Friday, July 29, 2011

Cody thinks humanoids are funny. Above is a picture of the parking lot for a doggie walk. You park, enter through the gate and follow the chosen path.

Do you see anything odd? The pet owners are out for their own exercise as well as the dogs......YET ......they park as close to the gate as possible. I've seen cars wait for a space near the gate. Is this crazy or am I? If you are out for a walk, what's a few extra steps? They're a plus, in my book.

Cody says, "Don't bother me. I'm too busy sniffing every blade of grass."

P.S. Guess which car is mine. (Hint it's a red X-Terra)


  1. It's even weirder getting to a trail head - where the ONLY reason to go there is for YOU to go for a walk - and finding the same thing!! Maybe there's some unwritten law you & I don't know about ...

  2. LOL!!!! I don't know about cars cos I don't drive but I'm guessing yours is the furthest away!! Yay for knowing the value of a few extra steps and double yay for the doggies who have this amazing place to go walkies!! Wonderful! Hugs to Cody! Take care x

  3. Hi Manzanita .. I park far away in the supermarket too .. and never queue to park .. but you're so right - many do.

    Sometimes if you're nearby - you might not get stolen, or bashed .. both can happen rather more often than one cares to hear about ..

    A good old walk at all opportunities keeps the old bones going and boy those dogs won't mind one bit!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Maybe they are anticipating the return when they are not feeling as eager.
    Mighty is like Cody. He sniffs and pees on every blade of grass over 6inches high. Walking him is more for his entertainment than for exercise.

  5. It's an intresting phenomenon. And I do it myself all too often, not at a trail head, but at a market or mall. I wonder if it's not akin to the sheep mentality, everyone must gather together, which I see in theaters and on the road, must get as close to others as possible even when there's oodles of room all around.

  6. Same thing goes at the gym. People all cram their cars near the front door. It's a lot like the dog park. Except nobody picks up their poop.

  7. LOL! furthest one away from the gate! :)

  8. Cody is right, we are an odd bunch. I do think that perhaps these folks that must park close are thinking of how tired they will be on the way back to their car.

  9. I'm with Cody! I've never understood why people wait for a parking space that's 6 cars in from an empty one...

  10. Red : That "is" even weirder. Maybe the rule is to just get exercise within a pre-determined
    space or you get demerits.

    Kitty : That's why you remain so trim and beautiful (and also being young) because you walk. Here's to walking.

    Hilary : Three cheers for you for parking far away. I park at the end of the parking lot too, but break-ins can be a consideration. Cody is always in my car and although she's a whimp, she sounds tough.

    Patti : Little Mighty. When my chihuahua was alive, I'd carry his basket and usually end up putting him in it. If we went for a walk with Mighty and Cody, we'd never make any time. I'm always looking back and calling Cody from her leisurely sniffing.

    Teresa : I used to try to get closer too.... but now my eyes are bad and it's safer for me to stay in the background. That sheep mentality sounds good.

    Al : You always make me laugh. That last part came as a surprise while I was sipping tea. Darn near choked. LOL

    Texwisgirl : First one out. How about that?

    Delores : And that's a point to consider. This park is full of mountain-like hill. Uugghh

  11. Cody is a beauty! I also park a little farther away, as I like to have more space, and stretch out after sitting in the car. I also don't understood why some drivers become so competitive about getting the closest parking spots on a perfectly nice day. Julie

  12. HaHa.. that is so true!! I've thought that many, many times. Same with the people who 'walk inside' our local mall every evening. LOL

    Hope you have a Fantastic weekend too!!
    Big Hug,
    Coreen XOXO

  13. Just like the people who wait for a close spot at WalMart. You're going to walk three miles to get through the store - what's ten extra yards going to hurt?

  14. Ever since I got my new car last year, I park far away from everything I can.NOw I just keep doing it cause it's healthier.

  15. I get that. I often will park farther away from the store just to get the extra walk in.

  16. I've ofter wondered why there are so many "handicapped" parking spaces at a golf course...

  17. I always park far from the entrance to the stores, just because I need the exercise. I wish there had been a dog park when I had a dog! How nice that would have been!

  18. Lol! That is ironic alright! I've wondered that myself! :)

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  19. Cody is the sensible one here. My walks start from home. I just start walking until I reach home again. Benno leads, of course.

  20. Yeah, it is funny to see how much effort people are willing to make to get a parking spot that's even a little bit closer than another. The only place this phenomenon is turned on its ear is in a church. The front rows are usually the last to be taken.

  21. Good for you! I guess humans are rather silly at times, aren't they?

  22. Laura : Kind of a quirk of human nature I guess. :)

    Julie : That's a good idea to have a stretch space. Especially when it's not below zero. :)

    Coreen : I've always thought that mall walking must be painful to the feet, too. It's bad enough shopping. :)

    Alex : Ha Ha Three miles for sure.

    Karen : I know what you mean. Parking a new car far far away saves those little grief lines.

    Suze : I like that about you...taking good care to get in a little more exercise.

