Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've Been Absent

Dear Bloggy Friends,
Some of you are wondering if I'm sick because I haven't posted or commented recently. Yes, I'm sick at heart. My body aches for Americans because our Constitution has been violated. I could scream, "Why do people want to give up their freedom?" I've lived my life but so many of you haven't. Are you aware we will have no Constitution to fall back on? Do you even care? Why did our elected officials, yes, the very people we sent to Washington, choose to remove our civil liberties? I'm talking about the passing of the NDAA bill. (National Defense Authorization Act). The bill comes up every year to appropriate money for the military. That's OK but here are 2 new clauses that are terrifying.

I did read the bill but it's long and much that old ladies don't understand. The one clause, to arrest without a warrant and hold without a trial, violates our 4th, 5th and 6th amendments, as I see it. If that isn't scary enough, the other clause is aimed right at WW3. It imposes tough sanctions on Iran's state-owned Central Bank. The sanctions will freeze any institution doing business with Iran's monetary authority. Half of Iran's oil sales are processed through this bank. It would be like an oil embargo. A scrap metal and oil embargo is why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Other things were involved but that was the catalyst. I do remember.

Every war I've lived through has been launched after a staged provocation. The elite must convince the people that a foreign enemy threatens their way of life. Where no genuine threat exists, they have no qualms in manufacturing one.

President Wilson and the sinking of the Lusitania..... staged. Think nothing of the lives that were lost for greed. The wars on terror and Vietnam.... all manufactured. We all know FDR had to pull a lot of strings to get the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor and for over a year, he stalked German U-Boats with old sub-chasers, inviting the Germans to fire on them. I guess I've been kind of a student of wars all my life and researched them.

When the powers that be, in the foreign banks, need money, they give the word to start the war. But it has to be manufactured provocation to produce the element of FEAR. Then there is an outcry of the people to start the war and people, you have been bam-boozeled all along.

If a 3rd world war occurs, not only will your sons be sent off to die, there will be a depression that will make the 30's look like you lost your lunch money. Already China and Russia said they would side with Iran. Think people. Raise your voice before it's too late.....and it almost is.

Americans, if you value your freedom or really aren't aware of what you are losing, please look at the video below. You'll be glad you did. He says it far better than I can.



  1. And where you go we will likely one to shiver.

  2. Scary indeed, if another war happens it will prob be decades before the world fully recovers if it ever does with all the crap they can do now. But that is all it is a fear campaign for the rich, nothing more.

  3. You are absolutely right, it always starts with a staged provocation. There are also already built internment camps just like they used to round up the Japanese during WWII. From what I understand, there's one in Montana. Have you heard anything to verify this?

    Thank you so much for sounding the alarm bell. This is an interesting and invaluable post.

  4. As one who is in the Occupy movement up to my eyeballs, I am heartened by your notes. Almost as much as I am disheartened by what the US has been doing to itself for the last few years. (Well, I guess more than a few.)

    It seems we Canadians follow American habits far too closely. Our rich seem to like it that way.

    This is not ducky at all.

  5. 'Every war I've lived through has been launched after a staged provocation. The elite must convince the people that a foreign enemy threatens their way of life. Where no genuine threat exists, they have no qualms in manufacturing one.'

    Last night, I was watching 'Schoolhouse Rock' with my daughter and husband. There is a cartoon about the national debt, how Hamiltonian legislation instigated it and how wars propagate it. I see and have seen that we are heading for collapse and don't know how to alter the course.

    You are wise and brave, Manzanita.

  6. Oh Manzy... You know how sick this makes me. We are in deep doo doo in the US and no one but a few seem to care.

  7. We are living in frightening times.
    I wish I knew what to do, where to start or how to make a change but sadly I don't. I do not trust our politicians, plain and simple. Not one of them because, in the end, all seem to be self serving.. They have the POWER to attach all kinds of nonsense to bills which, if passed, can have disastrous results.
    I feel helpless watching our beautiful country heading down the path of no return.

