Monday, November 16, 2015

Yay for Craig's List

My big old tree........gone.
Here's my tree.
You can see how
the inside is rotted
away and would
withstand very
little wind stress.

I told the tree men
to leave the cut up
pieces by the alley
and neighbors could
help themselves
to fire wood
But, I hadn't
the huge pieces
of the tree trunk. Snow may be visiting us this week and I wanted
the wood gone. Craig's list..... I'll try that. I entered an ad at 10 AM
and the wood was all gone by 2 o'clock.  The first man to call took
every scrap of wood. He came with a big trailer and 2 sons and they
had it loaded in a blink. He estimated some of the large pieces of
trunk weighed up to 300 lbs. But they brought a dolly and the
moving seemed effortless for 3 burly Montana guys.

I'm excited now because my head holds a vision for a new vegetable
garden, as I had given my old garden space to the chickens.

I'm impressed with Craig's List.  List at 10 and gone by 2 and even
on a Sunday.

Have you ever used that much-touted Craig's List?


  1. Never tried Craig's List. Guess I'm afraid of strangers coming to my house. So glad it worked for you and your problem was solved so quickly.

    1. Karen
      I know how you feel. I don't like strangers coming into my house either but with this, the wood was outside and they didn't have to come in. It was a nice man with his two kids. If I could give them some heat for the winter, it is my pleasure. I have stacks and stacks of cut wood behind my chicken coop so I didn't need it. Anyway I'd rather just turn on the thermostat for heat, it's so much easier. Haha

  2. I'm sure they saved a pretty penny on fire wood, a win win.

    My son uses Craig's list all the time with similar results.

    1. Joeh
      That wood should last them all winter. He'll have to find a hefty log splitter for the big pieces.

      I've really only heard good things about Craigs List. Yes, I've heard a few stories of scams and certain things but I never let strangers come in my house. Glad you son has had good results.

  3. haha wow, that was quick. Got it gone some slick. We have kijiji up here, same thing, has bee used by my rhyming rear. Worked out too, although not as fast as you

    1. Pat
      I never heard of yours, of course. I'd hate to have to pronounce it. LOL Glad you had good results with yours too. They sure do have a huge variety of categories. I'll use it again to get rid of some of the furniture I took out of storage.

  4. Quick, indeed!! Have never tried Craig's list, but see now it could have its benefits.

    1. Susan
      Their range of categories is vast. You can buy, sell, find a job, take lessons, pets....... anything. It was kind of a fun experience. LOL You should try it.

  5. Hi Manzanita - I've never tried Craig's List .. but that's a pretty good response and I'm glad it's been cleared away for you ...

    Good luck with the mulling as to what can replace it ... vegetable garden etc .. sounds good - cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary
      Now that the tree is gone, it will be a nice sunny spot for vegetables. I'll have some black dirt hauled in as I imagine that big tree had sucked most of the nutrients from that soil. I also have 4 compost boxes that will be ready to add to the soil. Love that gardening. Haha
      Thanks for the cheery comment and I'll have the winter to plan the new garden.

  6. Wonder what would happen if you put a used husband on Craig's List?

    1. Fishducky
      They do have a personals. He'd probabably get snapped up in four hours, too. LOL

  7. Replies
    1. Susie
      Das a lotta wood, mama. That tree must have been growing
      forever. It was old 30 years ago.

  8. Wow. That was FAST.

    No, I've never used Craig's List.

    Hahaha to fishducky's comment:)

    1. Robin
      Fishducky's a card, selling her husband on Craig's list. If he doesn't go there, there's always Ebay. LOL

      I hope you are doing well on this 17th day of November.

  9. Had my mom heard about your wood, she would've been there even sooner! (She has a thing for hoarding wood for the cold winters ahead.) I have many friends who have furnished their homes through buying on Craigslist. I'm currently trying to sell a night stand...wish me luck!

    1. Rose
      You are so beautiful. I can see it in your pictures. And such a winning smile. I'm with your mom. I have stacks and stacks of fire wood already and that is why I couldn't keep any more. I don't know what your mom's reason is but I was a depression baby and I always fear being cold and hungry again. The only thing I ever bought "new" in my life, have been mattresses or beds. I've always bought second hand furniture because the old is so much more solid and well made. I would buy old frames of sofas and chairs and have them recovered. Now I have to downsize and some of those old things are hard to let go.

      Your night stand will go like a hot cake. Lotsa luck.

  10. Well done! Nice to see things disappear quickly. I've never used Craig's List and probably never will. Anything I need gone gets taken to the local op shops.

  11. River
    Disappear quickly.......the magical words. I'm getting down to the nitty gritty in getting rid of the contents of the properties I sold and it's me who won't let go. I have some things in the garage that have to go but they are pieces of furniture with a loving memory. Dam Sam I hate to
    get attached to anything because we eventually have to let go of everything.
    I'm not familiar with op. It must be like thrift stores. We have many thrifts that put the money from donations to a wonderful use and when I was first emptying out the ranch, I hauled stuff there about every four days.

  12. Hey Manzanita,

    Thought I'd um, log in and see what your post is about. What a treemendous result. As for Craig's List, never used it but what a good idea by you.

    Nice to see you and I'm outta' here.....

    Gary :)

    1. Hi Gary
      Nice to see you. I like your new photo and I like Penny's
      too. You both are looking younger all the time. You must
      be eating the right chow.(dog chow). LOL
      See ya around

  13. Mrs. Penwasser did and she got me.
    She lodged a complaint.

    1. Al
      But they probably don't give refunds. Fishducky just
      asled if Craigs list would take a used husband.

  14. Sad when a tree dies.

    1. Merle
      That tree was REALLY old. It was old 30-some years ago but
      it had sparse leaves on it this summer. I tried to give it special
      care the past few years but I guess it was ready to give up the ghost.

  15. And poof..... it's gone. :)) Well, good for you.

  16. Blue Man
    And you didn't think I knew magic. I can make a lot of things

  17. I listed a truck once and it had about 15 calls in half an hour. Craigslist does have its advantages. :)