Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Gary Indiana

I get songs stuck in my head. Old songs, songs from the past, songs that young people of today probably never heard of. I don't know the newer songs or music because I've been remiss about keeping up with all aspects of the times.

Has anyone ever been to Gary, Indiana? I haven't. But the song, Gary, Indiana from Music Man has always made me curious about the city. I sing it because it's a happy song and it adds joy to my heart.

I found a video on YT of Robert Preston singing Gary, Indiana from the movie of Music Man. Pop in for a few bars if you don't remember the song...... or not. Have a very cheerful day, dear bloggy friends.

Here it is~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. They don't make songs like that any more!! I'd never heard it before but it made me laugh.

  2. I haven't been there for years and years, but in reality Gary never seemed to me to be anything worth singing about!! Unfortunately, Gary is (or at least, was) a Steel Town. That meant fumes, smoke, and dirt most of the time. When driving from Chicago to points East, the road takes you through both Gary and Hammond....neither one was exactly a garden spot.

    Of course, the song wasn't talking about reality! And it is a fun song!

    Songs get stuck in my head all the time (the last 2 weeks it has been the score from "West Side Story".) Maybe now I'll be able to get "Maria" out of my head. Hmmm, not sure I could stand humming "Gary, Indiana" for more than an hour or two!! LOL!

    Just as an aside, for those who don't know, later in the movie, "The Music Man", you can see and hear a very young (and adorable) Ron Howard and his version of "Gary...."

    I know it's true, but It amazes me that there are lots of people who do not see classic musicals like this or enjoy their songs!!

  3. Yesterday, I heard a TV commercial that featured Sinatra's rendition of Call Me Irresponsible. I stopped what I was doing and listened. It was wonderful and brought me fond memories...

  4. I have figured out why "mature" people like you & me can remember things from 50 years ago but have no idea what we had for lunch yesterday. They say the brain is like a computer. If that's true, we would have a limited number of bits or bytes. We have reached our capacity & have no "delete" key. In other words, our brains are full!

    And, yes, I have had a song stick in my mind. Usually it's the scarecrow's song from "The Wizard of Oz"--"If I Only Had a Brain". "If I Only Had a Brain". "If I Only Had a Brain". Now it's in your mind, too--isn't it?

  5. I'm humming if I only had a brain..people are cruel.

  6. I love this! Songs get stuck in my head too :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  7. texwisgirl : Don't worry. It's too late. :)

    Roaslind : Glad you laughed. We all need lotsa laughter.

    Mellodee : I guess that's what I've always heard about Gary, too. Smoggy and sooty. I've driven that route a lot and remember seeing the sign Hammond but never Gary. Oh well...yup, now I got the Maria bug too. That little kid (in the movie Ron Howard) had a bad lisp and it really was cute when he sang. Suppose that wouldn't be politically correct these days.

    Gigi : It can't get any better than old blue eyes singing "Call me Irresponsible."

    Fran : Oh my, full brains. Perish the thought. I used to be in love with Ray Bolger. He also sang "Once in Love with Amy" from "Where's Charlie." That play also had another name ...... (My brain must have been full back then too) In fact, I named my oldest daughter Amy.

    Delores ; And Fran did that on purpose too. :)

    Miriam : At least we're happy when we think songs. That's a plus.

  8. I've been humming the same tune for three days and I can't remember what it is! And I can't remember the words either. It's starting to drive me a bit crazy! Maybe I can start humming Gary, Indiana, to replace it. At least I would know what I'm singing!

  9. The musical was WHERE'S CHARLEY? The play was CHARLEY'S AUNT. It was a long time ago so I can remember.

  10. Awwww yay for Gary Indiana and Robert Preston!!! LOL!!! Loved this little song n dance! Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing! take care

  11. I'll bet you and I know a lot of the same songs!!

  12. Wow! I didn't even remember this number from Music Man. What fun!!! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile. It's been a LONG time since I've passed through Gary.

  13. Oh no you don't:)) I have a head full of songs rattling around all ready. I wake up with them. Not fair since I can't sing.

  14. Mellodee pretty much expressed exactly how I feel. I think that the Jackson Five came from Gary.
    Great song though.

  15. Hi Manzanita .. I've never heard it before .. but as Ros says .. they don't make songs like that any more .. or have men who will sing to their lady .. like that - love it .. cheers Hilary

  16. I've never heard of that Gary Indiana song, but I'm from Australia. I have completely different songs rolling around in my head.

  17. Galen : Maybe you've written a new it song in your mind. :) Songs are catchy, aren't they?

    Fran : You are absolutely right. Charlie's Aunt. You and I are the only 2 people alive who even heard of that or know who Ray B. is.

