Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Montana High

This picture was snapped yesterday on my walk.

It was one of my Montana High days. I have them often. It's unexplainable but I'll try. A feeling wells up inside of me and I love everyone and everything. It must show because I can feel this love radiate from everyone I meet. It feels as if a mutual ethereal love bounces back and forth.

No coffee, no drugs (don't think I've ever taken a prescription in my life), no bi-polar and just because I make the "gooseberry" I don't drink it. :)

I try to walk on earth (never cement) and far from auto exhaust. I don't need to be walking to feel this but I have the time to analyze my feelings while walking. I've heard the expression "Runner's High." Is that what I experience? (although I'm not actually running?) I've read endorphins are released in the brain and it feels like a shot of morphine. Let me say, this is not a new feeling but I've become more aware of it lately.

Bloggy friends.... any ideas? Do you experience this sensational, loving feeling too? Jeepers, if everyone felt this, there WOULD be world peace.


  1. i do, absolutely, have times like these. i feel almost outside myself and can feel my soul radiating outward and getting other souls' shine in return. i wish it would last all day, but most times, it's only a few hours...

  2. A blip of light in the universe. String enough of us together and the planet would light up like a christmas tree.

  3. Wonderful, Manzanita! I am so happy for you! Wish I could say the same for me...

  4. Beautiful image. I get these bursts of happiness that are similar and I have longer periods where I feel like all is right with the world, that sense of love for everyone and I feel it in return. There seems to be a "place" where, if we align our thoughts and feelings with it, it creates this sense of connection with everyone and everything. It feels really good. :) I'm so glad you've been experiencing this. What a beautiful place you live in.

  5. I think it would change the direction our planet is going if our world leaders experienced your "Montana Highs".

  6. Manza, this is an amazing post. I think 'Montana High' is a very apt name for what you are experiencing. Funny you should write about this because I have been ruminating on the many avenues through which we can channel that which is greater through our comparatively pea-sized filters (the brain.)

    This is just my theory, but here you have it:

    What you experience as you walk on the earth which results in, to put it straightforwardly, a sense of oneness and love, is a leaping out of the confines of our individual experience mitigated by our brains and into the underlying, pervasive structure whose negation is the source of all of our yearning.

    More, if you wish.


  7. I've felt it a few times but unfortunately stress, fatigue and bad eating habits ruin my Montana Highs for me. Yes, I know, I do it to myself. I think it's a combination of inner peace, good health and being out with nature, which has such a cleansing power. I know that unless I start my walks again, I won't be feeling any highs. Sometimes I have the feeling when I've had a really good nap, too.

  8. Me too... Especially in a crisp, fall day. I feel an amazing connection with nature. I love the smell of fall.

    Even if it is just for a second - it rejuvenates me - a little break from the chaos.
    What I was trying to achieve here:

    Happy you get to enjoy life!

  9. Awwwww - what a glorious feeling to have!!! One of these days I hope to experience this too! Yay! Take care

  10. I had a feeling like this yesterday. I was sitting outside reading in the fresh air and felt like I was at peace with the world.

    You explained it perfectly!

  11. Yelp, I experience the high mostly when about 30 minutes into a hike out in nature. I usually belt out some song such as "This land is my land...." throughout the rest of the walk. Movement and nature does it for me! And, for me it is best when I'm alone. I think I get distracted from what's real when walking with someone else.

  12. Hi Manzanita. Firstly, I can't believe that you haven't ever taken any prescription drugs. Gosh, you must be very healthy. How wonderful. Yes, I have had this feeling - usually when I'm walking by the sea. It really is something very special.

  13. A shot of endorphins all around! How beautiful, and how uplifting. Delores said it well.

  14. Your photo triggered many memories of my Montana High days when I lived there years ago. Hard NOT to have days like that in such beautiful surroundings. I feel like that here in Oregon, too.

    But that wasn't really your point, I think. We can have these feelings anywhere, sometimes triggered by our "inner" scenery, by art, by people, by anything. Those moments when we are full to bursting with ... oh what words to use? I think you described it best!

    I loved this post!

  15. TexWisGirl : I knew you shared these feelings the way you work with nature and your photography. Isn't Delores a stitch? Stringing us all together to make brighter light.

    Delores : What a girl you are !!! You always can come up with just the right amazing comment. We'd even bring back Christmas.

    Gigi : I can see your happy appreciation of the esoteric on your blog.

    Teresa : You are a kindred soul. I believe so many people are lonely because they haven't reincarnated with anyone from their soul family. You are obviously surrounded by members of your soul family.

    Fishducky : WOW .... Leave it to Fran to come up with the grand ideas. The world would be like one big ashram. :)

    Suze : You are amazing. I don't have the vocabulary or the philosophically intelligent reasoning to analyze like you do. But I enjoy reading yours. More please.

  16. Karen : I'm so glad that you too, experience this soul-level happiness. You brought up another important point i.e. good health and nutrition. You can't feel the benefits if you have blockages in the meridian lines. Thanks for your input.

