Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Respect

Today is my Grandmother's birthday (no, don't wish her B/Day greetings, as she's been dead for many years). But she raised me and I was thinking of how much I respected and honored her. Even when I was a young smart-ass who thought I knew it all, I allowed her the wisdom she had gathered in her many years.

The man on the L is Len Goodman, one of the judges of Dancing With the Stars. Here comes the tie in of respect and age. Len is 67 and has danced ballroom in England (the source of ballroom) since he was 19. Len is a purist in the dance world. He's fair, honest and an encyclopedia of dance. I've always respected Len for his knowledge and fairness in judging.

Anyone who has watched DWTS is aware that the show is part talent and part popularity contest. The 3 judges are all professionals BUT a no-talent dancer who has fans, can stay in the show by phone-in votes. It doesn't seem fair to contestants with talent, but Hey, it's the rules of the show and the audience loves it. That's entertainment!


Last night, professional teacher/dancer, Makim Chmerkovskly, lost it completely after hearing Len's comments on his dance partner and told Len he was too old to be judging. Then, with an egotistical, narcissistic attitude he said the show was "his." This maniacal statement brought gasps from the professionals because if Maks was all that astute about ballroom dance, he would recognize that his partner has minimal talent and it would take years of study to put her on any kind of professional level. BUT, someone with her limited talent could actually win if she had enough fans who called in.

Then Lacey Schwimmer, another teacher/professional announced to the press that the judges were making personal remarks about her dance partner, Chaz Bono. Very untrue. In fact, they were extremely kind to him.

Oh Dear, such disruptions in the paradise of dance is distressing. Or yea...... ME of little faith, perhaps it's all staged for the absorbed like me to further spread the word. And again, maybe it's not. Maybe it's just lack of respect.

I'm glad I gave my Grandmother the respect due her AND she was a pretty dang good dancer too.


  1. 'Len is a purist in the dance world. He's fair, honest and an encyclopedia of dance.'

    I like this. I don't watch the show, or know anything about ballroom dancing, but the idea of a 67-year-old doing anything since he was 19 with a purist attitude toward it engages, and holds, my imagination.

  2. The BBC's Strictly Come Dancing (from whence DWTS derived from) went in for a bit of shtick for replacing professional choreographer Arlene Bird with a much younger singer celeb who won the contest. I stopped watching the show then. :-)

    Take care

  3. I don't watch DWTS but hubby and I like "So You Think You Can Dance". Again, there is voting to get audience participation. Quite often our favs win. Another good one is the American Idol, Canada's Got Talent, Britian's Got Talent. Those competitions are wildly popular. Reality TV.....

  4. If this show is a true contest based on abilities and talents, phone in votes should not be allowed. Armchair judges who know nothing about dance? Who vote purely because they loved the music or the costumes? Not on.

  5. Hi Manzanita - we have Len over here as Kitty mentions .. I occasionally watch. Love that you respect your grandmother so much - you're probably still learning from her values .. and utilising them in your own life: in fact you are here! Cheers Hilary

  6. Hi drama, indeed. Sorry I haven't been watching it this year. Max's ego is just ridiculous.

  7. I watch the show now and then, and wouldn't be the least surprised if it wasn't all choreographed for ratings effect. Nothing is left to chance on these shows. It's amazing what will be done to draw in viewers.

    It sounds like you had a very nice grandmother, and she did a fine job of raising you.

  8. Well at least he apologized for that "MY" show thing last night..too little too late if you ask me. By now, if he doesn't understand how the show works or doesn't like it, he should get the heck out of there. On the other hand, he oould have been paid good money to create a little drama the other night. y' think?????

  9. Your Grandmother raised a very kind, caring woman with a lot of wisdom of her own.

    As for Dancing With The Stars, I stopped watching it a long time ago, so I can't really comment on it.

  10. I don't watch the show but the lack of respect this man showed as you stated is truly appalling. And it makes him look bad, not the judge.

  11. Yes, I saw that confrontation on TV news, but I don't watch much TV these days. When I do, it's mostly news and sports. I prefer to read.

  12. I don't watch this program. I watch American Idol. I've seen this same, lack of respect, on this show too. Some no name,untalented contestant makes some comment to these highly successful judges...they are normally voted off rather quickly.

  13. Like a lot of your followers, I don'y watch DWTS, either. I DID enjoy your flamenco videos!!!

  14. I apologize for this post. Upon re-reading, It sounds silly and trite. Thank you dear friends for being so loyal.
    Suze : Thank you. What you say makes narcissists look like jerks.I whole heartedly agree.

    Kitty : I didn't know DWTS was a copy-cat from the British. Thanks for the information.

    Rosemary : American Idol seems to be another popular dancing show. DWTS is the only one I ever got hooked on.

    River : I totally agree with you. I think I've had enough, too.

    Hilary : I feel my days (nights) of watching DWTS is waning.

    Karen : It's now looking more staged and from a script every day.

    Delores : Yes, I feel it's more and more following a script now.

    Terry : Thanks for the nice words. I appreciate them.

    Gigi : Reading is by far the best. I'm returning to Forever Amber...749 pages.

    Turquoisemoon : Thanks for being so loyal. I appreciate it. Love and peace.

  15. I am a HUGE DWTS fan...and I was appalled by Maks's remarks to Len, and his calling the show "his". I lost a LOT of respect for him and I'm not sure I will ever get it back, no matter how fantastic a dancer he is!

    On the other hand, I was a bit
    offended by the "little penguin" remarks made to Chaz. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of his at all, but I feel that no one deserves to be belittled, and this was the third week such a comment has been made, and it's getting old.

    I am through with my rant for the day.

    Love you!
    xoxoxo, cd

  16. I love DWTS and am a huge fan of Maks'... This and America's Got Talent are the only two 'reality' shows I watch.

    I love watching the pros take folk who really can't dance and transform them. This is part of the magic, to me.

    When a judge belittles one of these 'celebrities', I don't like it. I will grab the remote. These people work really hard --- they like to entertain and this is what the show is about.

    To say that was Hope's worst dance is one thing but the way Len said it -- his lack of respect tone for her was not pleasant to watch. She is not a good dancer but she gave a lot of effort.

    He said her boots and dress and on and on... she had been told she wasn't sexy enough and really personal statements that needn't be critiqued. Critique the dance and move along.

    The celebrities know they will be critiqued but my goodness... the judges can be brutal and very disrespectful.

    I don't know why anyone would want to go on the show and be criticized that way.

    I do believe Maks should have said something after the show as Chaz did but I understand where he was coming from. He's a passionate person.

    Don't apologize for this post, Manzanita! I like to read others' opinions on current issues.

    It's relevant to how our society treats each other, I think so. The sides people will take is also very interesting. The justifications and rationalizations that we use to explain behavior.

    lol - Maks' Dad was on GMA this morning and said he should apologize to Len... Maks says no way

    I think it's interesting. ;)

  17. I hear what you are saying. Len G. is a brilliant dancer and an astute judge. Maks is a great dancer, but obnoxious to the max.
    I don't like Chas Bono but they did disparage his corpulence with "penquin" "Ewok"(?) and stuff like that.
    I love ballroom dance, especially Tango and quickstep but sometimes the judges divert from judging to criticism.
    I cannot stand two people on "So you think you can dance" the host(ess) and that screamin Murphy. But they have had some terrific dancers there.