Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 2 of Blog Your Name Challenge

I'm posting my name MANZI. Today is A

A is for Argentine Tango

This is a dance of Argentina that has recently taken the rest of the world by a huge number of devotees. The dance is
essentially walking, as the ankles and knees brush.

There is a big difference between Argentine Tango and the English International Ballroom Tango. English Tango dancers arch away from each other with a ballroom hold, while the Argentine Tango molds together in a close embrace.

The dance seems to be immediately addictive. It's popularity spread rapidly throughout the US and when people buy the special shoes, lessons and travel to Argentina, you know they're hooked.

Age is not a factor. Eighty year old movie actor, Robert Duvall found his passion in this dance. He made the movie, "Assassination Tango" about a hit man traveling to Argentina and becoming obsessed with Tango dance. If you're into the dance, you'd love this movie.


  1. That is really a beautiful dance! WOW

    xoxoxo, cd

  2. It most certainly is a beautiful addictive dance and I prefer the Argentine version. Closer is better :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Totally different from the version you see on DWTS.....kind of sleepy actually.

  4. wow. so incredibly sensual. so close and intimate with one another. beautiful...

  5. How provocative! And I love her dress! If I dance like that, can I be as skinny as her?

  6. What a sensual dance. Think if you didn't really like your partner at first, you would by the end of the dance.

  7. Amazing that it can, at the same time, be almost ethereal & yet so sexy! There was a movie called "Scent of a Woman" (I think) where Al Pacino--as a blind man--does the tango. Well worth seeing!

  8. Sexy dance. I wish I knew how. My wife would love it!

  9. I enjoy tango music very much. I wish I could dance it, but I do like to watch the performance of this style of dancing.

    Tossing It Out

  10. Great post! And I agree, what a wonderful dance.
    Have a great day :)

  11. Amazing. So so so so sooooo HOT! Loved the clip, thank you!! Take care

  12. I love the tango, the dance and the music. Saw the Duvall movie twice.
    There was another movie where the drama was shown with tango dances, wish I could remember it.
    It's my favourite ballroom dance. The video is terrific, Thank You.

  13. The tango is so hot!!!! I love watching dance as much as I love to dance, but I wish I could dance as good as them! Can't wait to read tomorrow!

  14. Clare :Argentina has the moves, huh?

    Jules : Hey there cutes, put on your danc'n boot.... as old blue eyes sings.

    Mybabyjohn : They usually do the English tango on DWTS.

    texwisgirl : It is close body contact.

    Irene : She is one Skinny Minny.

    Patti : At least you'd be a lot more familiar with him. ahem...

    Fishducky : I don't remember ever seeing that movie. Sounds good.

    Susan : You can say that again. :)

  15. JJ : Trouble is, all the gals would want to be steal you away.

    Arlee : It is so refreshing and lovely to watch. I never tire of it.

    Stephanie : Thanks for stopping. Fun challenge.

    Kitty : This is the dance every woman should have a partner for. :)

    Anthony : I have the Duvall movie. I watch it often. Happy you like it.

    Climb2nowhere : Not enough good male partners to go around. :)

    Thank you everyone for the special dance comments. Manzanita

  16. All dance it great but that right there is sexy:-) Much different than the more aggressive version I always see them doing on TV.

  17. How beautiful is the dance! I lve dancing. I have no style or formal teaching. Would lvoe to someday. I love that you sahred the Argentine Tango makes me want to learn to dance even more no.
    Thank you for stopping by.