Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Chicks in the Spring and Life in Montana

This morning the phone rang at 6:30. Not exactly early for me but who calls at that time, anyway?
It was my son. The conversation went like this.

My son said, "Mother, I just drove by your house and was going to shovel for you but it was all done."
"I did it at 3 this morning. I like to get it shoveled for the kids when they walk to school."
"You've got to stop that. You're not a spring chicken anymore, you know."
"I know. But thanks for coming by. I appreciate your offer. I forgot to get gas for the blower so I shoveled by hand."
"Oh god, stop that."

End of conversation

I'm trying to analyse that "spring chicken remark. I used to raise chickens at the ranch and I got baby chicks in the spring. Teeny, fluffy little baby chicks. They sure couldn't shovel snow. If you equate chicken life to human life, they couldn't shovel snow until they were old and seasoned. So, according to that, who is the better able to shovel snow? Me, that's who.

I'm just being a smart ass, because isn't it like finger-nails on a black board when someone tells you you're not a "spring chicken?" (even though they're right!!!!!)

It was sweet of son to come by to shovel. He's such a great person and I'm not ungrateful.

Although the sun is shining brightly today, it's a big fat deceiver. Try out -3. A good day to stay in and try to catch up on blog reading. Tonight it's headed for -15. Wanna live in Montana?

Would you like the name "no spring chicken?" (Get over it, Manzi :))

P. S. Just got weather update.... tonight -21..ouch.


  1. You are a very hardy summer chicken!!! Who dances with red shoes and shovels snow at 3 am. Three am?!?!?!

    I am in AWE!!!

    I'd like to think of myself as a mother-hen type. Someone who clucks and fusses and pecks and nags. LOL!!!

    Happy New Year!!! Take care

  2. Your shovelling snow - at three in the morning(!) - just proves that you are indeed a spring chicken Manzanita! Son's just jealous, but onviously cares about you! I don't think I could even contemplate shovelling snow at that time of day!

    Have a wonderful New Year!

    Anna :o]

  3. My 18 degrees tonight is looking better and better.

  4. Still trying to visualize the three AM shoveling.
    What a sweetie your boy is to have offered. Tell him he can get the next batch.
    Not sure I would like the negative degrees but that snow sure is inviting.
    Have a great New Years and a wonderful 2011.

  5. Thank goodness I live in Arizona, no snow for me. Thanks for following!

  6. Hi! I'm a new follower via blog hop. Great blog! would love a follow back if you like at

  7. I have to agree: I do not like hearing anyone say to me, "You're no spring chicken anymore." It rankles me no end. So, we'll strut our stuff with heads high and keep on clucking! Happy New Year, Manzi!

  8. I would say from reading your posts, you are more spry than most folks of any age. I didn't know you were in Montana??! Me too, I'm in Billings.
    It was nice of your son to offer at least. Though I could see where the phrasing was off.
    I hope your New Year is as fabulous as you are!

  9. Old Kitty,
    I can see you clucking and fussing but never nagging. Never hear any complaints from Charlie.... :)

    Dear Anna,
    I've always been a morning person.... a "very early" morning person. You most likely swing in the evening...... not me. Wish I could be a little more swing-eer.

    It looks pretty good to me too. :)

    Inviting? Don't you mean uninviting? Well, I guess it's pretty when you don't have it snowing "every" night. OOpps I'm wearing out my shovel.
    Thanks, Patti... Have a wing-ding New Year's eve.

    Mrs. Tuna,
    Lucky indeed. You can play golf year round. I'm for that!!!

    Forty and trying to be Fab.
    Thanks for stopping by. You have a fun blog. Neat post today. Have a "Fab" New Year's Eve.

    Cluck, cluck. Yes we will, my dear. And keep strutting... and shoveling.
    nyuk, nyuk. (Shades of Larry, Moe and Curly)

    one mixed bag,
    Didn't know you were in Mt either. I'm in Bozeman now, Still have house in Helena. Billings..... would love to live there with all the great ballroom dancing. They have a great Latin and swing club. Do you dance??

  10. I can't believe you'd shovel snow at 3 in the morning?? Here, we had the biggest snowfall we've ever seen in early December (my older posts have it all) and we only just got the hang of shovelling, but not at 3 in the morning!
    And we had record low temps too! -15 yes, but -21 no!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting and following, I'll follow you too! Nice to meet you. Happy 2011!

  11. You are my hero! :)

    Happy New Year, Manzi!

  12. -21! I suppose if I really wanted to live somewhere with that kind of weather, I would take it. I went through your region in the late 80s and enjoyed myself a lot. At the time I felt like I could live there. At a road stop, I met some Umatilla Indians and I thought that we may have shared a common ancestor from long, long time ago.

    We, "kids," are always several steps behind Mamas like yourself. I think I may now be two steps instead of three behind mine. LOL!

    Okay, one more thing to share: I was told I was no longer a "spring chicken" when I was just in my late 20s. That one still cracks me up.

    Happy New Year, Blogging Friend! :-)

  13. we are fairly warm where we are in fact so warm we had a thunderstorm here in Illinois it is normally very chilly but not bad for tonight

    I am your newest follower can't wait to see what else you have to share love the story of the conversation

  14. Oh my 3am. Luckily we just got an itty bit of snow south of Philadelphia but my kids north of the city got over a foot. We just had to put down salt and our walkway was done.
    I hate the cold how dear do you deal with it?
    It must be something you just get used too because my parents in Florida are freezing at 50 degrees...
    Happy New Year to you I hope it is a great one!

  15. Dear Manzanita,
    I want to say thank you for the most interesting blog entries you have priviledged me to read over the past year of 2010. I see them as serious writings and good information, yet they are spiced with wit and sprinkled with love.
    Lots of love and ....Cheers Manzi!

  16. Hey, old hen, is that any better?
    If he'd called you 'old boiler' now that would have been ungallant.
    Just thank your lucky stars that you have a son who wants to shovel for you.

    Prost Neujahr, Manzi!
    (No, it's not rude and it isn't a sneeze either)

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  18. Your son is a doll for coming by to shovel so early in the morning, but that "spring chicken comment" is nuts! He should've said, "I came by to shovel for you. Don't do that. Know that I will always help you because you're my mom" Men need to get a clue sometimes!

    Thanks for following me and reading my blog! I followed you back and will be reading more as you post. Happy New Year!

  19. I have to agree with some of those comments above me. Shovelling snow at 3 in the morning?!? What's that about? And as for your son, he sounds lovely. I wish my kids lived near enough to shovel snow for me... not that I need it right now because the UK is +5 at the moment (but getting colder again, or so they say).

  20. Hi Sweetie Candace,
    Have the best of ever New Year

    To another very spring chicken.... You must have come through Mt. in the summer.. very gorgeous. You will always be super athlete

    Thanks for coming by and the nice comment. I wil be visiting your blog.

    Thanks for coming by.... I lived in Florida for 25 year but could hardly wait to get back to Montana. No one ever leaves Montana for good. They always return. Don't know why, but they do, cold or not.

    Your dear words always spur me on. You have that bright light that people need. Thank you thank you... Until later

    Dear Friko,
    No, son was really kidding and mine was a gentle tease. He's a great person and he respects women or I guess he wouldn't offer to shovel for me. I think I've been called worse.. Ha ha Thanks, Friko

    Thanks for stopping by. I'll be by to visit you.

    Climb to no where,
    Thank you for stopping and the nice comment. I think your blog is interesting.

    Nice of you to come by. I get up early because I go to bed early. Plus 5 is still cold but a lot better than below the zero mark, huh??

    Thanks for all your lovely and fun comments. Love you, Manzanita