Monday, August 1, 2011

The Retrograde

Tomorrow, Aug 2, Mercury goes retrograde.

It doesn't really slam on the brakes, step on the clutch (no one does that anymore) jam it in reverse and full steam backwards.

What is really happening, earth is moving faster than Mercury so as we look back over our shoulder (on earth) to see it, it appears to be going slower.

What Does This Mean?

It's OK to window shop but don't buy.

Anything pertaining to communications, contracts or writing is better put aside until August 26 when Mercury again becomes direct.

But There is a Good Flip Side

Even though it's a bad time to begin new projects, it's a marvelous time to go back and pick up the loose threads of old projects you left behind. The buzz word is RE. Any word beginning with re.... restore, replace, rewrite, reschedule, return, redecorate, or repair, etc. is the direction to take. Even without realizing Mercury was about to turn retro, I had already begun to clean out closets and have piles to take to the thrift store.

I take my Mercury Retrogrades very seriously. I've sold quite a few houses in my life time and when I write up the contract, I always include that I will NOT accept contracts during XXXX time, while Mercury is Retrograde. A realtor may think I'm crazy, but trust me, you wouldn't get a good contract at that time, anyway.

So, I'm thinking of a few repairs to the house, tune up the car, rewrite some old stories, dig out that sweater I'm knitting. It's far better not to quibble with the stars. They win out every time.


  1. Well, now that is tempting... putting writing aside until we are aligned with Mercury. I like it! Can I use that excuse though? ;-)

  2. Fascinating stuff....I was just about to tackle a new direction in blogging for August called REmembering. Can new and re work together? We'll see.

  3. 'Anything pertaining to communications, contracts or writing is better put aside until August 26 when Mercury again becomes direct.'

    I love this, and am taking it quite personally. Thank you.

  4. Oh my mercury retrograding through my sun sign is definitely a warning sign for me to stop spending and start re-everything! Yay!!!!! Take care

  5. Interesting. I never heard of Mercury Retrograde til now. Best wishes to you.

  6. oh, I always hated when mercury went retrograde. communications went awry, car batteries would die, dryers would go out... a few of us at work used to go "is mercury retrograde again?!" thanks for the warning!

  7. Sounds like the perfect time to buckle down and get my editing finished.

  8. Talei : It's OK to continue with something already started but nix the new projects.

    Delores : Remembering is a good one. Yup.... renew is also good.

    Suze :You are welcome. Always happy to be of service :)

    Kitty : If you do, it's only 3 weeks. It can go fast or slow, depending on the RE's. :)

    Gigi : Happy to see you blogging after your trip.

    Texwisgirl : Oh, you understand Mercury Retro. It's almost humorous when these things happen because it's so predictable. :)

    Susan : Oh yes, I can't think of a more perfect time to finish your editing and it will be so good.

  9. That's really interesting and timely. I'm still pootling about somewhat since my Mum died and I've been trying to force myself (against my inner wisdom) to start some new writing projects. It would appear that my gut reaction to sit back, maybe rework some old pieces, was right after all. Thanks for the prompt.

  10. So I can re-vamp my work and I shouldn't look for any word from an agent or publisher until after the 26th, right? Sounds like a plan to me :)

  11. May I add...problems with communication equipment?!!! So far for me, a new phone (old one locked up) and had to get a new computer... Mercury entered the storm on the 24th, I think...that's when my puter went down. Humpf!!!!

  12. REgarding your most REcent post--

    I am somewhat REticent to make any REprehensible or REpugnant REmarks on the above REferenced REport. I cannot REstrain myself--I REiterate--I feel REquired to do so even though I may REact with REgret & REmorse. Respectfully, if you look into any REsearch volume under "REprobate" you will REcognize a picture of fishducky. Sorry for all these "RE" words--it was REally just a REflex.

    I didn't know about planetary REtrograde--REmarkably REvealing!

  13. I still use a clutch. Call me a dinosaur.
    Thanks for the warning. My sister is in the process of buying a house. I will pass on the warning.

  14. I never knew much about the stars, but I was always in love with Betty Boop.

  15. Anything beginning with RE--I'll have to think about this! Like JJ, Betty Boop is a favorite!

  16. Hey thanks for that info. Will this have an impact on Mercury in thermometers?
    Just wonder what happens when we align with Uranus.
    And speaking of knitting, I went to the 'Comedy Knitting' workshop. Had me in stitches.....

  17. I been away too long... LOVE the Betty Boop! Is this retro grade for everyone or just your sign? Either way, I'll start my cleaning now. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  18. I use the clutch in my 5-speed GMC. I used to drive a Mercury Monarch, but I don't think it was a retro, it looked pretty modern. I did get the wheels aligned once, so I guess it was all right.

  19. So I am guessing that revacation would be good...right?? Now you're talkin'!

  20. Just HAD to come over and check out the site after seeing your comment on Suze's site. Glad I did!

    Great blog, great material. You have it together!

    Consider me a follower.

  21. Hi Manzanita .. I'm into a big sort out - so glad to read it's a good time to get things straight.

    Enjoy your rewrites, house clean etc etc .. Hilary

  22. Must be good for me to do REvisions, then!

  23. I signed my new housing comtract before the retrograde, so that should be good. However, I'm moving during the cycle, so if I call it RE-establishing or RE-settling or RE-locating, I should be okay with that too. Yes?

