Thursday, June 30, 2011

And Then There is Comfort Food

I guess I'm kind of a creature of habit for breakfast. Of late, I've been eating scrambled tofu with Essene bread, topped in a nut butter and a cup of miso broth. Yesterday, although it was a very warm day, I was craving oatmeal and buttered toast. OMG, a meal from my childhood.

I eat oatmeal often but not so much the butter and oh, how I love butter. I don't do well with dairy products but I still long for that comforting fragrance of butter, melting on hot toast. I make whole oats in a crock pot for Cody so I always have oatmeal in the fridge.

That's my breakfast in the picture, whole oats with honey and buttered toast. As I sat there, eating and making appreciative yummm's, I realized this is my comfort food.

Most people would opt for chocolate as a comfort food but I have to force myself to eat chocolate or sweets. Others claim macaroni and cheese but I wouldn't touch that, of course dairy. The picture of food looks pale and uninteresting but I was transported.

I think everyone has a comfort food. Anymore oatmealers out there?
What food would you Yummm after?


  1. Beef stew for me... Mmmmmmmm :-)

  2. I do love oatmeal, with brown sugar and whole milk, not exactly a diet food! But it is so delicious and comforting.

  3. What a delicious question, Manzanita.

    I would have to say my comfort food is whatever my father or my husband make for me. Both are masters in the kitchen and it doesn't matter what they make, I savor watching them prepare it, smelling what I know is coming and fawning all over the man responsible as I relish each bite.

  4. I love oats but they give me tummy ache. I'm better off with Weetabix although that's not a 'crave for' food. I love melon and yogurt for breakfast and, sorry to say this but cheese on toast is a favourite for lunch.

  5. Mashed potatoes. Heaps of them. Mmmmmmm.

  6. Meat loaf with mashed potatoes & gravy makes me almost purr.
    I was reminded of the movie THE LAST HOLIDAY where Queen Latifah is talking to Gerard Depardieu, who plays a chef, & they agree on "the secret of happiness"--BUTTER!

  7. When I could eat dairy my comfort food was mushroom soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Now? I don't really have a comfort food anymore. I like rolled oats but not without a big lump of brown sugar and I have to avoid sugar cause it gives me gout.

  8. I am an oatmealer too :-) Now as for a yumyum craving food...perogies sauted in EVO with sweet onion !

  9. Every morning is different, but today I ate M&M peanuts, and drank coffee and a smoothie.

  10. It looks like your burnt the hell out of your toast

  11. Tony : Beef Stew can be the best. Thanks for stopping and the comment.

    Karen : Well, no but it sure is comforting. You are lucky that you can eat it with milk. Wish I could.

    Suze : How sweet of you to honor your husband and Father with their cooking AND how lucky you are to have them pamper you with cooking. But it sounds like you know how to thank them.

    Roselind : Sorry you get a tummy ache but lucky you to be able to eat cheese. I used to love grilled cheese sandwiches. I guess that used to also be a comfort food. Now I can't eat any dairy but a little butter now and then is OK.

    A.J. : Oh yes, mashed potatoes and gravy. That is Sunday dinner at Grandmas for sure.

    Fishducky : I agree, I just answered AJ and that is all the holidays rolled into one. What is a turkey or chicken or actually beef dinner without mashed potatoes and gravey. Yup, butter. I have an old churn and I've churned it from time to time. That is the zenith of butters.

    Delores : Sorry your food is so restricted these days. Mine is too somewhat. I loved grilled cheese too. I didn't know how to cook when I got married (still don't) and we had grilled cheese just about every night. Only thing I could make. Ha

    Jeff : Happy to meet a fellow oatmealer. Perogies.... are you Ukrainian?

    Gigi : WOW That is quite a combination. But sounds good to me.
    Chocolate is always good with coffee.

  12. Morning comfort food is oatmeal...ymmmm
    Chocolate is a given at any time.
    Lately, I've been sneaking off to the Golden Corral (early afternoon) and getting myself some fried chicken, mashed potatoes/white gravey and green beans...I say sneak because BF is diabetic and I don't want him to know what I'm eating that he can't.