  8. Thank you so much for this post. As a foreign-born US citizen, there is one thing I do not understand about the people in the US: Why are they so afraid? Why do so many people in this great country respond to all this fear mongering? I felt the same way about Vietnam...I mean, communists, so what? The Soviet Union was just across the pond from us growing up and could have wiped us out, just like that, but I never felt this fear that now seems to focus on Iran. I'm so glad you spoke up, but sorry it is making you sick. If you would like to cheer up a bit, I posted, just now, an Ode to Being 73, by our friend Fishducky on my blog. It is guaranteed to make you smile.

  9. Delores : That's what Rob Bear said too. It must be true.

    Pat : You are so right. I'm afraid a 3rd WW would be the total collapse of earth.

    Teresa : Yes, indeed. I was going to mention the Japanese internment in the post but it was getting too long. What goes around comes around. I always had such great sympathy for those people and they lost their businesses, farms and homes. They were good Americans or they would have gone back to Japan. Now, it can happen to us. Yes, the FEMA camps are already open and we have the big Marine base in Great Falls and the National Guard in Helena to carry out the martial law we are under. I loved your video on your blog.

    Rob : How are you doing on your quest? I wonder if you are still outside. It's been such a mild winter, so one can be outside this year. I haven't heard much news of Wall St. lately. Delores said the same thing as you said about Canada always following on the US heels.(no pun intended) :)

    Suze : A political cartoon. I guess that's how we got our nursery rhymes. They all came from politics. This road to collapse has been happening slowly, for over a hundred years, believe it or not. The original members (planners) are mostly all dead but what ironic justice if they are coming back as the middle commoners and can receive the fruits of their labors. Like Cecil Rhodes, in whose name they still give out scholarships. Many recipients of it have carried forth in his name, as Bill Clinton and Dean Rusk.

    Terry : Me too too. And yet, America is really a land of walking zombies. So many people don't have a clue as to what is going on. Ron Paul was sent to us with his vast knowledge and he is ridiculed and laughed at. He's old and beginning to look tired on TV. I don't know how he does it. I couldn't. I feel so much for him. I'm sure this election will be a shu-in for the Dems. Here's what will most likely happen. The president's ratings are falling and he may be afraid he can't win. Hillary and Joe will do a switcher-roo. She'll run for VP because she doesn't want to go thru the primaries again. People like her so they'll win. Obama will step aside after 2 years and she can be president. Then she can run on her own for 2 more years. That will give the Dems 16 solid years..... reminiscent of the FDR, Truman days. And it took a depression and a world war to get us out of that.
    Love you

  10. Shawn,
    Just like Inger said (comment after yours) we can't be afraid. We go along like sheep. Duh, count us. Why can't we speak up because soon we won't be able to and all will be lost anyway. Bless you Shawn. Spread the word. Ron Paul is the only one who speaks the truth and look at how the idiots (yes, idiots) ridicule him. I've read all his books and he is so intelligent and does speak the truth.

    Inger, Thank you so much. Everyone is like the frog in the slowly boiling water. Your words were so comforting and are so meaningful. Fear is what the elites want in us. We are easier to control. I'll be over and see your 73 ...... That time again, huh.

  11. Why do I feel like going back to bed & pulling the covers up over my head? WHAT CAN WE DO???

  12. We need your laughter and wit. But we can spread the word as to what is happening. Perhaps awareness is helpful. There are so many people who are blind to what is happening and then don't really believe because this is something that couldn't possible happen in America. I've seen it coming for years but I mostly kept my mouth shut because I sounded like a kook. I probably still do but so many people live in a vacuum. .
    I did love your post on Inger's blog. You are welcome to post on mine sometime. I'm a little morose right now but I had to do this post. People need to know what is happening, They may not believe it now, but they will.

  13. I have read parts of that bill. I have read articles about how people are misreading it and how this or that was taken out. What I read of it seemed pretty ambiguous. But, aside from the bill we don't have a lot of rights anyway. All the executive orders handed down by the presidents over the years pretty much state the government can do whatever it wants to do.

