Wednesday, October 27, 2010

People Aways Say, If I Won The Lottery, I'd....Bla, Bla, Bla But Seriously, I'd Have a Chauffeur. Driving is My Buggaboo.

Do you know what this is? I didn't either. It's an icon light that came on in the dashboard of my car. Yikes, I've never seen this before. I'm driving to the store and suddenly I become very nervous. I don't speak icon. What is it trying to tell me? Leaking oil? There's a bomb under the hood? As soon as I get to the parking lot, I dig out the car manual. Oh, I hate these things. I find that little "Power to the People" sign. It means low tire pressure. I just got new tires a few days ago and they look OK to me. Dang, this means a wasted trip back to the tire store.

People love their autos. They clean, fluff and buff them. I never see a dirty car on the street. That tells me something. A car wash is a good business to own. So it's back to the tire store for some answers.

Answers I got. I usually get more information than I really want to know. The tire mechanic showed me a small bulb-like thing that was attached to the air tube (the thingy you put the air in) that was inside the tire. The bulb thing is sensitive, he explained, (big deal, so am I) and will set off the icon even with a small fluctuation in pressure. The way to reset it so the icon light will go off is to drive over 35 mph for at least 10 minutes. Fooey. That would be a highway drive and I live a few blocks from the tire store. So as this story ends, I'm still driving around with the icon light annoying me.

But all kidding aside, if I won the lottery, I'd have a full time chauffeur. Drive me here, drive me there. Ahhhh what luxury that would be. What would you do if you won big lottery millions?


  1. That blinky icon looks like someone holding hands up surrendering! LOL!!!

    Oooh I don't drive or ever want to!! I rely completely on public transport and walking - luckily this is possible here. I remember visiting my friend in Houston, Texas. I remember walking the 10 minute walk to the nearest shop (a petrol station)and found I had to use the grass verges as there were no pavements and people stopped their cars to gawp at me walking. LOL!!

    What would I do if I won the lottery? Retire to the countryside and buy me a small farm!

    Take care

  2. Definitely a 'not, waving, but drowning' icon. How annoying for you.

    I'm amazed that you don't see dirty cars. It's impossible to keep a car clean here in the country. By the end of next month we'll all have given up. Cars will all look the same colour.

    I wouldn't want millions - what a burden! Maybe a little place in the south of France then try to do some good with the rest of it.

    Hope that light stops bugging you.

  3. Once explained it became obvious if frivolous. Prior to the explanation, it looked like a surrender sign.
    When you win the lottery, I will apply, I love to drive.
    I did use to fantasize about buying a huge RV, plus a driver--don't think I could comfortably drive one of those-- and tour the country. When I would see an old ratty car steaming on the side of the road, I would take the owners to buy a new one. I might make it across the country before running out of money.
    Guess who one time sat on the side of the road in an old ratty car steaming away:))

  4. My low tire pressure icon looks different than that....but thanks to my "Tire Pressure Monitoring System" on my new car, I had to dig out Ye Olde Manual to see what that scary light meant recently myself. I hope you win the lottery. :0)

  5. I think there really should be a "Power to the People," icon. :) Changes in altitude will also change tire pressure. I always had to adjust when going from Santa Fe back to Minnesota to visit. I'm thinking of buying a second car that was made prior to 1983. No computerized gadgetry and will run under any conditions with the right parts. As far as winning the lottery: I guess the catch is, you have to play to win... but I love to drive, so a chauffeur would not be helpful. If I win, I'll make sure YOU have a chauffeur! LOL

  6. Easy peasy, I'd pay somebody to TEACH me all the things I don't know and then stay with me until I'd got them off by heart.

    I'd also buy a chocolate factory.

  7. Old Kitty,
    Oh, I love public transportation. I used to go to London and I'd walk and walk. Keeps you slimmer too. Look at all the overweight people in the US. I can see you walking in that situation in Texas. Most people in US will drive a block.
    Charlie would like a farm..... with lots of catnip.

    Dirty cars here in the spring when the snow melts. Yeah, South of France would be your muse.

    You're hired!!!! If you put those fabulous stories together, you'll have your big touring bus with the name on the side.....Arkansas Patti. So you drove a ratty old car too!!

    You too? I've never had that trouble before and I've had this car 4 years. Must be the Yokahama tires. Nice to see you.

    I'm with you. OK and if I win the lottery, you get your 2nd car. Then you can shift and you won't have to look at all those funky dashboard signs. :)

  8. My boys and I had a game we played. What would you do with a million dollars? At first they started off with buying cars, etc. I finally got it through to them that you invest and live off your interest. I only wish I could put that into practice. No lottery or million dollars yet. ;-(.

  9. i am you newest follower from the 40+ blog hop. My car had the same icon..I too had NO idea what it meant..pulled the car over, thought it was going to blow up, got the owners manual out and saw it was the tire pressure..geeezzz..did it have to scare me!

  10. My car knows a rocket scientist is NOT driving it, so it just tells me in plain "Queen's" english when my tire pressure is low.

    The screen on the dash reads "Tyre pressure low." I probably should have put the period outside the quotation mark just like the Brits do. : )

    Oh the Brits, gotta love them and their cars!

    Millions of dollars? I'd purchase an apartment in New York, so I could enjoy both coasts and access public transportation!

  11. Now that's an idea if I win the lotto tomorrow - a driver! How awesome .. and a butler ... and an au pair too ;-)

  12. I too get annoyed with those dashboard icons that seem to flash at the most inopportune times. Now it's almost assured that you need to visit an expensive high tech centre with computer technology to fix the problem.

  13. I would travel the world with my family. I hate driving too! I'm dropping by from the Over 40 Follow Friday.


  14. We've got a dirty car? We wait for the rain to wash it. We wait until the Mama will be a passenger, before we clean the insides. The husband and I are a very motivated pair when it comes to cleaning the-car-that-gets-us-where-we-need-to. :-)

    I like the idea of scooters, if I ever win a $million.

  15. If I won a lottery, it would be New Zealand bound for me. You'd like it, too. Many bike everywhere and the public transportation is actually spotless.

  16. Friko,
    A choc. factory like Willie Wonka had? Yummm. I'll be your elf!!!!!

    But what a great way to teach your boys what
    my Grandpa said, "You never touch the principle."

    Isn't that amazing that we had the same problem over the identical icon? Makes me feel better.

    Queen's English with an English accent??? See ...... that's what you get when you buy the expensive kind. But she had genetic training!!!

    I forgot the butler and I don't need the au pair. Great idea!!

    They're the nuts. They make people nervous whenever anything comes on.

    Thanks for stopping. I'll visit you, too.

    I like it that you clean the car for Mama. Shows respect. Scooters?? You'll have a lot of millions left over.

    Thanks everyone for stopping and adding such neat comments.

  17. Hello Dear Manzi,

    It was nice to hear from you. I bet the snow-capped mountains around you are beautiful. Yes, I can see that you are ready for winter. Winter is slowly creeping upon us too, here in the SE, but you would never know it by the 75 degrees temperature, still.

    Oh, I bet you are excited about your granddaughter’s new recording coming out in a few weeks. That is just wonderful. I hope she sells a cazillion copies!

    I have been working in my yard for two days. If I won a lottery I would immediately hire a gardener!


  18. Hello! Saw you over at Old Kitty's blog and now following! :) Yes, I definitely will also have a chauffer if I won the lottery! :) :) I love this post, made me laugh! :)