Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Evening Thoughts

Dear Bloggy Friends:

Do you use POST OPTIONS when posting on your blog? It's so handy. Click on it..... located on the Left bottom corner. I usually write my post at night, set the options for the next day at 2 AM and wake up to it already posted and catch followers on different time zones.
Today I had to go to a tiny town by name of Whitehall in Montana. (Sounds so British). But in truth, it doesn't even have a stop light. They did recently put in a 4-way stop. They THINK big. :)
Are you a one-book-at-a-time reader? Or do you begin 5 or 6 books and read from one to another? Would that be called multi-tasking-reading books? I start reading many books and usually drop the pitifully boring-books. I'm doing two re-reads (from ancient times and enjoying every minute). Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor and Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. History does repeat itself.
I have 2 dance classes going. East Coast Swing and Country 2-step. I had wanted to take videos at the beginning and again after 6 weeks but the students were going to smash my camera so I nixed it. Mob rule. :) I had to teach myself the 2-step from a tape so I can teach the man's part. Both classes are progressing but no Fred and Ginger at this point.
Are you betting people? Let's see your money. I bet that no one can watch this video and NOT get the tune stuck in their brain all day.
That's all that is on my brain. Adios Bloggy People.


  1. I use the options. I have some things posted for weeks ahead and once did a whole week's worth when I knew I'd not have internet access for a few days.

  2. I'm never organised enough to post ahead but maybe it's something I should be aspiring to. I do have more than one book on the go at any one time and I never stick with boring ones. Life's definitely too short for that. I've just started to read Wolf Hall so that should keep me going for a while.

  3. I haven't used the options yet. I do save in draft to pick up later once in a while.
    I'm a one book at a time gal. I try not to have one on the go too too often because hubby gets a little uptight. He says I spend enough time locked away on the computer without also losing myself in a book.

  4. i preschedule almost all of my posts. never know when the internet service in rural america will act up yet again...

    love the 'mob rule'... :)

  5. It's a lovely option, indeed, though I use it not so often. Usually, I save in drafts and then post one by one:)
    Hehee, I may read up to 4 books at a time:D And it depends on my mood or a captivation level of a plot to choose one book or another.
    But, sometimes, I may swallow up the whole book at one go:)

  6. One of the options I included on my blog was "Take Nap."
    It's very refreshing, but I can never find time to write, though.

  7. Hi there. Yes, I use that Post Options 90% of the time. I write my posts when convenient to me, then have them posted the next day at 6 a.m. British time. By the time I'm up and showered, there are usually several comments already there for me! I only ever read one book at a time. My little peanut brain couldn't cope with two stories at a time. Hee Hee!

  8. How on earth does the guy do that whistling sound?!?!?!?! Awwww love the little girl singing her heart out!!

    Have a great weekend Manzanita! Hope you get your Fred n Ginger soon!! Take care

  9. Manzi: I never thought about it. I read so much that I probably have a book going at every station in my house.

  10. Yeah, I use the post options all the time. Makes life a lot easier. Oooh, you're reading "Forever Amber." I read that many many years ago, and really liked it.

  11. AJ : That is really a handy feature. I only discovered it when we did the A-Z challenge.

    Rosalind : I'll have to look up Wolf Hall. I don't think I would have made it through the A-Z last April if I didn't post ahead.

    Delores : A lot of the features are so handy but my non-techiness is learning how to use them.

    Texwisgirl : Oh my goodness. Never thought about that. I'm always lost when I can't get internet. (Help !)

    Zara : a girl after my own heart. An erratic book reader. All or one. Me too

    Al : Then we need one more feature.... something like "robotic writer." (for the napper)

  12. This is me : Weeee you're on the grand road to organization. I can see how the 90% use would be a time saver.

    Kitty : Isn't that odd? He doesn't even pucker up like a normal whistler. Yes, that little girl really belted it out. :)

    JJ : A book in every station. Sounds exactly like my house. :)

    Susan : And we need our life to be easier. I agree on that. I'm loving every word of Forever Amber. That is such a good book. Long...746 pages to be exact.

  13. How cute she is singing.... Is she someone you know? So adoreable!

  14. Ah, forgotten to say:) Yes, I did watch the vid)), cool song and the girl is simply adorable!
    Btw, you've got me intrigued about the 746 pages of seems-to-be-a-delightful reading! Bookmarking...Love huge books:D

  15. Dear Manzanita, When I first started blogging, back in May of this year, I always used that option and posted a day or two ahead. But now that I read so many blogs and comment on them, I have less time. So I'm writing and posting as soon as I've managed to get a story told.

    Thank you so very much for introducing this wonderful video. That little girl sang her heart out and the young man cherished her all the way through. Beautiful.


  16. That's a powerful voice in that little girl. :-)

    As to the other questions, the answers would be: 'sometimes' and 'it depends'. :-)

  17. I use the options just in case I sleep in.
    One book at a time but have been known to quit one in mid stream if it is boring.
    I don't dare watch the video. I am very susceptible. I still have Bony Fingers in my head. Yuck.

  18. I use the post options mostly for my sunday selctions. Other times I use it if I have a lot of idea in my head that I want to get down before I forget them, sometimes when my internet connection is very slow, I wish I'd used it to post a weeks worth of stuff.
    I used to read a few books at a time, now I just do one.

