Friday, July 22, 2011

The Lavender

Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly
Lavender Green
When I am King, Dilly Dilly
You Shall be Queen

My lavender is in full bloom. I felt sorry for the lady who came into the garden store of Costco yesterday and asked for lavender and they said they were all out. She looked so disappointed. I would be too, without my lavender.

Toss a few sprigs of lavender into your bath for a sensual fragrance and sink into dreamland. Repeat over and over, "You shall be queen." If I were to be queen, I'd have been born into royalty or my name would have been Kate or Grace. What say?


  1. I love the smell of lavendar and I like it in tea as well.

  2. I've been hearing quite a bit about lavender lately and I'm jealous. I'd love to try some. I haven't seen any around here though.

  3. Put lavender and oatmeal into a cheesecloth bag. Toss in the tub and ooh la la for a relaxing bath.
    For those of you looking for lavender. try wildseedfarms in fredericksburg texas for some of the best seeds.

  4. We have some lavender in what we laughingly refer to as our garden. Not enough to do much with but sometimes I just gently run my fingers down a stem and inhale. Heaven.

  5. Dear fellow queen*--Enjoy your lavendar soak.

    *Did I ever mention that I was queen of California? At least, I don't know of anyone else that has claimed that title. It is good to be queen!

  6. Had you ever had lavender ice cream? It's quite a unique experience.

  7. I love lavender, so relaxing and I do use lavender in my bath.

    I don't grow it though, I think I might have to plant some lavender so I can have it fresh.

  8. Oh, lavender is one of those things that makes you feel like a queen, isn't it? It's wonderful dried into a sachet and tucked into your dresser drawers and linen closet, too.

  9. Elizabeth!! That's a great Queen name too! :-)

    Awwwww Manzanita!! What a gorgeous way to have a bath - lovely! I have pots and pots of lavender! I love them and the insects love them and they're just lovely!! Yay! I hope that lady in the shop finds her own little pot of lavender! Take care

  10. Lavender is lovely, I grow lavender in a rose bed.

    But I wouldn't want to be queen, thanks.

  11. Might be cussing you for putting that song in my head.
    I do love lavender bath salts and a bit sprinkled under my pillow. ZZZZZ

  12. texwisgirl : Thanks, kiddo. I do love my fragrance baths.... Ha

    Karen : I don't think I've ever had it in tea. Have to try it. Must be heavenly.

    Kay : Maybe it's a cold weather plant but I remember reading that it grew around the Mediterranean.

    Mrs. Bacon : Lavender and oatmeal sounds soooo soothing. I use both in the soap I make and it supposed to be good for complection. Thanks for the tip on where to buy seed. A lot of people seem to want to grow it.

    Delores : Mine spreads but stays in a nice round circle. I have 2 patches. You have cold winters too so it must like the cold and dormant season.

  13. Fran : You were queen of Ca? Does that mean as in beauty pageant? Were you Miss Ca? Tell me about it. You are a woman of mystery. :)

    Suze : Lavender ice cream. OMG that would be like dying and going to heaven. I've never even had lavender tea and I have all this lavender growing in my back yard. I do make soap and make lavender scented soap. I'll have to expand my horizons. :)

    Terry : Yes, plant some. It seems to do well in cold weather areas. Mine is full and lush (2 different places) and this is the first year that it's had regular water. Are you on your way to Ohio?

    Susan : Oh yes, indeed. I did dry a bunch in the dehydrator for my soap making and sachets.

    Kitty : I remember seeing Charlie in amongst the pots of lavender. He's like my yard because I've got catnip blooming now too. I had the urge to offer the lady some of my lavender but then thought, she'd find her own. Wasn't much of a neighborly thing of me .... not to do it.

    Friko : Lovely lavender with the roses. How fragrant that must be.
    But ... if you had been born into royalty, you would have made a great queen. You would have had to fulfill your destiny. ta-dah

    Patti : That little nursery song is catchy and is sticking to my brain too. I wish other things would stick as well. LOL

  14. Lavendar, one of my favorite fragrances!! I wonder if I can grow some up here in alberta??

  15. No--beauty pageants are for the common people. We are just Her Royal Majesty, Queen Fran. We do not wish to be pretentious. You have our leave to call us "Fran".

  16. I have a baby lavender bush groewing in the fron yard. It isn't big enough yet to see behind the native iris and native grasses clumps.

  17. Love your new header Queen Manzi! I don't have any growing, but like the idea of a few sprigs in the bath. Sue

  18. I love the look of lavender growing, but I'm not a fan of the aroma. I hope you enjoy your bath :)

    P.S. Scorpios are ALWAYS queen!

  19. Hi! I am a new follower from Follow Friday hop! This is a little different but I recently read that bathing your dog with lavender shampoo is a natural flea repellent. So glad I found your blog! Please stop by to say hi & return follow! :)

  20. I like the aroma of lavender. Used to see Yardley lavender soap in stores all the time. Just the other day I saw a Yardley soap, but it was Lemon Verbena, not Lavender. I bought it, I like it.

  21. That sounds so soothing! I love the smell of lavendar. I had a candle that had that scent. I was so disappointed when it was used up. I never was able to fing that candle again.

    Aroma therapy at it's best!

  22. LOL, I looked for lavender all spring to plant. But I'm still repeating, "I will be Queen." :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  23. Oh, come on!! Queen Manzanita has quite a ring to it - the Brit Royals are SO unimaginative when it comes to names ...

  24. Lavender, one of my all time favorite aromas. You can add to all kinds of things, like iced teas.

  25. Ah! I have lavender here in Minneapolis as well.

    And if I can choose a queen name, can I be Queen Latifah? :-)


  26. Wendy : If I can grow it, you can grow it. Can't get any colder than Bozeman.

    Fran : Thank you for allowing me to dismiss the pomp.

    River : I noticed I have some baby volunteer lavender plants. I should have given them to the woman in the store.

    Sue : Just picked some lavender this evening to keep in the house. Also time to pick it for drying.

    Carol : Scorpio's are the Queen Bee's.

  27. About a Mom : Thanks for stopping. I had never heard that about bathing the dog in lavender but I'll try it. Must be good for their hair too. Thanks for the good tip.

    Anthony : Oh Yardley is wonderful. It will give the kitchen a lovely aroma while you are cooking, too.

    Irene : Isn't that the way it goes when you find something you really like and then where is it when you want to replace it? I'm glad you could enjoy it the first time around.

    Queen Jules : If we were neighbors you could have my baby volunteers. I just noticed them in the garden.

    Red : Awww, gee, yes Queen Manzanita has a certain ring to it. Don't say ding dong.

    Bish : Lavender in ice tea. Thanks. I'm learning so many new uses for lavender. I really only used it in my soap making before.

    Pearl : You can be Queen Latifah or any Queen you want. And you even have the lavender to go with it.

  28. Ohh, lavender bath, I love it! I have to follow your mantra though, You shall be the Queen!

  29. There's a great little cafe in a little town outside of Taos, called the Taos Cow, and they make their own homemade ice cream. I usually meet a friend there when I'm in the area and we always have a cup. My favorite is lavender. Not a strong flavor, but I love the idea of it.

  30. I just planted three baby lavender bushes last month and so far they are hanging in there. I love the fragrance.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  31. We bought a lavender sachet in Croatia about 4 years ago and even now, when I rumple it with my fingers, the scent becomes intense!
    Nice idea 'bout having a lavender bath...sounds exquisitely ;)