Friday, December 28, 2012

Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a

Brush-a    Brush-a    Brush-a  New Ipana 
A jingle from a commercial during the 50's. Ipana was a leading toothpaste. It's still being made but mostly sold in other countries. I've rarely used toothpaste in my life. Don't withdraw in shock and give me that look.  I still have all my teeth.  Do you?

If I feel the need to use toothpaste with a regular brush, I use Vicco, made in India. It's rather brackish looking and lacks the added incentive of a sweet taste, in other words it tastes like crap, but it does the job. 

But mostly I just use a Peelu Miswak, a twig from a Salvadora Persica tree.  It's a natural toothbrush in Middle Eastern countries. The ones I use come from Pakistan.  When you get it,  it's a moist twig and comes in that long plastic in the photo. One tears away a short portion of the bark and you can moisten in your mouth and kind of form the bristles with your teeth. Very effective for removing plaque.

Here's some boring info.... the salvadora persica extract is comparable to oral disinfectants and anti-plaque agents..... as in triclosan and chlorhexidine. The twig gives a mild protection to your teeth.
(I'm not connected with the above products in any way nor am I trying to sell them.... just trying to think of something interesting to post on.  Ha ha ha ha)
Below is a short funny commercial video of Bucky Beaver and Ipana during the 50's. Listen, they are really touting that poison fluoride back then. The same dumb-down toxic waste Hitler used in drinking water in camps for control and the same ....(I was going to use a-not-so-nice word but since I'm a Lady, I won't)  ah er stuff they put in all our drinking water now.  Adios Amigos



  1. My great grandmother dipped snuff all her life and she used twigs from a blackgum tree.
    She was close to a hundred when she did and had all her teeth.

  2. What a great idea those twigs are. I'll have to look into getting some. As it is now, I can't use regular toothpastes with all the crap they have in them. Try to find a tp in any regular store that does not have some whitening or laurel sulfate in it. Even at the health stores they have lauryl sulfate. So, I order Weleda online which works really well for me. The stuff you are using sounds like it may be even better.

  3. Life 101 :WOW some good lineage. I know of another old gal, 100 who has all her teeth and all she ever used was a miswak stick. The blackgum tree must be indigenous to the south. Nothing wrong with dipping a little snuff either. My grandfather did all his life too and lived to be nearly 100. That is why spittoons were as common as horsehair blankets. ha

  4. Rubye Jack : Did you read Rick's comment? He's Life 101. He said his grandmother used a twig from the blackgum tree and I've never heard of the tree up here and Rick lives in the South.... it must be from there. Maybe it grows around you. I've never tried Weleda but maybe I should give that a try too. But I usually use the stick.

  5. You should go on the show Survivor. I always see them chewing on twigs to clean their teeth. Seriously though..... Your way is much healthier.... have you ever looked at the crap they add to toothpaste.

    I have been making my own out of coconut oil and baking soda.

  6. Terry :Your toothpaste sounds like it will whiten, too, with the baking soda. I like your idea too. The Vicco is so black and you end up with black lips. Yeah, those twig bristles last a long time. Just cut it off and start again.
    I really don't know what goes into toothpaste because I haven't used it for years and years, but I can imagine. I'm just happy with my stick.

  7. Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)
    I wish you and your sparkly choppers a Happy New Year!

  8. Never heard of that toothpaste before or of what you use, I use what is it in the store, but I'm learning there is tons of crap in them.

  9. Apparently we do have the Black Tupelo aka Black Gum tree growing right here in Norman, Oklahoma.

    I will have to find these trees. Weleda is a European country, maybe Germany, but they have a lot of hype also. Regardless, their tp does not irritate my lichen planus. I would far more trust something from the Black Gum though.

  10. Hi Manzanita,

    This was a most informative article and makes me realise I need to brush up on things. Fang you very much.

    Bucky Beaver is my latest superhero.

    Of course, I get really upset when someone squeezes the top of the toothpaste tube. I believe you should always squeeze the bottom. And yes, I'm still talking about toothpaste tubes :)

    Take care and happy brushing...


  11. This was a very interesting post. I got off the flouride years ago, when I determined it was one of the things that set off my eczema. I use a tea-tree oil brand from Australia. I'm going to try the sticks. Thanks for the tip, Manzi.

