Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some Things I Did This Summer

My Granddaughter's band played at an outdoor concert. While they were packing up instruments I noticed 5 Hunky young cowboys hanging around the stage. I said to Ashly, "I think you have some fans waiting." She's a very gracious young lady and always makes time for her fans.

Ashly (Granddaughter) Visits With Her Fans After a Concert
L. Granddaughter Ashly, Center, Me, R. Daughter Lisa, Front Little Girl Sat in for a song with band
A new propane wok cooker. The maiden voyage and I was scared of the thing so my son
showed me how it works. I later got a new wok with a long handle. Those little handles
were ouchy burny. The flame is terrific and it's fast. Love it.

On Saturdays I usually dropped in at the Farmers Market. This is a Mother and her 2 little girls, giving the shoppers some "down home country music." It was amusing the way they started out on a slower tempo for the first tune but the one little girl wanted it faster and added speed.


  1. Hi Manzanita - what a lovely post and great to see the family .. and then the extra mother and her 2 daughters family (I noticed the speeding up!) ...

    Loved the photos .. and am glad the long handled wok makes life easier - they do get hot don't they ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Sounds like a fun laid back, yet busy, summer. Sure was not a bummer.

  3. What a talented little family they were....nice harmony too.

  4. Awwwww love the cowboy fans!!! Yay for Ashley!!!

    Take care

  5. I was THRILLED when you left a comment on my blog the other day! I tend to worry when blogger friends just up and disappear, OK.

    You look great, your family is gorgeous, and it looks like you had a fun summer with good and healthy food.

  6. Good to see you back here Manzie! You and your family look good and happy and well, with all those young cowboys why not?

    Oh I would much rather have one of those woks than a charcoal grill out front. Nice.

  7. Hi there. Looks like you had a lovely Summer - I am so happy for you, and isn't Ashley a lovely young lady. It was good to see the photo with you in it as well. Still looking good I see! It was really good to see you over at my place today! Take care.

  8. Sorry, I should have said, Ashly! Love your snowy header photo by the way.

  9. Hilary: I don't know the Mother and 2 girls, as I just happened to see them at the market. They were so enthusiastic about their music, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to film them.

    Pat : I had very few family breaks this summer.... mostly work. Poor, pitiful me.... I sound pathetic....I'm not that bad. Ha Ha

    Delores: Only time I saw them. They must be from a ranch by their total western dress. Town kids (even in Montana) don't dress Western. You can always tell how worn their boots are, if they are for real. I have a pair of hand-made western boots that I wore perhaps 3 times. I truly dislike boots..... can't bend your ankles and they are impossible to dance in. No wonder cowboys are such horrible dancers. Protects one from snake bite is all they are good for.

  10. Kitty: They were so cute. I could tell they were hanging around to talk to her and they were really polite and quite shy. A great many of those ranch kids are home schooled and have never been exposed to what the city kids think is "TRENDY." There are 5 neighbor boys in a family by the ranch.... all are home schooled. They are such a delight to talk to. They can really carry on a conversation with adults.

    Inger: Thanks.....I just had to take the summer off to empty out my 3 houses full of "stuff." But I know what you mean about disappearing. I have 2 gals my age whose phones have been disconnected and I don't know how to get in touch with their kids. That only means one thing, to me.

    Rubye : Thanks... but what surprises me is that I used to be tall. I'm amazed when I see how short I look next to my kids. But I never was as tall as they are. The girls are all nearly 6 ft and the boys are 6-5 and 6-6 and they all marry tall people. We're going to look like the Annanakis.

    Optimistic : It really was a productive summer. I showed you my play time, but so much of it was work. But it was a GOOD work.

    thisisme: Thanks. It's OK about the spelling of Ashly. The traditional spelling has the e in it. Her Mother wanted it without the e and I still often write it with the E. Some Grandmother I am. Ha

  11. Now, you've got me wondering where my wok is. It would make more sense to stir fry in it than a fry pan. I'm such a messy cook....I love that photo of you and your gals. :-)

  12. Love the picture with you and the girls..... I also like the WOK. I just might have to get me one of those.

    Well now that summer is over, maybe you can relax for awhile. Much love to you.

  13. Manzanita I am so glad to read this post...I was really worried about you. Glad you had a great summer and hope to see you here more often!

    That wok looks pretty useful, may have to investigate that a little more.

  14. Kept expecting an explosion, but thankfully it didn't happen. Your gr-daughter is lovely. Watch out for cowboys, Ashley.

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful summer. Lots of work, sure, but you know what they say about all work and no play. Glad you've had fun with your family, too.

  16. Su-sieee : I found that my kitchen gas stove just wasn't hot enough for the real good stir-fry but this outdoor propane burner "is". And you don't have all that smoke from the oil in the beginning, in the house either. It's the dang chopping that takes time. Ha Ha

    Terry : I've seen indoor kitchen gas stoves advertised and on Youtube. They have one front burner that is removeable and then there is a deep well that will accommodate a wok. I think it's called a "blue star" or something like that.
    I think they are terrible expensive. But this drum burner is probably faster, only drawback, you have to stand outside. I just get everything ready, throw on a warm jacket and that thing is fast. You said Hubs cooks out all winter too. Wish I had a Hubs to stand outside and do my cooking. Ha Ha.... No I don't.... A paid employee would do for me.

  17. Chuck : I think the drum propane burner is neat because I eat stir-fry very often. If one is sure to include some seaweed and eat it with some fermented veggies there's a meal with perfect nutrition.

    Thanks for worrying about me.

    Susan Kane : Explosion? OMG Well, I was a little scared of it at the beginning and that was why I had my son do the first one. He has cooked outside more that I do but NOW I do too. Ha I'll tell Ashly and she'll laugh. But I think she's gone through her "cowboy phase" when she was in high school. There was "one" quite recently and I wanted him to be the one.... in fact our whole family did. But I guess it wasn't right. I wish we could go back to the old fashioned matchmaker choosing a marriage partner. Grandmothers can always spot the "right one."

    Susan S. : I always tend to take on too much. You never find an old person on their death-bed say, " I wish I had worked more."
    Thanks for the visit. I know how busy you are too. (smile)

  18. Great to see you back, Manzanita (just when I'm trying to hibernate).

    Ashly, musical family, family picture — all so very delightful. And the video of the cats doing cat things.

    Hope you have a wonderful winter.

    And watch wok your doing; burned fingers are not fun. Especially around Christmas.

  19. Manzi: You are my idol. We are thinking of going to the Pacific Northwest this summer. If we do, we will go through Montana, and I would love to meet you. You are special!

  20. Hi, Manzi! What a lovely post. You've got a beautiful family. Sorry I haven't been by much lately but that book grabbed my time. So many mice, so little time, LOL. I'll send you a PDF copy of Rings of Trust later.

  21. Hi Manzanita, I enjoyed reading this and seeing some of your family. It was interesting. You got a good heat source for that wok, yeah, a long handle is de riguer.

  22. Your granddaughter is such a lovely entertainer and so kind. This sounds like a beautiful day!

  23. Dear Manzanita, lovely summer memories. Thanks for sharing them with us. The trio of mother and daughters was a delight and the younger of the two surely did know how to make that fiddle sing! Peace.