Monday, September 12, 2011

Tid Bits

I got up this morning and made a batch of fudge. (Hey, don't give me that look. I feel guilty enough.) I like fudge. Especially this one. It's made with macadamia and pine nuts, raw cacao, avocado,and agave. If Marilyn were still here, we'd do another Julia Childs.
Then I fired up the old Mac and there, on my blog, was this cute little puppy from Carol at Under The Tiki Hut. Carol writes mysteries and her short stories put prickles on my arms. I've loved mysteries all my life so it has to have a pretty good twist to add the prickles and Carol is a master at it. Thank you Carol.

There's always a catch to accepting cute little puppies. This one is easy-peasy. I have to recommend a book. I just finished reading "Kiss it Better" by Linda Kage. Most of you know I'm way past the age of young romance reading material (age 81) but I love to read the books of the writers I blog with. This is one hot book. Steam was coming from my kindle when I opened it. You had me hooked from the beginning, Linda.

Reed Walker, perfect man, perfect accountant, perfect lover, harbored a dark secret and I wasn't going to put the kindle down until I found out what it was. Linda's writing really pulls the reader in. The love scenes would make the average old lady blush, but hey, I have a memory. :) I recommend this well written book.

I'm going to pass this cute little puppy to 2 of my male bloggie friends.

Chuck at Apocalypse Now

Al at Penwasser Place

Visit two fun guys. You never know what to expect when you do. :)


  1. It is a seriously CUTE puppy!! Yay!!!

    Take care

  2. Hi Manzanita .. might come and stay at your house .. if I get fudge for breakfast! Sounds delicious .. and the puppy - we fun to have around .. cheers Hilary

  3. Manzanita, thanks for the recommendations.
    Thing is, steamy? What's that?

  4. Congratulations on the award. Well deserved.

  5. You hooked me and reeled me right in when you said FUDGE!! I bet it tasted wonderful.

    Congratulations on your award!! You have the best blog!!!

    I stopped by Carols blog and said hello and told her I am stopping over from here. Now I am going to go check out your guys!

  6. Congrats on your award! How cute is that? Great to have discovered your blog! new follower here:)

  7. That is one cute award. And I'd like that fudge recipe.

  8. that's a cute pup to open up to! and fudge? you go, girl!

  9. Congrats on the Cute Puppy Blogger award!

    I think I could live on fudge. Seriously.

  10. Love. Fudge. And one made with avocado? How can you go wrong!

    I'm glad you like the puppy :)

    And thank you for such kind words. They're much appreciated.

  11. Kitty : Perhaps when you're a cute little puppy, you don't have to be anything else.

    Hilary : You'd be welcome any time. Pack your bags and fudge every day.

    Friko : You forgot? I bet you haven't. LOL

    Delores : Hey my Northern friend. Thanks.

    Terry : You'll have to try that fudge. All done raw and in the food processor. Fast for when you're having a chocolate attack. I'll get the recipe to you.

    Creepy Query Girl : Hey, it's mighty nice to meet you. I'll be by to see you.

    Bish : I'll post that fudge recipe. So fast and with great ingredients. Gets you going in the morning. :)

    Texwisgirl : Is there more to life than a puppy and fudge???

    Liz : And I seriously agree with you.

    Karen : You wouldn't need a dust-buster with a fur ball like that on your floors. LOL

    Carol : Thought you might be a fudge-kinda gal. And I thank YOU, Carol.

  12. Manza, I love this post! Your playful, tongue-in-cheek spirit really shines through.

    Sounds to me like you should celebrate your puppy award with some excellent fudge. And a steaming Kindle.

    Oh, wait, you've already done that. :) :)

  13. Congratulations on your puppy award!

    Now you made me hungry for a piece of fudge :-)

  14. Greetings Manzanita,
    Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. A thoroughly deserved award and my goodness, what a cute dog!
    Congrats to you and those you have forwarded the award onto. Steams, I mean, seems you enjoyed that book you read :) I just finished reading a book titled, "Walter the Farting Dog"
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  15. Awwwww!! Just awwwwww!!

    Puppies, fudge, and a steamy is good! :)

  16. That fudge sounds rather nutritious to me. Yum! Long ago I worked part-time for the head of the secondary education dept. She was in her mid to late 70s and her hobby was writing romance tales like the one you described.

  17. Congratulations on your really cute Award! Love it. That fudge sounds really scrummy, so please save me some next time!!

