!!!

    Thanks for your lovely comments. Love you all. Manzanita

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  9. Oh me oh my. Pepsi is out there perpetuating stereotypes. Strong, dominant Black Woman, victimized White Barbie...all nonsense. Ignorance is alive and well in the media. I personally don't see racism, however, there is the depiction of women harming women, violence against women, woman as victim, etc etc etc. Ugh! (Took a class LOL)

    We all just really need to think for ourselves when deciding what we will and will not put in, on, or around our bodies. If we step away from the tube for a bit and listen to our own intuition, like the song goes....."It'll be alright." Of course, Pepsi or Coke might not be all right, cause whose intuition would tell them to ingest that caffeine, sugar laden stuff? (Disclosure: I'm drink Coke ☺) Great though provoking topic again Manzanita.

  10. The bigger problem here, to me, is that this ad makes light of domestic violence. Now, if Lee protested that, I think she'd have a lot more supporters. I watched the Pepsi Max commercial after this. Just as lame. Also promoted violence as the way to solve everything. In that one, it ends with a pudgy man rocketed a can at the hardbody ass of a guy who made fun of him.

  11. I saw the commercial as more violence than anything racial. There will always be people who look for racism in everything when its not there. Representative Jackson should ask why a woman was throwing a can at her husband. Maybe she should also ask about personal responsibility. They didn't even help the girl or call 911.

  12. Janet,
    You know, the more I look at that ad, the worse it gets in my mind. That poor girl is lying down writhing in pain and holding her head. So pathetic and not one bit funny.

    Is that another Pepsi ad? I'll have to look it up.

    It's just a bad commercial. It's supposed to promote Pepsi. I guess they have to advertise that awful stuff. Kids drink those sugary drinks in those huge huge paper cups..... When I was a kid, I could have one root beer a month. Of course I looked forward to it, cause it's sweet and tasts good. But the ad...... as she lies there holding her head and rocking back and forth on the sidewalk... bad!

  13. People do get a bit carried away!

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  14. I very much dislike Pepsi, dumb commercials, and politicians that perpetuate racial tension for paychecks.

  15. I admit I laughed at this. I shouldn't have. It's horrible - as were many or most of the Superbowl ads. What an example for kids/teens. It's certainly not flattering to the Black community, but it's just wrong on all levels. The bigger issue is violence in the media, especially on the one day of the year when domestic violence is at its peak (i.e., Superbowl Sunday).

    On a brighter note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Manzanita.

  16. Can't say I saw racism either.

    Coming by to thank you for being my follower.
    Peace....Naila Moon

  17. I have to agree with you. That advert is not funny but neither is it racist. It's yet another advert in poor taste. 1960s adverts were far more entertaining.

  18. i didn't see this, when it aired . i see that we are getting too touchy about everything esp. race. rose

  19. Carolee,
    Thanks for coming over and the nice comment. I'll return to to see you.

    Right. One way to get their name in the media.

    But that used to be our comedy. Look at Larry, Moe and Curly. We used to laugh when Larry stuck his finger's in Moe's eyes and they were always boping each other with something. It was just called slap stick.

  20. Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf,
    Nice to see you again. thanks for coming by.

    Yeah, poor taste, galore. Just get over it.

    Touchy is a good word for it. I don't think people see color any more.

  21. I didn't see anything wrong with it. Thought it was kinda funny, but I think some of these politicians are attention whores and feels she hasn't been getting her share.

    I say to Sheila: "NO ONE CARES SWEETIE!"

  22. I saw that commercial. The reason I remember it is because my immediate reaction was, whoa, that's waaaay too violent. That split second next reaction was, hey, that's bullying. And then, this woman must come from a violent household to react like thst. When no one helped the gal on the ground, I thought, what were these ad people thinking?

    I didn't see color. Never thought about color until I read what that congresswoman said. Perhaps she's from an abusive background and thinks that's the way it is for everyone. This woman needs professional help.

    Great job, Manzie, posting about stereotypical violence that works its way into the culture.

  23. I'm in agreement with everyone about the violence, about the lack of a racist theme, and about the congresswoman who needs to WORK for her constituents instead of looking for some instant fame...and...
    It's certainly time for Pepsi to start looking for a new advertising agency...this one stinks.

    On another topic, I was so glad to see you at "Postcards" today! Thanks for the lovely comment, and for coming by!

    Happy Thursday!
    xoxoxo, cd