Friday, November 20, 2015

Gleanings from an Iconoclast

Political cartoonists have a rare sense of
humor. I love em. 

I know nothing about Kentucky except that I always got
confused if Davy Crockett was from Kentucky or Tennessee.
But I'm sure it is the latter. As for Kentucky, I don't know
 the govenor's name nor anything about him either but this
morning the radio newsman said the Kentucky governor
and his wife had adopted 4 kids from Ethiopia.

Newsman went on to say the Governor wasn't pleased with
this mornings political cartoon which depicted the Governor
hiding under his desk with the caption saying, "Sir, they're
 not terrorists, they're your own adopted kids. "

Iconoclast or not, it made me laugh out loud and it wasn't
a demeaning laugh on Kentucky or it's Governor. It just struck
me funny
If it's funny captions on political cartoons that you're hankering
for, take a hop over to "Penwasser Place" Al's salacious
humor always promises a morning snicker. I guess he recently
got in a little trouble at someone's blog. I didn't see what
it was but I bet it was a good one.

Hey, I'm an old broad. I appreciate a little salacity once in a


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I would have so laughed at that cartoon. But, then again I consider myself to be irreverent. Most people would call that "smart ass."
    Yeah, those people would be right.
    Wasn't Davy Crockett from California? No, wait, that was John Wayne. I loved "The Alamo."

    1. Al
      I do love your captions. What fun and irreverence. I guess an iconoclast gravitates to other iconoclasts. John Wayne..... I bet you can't imitate John Wayne's walk. We should have a John Wayne walk contest.
      We were both writing our comments at the same time this morning. Hahahaha
      Congratulations again on a super new book.

  2. lol hey, I would have laughed at it too. Some people just need to pull the stick from their butt and get over themselves.

    1. Pat
      I couldn't have put it more directly, myself. Sometimes nothing
      else works except to come to the point and laugh at yourself.

  3. Ha, that must have been something. Greetings!

    1. Good Afternoon Blogoratti
      Sometimes life is just a bowl of cherries, as the ol song goes.

  4. "Born on a mountain top in Tennessee..."

    I laughed too, but not out-loud, that would be racist.

    1. Joeh
      I just laughed out loud when I read your comment. All the racist
      stuff is getting a little wearisome.

  5. It's funny. Period.
    It's getting to where people can't laugh anymore cause you might not be PC in doing so.

    1. Rubye
      Oh there you are. I was just wondering if you were ever coming back to blogging and it has been a very long time. I just removed your name from my blog roll and here you are. How's that for synchrony?

  6. Well, that would've made me laugh out loud too, Manzanita.

    Have a great weekend.

    P.S. You're not a broad, you're a lady. Well, in my book you are.

    1. Dear Blue Man
      I know that's meant as a compliment but if I were always a
      lady, would I enjoy the salacious humor? Maybe I'll just be a Lady in Red. If you can be blue, I can be red. If you know anyone who is white we can be a flag. LOL

    2. We need to redifine the term, is all :)

  7. I can see that tagline with any parent and their kids, especially if they're all under 7. Better yet, any waiter and a big family coming into the restaurant.

    1. Susie
      I had to laugh at your comment too. You are so right. I forgot what it was like until you mentioned that. Thanks for nudging my memory. Hahahaha

  8. Funny!! I just emailed you the cartoon.

    1. Fishducky
      That is soooo neat. How do you find things so easily? I was going to add it to the end of the post.......I dragged it to my desktop and then I didn't know what to do. I've done this before
      but now it won't work.
      Thanks......I can see where the gov. wouldn't think it's so neat.
      Actually the radio guy did a great job of exlaining it.

  9. Too bad the KY governor doesn't have a better sense of humor. Then again, he might have laughed at the cartoon behind closed doors, and then faked outrage later in the name of political correctness...

    I would have laughed at it. too. Some... maybe even most... of the political cartoons in our newspaper aren't PC, but they're FUNNY. Doesn't even matter if I agree with what they're saying. Funny is funny.(Isn't that profound???)

    1. Susan
      That is a good point I didn't think of. If anyone got that far up the political ladder, they must have had to endure plenty of jabs and slurs. But when it comes to kids we don't like to have jokes at their expense because they are so vulnerable. Perhaps he can take take the jokes against him, but his kids are off limitls.
      Damn this Libra Moon of mine. It always makes me able to see both sides of every story. But it was still funny.
      I think most comedy is built around ethnic differences. I heard a lot of stand-up's are quitting because there's nothing much they can make fun of, anymore. Too bad, in times of civil unrest, people need a great deal of humor. I gues liquor is a close second. LOL

  10. I would think it funny too.
    I figure if you are a stand for election you are putting your life on display and should have a sense of humour and roll with the punches.

    1. Merle
      I'm sure he's taken great criticism by opposition parties during
      his election but I imagine he might be sensitive over his children
      and politicians usually like to keep kids out of the limelight. But in spite we all had a good laugh. LOL

  11. Hi Manzanita - I find it sad, but then I'm a Brit and we see things slightly differently ... I do have a glimmer of smile on my lips and a brain saying 'oh dear' ... but then I don't find comics funny either ... I think I'm behind the curve so often! And not being able to be non-pc is just such a pain ... we do need to laugh ... and keep laughing - as someone said - laughter is excellent medicine for both sides - we can do it, and they find we are laughing at them. We had cartoons about Hitler during the war - it was part of the propaganda machine .. cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary
      Interesting analysis. I really have always thought of myself as an iconoclast and I think I've figured it out. I've lived astrology most of my adult life.(this statement alone, can call for a division because so many people think of astrology as fluff and puff) But people with strong Libra in their charts tend to ridicule sacred cows in their attempt to balance a situation. Libra, the scales, is always more comfortable with a great deal of balance in their life. If something is too revered, a Libra will muddy the waters a little in their zeal to balance. At least this is my conclusiobn after
      all these years of studying astroloby. LOL

  12. I think that Kentucky governor was having some difficulty differentiating between people laughing at the cartoon vs. people laughing at him (or his kids). I thought these political folks have advisers who help them to navigate these sorts of things... Because, let's face it, that is funny.

  13. Robin
    He's probably one of those real sensitive dudes but politics
    doesn't seem like the place for sensitivity.
    Oh I do too know someone from KY. Well not know personally
    but it's Rand Paul. I really like his ideas but he appears awfully timid
    to be running for president.
    Nice to see you.

  14. To each his own. Sometimes one just needs a good laugh. Everyone's humor differs, but that cartoon does sound funny.

    1. Murees
      Hope things are sailing along smoother for you. Yes, we need at least one good laugh a day. Probably better for us than that proverbial "apple." LOL

  15. I worked with someone once who had this exact kind of humor. I told him he should write for The Onion and he said he'd tried. Too bad he didn't keep trying, or they didn't take him. It was def. their loss. ;)