  18. Thanks, Manzanita! You're the coolest! I'll get right on this after I go watch my daughter play tennis. Thanks again!

  19. Fudge that's GOOD FOR YOU? I may have died & gone to heaven! ( I always knew there'd be avocado in heaven.) I'm going to check out the posts you recommended now.

  20. Don't like avocado but the rest sounds great. The puppy is adorable. Puppies, children and watermelon wine, I mean fudge.

  21. Haha! It's bad enough having my glasses fog up without the kindle as well ... Congrats on the award - but you DO know what 'cute' means, don't you??!!

  22. What a cute pup! As cute as Boris, in Ayrshire, who has his own bog.
    Congratulations on the award from Carol.
    And it would so nice if you could send some of that fudge down the computer line to Bear in the Bush. I know; the technology isn't that advanced. Yet. Sigh!

  23. To ROB-BEAR--Wouldn't it be wonderful if technology was advanced enough so we could say "Manzi's fudge" & the replicator would make it instantly appear?

    AND, from the SOME PEOPLE ARE STUPID DEPARTMENT--several years ago the Smithsonian Museum had a "yard sale" to get rid of excess things. A woman offered to buy the Enterprise (from the original Star Trek) but ONLY if the transporter was working! TRUE!

  24. Suze : Ha Ha.... Oh yes, I did that. And if I don't get it right, I'll have to practice.

    Ron : Thank you. We could have a viral fudge party.... No?.... not the same.

    Klahanie : I just realized that Penny is a Jack Russell. I love that little dog. I grew up with one. They are little pistols.

    Mellodee : Life is good. Lets think of a song for that one, :)

    Su-siee : The fudge is nutritious. It's s simple to make. Just throw the ingredients in the food processor and it's done. I've always wanted to write a "steamy" romance story before I die. :)

    This is Me : OK, we'll have a viral fudge party.

    Al : You have one of the funniest blogs. Always appreciate good humor.

    Fran : I thought the same when I first discovered this fudge.

    Anthony : That makes a great combination. It's almost like a Hollywood extravaganza. :)

    Red : Am I missing something? About the cute, I mean. II doesn't mean whimsical?

  25. Rob-Bear and Fishducky : I think you are both onto something with technology. Why can't it be possible? Next thing my avocado fudge will be down the tubes. My grandmother would flip over in her grave if she knew everyone was walking around with a telephone. I don't think she ever talked on a phone in her life.

  26. Love a good book, nice way to accept a puppy too. Have a fun day!!
    Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  27. Oh yum, fudge. I love fudge.

    Congrats on the award. Carol is such a sweetheart.

    And thank you for mentioining my story. Wow. I'm blushing.

  28. Oh my goodness! lol I love your review of Linda's book! Too funny. :-) I followed your link from her blog. :-)

  29. Fudge is the best! And congratulations on your blog award. That is one cute puppy.

  30. You're a flamenco dancer; I'm sure you are no stranger to steam. :-)

  31. What a cute puppy. But you are right; there is always a catch of some sort.

    I will have to put this book on TBR list! Always delighted to get book recommendations from my blogging friends.

  32. I'm glad you have a good memory. I assume that means you weren't blushing? I love this sentence: her short stories put prickles on my arm.

  33. Thanks Manzanita! That picture is too cute. It'll be up on the blog soon. Take care!

  34. Miriam : The days are just too beautiful so we must make every day wonderful.

    Linda : Thank you. I really enjoyed your story. You are a great writer.

    Jessica : Thank you for stopping by. It is a pleasure to meet you.

    Cynthia : Fudge is such a comfort food. Especially this fudge because it also has good nutrition.

    K. C. : I guess sooo. We Flamenco mamas are one "hot" item. Thanks for remembering.

    Ann : I like to try to read blogging friends books, too. I a little behind right now. My kindle is fat. :)

    Angela : Not me. I wasn't blushing. I was enjoying the scenes...Ha.

    Chuck : Oh good, you got it. See you later.

  35. Haha - I was always told 'cute' means 'ugly, but interesting'!!!! Not necessarily true ...

  36. I adore fudge
    and the pup is adorable!

    Have a good weekend Manzanita.

  37. Omgosh..I had to laugh at your comment about the are so right!...the only time I feel invisible is when I am with Sarah or my other beautiful time Sarah and I were at the paint counter buying paint for HER house and the paint guy absolutely positively completely acted like I was not even there!!...and I was the one paying for the I am in pretty good shape for an old(er) lady...right then and there I decided to "pass the torch"...and never looked back...