Monday, November 23, 2015

Where's the Nickel?

Do You Ever See Nickels Anymore?

In fact do you ever see change anymore, you know
that loose stuff in your pockets...... the jingling stuff.
They used to talk about pockets that jingle.
 I recall an old song
.....I wish I were single again
Cause when I was single
My pockets did jingle
Oh, I wish I were single again

You might also hear, "He doesn't have 2 nickels to rub
together." That always confused me. Why would you
rub 2 coins together? Rub, rub, rub.

I think that one meant they were poor....most likely it
came from the depression when everyone was poor
 but a nickel could buy a couple of carrots, a
potato and an onion for a stew. Hobo stew, it was
called could go to the nickelodeon.
Duh, guess how much it cost.

And in place of a "good-by" someone might say,
"don't take any wooden nickels."
hmmmmm  what meaning?  Maybe lookout for
scammers or don't accept a worthless token. ???
Beats me.

Restaurants and many public places that had a
rest room had nickel coin boxes outside of the
stalls. Women (in the days when there was a
division between men and women) would write
on the inside of the stalls. I recall one duezy......
Here I sit all broken hearted
Paid 5 cents and only farted

(I could never bring myself to use that word.
Proves I'm not a Lady anymore, Blue. Now
I've earned the title "Broad". )

Buffalo nickels, that's the name. There used to
be a lot of Native Americans and their symbols
on the coins.

War Nickels...... I remember the name but I had
to look this up. They were minted from 1941 to
1945 and have a large P over the building
(Monticello) on the back. Find one.

That's all I remember about nickels. Here's a useless
bit of information about the amount of silver in coins.

Dimes, quarters, half dollars or dollars, dated 1964
or earlier are 90% silver.

But half dollars dated 1965--1970 contain only
40% silver.
Don't take any wooden credit cards. Nyuk, nyuk


  1. Never heard the wooden one before, must be for snake oil salesmen and such or the reverse of that. Heard the two nickels rubbed together, who would waste time rubbing nickels? haha

    Mine are always penny for your thoughts? Like who gives a penny for a thought? Must be one dumb thought if it's only worth a penny. Or turn up like a bad penny? Pennies are bad? who knew.

    I'm done nickel and diming you to death

    1. Pat
      Now people throw pennies away. I think they throw all change away.....some people. I put my small change in a big jar and then take it to one of the counting machines and get cash. It still adds up. I recently got $130 from a huge jar of coins.
      Yes, pennies had some good ones too. Turn up like a bad penny. That one kinda makes me laugh. :)
      Nickel and diming. Does that mean..... ask for the whole enchalada in place of little dabs? Kinda like Orlin doing the whole roll of TP. Hahaha

    2. lol Orlin sure takes care of the TP

  2. When you go to the casino and use the machines (versus the cashier) to redeem your tickets... all the coins are nickels. Gah. I remember leaving Vegas with the heaviest change purse. All nickels.

    Now, when we went to the casino(s) in Ohio, the machines spewed out all manner of change. Really happy to see those quarters;)

    1. Robin
      I haven't gambled in a big casino in years when I lived in MN
      I went to the big Indian casino nearly every day and I remember how black my hands would get from the quarters. There must have been very little silver and a lot of alloy.

  3. Twice now I've needed a nickle and haven't found one in my purse! Had to use 5 pennies. Not taking a wooden nickel refers back to the depression when private companies made wooden tokens that looked like money. They were used for promotions or commemorations. (Ask me how I know... I looked it up!)

  4. Hi Manzanita ... I remember similar rhymes for pennies. I saw a wooden postcard today - never seen one before .. it was quite old.

    But money has been produced in odd ways for odd occasions or places ... we had Puffin pennies produced for use on an island off the Devon coast - where I'm writing about now - I'd better post about it! They are talking about stopping our tiny 5p pieces, or maybe it's just 1ps and 2ps ... dunno - shows you how much I take in of irrelevant information ...

    Those machines take a fair whack out of the deposited coins ... so I'm not keen on them - but I take my 1ps, 2ps and 5ps to our local hospice - that helps ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary
      A wooden postcard. That would (pun) weigh down the postman a good bit. Haha
      I've seen the puffin birds, so they got their own penny.
      I never have much use for chunk change anymore. I do carry a baggie of quarters in the car for the carwash. They advertise a carwash for $1 ....... yes, 4 quarters and that lasts about one fourth way around the car and then you keep feeding it quarters. Haha

      You do have to pay the machine for counting your money.

  5. See a coin, pick it up
    And all the day you'll have good luck.
    See a coin, let it lay
    And you'll have bad luck all the day!!

    Remember that one?

    1. Fishducky
      I don't recall that one, but I'll have to remember to pick up any stray coins on the sidewalk. I don't want bad luck all day. Yipes.

  6. We used to shop at the five and dime. Now it is the Dollar Store and most stuff is more than a buck.

    Fun post.

    1. Joeh
      Oh yes, I remember the five and dime when I was a kid. That's where I bought all my Christmas presents when I was little. That was a lot more money too. I recall I bought my mother the "Little Goose Girl" figurine when I was very young (I can't really remember buying it). That group became a real collectors item and the little goose girl ended up the most collectable and hard to find of all of them. I must have had good taste even when little, Hahahaha

  7. When my girlfriends and I were high school sophomores, we spun nickels on the lunch table in the cafeteria. We tried to see how many we could get spinning at the same time. We must've looked so lame. hahaha

    1. Susie
      Don't knock it. I tried to spin nickels once
      and I couldn[t even get them to spin. See how
      good you were at it. I'm sure the onlookers were jealout
      of you two.

