Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Friendship

Yeah..... Marilyn is on her way. She's driving from Minneapolis.

If you've followed me for a while, you would have heard of Marilyn. We've been friends for 51 years. We talk on the phone nearly every day and our lives are more connected than if we were related. We share in each others family and I am godmother for her children. Marilyn is 73 and I am 81. (She is the one standing in the picture ...... taken last year).

I hope to remember to take more pictures while she's here. Terry from My Journey With Candida sent us gorgeous aprons for our raw food preparation. Thank you Terry. (They are a raw food pattern). We try to eat 80/20 .............80 % raw and 20 % cooked. It seems to work for us as Marilyn does triathalons and I do.....(hummm what do I do?) I guess I still dance. Oh, I have a new exercise ...... the athletic hula hoop. It's thicker and weighs 5 lb. I'll post on it later. Fun.... too.

We laugh and laugh with lots of reminiscing. Do you have a best friend? If you don't, go out and find one. Hey, they last a life time. :)


  1. I can NOT believe your posted ages. Whatever your percentages, they must be doing something amazing for you, because you both look younger than me, and i'm 62!!! Keep on keeping on, Girls!

  2. You two are so beautiful and so young looking. It must be all that raw food keeping you from aging.

    I am so happy for you two... I am sure you know that laughing is very healthy and healing.

    Great Post Manzy!! Thanks so much for the link back to my blog.

  3. Is that you in the black?

    I had no idea you were 81. Oh, the very idea of growing in a friendship for 51 years sounds just absolutely heavenly to me. I'm so glad you posted this.

  4. Have a wonderful time with Marilyn. Friends are very special.

  5. What a beautiful post. Triathalons. You both look wonderful.

  6. I'm still scraping myself off the floor....81???? No way!!!!

  7. My best friend from high school and college just called this morning after not being in touch for a few months. It seems today the topic is friendship. I'm seeing it Everywhere. So good to know she's on her way. What fun you will have!

    That picture is a testament to the healthy lives you've lived, the choices you've made. Two beautiful women.

  8. oh, i am terribly envious. i had a best friend for about 20 years, but our lives grew apart and i finally gave her permission to just let me go. it was easier than to struggle with me still needing her friendship more than she did mine... it still hurts 10 years later...

  9. Wow!! Two beautiful babes and a cute doggie!! Wonderful!!

    This is gonna be one amazing reunion - I do hope you paint the town very red indeed!!! Take care

  10. I have friends from childhood and early adulthood, but none like you describe. I wish I did. Ditto on the comments about your youthful appearances!

  11. That is just great. Your post made me smile. Enjoy your time together.

  12. How wonderful that you're getting together. There's some people I've known since grammar school.

  13. Yoy can't fool me--that picture was taken 30 years ago!! Husbands have been known to come & go--true friendships last forever. Have a wonderful visit!!

  14. How cool! I can already hear the laughter, love, and joy filling the air. I'm fortunate to have several best friends. One is the hubs,one from my high school days, another from my days working with teens, and another recently made. Life is grand!

  15. My best friends are my 3 sisters and my 2 daughters. I am slowly but surely adding daughters in law to that list as well. I envy you a friend of 51 years. That is wonderful!

  16. Like fine wine good friends just get better with age. Bless you both!

  17. Rosemary : Haven't communicated for a while. You are so busy sailing round the world. Let a youngster try that. Ha

    Terry : Thank you so much for the luscious aprons. The fabric looks good enough to eat.

    Suze : Yup, me in black. Marilyn plays flamenco guitar and I dance. We had a little "dog and pony" show with some of my flamenco students, my granddaughter and other "hams" in our group.

    Roselind : Thank you and thank you from Marilyn. I tell her about all my bloggy friends. :)

    Anthony : Thanks. Oh, Marilyn does the triathalons. Not me.

    Delores : I thought you knew how old I am. I've said it. Just started saying it.... for years I lied about my age but only because people treat you different when they find out you are old.

    Teresa : I'm so happy you connected with your friend too. I think you've mentioned her before. Marilyn and I know more about each other than our kids know about us, for sure. Have a happy week.

    TexwisGirl : I'm so sorry you invested so much time in a friendship and then had to lose it. I thought you were going to say she died. Marilyn and I will be very sad when one of us has to return to spirit. But in the mean time, you can be our friend, we always share friends. :)

  18. In one segment of the old TV show, THE JEFFERSONS, Grandma Jefferson was about to have her 81st birthday but she was going to tell everyone she was 91. Her reason--she looked OK for 81 but she looked fantastic for 91! You two look fantastic, PERIOD!

  19. Kitty : Beautiful Babes, yet. Oh my. That will put our heads in the clouds. We just might put on our red shoes and dance. :) Thanks.

    Angela : Clink... I'll drink to that.

    Galen : Well, friends from childhood are pretty special. I have some from kindergarten, too, but we don't talk every day like I do with Marilyn.

