Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Christmas in June

Saturday, packages were delivered to my door that made it feel like Christmas.

Two gorgeous aprons arrived in the mail. They were from Terry at
My Journey With Candida. Since I live my life with natural health, I was filled with joy when I discovered her blog that tells her story of recovery without drugs, from a long illness. Terry gathers and posts information that deals with natural healing. She uses her knowledge to help people and I've discovered her generous heart. I look forward to her posts and love our conversations.

She also designs and sews these neat aprons that came as a surprise. Polka dots are traditional for Flamenco costumes and here is my Flamenco apron. I like wearing an apron when I cook. Sloppy cook I guess but pretty aprons like this can add a new dimension to my cooking.
(And it really needs it !)

They are both so unique and beautiful. This one is a festive tropical print. WOW !!! How's that for cooking in style this summer.
Thank you, Terry, for the beautiful aprons.
They are a treasured gift.

Another package arrived that contained a pillow for the back. I saw it on Terry's blog and it looked so comfortable that I ordered one. It's called the Back Sac. You blow the amount of air into it that is comfortable for you. It's perfect for my computer chair and fits into the small of my back. It's firm but yet has a comfy softness. Makes me sit up straight, too.

It kinda looks like the old fashioned "whoppee cushion" my aunt used to keep at her lake house. If there's anyone out there old enough to remember them, that is . :)

That was my Saturday. A Christmas in June.


  1. I'm sure aprons are making a comeback - just love that tropical one!! It almost looks Australian ... where Xmas in June or July is almost mandatory!!!

  2. Gotta love presents in the mail.

  3. Both are wonderful... and, thanks for the feng shui information. All I can do is to forward the info. I can just see myself getting arrested, in the middle of the night, for planting tall trees and digging a pond in their front yard. ha ha ha!!!

  4. oh yes. the whoopie cushion! ha!

    love those aprons. that'll put a spark in your cooking!

  5. Terry sounds like a true inspiration! LOVE her aprons, too!

    xoxoxo, cd

  6. Love the aprons and that backsac really does look like a whoopie cushion. I sincerely miss the old classic candy store that I used to visit in Ypsilanti, MI. It had all the fun toys and stuff from when I was little. But I digress....Congrats on such a fun apron. It is true that a pretty apron can make food things just that much better.

  7. Oh Manzi,
    Thanks for such a beautiful Post. So glad you like the aprons.

    Here is my link you wanted

    That should work

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  9. Wow!!! Gorgeous aprons and fabulous whoopee cushion in sexy black!! Yay for christmas in June! Take care

  10. Red : I keep forgetting about our upsidedown worlds.

    mybabyjohn : I was overwhelmed.

    Turquoisemoon : I don't know what you can do personally, really. Especially if they are non-believers. But dang..... those ancient Chinese knew what they were talking about.

    Texwisgirl : I hope so. I've never been considered a good cook because I just ate simple food for health.

    Clare : She is. She will always give her time to helping someone with their health problems.

    Mrs. Bacon : Thanks for stopping and the nice comment. Things from our past can be fun....sometimes.

    Terry ..... I figured it out. Never had trouble with them before. Just left out one thing. Thanks.. talk to you later.

    Kitty : Surprise gifts are fun. Often I get birthday cards out 6 months later. They must come as a surprise to people. Ha

  11. Love those colorful aprons. I'll have to check out her blog. Very cool stuff.

  12. The first apron was very eye-catching. It looked lovely as the initial image in the blogroll. Very nice work.

  13. Those aprons are so pretty. I don't own an apron, but could sure use one. Lovely "gifts."

  14. Pretty aprons! I don't wear an apron because I hardly ever cook any more. When my husband retired I thought it was only fair that I do the same, & my job was being a housewife. I think I'll look into those Backsacs. I assume they don't do EVERYTHING a whoopee cushion does!

  15. Karen : I made a tofu omelet this morning, wearing my tropical print apron. I felt fancy. (Don't mean the original meaning of that word.)

