Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Few Silly Thoughts

No, Cody didn't really go missing but it's suddenly tough to share when you've been TOP DOG. Cody has a huge laundry basket full of toys and all Puddy wants is a broken elastic band and a twistie. Go figure. 

Well Happy Dec 22. I see we're all still here. Is Nibiru just hanging out there like a big bat, winding up for the fly-by? So rumor has it, but I have other things to think about.

I really like my life as it is. No change, please. I get annoyed when a fella extra likes me. Ok, OK, you got it out of me. It's the knife sharpening man. He goes out of his way to talk to me and twice he won't let me pay for my knives. That's embarrassing. Making the dog and cat food requires chopping whole chickens and bones and even the best cleaver is only sharp for 3 or 4 batches. The outcome, I visit the knife sharpener's mobile often.  He's kinda cute, intelligent and makes me laugh. Knife sharpening is just his post retirement old age hobby.  But I'm finished trying to impress a fella. The last guy I dated, I'd put a paper bag over MY HEAD.  I'd be so embarrassed for dating outside my species. Well, close to it. The knife sharpener guy is probably an 8.

My youngest son had a winter solstice, end of world and birthday party last night. He turned 50. The way time zips past, I could turn that number around.  Since I now live in Helena, I didn't want to drive the hundred miles on icy roads. He's always been such a sweetie and invites me to his parties. I drop in for only a short stay when I can, because I appreciate that he asks me but I doubt if they need a mother hanging out at their parties. Last July 4th,  when his wife was out of town, he insisted I accompany him to a friend's party. He assured me there would be a lot of parents there and indeed it was so. We all had a good time and his friends are neat to include their parents.

Well I  think most of you are taking a bloggy snooze until after Christmas.  May your Christmas star be bright and shiny and you go out and spread peace and good will. Oh deck them halls  :)


  1. Deck the halls, fa lalalala lah la la la la. Hmmm, did I put an extra la in. More the better. The knife sharpener has wonderful taste in women.When my mom was in her mid-70s, she was being courted, which she didn't care for at all. She got to not answering the door when he came around. Before she finally told him to leave her alone, he had gifted her with a vacuum cleaner, an electric lawn edger, and other stuff. All that she wouldn't use.
    Merry, Happy Christmas, Manzi!

  2. Think it is cool your son wants you at his parties. Enjoy.
    As for your beau, if he is an 8 and works for free, what is the harm? Keep charming that rascal and enjoy the results. I wouldn't turn down free work from a 1.5 :))
    Have a wonderful Christmas Manzi and a happy and healthy 2013.

  3. Your son wants to party away with you
    Cool thing to do
    And pfft to the snooze
    The cat can't lose
    A day and will keep going on
    All day long across the lawn
    Have a great christmas too
    And a happy new year at your zoo!

  4. How great your son wants to party with you! I know they must have had a lot of fun when they were little, with a mom like you, I mean. I'm so glad you would want to come live with us as a dog. That's quite a compliment and one I never got before. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that you keep up blogging because it is always so much fun to visit you.

  5. He's an 8,
    Well, that is great.
    He can be your friend.
    Nope the world ain't coming to an end.
    Party with the son
    Go and have some fun
    Merry Christmas Cat
    Share furball, that is that!

    Have a merry christmas and blessed new year!

  6. Su-sieee...Ha ha, you make me laugh but that's a nice way to put it. Boy he sure knew the work-way to a gal's heart but they are all appliances we need. Then she wouldn't use them, huh. A girlfriend was dating a man she couldn't stand (why do women do that? But it was like putting the paper bag on herself as I said in the post.) He gave her a Kardashian-size rock as a Christmas present (not an engagement ring.) She showed it to me and said she was returning it to him. I told her she had better think about it first because that ring would knock your eye out. But alas, she gave it back. I think I felt worse than she did.

  7. Patti, He's not my beau. No beau. I really giggled at your answer. Yes, an 8 is really charming and would have impressed me too... 20 years ago. I feel guilty and I just want my knives sharpened. But I loved your accepting free work, even from a 1.5.Ha ha ha ha

  8. Pat Hatt : And a zoo my house is becoming. I was flipping on the tube and saw a program where a woman had 700 cats. Not one of those neurotic freaky women where cats take over the house but she kept a private adoption center for rescued cats. It looked organized and clean and she was doing a great service to the community.