  13. butter on mashed potatoes or white rice. big-time comfort food for me! but yes, oatmeal is yummy too!

  14. I'm an oatmeal eater!! But I like mine lumpy!! And with a dollop of honey in it!! Definitely comfort food - especially in winter!!! Yay!! take care

  15. My daughter would put thumbs up for your not eating chocolate. She hates chocolate. She does love oatmeal. I don't but I eat it with her because it's so good for you. I love the frothy breakfast drink I concoct each morning in my Vita mixer, the king of all blenders. Mmmmm, good.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Hope it's been a good day for you!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  16. I do eat oatmeal but it is more of a health thing than a pleasure. Since I turned vegetarian, I really don't have a comfort food right now. Need to find one.

  17. I'm afraid it's chocolate!
    or creamy cakes!
    our oatmeal and toast looks lovely, and it's so healthy. I could almost smell buttery toast as I read your words. Yum!

  18. I think I ate oatmeal for breakfast virtually every day for five years. (Started when I was pregnant and had morning sickness.)
    I mix frozen berries (keep a bag in the freezer door) into hot oatmeal. It sits for a couple minutes and thaws the berries which are cooling the oats. Best breakfast ever!
    But, I have to say, chuck roast with veggies and cream of mushroom soup is my all-time favorite comfort food.

  19. Manzi: I cook a lot, but I have no comfort food. However, I skip breakfast often, knowing it is the most important meal of the day.

  20. I wish I hated cake and chocolate and sweets. You are lucky!!!! Funny post!

  21. Hello, again, Manzanita. I know I am a very lucky girl. :) Really enjoyed the opportunity to give my boys props on your blog. Have a beautiful holiday weekend!

  22. I love oatmeal, which is called porridge out here. I have it every morning before heading off to work, sometimes plain, but usually with a bit of high-fibre-mix stirred in and a big spoonful of ground sesame seeds. (I do these in my coffee&spice grinder). Sometimes I add chopped dried fruit like cranberies, apricots, dates, even chopped almonds.
    But this is not my comfort food. My comfort food is mashed potatoes.

  23. P.S. cooked milk is often easier to digest than uncooked so I add the milk to my oats before cooking them. I use half water/half milk.

  24. Tricky. If I don't have brown rice for a while I crave it and will scoop a spoonful out of the saucepan "just to test if it's done properly" ;) It's all the better with a hint of butter and salt...mmmmmm. I've just got some lemon muffins out of the oven and they smell pretty good too, but I'd never crave them. Sue

  25. Hi Manzanita .. gosh you really enjoy your breakfasts .. shellfish with herby bread .. and some other tapas like foods, with a glass of vino!

    Cheers - have a happy 4th July weekend .. Hilary

  26. I have oatmeal with dried fruits and soy milk. No added sugar because the fruits add the sweetness. Maybe a little granola to top it.

    My comfort food though is egg drop soup. :-)

  27. I am trying to think of what my comfort food is.... You know, I can't think of a food off hand.

    When I do get sick, I think ginger ale. Since I don't do sugar any longer, it is hard to find ginger ale with no sugar.

    The oatmeal looks good, I ran out and since we are finally having warm weather, I probably won't want oatmeal until it starts getting cold again.
    Great Post Manzi!!

  28. I'm afraid it's mashed potatoes. With butter. Big bunches.

  29. Meatloaf with macaroni and cheese. Takes me back :)

    Happy weekend.

  30. Mrs. Pickle : Burned toast is part of it. I love burned toast.

    Turquoisemoon : I see what you mean. It's a problem to eat foods in front of someone who absolutely can't have the. Wish I were near. I'd "sneak" with you. :)

    texwisgirl : be still my heart. Butter on mashed potatoes. Butter on anything is ambrosia.

    Kitty : Oh yeah, honey is necessary. I got the lumps, kiddo !!!

    Ann : Guess your daughter and I are in a minority with chocolate. Most people would commit a crime for it. Your breakfast smoothies sound excitingly wonderful. So nutritious.

