Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alan's Song

Last night was the Montana PBS premier of my granddaughter's. Ashly's band, "Little Jane & the Pistol Whips" had been filmed as the first musical in this series, with the private showing at the University. Up to this point, no one had even a peep at the film and Ashly beamed all night, as she did in the picture to the left.

Ashly's mother ( my daughter) in the photo below, is sitting next to Ashly's Uncle. There was a lot of sniffling and blowing in that row.

One of my favorite songs is called "Alan's Song." I met Alan 9 years ago at a Sunday tea dance and much to my surprise, he was one of the best swing dancers I've ever met in Montana. If you're looking for a romance, sorry, we were just exceptionally good friends and dance partners.
He was kind, a true gentleman and put people at ease with his gentle conversation. He showed me pictures of himself when he was in the Navy during WW2, stationed in CA and dancing in a swing contest. No doubt he had no problem attracting dance partners for he looked like my ideal Heathcliff, wildly handsome with his black shining hair and strong Native American features.

Two years ago, Alan died quite suddenly and I haven't stepped on a social dance floor since. Ashly asked about Alan and his life. I told her what I knew and she disappeared for a couple hours, returning with "Alan's Song." Alan had a beautiful singing voice and was a yodeling champion. Ashly doesn't yodel but there's a similitude of yodeling in the song.

Below is a video of my son playing hockey in the Senior Mens League with the music of Ashley singing "Alan's Song." Hockey has no real connection to the song but I just made it a family affair. :) Son, Zonnie is #8 in red. The video is a little longer than most of mine so just give it a peek.
Adios Bloggy Friends.



  1. What a beautiful family! And I can say that without being creepy, because I live thousands of miles away and they'll never meet me!

  2. Gosh Manzanita...what a beautiful voice she has.

  3. That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. She sounds very talented :)

  4. Hey proud, happy Mama/Grandmama! I'd be,too. I've gotten all teary-eyed having read your post, listening to Ashley, and watching your son. Very cool! Love ya, Manzanita. :-)

  5. Awwww it's lovely!! What a most talented family you have and what a beautiful tribute to Alan! Yayyayayayy!!! Take care

  6. What a lovely thing to do -- to be able to compose a song to someone who means a lot to you. And she has a wonderful voice -- and you have a wonderful family. I LOVE posts where people put up pictures of their family, their home, the setting where they live! Especially do I like photographs of Montana!!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

  7. I see it's snowing in the mountains now. Beautiful pic for a header! EVery time I read your blog, the title reminds me of being in Egypt and having a man come up to me and ask, "Wanna buy a camel?" I laugh every time.
    What a happy/sad post. I love how you have woven the old times together with the present. Lovely.

  8. Combining your granddaughter's voice with the video of your son playing hockey was a stroke of genius. Loved it!

  9. Such a beautiful voice your Granddaughter has... but then she is a chip off the old Block. I have heard you sing in a video one time.

    How sweet to write a song in memory of your friend.

  10. your granddaughter has a wonderful voice! and how sweet to have your friend forever memorialized in song. :)

  11. I agree with Steadfast, how you weave generations. And you have every right to pop buttons. Ashley's song is a beautiful tribute - and she can really sing. Since I also live thousands of miles away, I'll also say, Manzi, you've got a gorgeous family.

  12. Wonderful voice, song may not have had much to do with hockey, but it worked.

  13. Ashley sounds so great. I love her song, and Zonnie seems to have inherited those dance jeans as he floats over the ice floor. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful family!

  14. Remember what I told you about kvelling? You have every right to kvell!!

  15. You have a very talented grand daughter and beautiful too. Looks just like her mum.

  16. Wow! I'm really impressed. What a great voice Ashly has. This is a beautiful tribute to your wonderful friend.

  17. Wow, what a gifted family!! Wonder where they all got it from ... !!!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. She really does have a lovely voice and to think she pulled that together in a few hours. What a special gal she is.
    For senior hocky players, they really move and aren't above checking.
    You have good reason for button busting.

  19. Dear Manzinita,
    Thank you for sharing not only this lovely song written by your grand-daughter but also her singing it with such a pure, clear voice.

    I enjoyed watching the hockey teams. How tall is your son? He looks tall among the other players.

    What a lovely weaving you've offered us today.


  20. 'If you're looking for a romance, sorry, we were just exceptionally good friends and dance partners.'

    That sounds rather nice, actually.

  21. So sweet. What a fun night you must've had. =D

  22. I love Ashley's music. You have a beautiful family.

  23. "Lines grow deeper (on my face) with every mile..." So true. Ashley has a lovely voice.
    Alan must have been a wonderful person.