  8. I remember the superstition that picking up a penny with the head up is good luck. But if the bottom of the penny is showing you must leave it on the ground to avoid bad luck

    1. John
      WOW, I'm learning all these superstitions about picking up
      money off the street. Even if I had known that one when I was young, I think I would have snapped it up. As poor as I was, to heck with the superstition I would have said. LOL But thanks for telling me. Those good old depression days.

  9. We once had halfpennies, pennies then in 1966 i think we went over to dollars and cents. We had 1 and 2 cent pieces but now they are no more, but they still use them in prices so often you see something for so many dollars and 99cents but you never get your 1cent change as they are no longer around.

    1. Merle
      I guess that 99cents on the end of something is psychologically more appealing to the human mind. It makes it sound less expensibe than the whole buck. Haha

  10. I remember the song: Put another nickel in in the nickelodeon

    1. Karen
      I bet your group can sing it beautifully, too.

  11. Dear Manzanita, you recalled to me expressions I heard while growing up. I'd forgotten most of them. What about pennies? Are there many of those expressions? I"m remembering the song "Pennies from Heaven." I always liked it, but I'd hate to be hit on the noggin with pennies falling rather than snow or rain! Peace.

    1. Dee
      I liked Pennies from heaven, too. In fact now I started singing it and it will be my song of the day (I'm afraid) Haha Especially in today's'd need buckets and buckets of them to actually buy anything. LOL

  12. Not having two nickels to rub together would mean there weren't two nickels rubbing around in your pocket. One or none, either way you were poor.
    I also put all my small change in tins, like you, but they're money box style, can't get into them without a can opener. When they are full, I open them and bag the money in those little plastic ziplock baggies the banks use, (the banks give them out if you ask), there has to be all the same coins in a certain amount per baggie. Like $10 worth of ten cent coins, or $5 worth of five cent coins. Then I take them to the bank and exchange them for folding money.

    1. River
      Oh, of course, in the poscet. I was thinking of actually rubbing 2 nickles with your hands. You have such a logical mind..... Thank you .....I took it literally.
      I've picked up those money wrappers from the banks, too but it seems of late years, I've been too busy to go through and wrap the coins. It really doesn't take that long -----sooo, I should do it again.

  13. I definitely learned something new today. Thank you for sharing. One could do so much with so little money back then. At least you could have stew:)

    1. Murees
      Yay...stew, the food of the gods. Or it is when one is hungry. Hahaha

  14. The version I learned didn't say anything about paying 5 cents. It was "came to shit, but only farted."
    But, it was on a ship, so I guess being crude was expected.

    1. Al
      That phrase was most likely archaic by the time you were born. But I can imagine some of the signs and words that were popular with a bunch of sailors. Yes, expectations from reputations.

    2. A lotta dick pictures. Which is scary since there were nothing but dudes on my first ship.

    3. Al
      Hahaha...With my poor eyesight, at first I read that as Duck pictures. You can put anything in front of me and I'll always read it wrong, anyway.....Hahaha But there was prob a lot of that going on too behind your back (of course) that you weren't aware of. When I was young, I was innocent and dumb ( I guess) When I got older and wiser (ahem) I realized how much had slipped right by me.

  15. Hi human, Manzanita,

    Talking about coining a phrase. I have been told that in the North American version of football that for every dollar you spend, you get a quarterback....

    Did you know they have a phrase over here where some human states they, "have to spend a penny"? Yes, it has something to do with humans going for a piddle.

    Have a very nice American version of Thanksgiving, my kind human friend.

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny xx

    1. Dear Penny the sparkling star
      Haha I'd like that currency..... always getting a quarter back. And you are one very smart puppy.
      I don't celebrate Thanksgiving because its just an
      American myth. What if I came to your house and said, "Oh heavens, I just discovered England.?; And then I planted my flag in your front yard. Some words in history books have to be changed. Thank you, Penny

    2. Hi human, Manzanita,

      Thanks for letting me know that Thanksgiving is an American myth. I couldn't give a crap about Thanksgiving or Christmas, for that matter. So, I get what you mean and thanks for your honesty, my human buddy!

      Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

      Penny xx

    3. It's my lovely canine friend from across some wha-wha,
      Barking out your ideas is always permitted. Thank you for not giving a crap and for the wet doggy kisses.
      We'll shake paws on that.

  16. Well, I never thought about a nickel and its history so much. All I know about nickles is that they weigh a lot less now than in the past. And the old nickles spin very well.

  17. Susan
    Haha, yes Susie, abone, was talking about spinning nickles when she was a kid. Isn't it odd the things you remember from youth?

  18. Very interesting and informative post.

    In India we had paisas. There was one paise, two paisas, five paisas, ten paisas and so on. In those days everything was cheap. I could buy sweets with one paise when I was in school. I could have a cup tea with ten paisas and so on. Now even beggars don't want these paisas. The govt. has demonetized even twenty five paisas. The paisas are now only a memory and they bring back my young days when i was carefree and ;unencumbered by the trivial things of this world.

    Best wishes

    1. Joseph
      If you run into a paisas these days, you can spend some
      delightful hours in reverie and perhaps even taste that
      luscious sweet on the tongue. Often memories fade away
      but then they can return with a blast at the oddest moments. Yes, being so carefee was the best. LOL
      The paisas is/was probably akin to our penny. There used to be an old song....."Pennies from Heaven."
      Thanks for dropping by.

  19. I remember those Indian nickels. I used to see them regularly when I was a kid, but now you're right, I never do. Same w/silver dollars and $2 bills.