  14. Americans still enjoy more freedoms than most other countries in the world, but yes, they are being slowly eroded "for out own good", and sometimes, we are left with nothing but the illusion of freedom.

  15. Manzi: I was worried about you, and I am glad you are okay. Welcome back!

    I rarely blog about politics because I prefer to digest my food. Therefore, I will neither take sides, nor potshots. However, if this is happening to our country, why would anyone want bigger government? I am an independent who doesn't mind discussing issues relating to our common concerns, but growing a government bigger so we can watch it squash us faster seems illogical to me.

  16. I do not like to be gloom and doom...but I am INDEED worried about the future of our country and freedoms.
    citizens need to be aware and vigilant.
    Thanks for posting that I live in Canada
    I hadn't heard of this.

  17. That is some down right scary reading. And I have no doubt things could go sideways quick in Iran. Ironic that ending the the war in Iraq could actually trigger another, more deadly combat. War IS business after all.

  18. Ruth : I'm pleased when people take the time to look at these bills. I always try, even if I don't always understand. I'm kinda a nut for government.

    Susan : This is a wonderful, beautiful country, offering us many freedoms. I too, love our freedoms and hope it always stays like it is.

    JJ : I've stayed away from politics too but I can't keep my mouth shut any longer.

    I've read all of Ron Paul's books and he stands for less government and I love his government ideas about economics and the fed. He is intelligent and wise and they are demeaning him. But I guess that is what goes with it.

    Went : It's surprising how many Canadians are interested in US politics. They say, what we do, you usually are close behind.

    Chuck : Things seem to have cooled off a little with Iran, I hope so. I've lived through too many wars.

  19. It never ceases to amaze me, how we can have so much freedom and yet choose to live with our head in the sand.

    I'm ahead of you on this one and what happened to "No Ear Marks?!" Whether pork or not it still is an ear mark.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  20. I've been saying all this for years and mostly people think I'm nuts. We go without a thought to be slaughtered by greed -- our own and others.

  21. Some sweet friends in RI have gotten so caught up in all the political hoopla over the socializing of US government that they have gone completely bonkers. They no longer live in the real world of day to day life. When you hear them talk, you'd think the revolution had already come and gone and Armageddon is on the horizon. Their health is suffering, their social life has ground to a halt. They are now breeding chickens and plowing up the lawn to plant potatoes to feed themselves when the BIG ONE hits. On one hand, it is good to keep abreast of what is happening in current events and to take action when and where it is appropriate. On the other hand, getting consumed by fear and paranoia is unhealthy and just plain silly. I am sorry so many are loosing sleep/friends/money/sanity over things they can not control. Manzi, keep calm and carry on.

  22. The dudes in the White House have GOT TO GO!

    Yes, the country is in real trouble. As are England, France...most of the world.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Give someone an inch, the take a country.

    Not sure what the answer is. We can shout til we lose out voices, but it's doubtful anyone will hear. It's already in the plans.

  23. You have written volumes and spoken the truth. I feel terribly sad for the generations coming up. Even though I grew up in during the turbulent '60s, my life has been and is pretty easy-peasy.

  24. Dear Manzanita,
    Thank you for having the courage to post that video. I listened to it enthralled by how well the Oregon senator explained that we are well down the slippery slope to destroying the Bill of Rights.

    We live in "the best of times and the worst of times," as Dickens said. And things will only get much worse unless we speak up and vote our beliefs.

    Thank you, Manzanita, for reminding us of this and for helping me see just how bad things have gotten. I don't think the national news covered this at all.


  25. So very true and spot on. Never in my life have I felt so insecure, so manipulated by media and politics. We do live in scary times.
    I think the Occupy movement was misdirected and diverted attention from the congressional battles. The Tea Party was branded and belittled early on by biased media. something will happen, but what?