    Creative Chaos : Fall must be "the time." Perhaps there are more negative ions during the autumn season. It was raining when I walked this morning and that was awesome to walk in the rain. When I finished, I was dripping wet but in another state of consciousness. Autumn is delicious.

    Kitty : I think you have it innately. You have such a kind heart.

    Terry : Isn't that the most terrific feeling? It's love in it's pure form. I'm so happy for you.

    Rubye Jack : This is neat. I love it that you "belt out a song." I do too and get a few weird looks. I understand that you welcome walking alone. Me too. I love to acknowledge people along the path but I always walk alone.

  17. Beautiful! You can't get that in Philadelphia (unless you count the landfills).

  18. Yep, I have times like this and thank you, Manzi, for articulating what I've felt. The other evening I heard on the national news that walking on grass lifts one's endorphins. Nature's natural high awaits. Yes, if more of us walked on grass the world would be a better place. I understand that these are hard economic times for many, but if more of those-whoo-could squished their toes in the dirt, I think a positive attitude would turn much around. I wish, I pray, I hope for smiles.

  19. Thisisme : The sea gives off negative ions and that alone makes for a wonderful feeling. It isn't that I've never been sick, that I don't take drugs, I do homeopathic medicine and not allopathic. But I haven't had a cold or flu in years and years. I can't honestly remember.

    Susan : Yes, it sounds like, set em up, Joe. Cute.

    Galen : Wondering where you lived in Montana etc. Some day you'll have to write a post on those days, or have you?

    Al : I didn't know you lived in Philadelphia. I have never known anyone who lived there except the liberty bell. Or am I wrong again?

    Kitty : Like kids are always barefoot on the grass. Most little kids I know don't wear shoes all summer. My kids used to get such thick callous on the bottom of their feet that they could barely get shoes on when school began in the fall.

  20. Yes, I've felt like this many times before. To me, it's a sense of inner peace and an acceptance of my itty bitty place in the world's big picture. Contentment. Joy. And you're right; I think that inward feeling must manifest itself on the outside, too, because everyone seems to smile and respond positively.

  21. Find a way to bottle that please. Our shaky world needs a boost.
    I often get that feeling in my hammock on a cool day. Kind of the lazy way to feel euphoric but works for me.

  22. Apparently I must now vacation in Montana and experience this feeling for myself. Sounds great!

  23. OOh yes! I get that high...sometimes walking, sometimes just sitting on my deck. Always, at least once, while in the mountains. I've never gotten it while with other people. I'm alone with my thoughts when it happens. Great Post!!!

  24. I think it's the air out there.
    I think I experienced it when we visited Big Sky Country this summer. The Aspen grove near our campground took my breath away--and it wasn't even in fall colors.
    It's such beautiful country.
    I think it's just God showing us some love through creation.

  25. I do have the feeling...but I don't have to be running necessarily. I felt it last night when I sitting on my porch by myself watching the full moon come up over the mountains...everything was just perfect and I thought to myself "What else is there"?...I think it is called inner peace...all is right with the world at that moment...

  26. Oh I LOVE this post!!! Yes, I do feel this when I'm outside especially and just enjoying nature around me. Laughing with my granddaughter does it for me too! I'm so glad you had such a happy day.

  27. I get that feeling sometimes, too. Mine usually come when I'm really busy and everything is clicking along without a glitch. It's a great feeling :)

  28. I get that when I'm by the sea. And particularly what I consider to be my home town.
    I sort of get it in the countryside, specially near standing stones. But I understand totally what you mean. (I never run - so I don't know if that's the same.) :)

  29. Yep, dear Manzi, I get that feeling now and then. It just happens. Sometimes it comes after having had a decent pedal on my bike; sometimes after having written something good; sometimes as I'm drying dishes, while the husband rinses and the mama sits by the window reading the paper.

    Is snow normally there around this time? The Sierras had a good dusting last week.

  30. I have those wonderful feelings often Manzanita - I just love life.

    Walking barefoot on grass, a fresh breeze that takes your breath away with the beauty of itself, watching the waves ebb and flow and so on an so on for ever!

    These wonderful feelings tend to make me inhale a deep breath and my chest is full of something undescribably wonderful and I can feel my lips curl up into a happy smile.

    I haven't given these feelings a name - I will have to think of one!

    Anna :o]

  31. I know this feeling!!
    I have it too, mostly on my days off, but sometimes I feel this way even when I'm at work. I have no idea what causes it, but there are days when I wake up and everything is just so calm, so perfect. I love those days. I have them fairly often.

  32. I call this Mother Nature curing my ills. And yes it could bring world peace. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  33. YOU took that beautiful picture? Wow, it's beautiful. I feel like I'm on the edge of walking on earth and cement. I live out in the country where my house is surrounded by a corn field across the dirt road from a cow pasture. But every day, I drive into town to work, where everything is asphalt and city-ish.

