Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Colorful Day

Let's hear it for the cooks, wearing special aprons, made by Terry of "My Journey With Candida."

On our special day of gratitude, I gave thanks to my wonderful Mac computer and all the technical mysteries that allowed me to meet so many beautiful people. Without this knowledge I never would have meet Terry and all the rest of you dear bloggy friends.

Sorry we have no runway or we would have come sashaying down it but the picture on our left shows my Granddaughter (Ashly) and Nana (Me), wearing our autumn-inspired colorful aprons by Terry. (You make cooking a joy, Terry)

Daughter Lisa, joined us, also wearing an apron made by Terry. This creation was worn in the fabulous film (joking, of course), "2 Old Broads" starring Manzanita and Marilyn.

We love your aprons, Terry. Thank you so much.

Here's a fun Christmas tree ornament, also made by Terry. On the L are tree ornaments in the shape of doggie bones with a little pocket that holds a doggie treat. Terry had made these for her daughter whose dog suddenly died. To avoid her daughter's reminder of a lost dog, Terry sent them to me (and Cody) to share with friends on our daily walk in the dog park.

I did just that and the reactions from the dog owners were priceless. The humans always greet one another while the dogs do their daily sniff greeting and I would add, "I have a present for you." Their look was skeptical with a heavy suspicion that a solicitation for money was to follow. After I gave them the doggie treat, one could feel our atmosphere change. They would break into a huge smile and there was love and compassion in the air as I explained how the gift came about. (That was sweet of Terry).

With that same fondness, I hope you all had a very special week.


  1. Love the aprons (yes, pity you didn't have a catwalk to sashay along!!), and your daughter and granddaughter are so pretty. But then, they obviously take after you. What a lovely idea those little doggy treat tree ornaments are! Enjoy your weekend over there.

  2. What a lovely gift to pass on in memory of a fuzzy little friend.

  3. My goodness, I am dazzled by three gorgeous super models!!

    Love the aprons and these amazing doggie treat bags!!!

    Take care

  4. Aprons are the best! And these are lovely exciting fall colors that make me want to scurry to my kitchen and make soup.

  5. how wonderful that you are sharing these gifts (and treats) with others! the smile and joy is the best!

  6. I love your aprons too. I often forget to put an apron on when I'm cooking and end up covered in food. So sorry to hear about Terry's daughter's dog. That kind of news always breaks me up. But how lovely to get that response from people on your dog walk.

  7. I don't wear aprons--because I don't cook--but you all look very pretty in yours! I love the doggy treat idea.

  8. You all look so cute in your aprons. Isn't it funny how much more friendly people are when out walking their dogs. It's like you have this kind of instant bonding and are seen as trustworthy because you have a dog.

  9. Dear Manzanita,
    The dog treat gifts your friend Terry sent you are a wonderful gift to you and to those walking their dogs and to the dogs! A gift that keeps on giving.

    The aprons would brighten up any kitchen and make the cook want to really create a culinary masterpiece!
    I bet your Thanksgiving meal was wonderful.


  10. Hi Manzanita .. just wonderful to see the three of you - and what great aprons .. let alone those Christmas Tree ornaments - such fun ..

    Really cheering to see .. fun - thank you so much .. Hilary

  11. Hi Manzy!!
    The three of you look so beautiful in the aprons, you really do need a catwalk because the three of you look like models... so happy you liked the aprons.

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog... You are so sweet Manzy. Love you!!

  12. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. It's good you could have your girls with you! Those dog stockings are pretty cool. I'have to show my wife...maybe not, she may want to buy a bunch!

  13. Manzi: You are the best of all time! Happy Thanksgiving season.

  14. Thisisme : Yea, we'd be a hoot coming down the catwalk. Ha And you have a fun family weekend on your side of the world, too.

    Delores : It surely has been a way to make instant friends.

    Kitty : Holy Moly.... look out world, here come the apron models. :)

    Karen : I love wearing aprons, especially these pretty ones. Hate to wipe my hands on them. :) Enjoy your soup.

    Texwisgirl : it's such a warm fuzzy feeling to give something away, isn't it?

    Rosaline : I've always said, people who have pets are "OK." But having a pet could then be a good camouflage for the bad guys...not a good thought.

    Fishducky :I bet you went to your daughter's for Thanksgiving and ate her wonderful cooking. So lucky to have a daughter who loves to cook.

    Rubye Jack : I know. I feel that too but not to be taken in ... huh.

