Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Asteroid

Duck your head. An escapee from the asteroid belt is headed our way. Unaware to us, small carbon-rich asteroids, perhaps the size of our kitchen, pass by daily.

This asteroid is about the size of an aircraft carrier and could cut a 4 mile wide crater if it hit the earth. This spinning rock is traveling 200,000 from Earth and can't be seen with the naked eye. If it hit the Moon we could get pelted with Moon rock fragments.

Scientists assure us that this asteroid will not hit the earth. Only recently, with the advanced radar telescopes, science has been able to look back and realize the near misses. Whew, wipe your brow, safe this time, but the experts do assure us the big bang is inevitable to happen.

Until further notification, we can go back to reading about Kim Kardashians's divorce and whose knee Herman Cain is touching. Adios, my bloggy friends.

P.S. Anyway, it's time for chocolate.


  1. It's so easy to panic about these things but then there are lots of other dangers in our lives to panic about. In fact, life is just one big panic, isn't it!?

  2. Something will get us yet, either man made or tossed at us by a disgusted universe.

  3. Bah Apophis is going to be the one to get us, we still have another 20 years or so..haha

  4. When one does hit.... some of us will get the surprise of our lives. I guess we won't live to tell about it.

    What was that old song by Doris Day, Que Sera Sera or as the Italians spell it Che sara sara.

  5. So one of these days.....And I loved the last line of this post!

  6. THanks for reading my story -- I forgot about that Daisy movie, great one! Though my mother is nothing like her...:)

  7. Between all the earthquakes, the floods, the blizzards, the tornados,the droughts, the tsunamis, the hurricanes, and now the realization of how many really BIG things are hurtling through space heading in our general direction.....I'm beginning to get just a tiny bit unsettled. Being smashed by an aircraft carrier sized asteroid just has no nobility to it! :)

  8. the dogs down the street are barking like crazy. Maybe they're "feeling" the asteroid approaching. LOL! I like the idea of chocolate. Maybe a movie, too.

  9. There's always time for chocolate!!

    Take care

  10. Nothing lasts forever. If it's not an asteroid, it'll be a gamma ray burst or the sun will die or the moon will get farther and farther away from earth, all very real endings to our time here.

    When an asteroid hits (which some day it will)just let me be in the impact zone. I don't want to try to survive in the aftermath, I'm too old for that.

  11. No matter what, none of us is getting outta here alive, so why worry about it? Might as well reach for the chocolate and carpe diem.

  12. As SUSAN said, no one is going to get out of life alive & a meteor's not exactly something you can hide from, anyway--it's a PERFECT time for chocolate!!

  13. Whew, glad that's over, I really need to find out what's going on with Kim and what the Duggars are going to do with their 20th baby!

  14. I think I'd rather have an astroid in my backyard than have to listen to anything more about the Kardashian family!!!

  15. Asteroid? Isn't that what an astronaut gets if he sits in one place on the Space Shuttle for too long?
    Waiting for the earth-shattering kaboom.

  16. LoL.... Al just made me spit my mouth wash all over my computer.

    OMG where does he come up with these things.

  17. So if I wake up dead one morning soon, I'll know why.

  18. LOL, you think this is why they are testing the Emergency Broadcast System today? :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  19. Gee, to think we could have gone the way of the dinosauer.
    I'm with BigD.

  20. I wore my tin-foil hat for protection, but I guess I didn't need it anyway.

  21. Hi there,
    I am just popping by to say "hello" from alex's PIF Bloghop. It's taken me a while to get here as there are so many, so I am trying to do a few at a time. Awesome blog. And great to connect with all you great fellow bloggers.
    Eve :)

  22. Laughed out loud at the end of your post (very funny!), and then again at laughingmom's tin foil hat. You hang out with some funny people!

  23. I am pretty certain there was a direct hit to the heads of some people I know. Perhaps, they will be forced down from the clouds. Something good comes of everything.

  24. Very interesting and a little frightening as well.

  25. That does it! I'm buying a football helmet to wear.

  26. Ah, yes; that asteroid rocks!

    Or am I being redundant?

  27. The asteroid cannot be worse than an atom bomb attack, so:
    Stop - drop - and get under your desk.

  28. Sounns painful, haha! I sometimes wonder what I'd do/think/say if I knew we were going to be wiped out. All about KK's divorce seems like such a good thing to know on one's way out, doesn't it??!!

    Have a great weekend!

  29. Did you watch the NBC Newscast anchored by C. Little?

  30. A huge big deal about something so hard to see but then that's what the media likes to do. Was the chocolate tasty?

  31. Dear Manzanita,

    With this posting you've put the happenings of life today in perspective! Thank you.


  32. Phew! I'm glad that asteroid missed us. You know what asteroids did to the dinosaurs...

    It must be because we don't have cable. I hear the Kardasian name all the time, but I have no idea who she is. She sounds very shallow.

    And Cain? I imagine he's gone.

  33. Suze, Karen, Sandra : Thank you for stopping and the comments. Love you.

    Rosalind : It was better not to know of all the dangers as it was before media covered the airwaves.

    Delores : You are so right. I heard of an 88 year old man walking down the street and he got banged on the head with a pumpkin that was tossed from a car. ???

