Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Love Story, This Time Chile

For not being a regular TV watcher, I can get hooked on real rescue things. Anyone else stay up all night watching the rescue of the Chile miners? Remember the little girl who fell in the well? (years ago) I didn't sleep for days on that one.

Report says there is one miner who has both a wife and a mistress, which is not at all uncommon for that part of the world. Reporters were wondering which one, wife or mistress, would be there to greet him as he emerged from the mine. They had asked the wife and she said, "She (mistress) can be there!" Oops. A psychologist wondered what will happen if the mistress is waiting and the miner comes out and says he's had an epiphany and will never cheat on his wife again. Wife may say, "Too late." He is still underground at this point of writing. Could be better for him if he stayed there!!!!!!!!

I have a Chile story. Kind of a romantic story. Seems like I've written about this subject lately but blame it on the stars. Or blame it on my time of birth. I have Scorpio rising. That rules your whole being, while dominating the entire personality. A woman with strong Scorpio is usually a "man magnet." (Carol, I know you are Scorpio Sun!) No way does it mean the Scorpio is a loose woman! Contraire, Mon Cherie! Once the Scorpio finds her man, she's truer than the true! It's just that she may have "more" to choose from.

I was divorced from the full blown Narcissist, dancing a lot of Flamenco with a troupe and working on a degree at the U of MN. A handsome hunk from Chile, Abellardo, was teaching at the U and closely followed our group. Did I say handsome? OMG he was beyond that. Have you ever met a man so devastatingly erotically sexy handsome that your breath stopped at your belly button and you couldn't breath? Abellardo. Every woman was after him but for some strange reason he wanted me. Blame it on Scorpio. I could gaze at him forever, but beyond that, I wasn't particularly attracted to him, but what the heck, I'd have a go a it, especially since every woman wanted him!!!!

WOW. We had one fine whirlwind year!!!!! It was a busy year for me and I'm happy to add it in my memory box. I kinda wore him like a little trophy and was the envy of women. South American men are sooooo attentive. He treated me like a precious, delicate flower. He wouldn't even allow me to put on my own boots (winter in Minnesota) but I have to admit that some of his solicitous hovering, I found slightly American smothering.

Then one day he announced he had to return to Chile to see his family but he'd return in two weeks. Nothing unusual about that so I took him to the airport, said good-by and watched his plane fade into a teeny speck. He called often and sent several tourist post cards.

Shortly after two weeks, he called and said he was back. Strange, he hadn't asked me to pick him up. Said he wanted to see me right away. I agreed but continued to ask him about his trip.

"What did you do in Chile?"

"Oh, I got married."

"What????" I couldn't believe my ears. "Did you say married?"

"That won't change anything for us. My father arranged it. I had to get married for my family."

OMG!!!!! A small cultural clash!

"But I don't love her. I love you."

"You will learn to love her. Good-by."

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. He stopped hanging with the Flamenco group and later, I heard he had returned to Chile. I wasn't heart broken but I'll tell you a secret. Gather all the good experiences available to your life because later on, in your twilight years, they make mighty good memory candy. Put on "The Girl from Ipanema" and bask in reverie.
Adios Amigo


  1. Oh wow. What a story, what a romance!!! Thanks for sharing this here - you are one firecracker!!

    I have Sagitarius rising and my moon is in Gemini. Basically I get very bored and very restless easily! LOL! Take care

  2. Oooh, I have some memory candy, too. Yours sounds spicy and fun. Love your photo at the top. Beautiful! I watched Barrios emerging and the mistress was there, but the wife declined.... I thought there was a slightly different atmosphere, more subdued...?

    Thank you for sharing your memory candy with us.

  3. I love that story, especially since you don't sound like you were too heart broken. It's very timely to post this too. The Chilean miner's wife refused to be at her husband's rescue, so he kissed his mistress when he was freed.
    I feel so proud of his wife, and of you!

  4. What a post! To start off, I love the photo - the swirling skirt, the graceful shawl and the lady ....

    Last night we listened on the radio to the rescue of the Chilean miners and dipped in and out of news coverage all day to check on progress. It made me so happy that they all got out safely. A good news story, for once!

    Manzanita the man magnet! Abellardo the double dealing hunk. This is the stuff of movies. Mind you, I couldn't stand a man who wouldn't let me put on my own boots.

    Great story, thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, what a story with Abellardo. I'm sure he thought sharing would be a normal solution. Other countries seem to view mistresses much more openly.
    Hadn't heard that about the miner. There is a whole story there.
    The entire rescue has been amazing. I also equated it to the Jessica in the well story that captivated the world at the time.

  6. You are such a wonderful story teller.... Maybe you should write a book about your experiences. You seem to have had one heck of an exciting life.