  34. Dear Manzanita, Montana High or Rocky Mountain High or Walker's, Hiker's, Singer's high--I think they are all the same thing. People used to call these moments, in which we are One with the Universe, mystical experiences or transcendent experiences.

    But whatever we call them they are a call to union with all of nature and with one another.

    The energy and Oneness of All flows through us and we know that "All shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be exceedingly well." Julian of Norwich said this centuries ago and you just experienced that, Manzanita.

    You experienced this just as those who have commented have experienced this peace that spans the spaces between us.

    Thank you for sharing your peace.

  35. Hi Manzanita .. please bottle it - as Arkansas Patty said .. the world needs something to happen .. a cocoon of enveloping Manzanita will do very nicely thank you ... cheers Hilary

  36. My dear friend, I do indeed, have a similar experience to the one you so described.
    To immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, to be a part of the natural symphony, feels me with a sense of well being and a better world for you, for me, for all of us.
    In peace, Gary

  37. Dear Bloggy Friends.... I am really excited over your comments. It appears we all, at times, feel this oneness with nature, with God, whatever we call it. We are all connected and a part of each other. What a beautiful starting place to begin spreading our love.

    Susan : How exciting. This is exactly the feeling and reaction I was talking about.

    Patti : I can fully understand this feeling in your hammock. You might be in a meditative state. I used to feel that too, when I used to do tai chi, which is a moving meditation.

    Chuck : I think you'd like to vacation in Montana but I also think this feeling is everywhere. It's love.

    Turquoisemoon : You are so open to universal love and you radiate it, even in your writing.

  38. AJ : The sea is a wonderful source of negative ions and an especially welcoming spot to experience universal love. I'm happy for you.

    Big D : I'm so happy you enjoyed that Montana trip. The rustling of the aspen is like taking an aspirin. It's so calming. The Indians used to lie down in an aspen grove when they had a headache.

    Ain't for city gals : what a lovely description. It's interesting but most people (including me) describe this love feeling when we are alone.

    Kay : What a sweet comment. How lucky you are to be able to spend time with your granddaughter and what loving moments our grandkids bring to us.

    Carol : You sweeie. And you really know how to make things "click" along without a glich. Scorpio is go good at that.

    Su-sieee : How sweet that you have this love and peaceful feeling with your family. You paint a beautiful picture of it.
    The snow appeared on the upper elevation about a week ago. I love the looks of the mountains right now, when it's still warm but we can look at the snow on the peaks.

  39. Anna : I thought you have your vivid moments of deep universal love because you are able to express it so well in poetry and your writing. That is such a fantastic gift.

    River : I can see how a busy work day isn't always conducive to relaxing thoughts and how you can feel this better on a day off. Your nature is looking for or having peace. Look at your header picture of a river and your blog name. :)

    Jules : What a swig of good medicine that is, huh? I never realized how addictive jut plain old ordinary walking is. I now "need my fix" of walking or my day isn't complete.

    Linda : What a wise choice you made for your house location. As long as you have to work in the buzz of a city, it's so rejuvenating to come home to the peace of the country. Even a cow pasture. Cows always bring me peace with their slow, deliberate cud chewing.
    RE the picture: It's taken from the place where I walk my 5 miles every day. It had gently rolling hills and is really a dog park. I walk the path (loop) twice and that is 5 miles.... I'm ready to increase it but dang, winter will cut into my walking.

    Dee : I know that we are all connected with each other and with God. It is so necessary to love one another. Thank you for the beautiful comment. I love the fact that so many bloggers have experienced this oneness and now feel free to talk about it.

    Hilary : Oh Boy, my dear, I surely would stuff it in bottles if I could. Nearly everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about so they probably have their own little "stash." :) :)

    Gary : You put that so well. I love your calling it a symphony with nature because that is exactly what it is. I rarely, if ever, felt this when I had to live in the noise and oppression of a big city.
    Thank you my friend.

  40. Wow! Great Shot! The only thing I see on my morning walks are houses, cars and barking dogs!

    Have a nice day Manza. And thanks for your recent comment on my blog :-)

  41. A good walk produces endorphins; they have a lot to do with feeling good and feeling good produces kindness and love.

    We should all walk more often, preferably in good, clean air.

  42. Manzi, my apologies for not thanking you for your lovely comment about my latest photo. Hub took it this past summer when we were in a small village in Austria. The Little Girl on me couldn't resist a swing in a park.

  43. There's a park near my home where the trees, the water fall and geese lift all that is negative from my being. When I return home I can take on the world.

  44. Visiting from the Blogfest.

    I'll give ye another visit over the weekend to check out yer post.

  45. I think we all feel like this sometimes. But the trick for world peace would be to all feel like this simultaneously!!

  46. I would subscribe your every word, as I feel this often, too! Like attracts like;), and, I believe, that is the way we create our realities..!
    Your post also remembered me a wonderful The Holy Man movie starring Eddie Murphy! I think I need to watch it again!:)