    Suse : Thanks. I feel I should have put on flamenco skirt and shoes with that one but who would take the pic?

    gigi : Don't own an apron? You just proved that aprons did go out of style. I love em. Even wear them with jeans.

    Fishducky : Oh god, I hope not. If you don't cook, do you eat all your meals out? I'm still chuckling over the remarks of your son.

  16. I'm a messy cook too but I always forget to put my apron on. Mind you, I do love that zazzy one and would probably remember if I had one like that... and yes, I am old enough to remember those cushions!

  17. I used to collect vintage apron. They do come in handy. These are great. Terry is a cool gal. What a nice gift.

  18. There's something about wearing a pretty apron that makes you feel like a better cook. And yours are definitely pretty.

  19. My mom always had the most colorful aprons, I love the tropical. I too try to do without drugs, Ill check her out.

    PS I still have my whoppee cushion :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  20. Gosh, that one apron would make a cute sun dress.
    I do remember whoppee cushions. I need something like that for my posture is awful at the computer. Good idea.

  21. I eat at home sometimes when I have leftovers. Of course, those come from restaurant meals. On the occasions when I DO cook, I'll make 2 pot roasts, a couple of dozen chicken thighs or a roasting pan of turkey chili, which I freeze in individual sized portions so my husband & I can occasionally have home cooked meals. My daughter is married to an Italian & is a gourmet Italian & American cook so we like to eat at their house, too. Does having cold cereal for breakfast count as cooking?

  22. I used to hate wearing aprons and often left mine hanging on the kitchen door, but they're so useful for wiping the hands on!
    I remember whoopie cushions.

  23. You can wear the tropical apron to the Tiki Hut! Very cool Summer Christmas :)

  24. Rosalind : When I cook, I find I'm always wiping my hands on my apron... better the apron than a silk dress.

    Teresa : Women always wore aprons in the 20's on up to when? the 50's? 60's? But I've always worn them. If you have company for dinner, you are dressed up and don't want to ruin your good clothes.

    Susan : When I bake I just tie a folded dish towel around my waist. I'm really sloppy around flour.

    Jules : Good for you, doing without drugs. You still have one? practical joker!!!

  25. Fran : WOW But when you cook, you REALLY cook. You do marathon cooking.
    I think I'd try to wrangle as many dinner invitations from a daughter who was married to a chef, too. Don't you sometimes wonder how or where we get our passions? I saw an old movie of a girl who was an excellent dancer and was really pushed by her mother BUT she wanted to be a chef (are girls also chefs?) My son also had a lot of cooking training. When he was in high school, they bused kids to the vocational school for certain training. He took chef's training for 2 years. He loved cooking and knew he would have to pay for his own college so he could work as a cook or chef while going to school. And he did.
    Yeah.... I consider cold ceral cooking. :)

  26. River : That's why I like aprons, too. to wipe my hands on. Even if I'm wearing jeans, I like an apron. You too, are the whoopee cushion crowd. :)

    Carol : Hey, that would be neat. Tropical Christmas at the Tiki Hut. But if I wear my apron, does that mean I have to cook?

    Thank you everyone for the fun comments. Love to you all, Manzi

  27. Angelo's not the cook--Nancy is. Angelo is the eater.

  28. Ohhhh, presents in the mail are my fav part of checking for the mail!

  29. I can't cook without an apron. Well I can, but my clothes wouldn't survive. ;)

    That back pillow is awesome.

  30. I know what a whoopie cushion is!! :-D

    Lovely aprons and what a sweet gesture of her! I really should wear an apron when I cook. I get so much of the meal on me that I've ruined a number of tops.

  31. The aprons are beautiful! What a nice surprise for you and so thoughtful of your friend. Post some pictures of you wearing them while cooking a yummy meal!

  32. I need to get one of those pillows! However, I really don't think that an apron will rescue my cooking.

    Following you from the hop! If you want to follow me back that would be great!

  33. I bet you look a treat in your aprons. When will we see you in one of them?

  34. Very, very pretty aprons! I love the tropical one too.