Monday, July 4, 2011

I Ponder

You are all probably familiar with the videos of this beautiful man who was born without arms or legs. In comparison to what he has accomplished with his limitations, we with normal bodies, should be stars in another galaxy. Some of us are but also many of us sit in a dark funk, complaining about, "Lord knows what!" We've been given this generous gift of a body with limitless capabilities. When I have doubts, I love to watch this man bring me back in balance.

Gibson Guitars sponsor Saturday afternoon performances in Bozeman, Montana. My Granddaughter, Ashly, is frequently asked to participate. It's an informal setting with a comfortable feeling of participation between entertainers and audience. I wanted to shoot some vids with my Flip so I was trying for a better view. Ashly announced, "My Grandmother is playing musical chairs. She's changed seats 3 times." This brought a lively discussion about my motives and I wanted to hide under the stage. But twas all in fun and here is part of a song, "Room to Roam." Excuse the shaky parts. Ha


  1. How often it happens that in the midst of one of my complaining "woe is me" sessions, I come across something like this. Or I see someone in the store and think, What am I complaining about?

  2. your granddaughter is beautiful and very talented too. what a sweetheart!

    and the gentleman in the first video is absolutely wonderful. what an inspiration. God bless him.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful post. I was just wondering why I have not lost weight with all the miles I have ran these last least I can run. This man has a beautiful spirit and I am going to show this to my grandkiddos.

    Your granddaughter has the voice of an angel. Thanks for sharing the more if you can!

  4. I remember a comment by a cancer patient. He said he stopped saying Why me? and instead said " Why not me. Why shouldn't I get this disease. I'm nor any better than the next person. ".

  5. What an inspirational post!! You must KVELL over your lovely & talented granddaughter--do you know the Yiddish word "kvell"? It means to be so proud your heart is ready to burst. What can I say about the gentleman in the first video? He is a lesson for all of us!

  6. Today as I sit in my own self imposed dark room of dispair you bring me a video of shining hope. How dare I complain after seeing this?

  7. Very true. I must stop complaining.

  8. Tears streamed down my face as I watched Nick V in the first video. I will never again criticize my figure or my face. After all, I can feed myself and scratch my nose if I want to, but he cannot. Why should my obesity matter when I can walk or even run, but he cannot? I am so glad he found a wife to love and be loved by.

    Thanks so very much for this wonderful video, Manzanita!

  9. I felt sorry for myself 'cause I had no shoes, 'till I met a man who had no feet.....

    For me, every day is Thanksgiving. Happy 4th, Manzi.

  10. I really like your granddaughters voice and that was a neat song. Be proud gramdma.
    That first young man needs to be heard by every living soul. I think I am a little in love with him. His humor and attitude are outstandig examples. You could see how he touched those kids. He touched me also.

  11. Karen : I agree and we have all our fingers so we can communicate with each other and write books. We are sooo lucky.

    texwisgirl : Yes, we all have so very much to be thankful for and H/B again you fire cracker :)

    Shawn : I'm so glad you are still running.... but I guess I knew you would be. You do have that solid determination to achieve. Good for you, Shawn.

    Ila : Thanks for that story. Then, I'm sure that man was able to overcome.

    Fran : No I didn't know the word kvell but I do now and thanks for the new word. I'll try it out on on someone. I don't seem to think much about her talent until I see her on stage. Then I really kvell over her. Did I use that right? Hope you are enjoying the Holiday.

  12. Delores : I am so sorry if this upset you. Sometimes we need our despair for a short time. Then we have the bottom to measure by when we are feeling up. Love and peace to you on this Holiday.

    Murees : When our bodies hurt, it's difficult not to complain.

    Gigi : I cried the first time I saw him, too. He has a few other Videos on YT. They all have the same powerful message.His wife must be a wonderfully caring person. He has such a handsome face and a strong voice.

    JJ : I do believe you. You have a good heart and you care. I know you and your wife are having a special time on this extra special day for her.

    Patti : He has more videos on YT. They all bring the same positive message but slightly different. He has such a handsome face and when I saw the first one (about a year ago) I couldn't get it out of my mind. This diving one was new. how does he swim? Someone must be in the water to grab hold of him. But most people in that body would never try something like that. There's another guy born with a similar body and he gets around on a skateboard. I don't know if he's from Montana but I've seen him in Butte and he's traveled all over the world by himself. When I saw this man, I couldn't help but stare but I think he's used to it. Such strength.

  13. Yes, you used "kvell" correctly. Isn't it a perfect word for Grandmas?

    Someone told me a couple of days ago that if you drink a fifth on the 3rd, you may not live to celebrate the 4th! Have a wonderful holiday!!

  14. I am having huge problems viewing youtube clips and I really want to see these (all I get are two big black boxes!! Booo!!)

    It'd be great to see your granddaughter too!!! Take care

  15. I've seen another video of this man before and am so glad you posted this. It reminds me again to be grateful for what I have and not worry about what I don't. What an amazing person.

    Your granddaughter is gorgeous and super talented. Wow!

  16. Very inspirational, we need to be reminded from time to time.
    Your granddaughter is terrific.
    Hope you had a wonderful Independence day.

  17. 'Excuse the shaky parts.'

    Nay, my dear. Embrace the shaky parts. :)

  18. Karen has said the same as I was going to say. You've touched a nerve with me too. It's so hard to stay positive all the time but I have taken on board your point.

  19. Maybe you should have just pretended you were dancing??!!

    And thanx for the reminder to maximise my achievements to the full extent of my capabilities!! How could my blog be better?? I'll give it some thought ...

  20. Fran : I like your logic about drinking a 5th on the 3rd..... Well at least you'd get all the numbers in.

    Kitty : Sorry you are having trouble getting YT vids. The inspirational video is so heartwarming. I used my Flip on my video and that is so tiny and at one point I was digging in my purse for something and the camera was really shaking. But some parts are OK.

    Kay : This man has a few videos, all with the same positive message, out on YT. It really is amazing that he can lead such a normal life.

    Anthony : Yes, reminders like this video serve to remind us to be grateful for what we have and to sweep barriers under the rug. Thanks for stopping.

    Suze : I get distracted when I hold that little teeny Flip. I even forget I'm holding it. Ha Ha

    Roselind : I think we all need a mild kick in the pants from time to time to remind us of our good fortune. My problem is, I think I should be doing things I did at 20, when I should be grateful for all the things I can still do.

    Red : You, above all, do maximize your potentials. Your blog is very active with the blog hops, your guest posts, your diligent posting but I understand how we feel we could be doing more.

  21. Oh Manzy, How proud you must be. Your Granddaughter is just beautiful... she is a chip of the ole block. LOL.... wasn't calling you old, that is just a saying as you know.

    Wow!! the first video brought tears to my eyes... what a wonderful man.

  22. Thanks for reminding me that I have NOTHING to complain about, not really. Nothing I can't conquer.
    Your grandaughter is Lovely.

  23. Thanks for sharing about that man, it's so inspirational.

    And your GD is so cute and adorable!

  24. Nice of you to point out how much better off we are compared to some. We need the odd reminder.
    It's always the ones who overcome huge obstacles who achieve and become the best people. The rest of us just moan a lot.

  25. I saw this clip some time ago and I had forgotten it. What a great reminder. I mean really. I have my arms and legs, a roof over my head, and food to eat. What do I have to complain about?! What an inspiration.