    Gigi : Thanks. You are so sweet to smile with us.

    M Pax : From grammar school. That must be fun when you get together, catching up and reliving old times.

    Fran : Ha ha Yup and there is 30 year old Cody. Do believe it about husbands. Even when we were married, we didn't let our friendship drop, like so many women do. Did I tell you how true and funny that Pickles comic was? A good one.

    Su-siee : You are also lucky to have such a good friend in the husband and to have 2 close girl friends. You are a neat person and I bet you have a lot of fun with your friends. :)

    Karen : Awww that is so sweet of you to count your sisters and daughters as your best friends. You are lucky, too. I don't have a sister. Always wish I did. Marilyn is the oldest of 10 kids and now with all the kids kids, that is "one" big family.

    Mrs. B : That is a true phrase. Fine wine indeed. We have never ever thought a cross word about each other.

  20. I am in awe of you both. What an inspiration!
    Enjoy your visit with Marilyn.

    I'll be looking for that Hula Hoop :o)

  21. A best friend is like a sunny day that does not end! Man, all I want now is still be able to hula-hoop at 81. :)

    Enjoy your sunny day! :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  22. No WAY are you 81!!! I want to eat/drink what you're eatin', drinkin'!! Great picture--great friendship! WOW!

  23. Triathalons at 73 ??? Mercy I am so impressed. Maybe I could try dancing if the end result was looking like you though I guess you meant a lifetime of dancing. Sigh.
    I do have such a friend. We have stayed in touch since the second grade(65 years) and when we get together or talk on the phone, it is like no time has passed. What a blessing a long time friend is.

  24. You are elegant and gorgeous!

  25. It's been a long time since I've had a best friend besides my husband. I should get out more :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  26. I know this will sound whiny and I'm sorry, but I would give a lot to have someone who wants to talk to me every day! I have 2 best friends, one is in Chicago and the other is in Florida. I talk w/ the Chicago one several times a year and the Florida one every 3 or 4 years. But "nearly every day"??

    The truth is that I want a friend (who isn't related to me!) that lives in the same town! It's never been easy for me to make friends and the older I get, the harder it gets.

    There are people that everyone seems to like and there are those who are just the opposite. Lately I feel that I am in the second group.

  27. Hi there. You both look absolutely fabulous in that photo, so I must try this athletic hula hoop!! Aren't friends like that just the best. They say that a life without friends is like a garden without flowers, and it is so true. Have a wonderful time and please take some photos for us!

  28. Weird how sometimes it's easier to develop the on-line friendships! Maybe that means I'm too lazy to put the effort into maintaining the real life ones?

    Whatever it is, you're right - having a best friend makes life so much richer!

  29. Oh, how absolutely wonderful! I recently re-connected with a gal who was my best friend for many many years, beginning back in 1954. (OY!)We hadn't spoken in maybe a decade (live in different states) but what is amazing is we still communicate as though we were never apart. And it's the same with all good friends ... no matter how long it's been since you were last together, true friends can pick up right where they left off. (and still act like teenagers when they're together!) Enjoy your reunion. It'll be fantastic.

  30. I knew you were beautiful on the inside, but're also beautiful on the outside!!!

  31. Hi, Manzi!
    Lovely post, lovely photo.

    I have a 'best friend' like you describe, but she is a fairly recent addition to my friends list. She acquired "best" honors last year, when her caring and generosity washed over me like a tsunami! Love her dearly.

    OK, now I have known your age for awhile, and you know mine. Something you may not know Mom is a year younger than you, but based on this photo, you would never guess it. Folks would surely come closer to believing that she was YOUR Mom!!!

    Have a great visit with Marilyn, and give her my love.
    xoxoxo, c

  32. I absolutely have a best friend whom I've known since I was seven years old (in fact, in my "Once Upon a Time" stories-I really should post another one soon-he's the "Spags" character).
    In fact, the only ones who've known me longer are my brothers and my sister (poor kids).
    No matter how long it is between visits, we always have a great time.

  33. Wow, 51 years! I hope my friends and I will live to see that day for ourselves. :-)

    Have a great time!

  34. I would have never guessed your ages at all! It is all that clean living and exercise. I'm sure of it. Have a wonderful time with your best friend!

  35. Yes, I do and therefore I KNOW what a fabulous time you're going to have with Marilyn. Enjoy every minute. These are the friends who are FOREVER.

  36. Hi again! Glad you liked my Green Island post - and here's the link to LV's blog as requested!! Enjoy!!

  37. Hi Manzinata .. you both look in the picture of health .. marathons, dancing .. playing the banjo - whatever .. excellent .. it's great having such close friends .. enjoy the visit .. and looking forward to more pictures .. cheers Hilary

  38. Wow! You make 81 and 73 look good!! It's because you keep active, try new things, and have long lasting loving relationships. Yes, I have a friend like that. Can't wait to see her soon.