  24. Loved it! She has an amazing voice. :-)

  25. Marvelous voice -- marvelous song tribute. Talent abounds!

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  28. What a lovely story. The song is wonderful. I love the old timey feel it has to it. What a talented and lovely family.

  29. Such amazing stories. All of them.

    Not one of them a duck.

  30. Wow! What a great tribute to Allen. Ashley has a a great voice. I love the name of her band!

  31. wow manzanita she sounds awesome you must be soooo proud of her!!
    What a lovely family you have :)
    Thanks for stopping by xx

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  33. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful friend of yours! Ashley has a very beautiful voice! And yodelling went out really good! This might be a very difficult technique, I suppose? Thumbs up!

  34. I'll buy a duck since DUKE gave it with MEESE and " SS"
    wide open with signatures - GE.
    DEDOONV got " FOCKE- FOCYT- FOCKEW" all over the place with COMSTUL.
    Too much HY- DICA...." assholes".
    Hope you like our movie..." KANSAS KINGS".

  35. What a fun name for a band. How cool that she can listen to your story, then in a couple of hours, return with a wonderful son as a tribute for him.
    You (including yourself) have a very talented family.

  36. What a lovely gift for you. So sweet and touching. I know you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All the best....

  37. Alan would have loved it!! And your daughter has a fantastic voice as well as awesome song writing skills!

    For some strange reason, that song goes well with the video. I don't know why, but I watched the whole thing. I wouldn't have watched the video if there wasn't the music. It just seemed like it was suppose to go with the hockey. And I don't like hockey!

  38. Nice! Good song and fine voice to match. I couldn't figure out the hockey connection and then I read through. Okay, now I see.

    Enjoy my delightful interview with Susan Kane on
    Wrote By Rote Saturday 11/26

  39. Al : That's OK.... be creepy, we love you when you're creepy. :)

    Delores : Thanks and good morning to you.

    Little Miss Fun : Thanks. She is a very sweet girl.

    Su-sieee : And ditto, Suz .... I love your family .... you, Mama and the husband, too.

    Kitty : Thanks so much from Kitty and Charlie.

    Ann : Thanks and we have the same fondness to peek into each others lives a little in order to get to know each other.

    Rosemary : You are really the world traveler. I suppose your love for water takes you many places and many lands.

    Susan : Thank you. I know that song didn't go with hockey but when you think about it, what song does??

    Terry : Ha ... you are funny. But yes, we enjoy her song, too.

    Texwisgirl : It's odd when you think of where songs come from. I guess they can come from anything.

    Kitty H...... You offer such kind words. You're an inspiration always.

  40. Pat : Voice and Hockey. That could make a song right there. :)

    Rubye : Thanks. Son started out in figure skates when he was 2 but the boys teased him when he was older and he wanted hockey skates.

    Fishducky : Kvell away, my dear!

    River : Kids are are so different. Some have some talent but don't develop it, others develop to the zenith what little bit of talent they have.

    Kay : It's a great way to remember Alan. :)

    Red : I can't take the credit but maybe it's on her father's dise.

    Patti : How can you check out hockey players with all that padding. Oh, ...... you mean the way they skate. Oh :)

    Dee : Yes, you did notice correctly. My son is 6 ft 6 or 7 (I always forget, the other son is the same). Usually tall people don't make such good skaters but he's been on skates since he was 2 yr. old.

    Suze : The only way to have a dance partner. :)

    RaShell : It was really a great honor for my granddaughter.

    Carol : Thanks. Grandkids are fun..

  41. Susan : Thank you. Family is important and I know it is to you, too.

    Elizabeth : Thank you. It's a lovely winter day and lovely comments.

    Praseyto : Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Amberr : Hey there, nice to hear from you.

    Heather : Thanks. I like your term, "old timey."

    Rob-Bear : Ducks must be out of style this season. :)

    Life 101 : Thanks... Name of band certainly lets one know it's "Western." :)

    Eve E. : Yes, it's good to make time to spend with your grandkids.

    Zara : It's done in a higher octave and it must be very hard to learn.

    Wendy : Thanks. You recognize all things Western, too.

    Inger : Thanks. Yes we had a fun, family time. I now you too had a good Thanksgiving with lots of turkey for the "kids."

    Irene : A lot of women don't care for hockey. I like it because I spent half my life in a rink and the other half in a studio. No wonder I never had time to watch the birds before. :)

    Arlee : No connection, really. Just needed a song for the hockey background to cover up the body clashes. Ha