    Pat : Good thought. Some of us have 20 years and some of us do not. :)

    Terry : I remember that movie with Doris and Jimmy Stewart. She is still alive and active in the animal shelter world. Guess she doesn't sing anymore.

    Karen : The... so one of these days.... sounds like the old Jackie Gleaon show. It's it funny how a phrase or word can bring back something from the past.

    Sandra : I would love to have someone drive me around. Wish I'd win the lottery..... :)

    Hey Mell : When you think about it, we must be alive by divine intervention. How can our fragile bodies with stand all the destruction? It's not like we're the tin man...... :)

    Su-siee : And you know what they say about barking dogs. My chocolate isn't sweet. Very bitter.

  34. River : And I'll probably get the blame..... so don't. :)

    Kitty : And very bitter with a sip of expensive scotch. :)

    Bish : No, that would be too much work. Leave the survival skills to the very young. I'm with you.

    Susan : And cheers to that. But we've all got lots of good fun and joy to spread before the big ka-boom.

    Fishducky : In the meantime we laugh. Did you watch "Northern Exposure" when it was on long ago? If so, do you recall the episode when one of Jeannine's (can't recall her stage name) b.F's got killed with one and the body wouldn't fit into a coffin, of course. The mourners all sat at his service looking at this weird tangled mass. You can tell what kind of mind I have to remember this and think it's funny.

    Irene : Yes, kiddo. Now on to the important things in life. Just a little break in our day's occupations.

    Big D : At least you'd be remembered in history, like the dinosaurs. :)

    Al : No, that's what happens when you eat at the truck stop and reach for the bicarb of soda. Oh, I'm trying too hard. I could never match your wit, Al. That one choked me too.

  35. Josh : Thanks for the comment. Nice to see you.

    Terry : I totally agree. Sorry about your computer screen. :)

    Jules : I think the big question is where to warn or not to warn. Probably better we don't know, huh?

    Patti : OMG.... then 65 million years we'd be written up in history books as those strange creatures that roamed the earth. :)

    Laughingmom : Save it. There will be another disaster scare soon enough or you could always work it into your halloween costume. :)

    Eve : Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm really happy to meet you. Cheer.

    Galen : There are so many funny people in this blogging world. We might as well keep laughing. Love ya

    JJ : Yeah.... many people have their heads elsewhere. Ha ha

    LV : We joke but if we get serious a moment, it really is scary.

  36. Romance Reader : If you look at it too long, it really can be.

    Life 101 : Great idea but couldn't you just wear the one you use for roller skating? :)

    Rob-Bear : Only redundant when shouting it from the top of a mountain. Or did you mean the name of a rock group? Or is that something like asteroidstock? :)

    Anthony : I didn't know the rules for a bomb attack. Thanks. Guess we all better practice and be prepared.

    Red : I hear that often your soul leaves the body first so we don't feel pain at death. It makes for sweeter dreams, anyway. :)

    Clare : No, I did not. Was it about the pending asteroid?

    Klienstamotte : You're right, but then what would we write our posts about? Most of the things I write about seem a little silly when I'm finished. Chocolate is better and I love it bitter :)

    Dee : Correct. The rule is.... chocolate first. The funny thing is I don't like sweet chocolate like most people do..... I like the raw cacao. Weird, huh?

    Kay : You watch a lot of movies. There, you can choose. Yeah, Cain's probably toast but I hate it that slutty women can ruin a man's career after 14 years. If they're the type person to ruin someone, do it right away. Gads, I can't recall details from 14 years ago.

    Thank you dear bloggy friends for your delightful and insightful comments. Life is fun. Take care.

  37. Safe!
    I'm going out for a walk since I don't have to worry about it falling on my head :)

  38. November 12. Hmmm, have I missed anything?? ;)
    But I am not going to miss the time for chocolate! :D

  39. Between asteroids and space junk, it's a wonder someone doesn't get a bump on their heads :)
    Getting hit by one the size of an aircraft carrier would mess up your whole day :)

  40. You do very well on all your post. This one us certainly interesting.

  41. Carol : Sounds good to me too. Think I'll join you.

    Zara : Chocolate is the universal pacifier. When in doubt........ It's never out of style.

    Life 101 : It might really be a hazard to have things falling from the sky during our Great or Grand children's time. Kinda like chicken little, huh?

    Hey lV : Thanks. Hope your week end was filled with all the things you like to do. :)

    Jilda : So nice of you to visit and comment. You have such a pretty name. You are so right about chocolate, especially the dark bitter kind..... :)

  42. There's so much bad stuff right under our feet that I never even think in total disaster mode from anything like asteroids. Great post. And I absolutely LOVE our blog header picture. It makes me hope sick for the western mountains of my earlier life!!!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  43. Phew...just missed us this time:)

  44. ha ha...funny how nothing SHOCKS and RATTLES our world like
    Kim Kardashian and Herman Cain.

    yes, I am wiping my brow

  45. Kitty : And amen to your Amen. :) This is a beautiful day. Enjoy.

    Malli : Thanks fr visiting and the comment.

    Wendy : How did the Kardashians get to be so popular? I think we like to hear about the rich and famous but they seem to be nice people. I think Bruce Jenner keeps them human. They support one another in a good way as a family should. When son Rob is on DWTS, the whole family is in the audience every week to support him.