Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 4 of Blog Your Name Challenge

I'm posting Day 4 of the Blog Your Name Challenge. My name is MANZI. Today is the letter Z (a tough one).

The Z dance is Zulu.

Dancing and singing are vital parts of the Zulu lifestyle. Dance formations are important as they symbolize an event within the clan. Each dance tells it's own story, such as the frantic movement of the hunting dance or a calmer rhythmical motion of daily life.

Zulu culture has dances for various occasions, as coming of age or weddings. The dress or costumes are vibrant with color, extensive bead work and leather.

A typical dance is the reed dance, an ancient dance that symbolizes Zulu maidens bringing reeds from the river to the royal palace when the kings wives are chosen.

This letter Z was a tough one for dance, so humor me. It kinda looks like our hokey pokey wedding dance. You put your Right foot in.........ta da


Below is a video of Zulu girls showing their wedding dance.


  1. yikes.....whatever was in that gourd must have had some kick to it.

  2. I've seen dancing Zulus on TV once, they're amazing and the costumes are so intricate and colourful.

  3. I don't see why you needed to ask us to humour you. That was an amazing dance... although I agree with mybabyjohn. I could do with some of what they're drinking. What a particularly liked was the small insight into a totally different way of life. Thanks for that.

  4. I was really wondering what you would do with "Z". Good work.
    Some of the less complicated moves look familiar. Just imagine them done in heels and you have me in the 70's:))

  5. Manzi and Zulu dancers - somehow it all makes Perfect sense. :)

  6. i wonder if her intended was one of the male dancers shown there. what a great tradition. :)

  7. I tell you what, Manzanita!!!! The beautiful woman dancing with the men warriors was just AMAZING!! Look at her go!! Yay!!

    Oh I love that the bride has to cover up but her bridesmaids can be as sexy as they want! Brilliant!!

    I too wonder which warrior was the bride's intended - he's a very lucky man indeed! Take care

  8. As soon as the chanting began, I felt myself tearing up. By the end of the video, my arms and scalp were alive with chill bumps. What a wonderful way to start ze day.

  9. Oh, Wow!

    You nailed the "Z" ---

    Love you!
    xoxoxo, me

  10. Mybabyjohn : It's called the pre-marriage gourd kick. :) (Kidding, of course)

    River : I admire cultures when they gather in songs and dances

    Rosalind : I'm happy you liked it. I always like cultural dances. I guess they would be classified as folk dances.

    Patti : I imagine that dance is better done barefoot, as they are doing it. The bride was very gracious.

    Teresa : Right. I was beginning to feel that way too. :)

    texwisgirl : I don't know but I was thinking it was the one wearing the animal print. Don't know why.

    Kitty : The bride was articulate and very gracious. I was wondering why she carried the spear. Said it was because she will be going to a different clan. ?

  11. So far, the only dances I have danced are the mambo and the tango. It will be interesting to see what you come up with for the other letters.

  12. Manzanita: I was so moved by your review that you posted on Amazon about my memoir. And then I read your comment at Nas Dean's. I thought I was the oldest blogger, but I see I'm not! From your site here, I can tell that you are an amazing woman (you said our first marriages were similar), and I want to keep in touch with you through blogging and learn more about you. I'm switching to WordPress but I don't intend to lose my Blogger friends. My Blogger site will always be up as long as Blogger doesn't crash, and friends can always go from there to my WordPress blog.

    I've got to come back here and browse. This dance is awesome. Reminds me of the Polynesian dances we saw for a year (my first husband days, not in my memoir) when we lived in Laie, Hawaii 1975-76.

    Anyway, keep in touch, and I'll be back!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  13. Do you remember when I said that other than the flamenco, your dance videos didn't get my old blood moving? Strike that--this one certainly did! Beautiful, graceful & natural!

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