  19. Holy Moly, I HAVE BEEN TO WHITEHALL Montana. I've pretty much been everywhere in Montana.

    I only read one book at a time...and then when I am finished, I have to wait a day before starting a new one....kinda like the end of a relationship, needs some respect before diving into another one (tee,hee)

    I love that you still teach dance lessons. I can barely do the Bunny Hop

  20. Comin' Home -- how perfect was that!!! It's got me smiling anyway, big.

    I guess I'm a come what may sorta girl, I really don't care what time the dang thing publishes.

  21. Thanks for the options tip. Re: books--5 or 6 at a time and go back and forth. This is made easy w/ Nook :) Re: the tune--didn't want to get a tune stuck in my head (there's too much scattered around in there already ;) -- so I didn't watch it.
    Fun post! :)

  22. I have something similar to Options on WordPress, which I use to postdate blog entries. Very convenient.

    As for books, I tend to read one at a time, but if I find something more interesting, I'll stop the 1st book and read the 2nd til the end. Then I'll return to the 1st book.

  23. Well, you've given us lot to think about, Ms. Manzanita:.
    F'rinstance; it's NOT "mob rule." It's "direct, democratic, decision-making." Once your catch on to that, you'll understand Occupy Wall Street. Then what will become of you?
    One book at a time, but sometimes I forget the first book and start a second, which I'll forget too, and, well, so I have several on the go, but that I'm not always reading. Yeah; I get confused too. Sorta like Johnny Cash and his song about "One Piece at a Time."
    OH, and I post when I feel like it. Which is usually in the dark on the moon. When I wake up, some truly bright and thoughtful people will have made witty and creative comments. Sometimes.

  24. I'm not often that organised ... and us Aussies are betting MANIACS!!! Sadly, there'd be no takers on YOUR bet ...

  25. What a wonderful little song that was, Manzanita! Did you see her stiffle a yawn towards the end?...:)JP

  26. I tried it once but dumb blogger didn't post it, so figured what the heck, been meaning to try it again though, would make things easier with all the time zones, blog hopped your way too!

  27. I post when the mood hits. I'm definitely a one book person. However, I can't read on the sofa in the afternoon when the sun's shining and there's a breeze - just can't keep my eyes open, regardless of how great the book is.

    Love little towns without a traffic light!

  28. Great tip for the post options! I also never noticed it before. I really love the video! The little girl is adorable, and it is amazing how he is able to whistle so well without puckering his lips! Thanks Manzie!

  29. Terry, No, I don't know her. They were just on YT. She's got a big talent ahead of her. Most powerful little singer I've heard. And such a personality.

    Zara : This is historical fiction. Takes place about 1660 in England when Charles 2 was returning to power. The writing is superb and I wish I could read straight through but 746 pages ???? It follows history but has a romantic story, is bawdy and lustful and has great appeal to me. I bet you'd like it too.

    Dee : You can't help but be fascinated with this little girl. And such a huge personality but so sincere.

    KC : I love answers "sometimes" and "depends." I bet you're a great poker player. Ha.... :)

    Patti : It seems that most people have no problem tossing away a boring book. I have to clean out my kindle and eliminate some of the boring unfinished books.

    River : I'm always late to the party. I only found out about the post option little over a year ago. I could have used it sooner.

    Wendy : YOU'VE been to Whitehall. Not much there. In fact there's nothing there.

    Only take you a day to get over a relationship? I should have taken lessons from you when I was younger :)

  30. Rubye Jack : I like that. You are a take it as it comes kind of gal. :)

    Elizabeth : Guess I don't know what Nook is. Will have to find out.

    Gigi : I have a WP blog too (on health) but never the twain shall meet. I'm not in the least bit techie so I've had trouble with WP. I don't know about that option. Have to find out. Thanks.

    Rob-Bear : What will become of me? Oh, I'll probably become president.
    You gotta have a multi-task mind. I have a book going in every room in the house. Ha ....I like it that you post on the Moon. Thanks for the comment.

    Red : OMG .... Betting maniacs!!! I knew you were a gal after my own heart. :)

    A Quiet Corner : I noticed that little yawn. All that singing emotion "plumb tuckered her out." So adorable.

    Kitty : Posting when the mood hits. Hurray... I do too but the option post has been a life saver a few times. No electric stop lights.... yay.

    Empty Nester : That whistling is so hauntingly melodic too. Wouldn't it be neat to be able to do that/

  31. I write and schedule posts a week ahead. Love doing that.

    Yay for the Two Step!

    Cute video :)

  32. That video is so sweet!

    I pre-write a lot of my posts so I use options A LOT!

  33. Loved the video.
    Don't use options, but will check it out.
    Read more than one (but less than four) books at a time.
    I want to take one of your dance classes!!!

    xoxoxo, cd

  34. Yes, the posting option is extrememly handy! Use it all the time!

    There's a Whitehall down the road from me. And it's nothing like the one by you or the original one in Great Britain. Can you say "Small Town Low Lives?"

    I took square dancing once when I was about 13. A bunch of us neighborhood kids signed up and it turned out to be quite a hoot. I can't dance to save my life. I do have rhythm though, just not in my feet.

    I would have loved to have seen a video! But I can understand the kids getting all upset and threatening to smash the camera. I mean no one wants to end up on YouTube.

  35. I've heard that those options exist, but really???? Maybe one day. I got stuck in that You Tube loop with the amazing child singing all those words. I couldn't get enough.

  36. Really cool video. I think the bet should have been I bet you can't stop at just watching the one video. I watched several :)