    Kitty : We love our little songs and dances.

    Karen : We probably do. Give us a cane and top hat and watch us go. :)

    Kay : You've been there. I must have at sometime but I can't remember becuse I've driven that way to Florida many times.

    Patti : Between the 2 of us, we must have enough songs in our head for a broadway production. :)

  18. Anthony : I do believe you are absolutely right about Jackson 5 coming from Gary. You must be a fan.

    Hilary : It was probably before everyone's time. Musicals were my fantasy when I was growing up. Glad you like it.

    River : Isn't it funny that when we have happy songs in our head, we live a happy life. Cheers.

  19. I rode a train through Gary, Indiana on my way to Chicago once. It went very fast. From what I could tell about Gary from the windows of the train, this was a good thing.
    Wasn't Michael Jackson from Gary, Indiana? That has nothing to do with anything. I was just curious.
    You're lucky with this song, though. "Short People" by Gary Newman is stuck in MY head.

  20. I've never been, but I love the song!

  21. Fun song, but I've never been to Gary either. Songs get stuck in my head all the time. Commercial jingles are the worst.

  22. It has been a long time since I heard that.

  23. Songs that get stuck in your head? I know the condition well.

    And, of course, it had a few dance steps in it, which should have pleased you no end.

  24. Wanted to thank you for posting that song from The Music Man, one of my favorite musicals. I went on to watch three more songs from that movie.

  25. Oh, of my favorite movie musicals! (and I love them ALL)

    The song I'm fighting with right now? "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" from the Sound of Music.

    Make it STOP!!! :*)

    xoxoxo, cd

  26. I never heard of that song.
    The one thing I like about the older songs.... You can understand what they are saying... and they don't swear. I hate all the swearing.

  27. Al : Hey, how are you? I guess Gary isn't known for it's beautiful gardens from what people say. Yes, Anthony also mentioned that the Jackson 5 was from Gary. I guess I did remember the father was a steel worker. You two must be fans, for sure.

    Talli : Glad you like a rousing song.

    Carol : Speaking of commercial jingles, that one of the dog and his bone (for some ins. co or something) and he keeps moving the bone so it's safe..... the song says "Worry, worry, worry.... That won't leave my head.

    Honest Abe : Well, now you've got that to think about again...:)

  28. Friko : You are such a dear to remember that I would appreciate the dancing.

    Mary : I just remembered that you teach piano. You must know many, many songs and all kinds of music. Lucky you for your talent and bless you for the gratitude you have for that talent.

    Clare : Oh yes, Maria. I can bring that to the fore with any given thought. You know how to pick em. :)

    Terry : Hope you are enjoying your family and traveling week. I guess I never seem to listen to modern songs and I never knew they swore. Shame of them !!! My granddaughter wrote and sings a song where it mentioned cocaine. I asked her why she put that in because she is the cleanest person as far as chemicals. I know for sure and that is even her line of work. It gives such a bad message to young kids ..... as if they needed any more encouragement. I'm always afraid when people hear that, they will think she uses drugs.

  29. Hi there, thank you ever so much for coming by mu block and leaving such a kind comment.

  30. I will not view this because Gary Indiana is one of those songs destined to get stuck in my head!! This is my husband's favorite movie, btw :)

  31. I have been by Gary, Indiana does that count? Most of Indiana is farm land with lovely rolling hills.

    BTW, I not only know the song I know the movie it came from. What does that say about me? :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  32. Hey, cutie pie. I have never been to Gary, Indiana. :)

  33. What a lovely song and video... listening for the first time :)

  34. Well, now I have Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, ...etc., stuck in MY head!! Never been to the city, but was in the play in high school (Mrs. Paroo) --so, actually, now all the Music Man songs are starting to march through my cranium... Oh dear!
    So glad to have found yr blog (thru Girl Wizard). Love it!

  35. I only live about 3 hours from Gary, IN. It's not much to sing about, let me assure you. You ain't missing anything. Like Mellodee says, dirty, etc. But I love the song, anyway! Music Man used to be a favorite of mine. I even starred on stage as Charlie Cowell, anvil salesman. It was a fun production that our community theater put on. But my real favorite is South Pacific." "Some Enchanted Evening gets on my mind and I sing it over and
    I like your blog. I visited Montana a few years ago. I was on the East side near the Missouri Breaks for a month. Hot, dry and beautiful. I was offered a teaching job at a one-room school but turned it down. It was 22 miles from the nearest anything. After growing up in Indiana, I didn't think I could do that. But it is surely "Big Sky Country."