  15. Oh Dee, Thank you for the sweet words. Yes, we all had a good time in the kitchen and somehow managed to stay out of each other's way. I noticed my daughter has become a whiz in the kitchen and that was refreshing to see.

    Hilary : You say such dear words. Thank you. It was a very pleasant holiday for us and great family togetherness.

    Terry : We really do love the aprons but no one wanted to wipe their hands on them..Ha. I linked your blog but it didn't work but I did your name and that worked. The people really are loving the doggie treat bags too. They get all smiley and talkative when they realize there are no strings attached.

    Chuck : We did have a great Thanksgiving, Chuck, and hope you did too. The doggie treat bags are neat but she doesn't sell them. They were a gift..... after her daughter's dog died.

    JJ : Thanks but you're the best too. Does that make 2 first places or something like that? Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

  16. Too bad you don't have a catwalk on which to sashay. Perhaps you can amble, instead? Or mosey?

  17. Lovely pics of lovely ladies, doggie treats luck yummy!

    Kind regards

    Anna :o]

    PC probs have meant I have been off line most of the past month, so havent been able to pop by before!

  18. What a trio of beautiful ladies! The aprons are very pretty! What a nice friend you have in Terry!

  19. Wow! The aprons are FABULOUS! Lovely.

    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

  20. Loved the apron fashion show with the super models. You make me thing "why don't I wear an apron?"
    The dog bone ornaments are adorable and I am glad you got to share the wealth to brighten other's day.

  21. Lovely aprons you have, beautiful ladies! You know, I never wear any apron, may be because I don't have any pretty like these?!;)
    So sad about Terry's daughter's dog..but the treats look lovely! Wonderful little present to make others smile! I am sure you made a very special thanksgiving day for yourself and others, dear Manzi!

  22. Al : Actually, I like all 3 ....amble, sashay and mosie. We could be Queens of silly walks. Remember that way back from BBC.

    Anna : Sorry about the PC. That's enough to driver a blogger right off the edge. Hope it's OK now.

    Kay : Yes we meet such nice people online. I love all of you bloggy friends.

    Talli : We had a lovely turkey day in our family. Too much food.

    Patti : That was fun giving the doggie bones away. It was actually Terry's idea and I wanted her to have any credit so I stuck a note in with the treat, briefly telling the story and giving Terry's email if anyone wanted to thank her. She's from PA and the first couple I gave a bone to got all excited and said they are from PA.

    Zara : Oh thank you. Yes, we had a great family dinner but 2 of my kids weren't there as they live too far away. We had such a good time wearing the aprons. Hope you're having a positive weekend.

  23. This is such a beautiful post, Manzanita. And you and your daughter and granddaughter look so young and vibrant and happy!!!

  24. Nifty aprons indeed and great idea for the doggy treat, sure can't be beat.

  25. Hi, Manzi! Lovely post. It always cracks me up when people are wary at first about unexpected gift giving because they think there may be strings attached. Sometimes I think it's easier to leave gifts on the doorstep anonymously, ring the bell, and run swiftly away.

  26. What a great way to break the ice with strangers like that.

    Your aprons are sweet!

  27. I love the idea of giving the doggie treats out. I'm sure the dogs will be looking for you from now on. If those treat were to hang in our tree, our dogs would have the tree down on the floor in no time.

    You look absolutely beautiful.

  28. Love the aprons and the doggie treat ornaments are wonderful. We put a couple of treats in our tree every year so our dog can have a present on Christmas day too. A special pouch just for her would be great. I'm like seriously thinking of copying that idea.

  29. The aprons are adorable!!
    Love the idea of the dog ornaments too. Nice idea. :)

  30. You ladies look great donning your aprons!

    What a great idea with with the dog treats in an ornament. I would hate to be that poor tree though. A few are bound to get knocked over by very anxious dogs. hahaha

  31. I was looking for some ideas for gifts I could make for Christmas. Aprons and dog tree treats. Great ideas. Thanks

  32. I'm so glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Ours was, too, but now it's back to business. Great to hand those treat stockings to other dog lovers :)

  33. Fun apron designs. I've always wanted an apron (don't laugh). I'm not that messy when I cook though and I hardly ever cook anyway so I guess I don't have to have one. But they are cool if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

    Wrote By Rote

  34. I would have liked to have seen sashaying ...

  35. Those are great looking aprons!! I think the doggie christmas decorations are adorable. So sweet.

  36. Love the aprons but the tree ornaments are fabulous!! Where can I rent a copy of that movie? :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  37. Manza, here's wishing you a happy Christmas -- a blessed and peaceful ending to 2011. I'll see you after new year!