    Fran : Now that is weird. Well, I suppose those people always take a cart. I used play golf just for the walking exercise. Now I haven't played golf in 10 years. I just guess my interests change. Do you play much?

  23. Gigi : Dog parks are so nice. There are a lot of them in Bozeman. All the dogs are so social and get along very well. Good for you for getting in that little extra exercise.

    Elizabeth : Thanks and I will enter.

    Friko : That would be the zenith dog walking ..... to leave from home. I have a small walk but have to walk a couple blocks to get there on pavement, which is hard on the feet. But then it's dirt and that feels good. Benno leads and Friko follows. :)

    Susan : Yes...... why is that, do you think? It's really odd when you think about it.

    Kay : It's must be habit because just about everyone tries to get exercise these days.

  24. I own a subcompact and if I park at the end of the lot all alone I can guarantee when I return I will have huge truck or SUVs on either side of me making it virtually impossible to see to back out. It's become a family joke.

  25. Cody is gorgeous. And he has a smart human :)

    Happy Weekend!

  26. I used to play a lot but I haven't played in a couple of years--since I got decrepit. I don't remember ever being crepit & now I'm decrepit. I'm still ept & corrigible. (I wrote that advertently.)

  27. That is why you are in such good shape Manzy.... You take those extra steps. The ones who park the closest are probably the ones that need the exercise the most.

  28. Very funny! It must be in our genetic code to park as close to wherever we're going as possible, especially when it involves exercise! Like the gym, trailheads, dog parks, etc. Ha!

  29. Parking close seems to just be a natural inclination done without much thought put into it. I like the exercise I get as a result of parking a little further away. Sometimes it's the only exercise I get during the day.

    Tossing It Out

  30. Giggles and Guns : That must be annoying to have your car buries by larger vehicles. Maybe you could see better in the sub compact area.

    Carol : Thanks. You're sweet. Have fabulously fantastic week end, too.

    Fran : Cre or de..... or whatever, I bet you were good. You seem to have a determination in whatever you do.

    Terry : I always did do the extra steps but now I need them more than ever. Are you back home yet, travel'n woman?

  31. Galen, I think you got something....Just as the human species is meant to colonize, they always group together at every opportunity. Well, maybe.

    Arlee : Not many people think of walking the few extra steps like you do. You have my respect.

  32. It's interesting isn't it, and doesn't make any sense at all. Sometimes I start looking for spaces further away rather than spend time hovvering around close to an entrance in the hope something will become available, though when it's miserable and wet, closer is nice. Sue

  33. Cars wait for a space near the gate?? That's as crazy as those idiots that circle the carparks at supermarkets searching for a park as close to the doors as possible, wasting petrol, while ignoring perfectly good empty spaces at the other side of the area because they don't want to walk. (My daughter happily parks in the near empty far section and has no problem pushing her trolley load back to her car.)

  34. Hee Hee! Your car is the furthest away from the gate! I can't believe that people actually WAIT to park near the gate. Uh?! Surely they are out for a walk anyway. People never cease to amaze me!

  35. I always laugh when I see these sort of things. Driving to go exercise and parking as close as possible.
    Reminds me of diners who order a gigantic meal... ...with a diet coke.

  36. That is so true. Let see... cut back on what and how much I eat, do water aerobics 4 days a week, do the stationary bike at least twice a week, park as close as possible to the grocery store entrance.

  37. Greetings,
    Yay, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.
    I must say that these humans can be a lazy bunch. Unlike us dogs, of course.
    Which reminds me, I'm off for yet another snooze :)
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, Penny :)

  38. Haha! That made me laugh.

    Hope you and Cody had a good walk.

  39. Maybe it's so they won't have to walk too many more steps to their car. LOL! Those last few yards after a long hike are ever so long in my mind. I think about asking the husband to carry me, but then we'd never get back to the car.

  40. Sue : There is always so much congestion near the door of a store and it's difficult to get out sometimes.

    River : I just love you. You say it like it is and how wonderful that is.

    This Is Me : They must be setting a stop watch from the gate to the end. Ha Ha

    Anthony : Indeed. Human nature provides us with a lotta laughs, doesn't it?

    Bish : Your comment is priceless. Boy, you are really athletic. I love all that you do. :)

    Klahani : Cody says, "Thanks Penny. We'll have to go out for a drink sometime. There's a new puddle at the corner of main and Grand. A snooze sounds good."

    Talli : Thanks Talli. Hope your weekend was exciting.

    Su_sieee : Awww, I bet the husband would carry you. He's so sweet and good to you.

    Thank you dear bloggy friends for all the fun, humorous comments.

  41. It happens just the same at the local gym !!! People park on the sidewalk to get close to the doors !!!!

    RJR Daydreamer

  42. LOL! I also look for a parking spot nearest to the place I want to go to!

  43. Que sua semana seja de muita paz,
    que você seja abençoada (o)a cada minuto.
    nunca esqueça que você mora no meu coração.
    Que nossa amizade seja para sempre.
    Bjs no seu coração,Evanir.

  44. Personally I park as close as possible so my lab has less of an opportunity to rip my arm off as she bolts toward the gate.