Friday, December 10, 2010

I Take Thee ........... FOR MY BLOG

People question me about the name of my blog, "Wanna buy a duck." In choosing a blog name, I asked myself, "Why don't I remember the name of certain blogs?" It's because so many of them sound alike. My main focus was choosing a name that would be remembered and would easily roll off the tongue. I went through a long list of names that I thought had the old bangaroony but all of them were taken..... except Wanna buy a duck.

Where The Phrase Originated
Joe Penner was a comedian during the 1930's. Contrasting his humor to today's standards, it's corny, corny, corny. But evidently he was very popular during his day. One of his scenes had to do with an adorable duck and what was a "hot chick"(girlfriend) at the time. That duck thing stuck with him and he would say the phrase, Wanna Buy a Duck, and everyone laughed.

Names of Blogs That Limit:
Many times you want to limit your audience to your particular passion so toss that word in the title. For instance, "Mechanic's Gazette" might be catchy to mechanics but it keeps me out, as does the word Housewife. I am a health ga-zoobe so put the word Health in a blog name and you got me, baby! On the other hand, it also eliminates a huge audience.

Back to Wanna buy a duck. Below is a corny and silly-by-today's-humor, video of Joe Penner and his duck. It's almost so antiquatedly guasa that it's amusing. Below that you'll see the names of some blogs that reached out and grabbed me. I read many other blogs, but these are just some that I easily remember.

Here are Some Blogs That Reached Out And Pulled Me In With The Name

1. Under the Tiki Hut That name, by Carol Kilgore, spoke to me immediately. I didn't know what it was about and I didn't have to. The words invited me in. I was curious and found a delightful blog by a good writer.

2. Teresa Evangaline Some people's real names sound magical and other's just don't. Teresa's name is a grabber.

3. The Block This name by Kittie smacked me right between the eyeballs. So simple, yet sharp. And boy oh boy, can she tell a good Southern story. I can smell the magnolias from here.

4. Things That Bother Me Here's a new kid on the block. The name beckoned but I thought it was for really young people from the pictures. What a surprise. This gentleman is one funny writer. He hits commonality smack in the core and makes you laugh at yourself.

5. Coming Down From the Mountain This blog by Karen, put imagery before my eyes. I wondered .... hummm how'd someone get up the mountain in the first place. This struck me the first time I glanced at it. It's more than worthy of the trip.

6. Never Growing Old Who can't remember this one. Good choice, Java

7. Gerry's Soap N Stuff This blog put suds in my eyes because I make all my own soap. It grabbed me and I found a gracious hostess, delightful writer and a great friend.

8. Ten Lives and Second Chances Here's a sweet one. Jennifer takes on the name "Old Kitty" and a portion of the post is written through the eyes of a cat named Charlie. It's a grabber keeper.

9. The New Sixty Written by Arkansas Patti. They're both grabbers. Anyone who calls herself Arkansas Patti..... well, you just gravitate to and remember her hilarious posts.

10. Take 25 to Hollister That's a unique "reacher outer. I remembered it the first time I saw it. Su-sieee writes neat things about a small town in CA.

11. Musings of an Aspiring Scribe I put that in the ole brain immediately because that is what I'd like to be but in no way, Jose. Talei's a talented writer.

12. Mi Chiamo Candace This zinged into my brain because Italian was my language in school. What a zinger her blog is. I'm so glad it beckoned to me.

13. Life by Chocolate Here's a comfortable grabber by Robyn. Drew me right in.

14. Inwardlydigesting This was a mouthful and I had no idea what it meant. The word tingled a bell in my head and I remember Christine's blog. She's a wonderful writer.

15. JJ The Disconnected Writer This is a catch-a-rooney. How can you forget two J's. Worthy of remembrance. This gentleman writes with great insight.

16. Fricko's Musings I was blog surfing when I came upon this one. Curiosity again and what a clever writer and story teller. She's always amazing!

17. No Botox Allowed This delightful country frolic is by Wendy who writes of her life on a ranch and includes all the girly stuff too. A fun read.

18. Life Can Be Funny (Sometimes) Count on Jeff to brighten your day with some fun banter and outrageous situations. Never a dull post.


  1. You definitely have one of my favorite blog names. Not only that, but you are one of my favorite bloggers. You're sweet, wise, and witty. Thanks for including Life by Chocolate on your list.

  2. Aw, you are very sweet to include Mi Chiamo Candace on your list! Your comments are always so thoughtful and encouraging. I enjoy it so much when you visit.

    I have often wondered where you got the name for your blog. I'm glad you shared that with us. You have a wonderful blog and I'm so glad that I've found it.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Gee, thanks, Manzi. I tell my friends about you and your blog and when I tell them it's called "Wanna Buy a Duck," they giggle or chuckle and become instantly enamored with you....Joe Penner is hilarious! Early Steve Martin reminds me of Penner. So does that up and coming comedian with the long Greek name, Zack something.
    Have a great weekend, kiddo!