  12. HansHB : Thanks for stopping. I visited your blog and your photos are lovely. Some of the shots are breathtaking. I didn't see a comment place and maybe there was but I couldn't read it as it's mostly in Norwegian.

    Elizabeth : So you remember Bucky Beaver too. You must know the song then. That was the time my kids were little and they were always singing the brush-a song. I guess I used to sing along with them, the tune is so catchy.

  13. Pat Hatt : That is very normal, Pat. Not many people are aware of the terrible things that go into toothpaste. It's so innocent looking.... that white stuff, rolling out of a tube. And you certainly woul not think they would put anything in that is harmful. Yeah.... right. I was hooked on all the bad additives for a while when my kids were young. I grew up on all natural, before all the chemicals were used as fertilizer. At first, I thought a lot of these things were good, labor saving products. Take wheat, for example. We ate a lot of whole wheat products. No one gained weight and I never heard of gluten intolerance. But now we find that the wheat is not the same wheat. It has actually been altered from the chemicals in the soil.
    Take care

  14. Rubye : Good sleuth you are. I've heard of the tupelo tree but I'm positive they don't grow up here. Find a tree and see if you can take a couple twigs. I didn't get the bristles to come out good, at first. Now it's easy. I always carry a twig in my purse. I often brush in the car. Good luck.

  15. Klahanie: Ha ha ha ha The bottom of the tb tube.... Gotcha. A lot of people are picky about starting from the bottom. Many years ago when I used toothpaste in a tube, I think I started it from the also.

  16. I sometimes think we might have all been better off if we'd stuck to chewing twigs and not eating sugary processed foods. Then again, I know people who were raised on sugary and processed foods and they have beautiful strong teeth. I think genetics has a lot to do with it. My parents had poor teeth and so do I. My husband's family had excellent teeth and so do all of my children. My brother has very strong teeth, but his father is not my father.

  17. River: I agree with you. Genetics has an awful lot to do with it. And teeth are so important. We need them to chew, chew, chew. You are lucky your kids have good teeth too, saves a lot of money on dental bills. Ha

  18. I just wanted to drop in and say I hope you have a Happy New Year :)

  19. It's dandy for your tee-ee-eeth.

    Happy New Year, Manzi!

  20. optimistic existentialist : Thanks for stopping and I wish you a healthy and peaceful coming year.

    Hey JJ Amigo : Hope you are having a loving and beautiful holiday time with your family. See you next year.

  21. I would find it really hard to not use toothpaste. I sometimes clean my teeth about four times a day. In the UK one of the first adverts had a jingle that went 'you'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.'

  22. I have no idea why I don't get your blog updates on my posts any more! Oh dear! Never mind!! I'm here to wish you a joyous and peaceful New Year!! And what a most different way to brush one's teeth! I'm terrible - I have such a sweet tooth and will aim for the brand toothpaste with extra minty freshness... if they create a chocolate one I'd be so sold! Bad me!!

    Happy New Year!! Take care

  23. Haha! I remember the 'Brusha' ad - but only from seeing it in a scene from the movie 'Grease'!! I LOATHE toothpaste - it makes me gag - so am always looking for alternatives!!

    Happy New Year!!

  24. Rosalind : Oh yes, we had that jingle here too for Pepsodent and I recall it well. These were all on radio and I still like the radio. You don't have to sit (and grow wide while listening).... you can hear all this fun stuff while moving around and doing your work or exercise.

    Old Kitty : I just cleaned up my thingy on the side where I find the blogs I communicate with. I notice I lost a few of my favorites. Don't worry if you miss me, I'm hit and miss lately and you know I love you. :)

  25. Red : I may have seen Grease or maybe not..... at least I don't remember it. See, a generational thing. I don't like toothpaste because of the sugar and stuff they add but I guess I did use it during my first married years. When I was growing up we used salt and soda. Too poor to buy toothpaste and perhaps that was a good thing. (for our teeth)
    Cheers to you.

  26. I remember that commercial. Had no idea there were natural products like this. YOu nailed it with an interesting post.

  27. wow, thats siwak?
    from arabic?

    are you moslem?

  28. "tastes like crap, but it does the job".... sounds like a winning ad campaign some company should use

  29. Karen : I bet you sang all the words to the jingle too.

    Mohamad : No but but I like the twigs for my teeth. They better than a toothbrush.

    Along These Lines : It could be a winner for honesty. Thanks for stopping