  26. The whole world is in turmoil. Too much greed. Too many self-serving power-seeking people in office. The question is: what can the ordinary citizen do? I just have to come back to my small space here and my family, and focus on me and them, and try to do what I CAN do to make the world, even if it's just my small world, a better place.

    An eye-opening and thought-provoking post, my friend. I applaud you for raising our consciousness!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  27. Holy Gulf of Tonkin!
    And, yet.......we give a rat's ass about 'American Idol.'
    Sobering, well-written, I hope you're wrong.
    I don't think you are.

  28. Isn't this what the war in Iraq was about? My mother has been saying these things to me forever. I kept telling her it was still wrong, no matter what, to bomb Pearl Harbor, but she insists I wasn't looking at the whole story.

  29. By the way... I also discovered that my grandfather's name was on an Internment List for Hawaii created by General Patton 2-3 years before Pearl Harbor. My grandfather was a Zen priest ministering to Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) on Molokai. Most highly educated people (teachers, reporters, etc.) were interred in Hawaii. My grandfather had already left Hawaii before the war, so he was not interred. He would have been as many of his priest friends were.

  30. Jules : I guess it's just the old cliche of not appreciating what we have until we don't have it anymore. A great many Americans have sand in their ears from sticking their head in the sand. :)

    Mary : Good for you for saying it and I, for one, surely do not think you're nut's because they say the same about me. I've been talking about this for the past 40 years but again, I just got the "nut's label."

    Rosemary : Thank you for your comment. Our republic is so wonderful that it states we are free to express our ideas. What a healthy lifestyle your friends have, growing their own garden and working outside with the soil. It's getting back to our grass roots.

    Irene : It may be in the plans but there are so many who are not even aware. They are too busy gobbling up the glittering crumbs of distraction that have been tossed along the path of truth. They have a right to know.... if they will listen and if not now, they will listen later. Thank you for your wise comment.

    Bish : We have had a very good life and that is the life I would like to see for my grandchildren and for all young people. I hope so, Bish..... I hope so.

  31. Dee : A very wise comment, as you always do. That Dickens quote is certainly true at this time for our republic. Very unsettled thoughts and feelings. These feelings have been brewing for over 100 years but it was never as overt as it is now. I yearn for peace and a little flower garden and to be able to watch my birds at the feeders.

    Susan : The reason so many people are in the dark is that they feed on the crumbs of the media we are fed, thinking this has to be the gospel truth. Thanks for writing. I always enjoy your wisdom.

    Ann : Your words are wise. If we all take care of our own council and do the best we can we are furthering our own place in the world. It all begins at home. Thank you.

    Al : Thanks. It gives us all something new to chew on ..... as if my cud wasn't big enough. That's a crazy metaphor, but you know what I mean.

    Kay : Thank you for your words. I was going to include the Japanese/American internment in this post but the more I researched it, the more I realized it was much too vast to be included in a blog post and there was so much I wanted to say. You most likely know that history better than I do and I would like to see a post on it but often it might be better to let sleeping dogs lie. I've always loved history and try to dig out the truth. Now, when I look back, I can't believe the lies we were fed during WW2. That war was pure hell for everyone and that is why I get sick at heart to think there is a possibility of another. Take care.

  32. What a sad post! I guess I am so caught up with my own life that I am completely unaware of what is going on in my country, much less the world.

  33. Hey Manzanita, I'm glad that you are okay, such as it is.
    I get so disgusted by all this that I get a nervous stomach.
    Please take care of yourself.

  34. This is all so scary and again makes you wonder WHY we cannot learn from history. They are chipping away with the fundamental rights that made our country great.

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  36. Hi! Thanks for coming to my blog yesterday. I think to be a politician you have to be crooked. Never met one yet Republican or Democrat that was worth two pennies.
    Anyway, That post about the little girl wasn't about my little girl. It was about another families little one. It made me so angry I may not have expressed that well enough so I just wanted to make sure you knew that. Take care and come back to visit soon. (PS I love Dee!) She is such a sweet heart..