  7. Old Kitty,
    I love that sparkling Sadge energy and their love of travel and parties. My husband (last one .. bless his heart ...ha) was one and never a dull moment and in 25 years we had only one argument. Your Gemini Moon would add to the wanderlust. You guys are a wonderful, rare breed. Take care...

    Are you holding out on us? ha Don't bask in your memory candy at this early point of your life. You should be out there, still racking up the memories. You go, girl. Love and peace.

    Yeah, the miner didn't act overly joyed to see the mistress. Did I hear he had her for 20 years and the wife didn't know? The wife must have been pre-occupied!!! Ha

    Thanks for the photo comment. Me, warming up for a small performance about 5 years ago. Yes, I was glued to the TV. It was so touching. I was crying when the last miner came up and wondering why all countries can't unite but I guess wars and differences emerge because of religious differences mostly.
    Boots are kinda personal, aren't they?
    Wonderful day to you .....

    Abellardo and Lex. They should both be put on the same ice floe in Feb. on Lake Minnetonka. Actually I could add a few others and I bet you could too, so let's make it a big ice floe. Ha

    Thanks for the sparkling comments, everyone. Love to you...Manzanita

  8. Oh, yes, definitely a Scorpio. That's how we are. This is a great story. I, too, am so grateful all the miners and rescue personnel made it safely out of the mine.

  9. Wow! I tell you, Manzi, I see a movie in your story. Or, a play. Or a dance. Thanks for sharing your memory. I love it!

  10. P.S. I like your new blog photo up there. That could be the opening shot of your movie.

  11. Su-sieee,
    And you can direct it. I can see it now on the marquee (How do you spell that?) Oh, what should we call it, "Flying down to Rio?" No that's already been done with Fred Astaire (loved that Movie.... in fact I have it) or Flying down to Chile, produced and directed by Su-sieee.

    I've had a fun life but we've all had great and exciting lives if we remember to pick out the good stuff and eliminate the bad.Thanks for stopping.

    Have you found this true that Scorpio women attract men like Scarlett sitting on the veranda?
    I was glued to the TV. It was exciting reality. The Chilean president and his wife seem to be such gracious people. I like the way they both hugged every miner and had encouraging words for them.

    Thanks everyone, for stopping. Manzanita

  12. Came to visit from Follow Fridays. You have a fun writing style and I enjoyed this story.

  13. Oh my!!! This blew me away! Loved it. Love your strength and attitude!

    Im your newest friday follower!! stop on over!


  14. Well, it seems like we both have memory candy this week. Come by when you can and read about mine.
    ~Naila Moon

    PS>The mistress was there when he came up from the mine.

  15. Screenplay or novel, that's what I would do. :-)

  16. I came over from Follow Friday Over 40. I really enjoyed your love story! I have found that with some relationships, the memories are enough.

    Awesome picture too!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  17. I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars

  18. Ohhhh, I loved that story (except for the crappy ending)
    what a romantic whirlwind indeed. That casanova sweeping you off your feet.
    People , cultures, seem to have some different "takes" on relationships it seems.
    I am glad you walked away.
    and yes.....those memories certainly make us smile

  19. Great story and I am completely amazed by your ability to let him go. Most woman are not that SMART or STRONG. Great memory and thank you for sharing well as the reminder to fill up our memory candy jars! ;D

  20. Liza,
    Thanks for popp'n in. I'll be over to see you, too.

    Nice to see you. I'll stop by your blog, too.

    Naila Moon,
    Yup, the mistress was there but I have a feeling there is still a story to be told. I read your story with interest. A weasel.

    You're so right. Shortly thereafter I met my husband. (My next blog)
    Thanks for stopping. Your blog is great.

    I guess so if the stars light our paths. Thank you

    It was just a brief episode. It was good to happen or I wouldn't have recognized the real thing when I met my husband of 25 years shortly thereafter. Kinda the same as you. You are a romantic, too.

    It was totally the right thing to do because I met my husband shortly afterwards. He's now gone but my memory jar is full. Thanks

    Thank you everyone. Yes, I had a few "first mistaken impulse's of an undisciplined heart" (from David Copperfield) but I finally got it right when I later met Calvin. We were married 25 years. A Sagittarius is so easy to love and live with. In all that time we only had one disagreement. And my memory candy jar is full to the brim.

  21. What a coincidence, I'm the boy from Ipanema!
    ; )

  22. Wonderful story. I want to read the book.

  23. Manzanita, I love your big stories and your even bigger heart.
    You are so right, grab what you can.

  24. Great story, can't wait to read your next memory candy moment.

  25. So, am I going to have to drive down to the new stadium and see those pics for myself? LOL Actually, I just might do that some day, but I look forward to your re-post when you can. I hope your week is off to a great start! Love and Peace and All That Jazz! T