  24. I can always be sure when I come to your blog, I will learn something new.... And see something new. Look at your blog header picture, Love Betty Boop but loved Cody more.

    All the Retrograde is beyond me!! Don't get me wrong, I do believe it, but I don't understand it.

  25. Dahlin'-
    Since the anniversary of my natal date is this month, I am going to make this the subject of my blog as I REstore, REnew, and REpair.

  26. That is so interesting. No wonder I don't feel any motivation to work on a new project. I thought I was all schlumpy and lulled by the summer's heat. I'll take a look at something older, and take more walks. Walks are always good in any climate, right?

  27. My recent manuscript is going to the editor in a few days and she will finish the edit during the retrograde. I won't be doing the work then, but she will be looking at something already written. I hope that's a good sign.

  28. Roz : I would think now is an excellent time to look at the old things you have written. I'm not trying to be a writer but I wrote some short stories long ago and I'm thinking of taking another look at them now.

    Giggles and Guns : I don't know exactly, you already have the story so it would be a continuation of that but I suppose it could be considered a new project.

    Turquiosemoon : You are sensitive to astrology so you can probably feel when planets are changing. Even when I don't know the date I can feel Merc Retro. My natal mercury is afflicted (in Vedic) so I wear the gemstone emerald next to my skin as a cure.
    What a bummer... phone and computer both going out. So sorry. That's a definite Mercury happening.

    Fran : That is really clever and took some thinking but when I'd get halfway through, I'd start laughing. You've got talent you never heard of....

    Patti : Well, I guess all the sports cars that you shift must have a clutch, don't they? I haven't had one in years and tried to drive a stick last year and I couldn't. Heck, that was all they had when I learned to drive.

    JJ : You'd never know she's my age, would you? She really holds hers well. We were both created the same year. Wh hoo

    Galen : Yup, she's ageless.

  29. Klahanie : Thermometers? How about the Mercury in fish? Ha ha... Thanks for starting out my day with a laugh.

    Jules : Yes, I know dear, you are working too much. This is retrograde for everyone but if your Mercury is already afflicted, like mine (meaning having aspects with some undesirable planets) it usually hit harder.

    Anthony : You must live in a warm climate to drive a car like that. They aren't very driveable in Montana.

    Chuck : Good one...Revacation. Just keep those vacations coming. LOL

    Bryce : Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment. Be by to see you.

    Hilary : I love your phrase.. sort out. Me too. Long over due again.

    Talli : I would say an excellent time. Very good.

    River : Anything started before the retrograde actually taking place would be a continuation. It usually just applies to new projects. If you have an already worn out appliance, it nearly always gives up the ghost when Merc. is Retro.

  30. Terry : Astrology is a life time study. I started it when I was 20. Years ago, I was really into it but not so much anymore. Just use it for myself and I have no peers around here.

    Paige : That will be one dyno blog. Happy Birthday.

    Mary : A lot of time, your body tells you without your knowing . Walks are great. Wish we lived close, I walk every morning. About to embark on it very shortly.

    Thank you dear bloggy friends for the loving and special comments. I love you all. Manzanita

  31. Naturally, I am behind in my blogging, so I didn't see this post until, now. Fortunately, my "new project" (started this morn) is re-grouting the bathtub. And again, fortunately, I began work on my D-I-L's business sign yesterday!


    But, ouch, jerry's and my birthdays fall between these dates...maybe we'll just re-peat last year! (it was a pretty good one!)

    I had never heard of this before...learning something new from you every day! Thank you, Manzi!

    xoxoxo, cd

  32. Sigh... I got a jillion stuff to back up. Sigh...

  33. I'm about to retreat into my lair and go gung-ho at working on my latest revision. I'm glad Mercury is on my side! I need all the cosmic help I can get. Seriously.

  34. Ha! So why don't you become a consultant to the Obama administration?!

  35. Clare : Best of luck on your new project. That's a job I hate with a passion.
    Birthday greetings on your forth-coming B/D. Finish your tub work and celebrate... :)

  36. Kay : Oh, all you genealogy stuff. Very important and good luc.

    Dear Susie,
    You sound a little over worked but you'll achieve success with it all. You go, girl.

    Red : Ha.... would they be busy REdoing everything.

  37. Great post! I had no idea that Mercury was going through this. Fascinating!
    Maybe I'll pull out the scrapbooks I've been telling myself I would catch up on for the past couple of years.
    Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  38. I have an award for you on my blog. Hop on over and pick it up.

  39. Well I think this may pretain to me and my life at this time. As I go through and clean up some old unfisnhed projects and donate to those unwanted or no longer needed items.
    Thanks for thsi facinating piece.

  40. I like this idea of reworking, reviewing, revising etc. There are restorative properties in it. :)

  41. I have a few projects too but the weather is not helping to motivate me. Is there anything in the stars about return to more reasonable weather??

  42. Now I have an overwhelming desire to revisit my refrigerator! Maybe I'll take your advice and clean out my closets instead. This is definitely something to think about. Julie