  4. Hey, Manzanita
    It was the egg joke that attracted you to Puzzelicious, wasn't it?!
    Good to know you!

  5. Thanks for explaining "Wanna Buy a Duck." Truthfully the title did rope me in and had me curious.
    Thanks so much for including me and for your list of others. I can see lots of new places to go.
    There are so many Patti types blogging or variations there of that I threw in the Arkansas for identity.
    It has been fun getting to know you.

  6. Awwwwww!!!Mimi is so harsh!!! She does so have a lovely beak and she got Joe to sing to her too!!! LOL!! What a great clip!! Thank you!!

    And thank you for including Charlie and I in your fabulous list! Yay!!!

    I so Wanna Buy a Duck now!! To sing to!! Take care

  7. Oh, thank you for the mention and for explaining 'Wanna Buy a Duck'.

    'Inwardlydigesting' comes from the exhortation to 'read, mark, learn and inwardly digest' that appears in one of the collects. I'm always pondering on something, chewing things over, in fact, inwardly digesting!

    I'm off to visit some of those blogs that are new to me. Thanks for the list.

  8. Hi Manzanita.

    I am glad I found your blog - multiple clicking from one blog to the next and so on, often finds little jewels - such as yours!

    And you are right! Your blog name drew me to take a closer look!

    Anna :o]

  9. How much for that Duck? Do you accept VISA :-)

  10. .Robyn,
    It was your chocolate title that attracted me. Then I found your fun writing along with a little chocolate, too. Ha.

    You have a great blog. Hope you're settled enough to enjoy Christmas in your new home.

    Yeah, he is kinda like a young Steve Martin. I don't think I know about that Greek Zack. You'll have to tell me about him.

    Northern Teacher,
    I guess it was the egg joke and I ended up with egg on my face..Ha Ha

    I agree. We have a fun relationship. :)

    Old Kittie,
    Ducks are really cute, aren't they? White like Charlie, too. Mimi's a saucy little wench, huh?

    That fits you very well. You are inwardlydigesting. That's why you always write such interesting and thought provoking posts.

    Thank you for your multiple clicking and stopping by. I shall come by to visit you, too.

    Oh my dear Jeff. You belong on my list, by all means. I'm going to add you immediately. I would never forget.... you just slipped through.

    Thank you everyone. I love you all and your brilliant comments. You perk my cold snowy Montana days. Manzanita

  11. Some bloggy friends and I were together discussing blogs we like and when I suggested "Wanna Buy a Duck" everybody said, "What?!"
    I think you picked well!

  12. Hi Lady,
    I can see you have it (the links)! Great going, too and I love them. I am going to come back when I have lots of time and go back through this post, inch by inch. My hubby is patiently waiting for me to get out with him for a while.

  13. I knew there was a story behind your title. Love it! Thank you for sharing some the blogs you read. I am off to visit them. Thank you. Gerry

  14. The name is very memorable for me, especially since I am a vegetarian. If I bought a duck, I would set it free!

  15. Big D,
    You and friends discussing blogs online or in person? Not one of my "in person friends" blog. They just don't "get it" how I can be satisfied to stay at home on a Saturday night. I got my online friends.

    Your hubby is a doll to be patiently waiting. Oh, I guess mine used to be too. Some men are just born keepers. Hope you find some good new friends.

    You could name it and make a pet out of it then it wouldn't get shot. How long a veggie? I haven't touched meat in over 40 years. When I see those meat ads on TV .....yuck, I have to turn away!!!

  16. I would name it, but not make it a pet. It's just a personal thing. I feel I have no right to do so. Yes, I have had many dogs, but they always ran free, without collars, since I lived in the woods. Now that I am civilized, I still have my Lylah, a beautiful Golden Retriever, who walks with me everywhere - freely. She is a family member. Thank you for a great post!

  17. I have often wondered about 'Wanna Buy a Duck', now I know.
    I expected a bit of a maniac when I first came calling and I haven't been disappointed since.

    Thanks for including me, that's very kind of you.

  18. Thanks so much! I got the tree up today. It might take me another week to get it decorated. We played hooky and took a road trip yesterday instead of decorating.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  19. Thanks for including my blog on ones with memorable names. I'm honored. I love the name of yours, too. A lot. I'm running a little late, if you couldn't tell :)

  20. Manzi, when you have a chance, I've a little something for you at my place.

  21. When I saw the name of your blog on the blog hop I just had to come and check it out!! You are right... the uniqueness of it pulled me in and now I am a new follower!!

    Happy Friday!

  22. Yeah! That's a great story!! AND ... one of the best blog titles around! So glad I found it - and so glad you've shared your favourites! Now I'm off to check them out!!

    Have a wonderful day!!