Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crazy-Making Days

The big crunch of pre-winter is here. Lawn furniture goes to the rear of the shed while the snow blower becomes the star attraction. It's like an old vaudeville show; each tool has a glorious moment to perform well, or it gets the hook.

September is time to fold up the old sun umbrella and consider moving inside for dance lessons. Two classes are into their first week of Country 2-step (Yah-hoo) and East Coast Swing. Flamenco classes are still fluctuating on choice of night. My classes are no-charge..... free. So why do I work so hard? It's my pleasure to help young people whose talent lies in the direction of dance. I remember "way back when" I was a struggling dance student trying to stretch funds. I would have been eternally grateful for free dance lessons.

If anyone saw the "2-old Broads making energy bars," here is a "2-old Broads minus one" doing the hula hoop. A few posts back I mentioned my athletic hula hoop. It's weighted with five pounds swinging around your waist. I can work up a sweat doing 200 turns. Below is a very short vid of me doing the simple hula hoop. No fancy dancing, although some gals do. I'll have to work on that. Now everyone in my family is getting one. Don't buy the ones for kids...... too light. I had to send for mine online. My Granddaughter took the video and adds a few comments.


  1. Wow!! That's all I got. Wow!!

  2. WOO HOO! Now where can I get one of those?

  3. Wow. How cool! You are something else, Miss Manzanita. I think I need a hula hoop, one with weights.

  4. You look incredible! What a fun clip, really enjoyed this.

  5. I have just been thinking that I need to put all the outdoor furniture away. I store mine in the basement and the spot I had for it is now full. I really need to get busy and clear a spot.

    How much fun that hula hoop looks. It sure is thick. Is it heavy Manzy?

    What a sweetie your Granddaughter is to take the video for you. Don't you just love her to pieces.

  6. I forgot to tell you. I could hear Cody panting in the backround and at first I thought it was you. I had a good chuckle at that.

  7. That's so great that you use the hula hoop for exercise. Me, I'm happy just sitting here watching you. You go girl!

  8. I could hear a woofie in the background! Yay!!

    Oh wow!!!! WOW! Look at you go Manzanita! I agree with your granddaughter - THAT'S TALENT!

    Take care

  9. I am too impressed for words!

    (and certain I couldn't LIFT the thing, let alone spin it 'round my middle!!!)

    :) xoxoxo, cd

  10. I agree with the others - you go girl!! Amazing. I really am full of admiration for you, and you have a stunning figure. That is so good of you to give those free dance lessons. Its really good to give something back though, isn't it?! Sad to be putting all the summer stuff away for another year.

  11. Delores : And a good day WOW back at ya. Cheers, my dear.

    Mrs. Bacon : If you live in a large city, athletic stores might carry them. I checked all over and no one in Bozeman carried them so I sent for it on line. Cost around 40 bucks.

    Teresa : You wouldn't believe how fast you break into a sweat. It's heavy but you don't notice the weight. And el much fun.

    Turquoisemoon : I'm happy with this form of exercise. Walking and a few floor things and I'm ready to go.

    Terry :Oh dear. Do you have to carry it downstairs? You won't need any extra exercise when you do that? I heard her too and at first I thought it must have been me, too but it's such a great even exercise. I reserve my panting for when I climb a steep hill or mt.Oh, it weighs 5 lb. Ashly said 15 but it's only 5lb.

    Tex Wis Girl :I am hoping it will firm up my middle.

  12. Hi Manzanita .. good for you .. I haven't done that for years!!

    Enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  13. Towanda : At times, I'd rather watch too. Ha

    Kitty : Talent Ha but you know, I couldn't do it for more than 20 spins at a time in the beginning. I was a wimp and had to work up to the hundreds.

    Clare : You'd be surprised what you could do once you get going. It's really a lot of fun.

    Miriam : And you too have a wonderful weekend. Whip up something delicious and then relax.:)

    This is Me : Thanks but I want to get rid of some of my middle. Always the place, isn't it. I know. I'm surely not ready to see summer end.

  14. I have friend with that 'special' hoop! She got bruises the first time she used it because her boyfriend read the directions wrong and said she couldn't stop for 10 minutes the first use.. to break it in. Wow... hope neither of you got bruises!! :-)

  15. What a brilliant workout idea. :-)

    (I'm still struggling with the idea you have a granddaughter old enough to record a video of you...)

  16. I have heard about those......what is the website to get one.
    My waist could use a great working out......and thinning out.
    I love your zest for life and good living.
    and You are wonderful to provide the free dance classes. so good that you are providing and "opportunity" to those who may not get a chance to do that.

  17. I need to go and lay down in a darkened room after watching that. How do you do it? I wish I was fitter. I spend far too much time sitting at this silly old computer.

  18. Now I regret not having that flash player. My spouse, the education tipster, is a dancer, did grad work at Columbia in NYC.
    She tries to get me to do plie's but it hurts my ankles.
    My best to you.

  19. Wow! I tried hula hooping when I was younger and never could do it. How fun and easy you make it seem. I'm impressed!

    As for the approaching winter...I feel right cheerful today, having cleaned out the attic in the small duplex my daughter and I rent. Why keep all that stuff, I thought, that I haven't used in the four years since we moved here? I haven't exactly been dancing, but I have been tripping around light-footed, light-hearted this afternoon. And now your delightful post has lightened my mood even more. Thank you!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  20. That wore me out just watching it! Wow!