  9. Inger, You give your pets so much love and such a comfortable home. Any animal who goes to your house is one lucky duck.

    Paige : Neat rhyming. You must have been over at Pat Hatt's. Every time I leave there I keep rhyming in my head. It's really fun, isn't it.

  10. I love that you're posting again, even occasionally! Merry Christmas to you & yours--even the furry ones!!

  11. Sounds like love is in the cold Montana air! Go for just survived 12.21.12!

  12. Hahahaha ... I've identified your LOOOOOVE problem! The knife man thinks you're coming on to HIM!! Why else would you be visiting him WAAAAY more often than anyone else in the neighbourhood????

    Anyway, go for it. If that's what you want.

    And have a great Xmas too! If that's what you want.

  13. I'm happy with my life too, the only thing I'd like to change is more money please. But not too much.
    I'm not looking for new partners either, yet people keep telling me they have a friend they'd like me to thanks.

  14. Have a great Christmas, lovely Manzanita! So glad you are getting your knives sharpened good and proper! LOL!

    Happy birthday to your son! Take care

  15. Fishducky : Thanks for stopping. I try to post more often but I'm still so dang busy from the moves from all the houses. I have a garage full to get rid of yet and then I'm done. I've made new rules. If I bring one new item into this house, two old things go out.

    Chuck : Ha ha ha.... No way, Chuck. I'm way past that point in my life but the circumstances surrounding "it" always seem to amuse me.

  16. Red : You know, you just could be terribly right. My knives used to stay sharp for a long time before I began making the critter food. He probably thinks I'm outside, whacking them on the cement to get them dull. OMG He's so close and right by the Health Food Store, where I go very often. I'll just have to find another knife person or learn to do it myself. I've tried that but I'm lousy at it.
    ......."if I want that?" you say. No, no, no...... definitely no. That's what I get for being a friendly person...... mis-understood

  17. Oh River: You do so much understand and feel the same as I do. I will put you in my Universe prayers for a little more money, if that is what you need. It feels so good to live alone after years and years of taking care of others, doesn't it?

    Old Kitty : Ha ha ha.... funny. Knives sharpened proper and THAT is all.

  18. Hahahaha.... I always knew you were one sexy broad!! So, what does he want in return for giving you the knives.... You know how old men get. The older they get the worse they get.

    My Daughter also invites me to her parties. I think it's nice our kids are comfortable enough to invite us around their friends.

    Have a Merry Christmas Manzi!! All my love to you!

  19. I hope you have a most wonderful Christmas Manzanita, you and your whole family.

  20. I think it's great that your son wants you with him too. I somehow don't think I would fit in with my son's crowd.

    I think a lot of people are occupied with holiday happenings right now too.

    Have a fabulous holiday, Manzanita.

  21. Terry, I think it's wonderful that your daughter invites you to her parties too. It means they feel comfortable with us but I never overstay. I only drop in for perhaps 20 minutes and leave.

    Anthony : Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are having an amazing Christmas with your family.

    Kay, Your kids are no doubt a lot younger than mine and once they are older, it seems they accept parents more comfortably. My son turned 50 yesterday. My youngest.

  22. God evening, m'lady.

    We were invited, Friday before last, to our daughter's Christmas party. Truth is, we know most of her friends. There are some guys we see when there's a football game party — and we're always invited to those. A couple that I married. Other folks.

    So your son is 50. And you're thinking 05. Well, whatever. And courtship is in the air! Think of yourself as being flattered.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a grand 2013!

  23. Bear : I bet you had a really delightful time at your daughter's Christmas party, especially since you already know the friends by other circles.

    It's just that time has flipped by so fast. I can't imagine how the baby of the family got to be 50 years old. A half a century old. I remember so clearly ..... I brought him home from the hospital on Christmas Day and his siblings hadn't seen him yet. They were all scrubbed and combed and waiting in their Sunday best. I know I had put up a tree and bought presents before but isn't it funny the way your memory dims at times. I can't remember who made dinner or anything after that. Not important, anyway.... just walking down a Christmas memory lane.

    I hope you don't bounce anymore and can enjoy the holidays with your family. You take care, Bear.