Friday, December 17, 2010

Awards and Another Step Beyond

Dear Bloggy Friends,
Do you ever feel like this dog? It's a long lonely road ahead, especially when the wind is blowing and the snow is snowing (like in the song) and Baby It's Cold Outside. All that weather may be true but this has been a warm week when I'm so honored to receive two blogging awards.

The Most Memorable Blogger Award was given to me by Gerry from Gerry's Soap N Stuff. It is a radiant design and graces my blog home page like a long friendship. Don't let Gerry's blog title throw you. She's more "stuff" than soap. Every time we talk, I'm amazed that one more talent pops up. Her artistry ranges from computer animation, every craft imaginable, cooking, home designing, to the one talent she's most modest about, her musical ability and piano accomplishment. Thank you Gerry. You do honor me.

I was also surprised and honored with the "Making Smiles on Faces Award" from Kittie Howard from The Block. Kitty is an exceptional writer who tells stories that grab you and draw you in. I can read Kitty and shut out everything when she transports the reader to her Louisiana heritage. She and Hub are now en route to her beloved Louisiana for the holidays. Bring back your cherished memories to share with us. Thank you Kittie.

As the pages turn and another year draws to the end, it also brings forth new birthdays. I'm shocked....I'll be eighty-one. How'd I get that old? Where did the time go? Then I look at Betty White at age eighty-eight and she's spunky but she looks like an old lady. Holy Crap.... I must look like that. I look in the mirror and I DO. But I'll tell you the secret of the old.... inside, we're still that Bodacious Babe of youth. Edgar Cayce says that when we arrive at the place where the Akashic Records are kept, we arrive in our youthful state. Oh Yeahhhh. Good-by wrinkles!!!

Then I ask my self, "Have I any regrets? What more would I do?" I guess the one thing I'd do is not stick so close to the tree trunk. I'd go still further out on the limb. So what if it breaks ....... crash and burn or survive and create. There's always that fine balance line, where you just instinctively know that if you go one step beyond, the bough breaks but just one teeny more inch or two.... that's what I'd do. Is it too late for that inch? I don't know. This year will tell cause I ain't got nuttin to lose. Come join me, bloggy friends. Let's do it!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday. And congratulations on the awards. Well deserved. I think Betty White looks great!!! I think I will try and take your comments on board this year and not stick so close to the tree trunk.

  2. Congratulations on the awards, Manzanita and best wishes for your next year.

    I don't normally make resolutions at New Year, but I think you have given me one: don't stick so close to the tree trunk.

    I'll go and check out your two blog awarders

  3. I'm ready to venture out on the limb, Manzanita! It's the year for it. Congratulations on the much deserved awards! You inspire me!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. It's never too late for that extra inch!!!

    Ms Manzanita!!! I've seen you dancing with your red shoes and you look just amazing.

    Congratulations with your fab awards - you deserve them and more! Take care

  5. Wow! First, congratulations on your much deserved awards. Secondly, love the photo you chose. Being a dog lover, it touched me. And your words, your eloquent wise words inspired me. I so look forward to coming back again and again. I'm over from OVER 40...really you're 81? You don't sound 81 :-) Sorry, couldn't resist. I would love to read some of Edgar Cayce's work. For goodness sakes, I'm a Hypnotherapist! and my bookcase is massive. I'm going to stop right now and add your blog to my sidebar. You can find me over at and Have a fabulous weekend. ~ Blessings, Janet

  6. Go girl go!
    You are an inspiration to us mere whipper-snappers of 60 and 70.
    If you manage another inch or two, let me know, I'm still clinging to the trunk with both arms.
    Congratulations on your awards, you deserve them.

  7. Happy Birthday!
    I think you are just getting started.
    I turned 42 a couple months ago, and I think I came to the same revelation. I've been trying to decide where I need to make changes for the (?) second half of my life. I'm working on it. And, I agree. Step away from the trunk. I'm working on that.

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Congratulations on the awards. I'm sure they are well deserved.

  9. Congrats on such well deserved awards. I will have to check those sites that are obviously written by astute people with wonderful taste.
    Betty White is my role model. Goodness she is fun and makes me feel like an underachiever.
    Also can relate to that young mind in a not so young body. I am always amazed when the old bod just won't do what my young mind thinks it still can. Such a bummer.
    Go for that extra inch, the falls really aren't that bad.

  10. Ann,
    Thanks for the nice comment. Betty White does look exceptionally great (for her age). Ha.

    The glamourous Babe. Thanks for the great comment. We'll do it together.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Know you're busy with your new surroundings. Enjoy the holidays there.

    Old Kitty,
    You are absolutely right. To the "inch" this year.

    A hypnotherapist, huh? Does that mean you use hysnosis to diagnose? I once studied hypnosis for a couple years but I wasn't much good at it. You'd enjoy Edgar Cayce's writings, I'm sure. Thanks for stopping.

    You whipper snapper... I burst out laughing at some of yours. Clinging to the tree with both arms... funny but I think not... You've already made it to the top branch. Wonderful holidays to you and dearest. xo

    Thanks for the nice comment. You are almost at the half-way mark but really 50 is more half, don't you think? 42 is really a tough one. Astrologically about 7 planets are nibbling on you. That's the age men go out and buy convertibles, dye their hair and have affairs. Women make more meaninful changes..... go back to school or get a divorce. They are finally coming into their own.

    Thanks. No no, I think Betty White is so great and looks great (for her age). It's that last thing.... age... I really hate getting old. There I said it. And I don't want to look old. There I said that!!! And there's nothing worse than an old broad who tries to look young or act young. What's difficult for me, is to act my age.... It is a bummer, as you say. You, my young lady, have a long way to go, yet. Love talking to you. You always understand... Happy Holidays.. xo xo

  11. Hi Manzi! I was just visiting with a friend about expressing childlike enthusiasm without any age-restrictions. I'm starting to feel as though I'm again standing in the field of infinite possibility and nothing but time stretching out forever, a view we can have at any "age." And, yes, going out on a limb...that's where the fruit is! Happy Christmas! T

  12. Congrats, Manzi! You deserve every blog award you received now and forever, amen. Ok, maybe sometimes I go overboard with enthusiasm. But, I do sincerely believe it. You're so right. Old faces look back at us in mirrors, but that's not what is inside us. I still am surprised when I realize how old I am--57! And, that's not even old. :-)

  13. Dear Manzanita,
    I am finding more and more that birthday years means pretty much nothing in calculating age. I believe you are further from the trunk this minute then you think you are and you are still inching out! That is not your typical 80 year old. Congratulations!
    Thank you for the nice words about my blog.
    I enjoy your witty writings.

  14. Teresa,
    Good to hear from you and I miss you. Have a snowy blowy Christmas up there in the Land of Deep Snows.

    You don't ever go overboard in my estimation. I love your enthusiasm. You young'un. :)

    You are welcome. Here's to inching and trunks this year. It feels like a good one!!!

  15. Congratulations on the award. Thank you for taking the time to follow my blog. I'm only in the mid sixties, a kid to you right?