  21. If I tried dancing like that, Mrs. Penwasser would need to call 9-1-1.
    Good for you!
    My pool is closed for the winter and I just finished stacking two cords of firewood (Ben Gay to the Penwasser house-stat!).
    C'mon, winter, bring it on!

  22. wow!!! And you say you are 81? Amazing lady, you are!

  23. I wish I lived near you and could take dance lessons. I bought new tap shoes and a dvd. I took lessons 60 years ago so it should be easy, right?

  24. Montana gets ready for winter in September? Texas is still in the mid to upper 90s! We can't even think about Fall for another few weeks!

    (Actually about all anybody wants around here is RAIN! I guess snow would do in a pinch!)

  25. One day you're going to come clean and tell us what we already suspect ... You're not REALLY 80+, are you?!?!?!

  26. Hilary : No wonder kids think hula hooping is so much fun.... it is.

    Coreen : Yes, she did it too long the first time... do it only 1 to 3 min. Some people do get bruises but I didn't. My one side got really stiff for a day. If you don't get it in the center of your waist, it hurts.. too high on your boob and ouch. After a little practice, it just falls into the right place.

    K.C. : Oh my goodness.... my granddaughter is 31.

    Rosalind : You are accomplishing while on the computer but we all need to "jump" around a little too. I have to force myself off the computer chair and go exercise and take Cody for our 5-mile walk. Once I''m off and doing it, I do so much enjoy it..... so I know what you mean.

    Anthony : Good for you and good for your wife getting you out to do plies. She must love dancing and movement too.

    Ann : Good for you, cleaning out and getting rid of and doing the "light fantastic" along with it. Ha It does feel so good to get rid of. It's a slow process. Takes a strong person to do it all in one swoop. :)

    Life 101 : OOpps sorry. Then you can take a nap. LOL

    Al : So, sounds like you're ready for winter snowballs to hit you . Pools are a lot of work..... think I'd rather play my pool on a table. At least you don't have to drain it.

  27. Wendy : So glad you are interested in weighted hula hoops. I got mine on They have 1 to 5 lb. hoops. a 3 is a good one. Then look them up on YT and get some ideas of what you want to do with it. Some good videos on YT. The hoop cost around $37 to 50.

    Gigi Thanks happy to see you.

    Blissed out Grandmother : What fun to take tap again. I love tap too. I got out an old tape and was going to put my tap shoes on but I forgot I had removed the taps for something and it's not fun if you can't hear the noise. :)

    Mellodee : I guess I forgot you lived in Texas. No wonder you are having all that hot weather. but lucky you, all the summer time.

    Red : My silly girl. Wish I could agree with you. :)

  28. Manzanita, I love you! I used to be a wiz with the hula hoop as a kid. The last time I tried it, I was so uncoordinated it was hilarious. I wonder if I could do better with a weighted hula hoop.

  29. I cannot do this-- I've tried! I am so impressed by your hula skills. Only a dancer ... :)

  30. What a fun clip, thanks for sharing!

    You make Hula so easy, yet I try an fail time and time again!

  31. You are amazing! I had a hula hoop as a kid and was quite skilled with it. I tried it again in recent years and it was at my ankles in seconds!

  32. Whoa. I'm worn out just watching you. But then, I'm tired after walking ten blocks.
    You're lookin good!

  33. Man, I wish I had the sound on my computer so I can hear your grandaugher's comments. Very nice hoola hooping!

  34. That is so cool! I hoola hooped as a kid but haven't done it since. I wonder if I could relearn how?

  35. I wish I had half your energy and zest for life.

  36. 15#! Whoo Hoo! I'd be lucky to lift it!

  37. WoW, that's cool! And I wanna see you dancing, too!
    Isn't it too early for a snow blower?? Mentally, I am still in mid-Summer :D
    You are so kind to give free lessons! Do you have men taking your classes?

  38. OMG, Manzi! You are totally amazing! I haven't tried a hula hoop in years - my sisters and I used to have contests as to who could go the longest - hmmm, maybe I should get back into the loop!

  39. Su-sieee : Weighted hoops are easier, I think. I love it.... gotta be good for the waist.

    Suze : It's like this ...... if I can do it, anyone can!!!

    Elliott : Thanks for stopping. I bet you really, truly do have more than half my energy :)

    Nas : I thank you but I still maintain anyone can do this.

    Galen : You could do it easy if you one had it. It's like a muscle memory.

    Rob-Bear : Aren't new things fun and exciting. Walking ten blocks, hula hooping, skating. Love them all.

  40. Linda : Thanks but I think my Granddaughter was mostly laughing. :)

    Bish : I doubt if you have to relearn, I bet you'd do it first try.

    Friko : I don't know your energy level, but you have a great zest for life.

    Giggles and Guns : I didn't catch it when she said that. It only weighs 5 lb, not 15. Sorry.

    Zara : I'm going to dance flamenco on my 82nd birthday in March. I don't teach men Flamenco. Only women. I also teach ballroom and there I teach a lot of men.

    Cynthia : Thank you for stopping.

    Kitty : I think it's gotta be good for the waist. I haven't measured since I've been doing it but my pants are looser. Ha

  41. Another friend gave me your blog address and so here I am--writing with great admiration for your skill with the hula hoop and also for your zest for life--as Friko mentioned.

    I'm 75 and all I do is walk about 25 minutes a day. (And some days not even that!) People like you, Manzanita, are true models for all of us as we age. Thank you.

    And those free dance lessons are a true gift, not only to your students, but to the Universe and all of us in it.