  39. Hope you're having a WONDERFUL! time.

  40. That is one long and beautiful friendship. My closest friends are now 2000 miles away now that I live in Los Angeles. I used to talk to them frequently, but seems like we all get busy with things and have different time zones and it's not as easy as it used to be. When we do get together though, it's just like old times.

    Tossing It Out

  41. You two are beautiful!! Whatever you're doing, it works! Triathelons - I'm not sure I can spell the word, led alone do one!

    My dear friend called last nite - we were on the phone for over an hour and never once repeated ourselves - it's like this all the time - friendship: the best bp medicine around!

    Thanks for your good wishes. Getting back into the groove, Manzie...hard to keep an ole horse down!

  42. Have fun, have fun!

    My best friend is crossing the ocean from Canada to come visit me in London in two weeks. I cannot wait!

  43. Oh my, dear Manzanita, that is incredible!! You must be joking about your ages?? I was sure you are in your fifties! I am in awe!!
    This is so wonderful you are blessed with such a precious friendship!
    Keep always being healthy, happy and smiling! =)

  44. what a neat picture
    YES YES YES....I think Best Friends, are Well.........the Best
    Every woman/girl, deserves a few best friends in their lives.
    I just posted on my blog about a fabulous trip with 5 new blogging friends...........and what a life long frienship that made.
    You look amazing for 81!!

    I want to know more about the hula hoop....I'd love to get one??????

    ENJOY your visit with you friend of 51 years.......totally incredible.

  45. Giggles and Guns : Thanks. We are having the time of our lives enjoying our time together.

    Jules : Start hula hooping. It's "all around" (pun) good fun. :)

    Elizabeth : Eat Drink and be Merry. We still are doing just that. Thanks for the nice comment.

    Patti : I'm so glad you have a best friend too, from long ago. I like the kind of friends where you don't have to lie about your age. :)

    Suze : Thank you. That is such a beautiful compliment. And same to you.

    Miriam : Husbands can make very best friends too. Enjoy each other. :)

    Mellodee : I'm happy you have 2 best friends. You are a charming, delightful person and I know many people are attracted to your wit and personality. Cheers.

    This is Me : Thanks for the nice comment. Marilyn is leaving Wednesday and I'll get back to blog reading. Take care.

    Red : Best friends are nice in to have in a non-related female form but husbands are wonderful too, and they are always with you.

    Susan : I'm so happy you re-connected with your friend. What a joyous reunion that must have been. Enjoy being with and talking to your friend..

  46. Turquoisemoon : What a beautiful thing to say. Thank you for the compliment.

    Clare : I'm so happy that you have best friends too. The picture you are referring to was blurred. I most likely didn't look like myself.

    Al : Spags sounds like a delightful person. He sounds like a winning friend and will be "there" for you, forever.

    K.C : You and your friends will live forever..... at least in each others hearts. I'm happy you have such good friends.

    Candace : I really appreciate all my friends so much now that I am older. Friends are such a blessing.

    Kay : I'm happy you have a best friend. We are blessed when we have friendship and I consider my bloggy friends my blessings, also.

    Red : Thank you for the link (again). I'll look her up soon so I won't lose it again. :)

    Hilary : Thanks for the nice comment. I'll enjoy the time with my friend and take your advice. Blessings.

    Mary : Awww that is so nice that you have the same kind of relationship with a friend. Hope you get to see her soon. Have fun.

  47. Carol : Thank you, dear lady. We are having a wonderful time.

    Arlee : Sounds like you have a wonderful bunch of friends, even though they live 2000 miles away. Hope you get to see them soon and have a smashing reunion.

    Kittie : I'm happy to see you back and blogging. That was a good conversation with your friend. Marilyn and I have those too and many "quickies"

    Talli : Oh that will be so exciting for you to see a best friend in London. So many things to see and do. She will be here before you can blink. :)

    Zara : Thank you for the lovely comment. My friend and I are having a marvelous time but it's going all too quickly.

    Wendy : Thanks for stopping. I want to stop by your blog and see the pictures and post of your trip. That must have been exciting. Our time is passing all to quickly.

  48. Yes, the true friends are the ones that hang around and put up with ya! Well, in my case they do.

    I live 20 minutes from one of my closests friends and only get to see her maybe 3 times a year.

    My other two besties live 2 hours away.

    And my very BESTEST friend is over an hour but I see her the most! She's crazy like me! We laugh alot.

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC time! Yes, take lots of pics!

  49. It is hard to keep a friendship but you are both make it a realty

  50. Irene : You are truly blessed to have girlfriends so close to you. Marilyn and I are so far apart in distance but we thank Verizon for our daily conversations.

    BaliMoz : Thanks for the comment. I think you have to be on the same wave length with a friend to have a constant conversation going and keep a steady relationship with a friend.