  31. cooked oatmeal in winter, muesli in summer.
    no milk for me, just soya milk.

    Comfort whether I want it or not.

  32. Patti : I know you were talking about going vegetarian but I didn't know you already made the leap. congratulations. You'll soon find the comfort food.

    Mimi : Chocolate is good for you. Rather cacao. It's a great source of magnesium and is a mild aphrodisiac. When I feel that I need magnesium, I make little bon bons with raw cacao, almonds and agave necter. Goes well with a nip of good scotch. Ha ha.

    Big D : I love all your favorites. Don't eat the meat anymore but I can identify with the comfort from my childhood.

    JJ : Well, you are a little rule breaker. Actually me too. I skip a lot of meals. Food has never been a priority with me.

    Suze : You are always a beautiful ray of sunshine. Thanks for stopping.

    River : Your morning "before work ritual" sounds delightfully nutritious but I must say, I'm totally with you on the mashed potatoes when you need some extra comfort strokes. Good choice.

    Climb2nowhere : I don't really hate sweets, just prefer salty tasting foods to the sweet. Not too balanced yet. Your post on the pastries was hysterical and sounds like someone would kill for them.

  33. Hmmmm, oatmeal with plump raisins, bits of apple, and cinnamon. Mashed potatoes and kale ... creamed peas or butter beans ... tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich on rye. Sauerbrauten ... homemade kielbasa with pierogis or stuffed cabbage. Lots of stuff. I think I just like to eat!

  34. Sue : I know that yummy tasting trick. :) Butter.... I'm so wild for butter but rarely give in to it..will power supreme..Ha. But then I usually suffer for it. You lemon muffins sound delightful. I bet that is your husband's favorite.

    Hilary : OOOOh your British food always puts plain oatmeal on the back burner. You have the knack of always making food so inviting.

    Kay : I would love your oatmeal with the berries and soy. I do use soy a lot. Oh, egg drop soup. You're making my mouth water.

    Terry : We'll have to find you a comfort food. How about raw key line pie? I'm back on raw food very soon, again. I'm in transition and that cooked oatmeal was my swan song to cooked food for a long time. Adios cooked food.

    Teresa : I always knew you are a girl after my own heart. Who could pass up a big bowl of masked potatoes with a blob of butter melting in the center. Shades of my youth and meals at my Grandmother's big dinning room table.

    Carol : I guess that's where the comfort is, in foods that take us back. They pamper us.

    Friko : Same here, with the soy, I mean. I discovered I was lactose lacking before it became a household word.

    Thank you, everyone for the warm and sharing comments. Have a great weekend and Happy 4th. Manzanita

  35. Susan : Everything you mention sounds wonderful. I think you like to eat a well-balanced nutritious meal. Have a Happy Holiday.

  36. My favourite food is blueberries topped with fromage frais. Love the way those fat juicy berries pop in my mouth. Yummy!

    Anna :o]

  37. Sadly, I've got too many to mention. But buttered toast is right up there - even better if it's fruit bread toasted ... and I do a mean melon/lemon/ginger jam ... oh bummer, I'm salivating! Now look what you've gone and done!!

  38. Chocolate. I don't know what I'd do without it!

    Most of my comfort food seems to involve carbs. I love mashed potatoes as well, and wholemeal bread or toast with a bit of honey, creamy goat cheese and a sprinkle of rosemary.

  39. Manazita, I have to cook a proper breeakfast every morning of flat bread and vegies, so that is also what I have!

  40. Anna : Oh that sounds delis-ee-oshious. And the pop goes with it.

    Red : Yeah, all food is good. It sustains us and now I'm hungry too :)

    K. C. All of your food makes my mouth water. I especially used to loe the goat cheese, Yum.

    Nas : Flat bread and veggies sounds like the best breakfast of all.

  41. I LOVE OATMEAL! I LOVE CREAM OF WHEAT! I love all that mushy stuff! Toast! Soft boiled eggs. Chip beef. Fried egg noodles (cooked the night before, then sauteed with butter-not for the cholesterol conscious). Those are my comfort foods.