Saturday, December 18, 2010

Make Me a Match, Find me a Find, Catch me a Catch

Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Make me a Match
Find me a Find
Catch me a Catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look Through your Book
And Make me a Perfect Match

I'm pretty good at matchmaking. Let me tell you about Sophie and Ivan. Sophie, my 58 year old friend, was telling me she was sick of dating. Never even close to finding a match. Ivan popped into my mind. I knew his interests and background and they matched Sophie's. As I was suggesting her meeting Ivan, she was already shaking her head, no, with "They never work." As I was going out her door, she said, "OK, you can give him my number."

I was wondering why I get myself in these dumb situations by opening my big mouth. So I called Ivan and asked him if he was interested in meeting a great gal, knowing that all his past relationships ended in failure. He replied, "No, I'm off women. Never turns out well."
"That's fine." We chitchat a little. "I gotta run."
"Well, give me her number."
I did.
They're both dancers and went dancing three nights in a row and then were together four weeks in a row. Early one morning my phone rang and it was both of them on the phone. They wanted me to be the first to know that last night, as they were dancing to the song, "May I Have This Dance For The Rest of My Life," he asked her to marry him.

I was the one. I was responsible for their meeting. Marrying after knowing each other one month. Crazy.... or was it. They said they knew immediately and that was ten years ago and they still act like they're on their honeymoon.

Here I go again. I'm introducing two friends again on Sunday. They are both coming to my house. Yipes, why do I get myself into this???? I'll let you know.
Have you ever been a matchmater???


  1. I don't think I've matched up a couple yet.
    Does it count that three babies were conceived on our wedding weekend? (And none were mine!) It seems our out-of-town wedding turned into a great romantic get-away for some of our guests!

    I have helped at least four people find their current jobs. Maybe I'm a head-hunter at heart.

    By the way, we just watched Fiddler on the Roof over Thanksgiving weekend, and I'd just gotten that song out of my head... now it's back...

  2. oh how sweet!!! Looking forward to hearing the story of this next couple :-)

  3. My wife and I are together 44 years. We knew in two weeks it was right. We are complete opposites. Who knows how it works...

  4. I matched up people once. Are they still together/ Don't know...after I matched them up I moved and I never heard from them again

  5. Well done, you. My first marriage was 'match made'. After the divorce my friend did at least apologise. I wouldn't have the nerve to try it.

  6. You matchmaker, you! I love it. there are a couple of friends of ours who I would like to meet, but it has to be by arranged chance, says the husband.

  7. Please be so kind as to matchmake for me, thank you!

    You are THE fairy godmother in the flesh!!

    Wow! Take care

  8. That's a lovely story, maybe I should employ you :-D

  9. Well..someone's gotta do it. If it works GREAT. If not, oh well. I love that you are a matchmaker. Cupid.
    It is fun sometimes to hear how romances develop I think.

  10. Oh, that's lovely!

    I've never been a matchmaker but I have acted as a go-between.

    I wonder if you prepare special food that will help nurture romantic tendencies.

  11. How exciting! Can't wait to hear more.
    Yes, my cousin came home from the military and I introduced him to my high school friend. They have a big family and have never been apart to this day, nearly 50 years later.

  12. I'd love to be a matchmaker but I've never got the chance! I'm happy you have - what a wonderful story. Looking forward to hearing how your next project works out.

  13. What a lovely true story. I can understand how good that must make you feel. It's so hard to meet someone that's a match in this busy world, particularly as you get up in age. Good for you.--Inger

  14. Bigd,
    The moon most have been in Venus or some such conceiving planet on your wedding night. That's a good record. The magic weekend!!!

    I don't know yet. They met. They talked. Conversation seemed to flow freely, He stayed longer than I had expected. We'll see.

    Wow, that's a good love story. I want to hear more. Always a romantic for a good love story. I think opposites often make a good match. Makes life more interesting.

    Better look them up. Either by now they love you or are furious with you. LOL

    Sorry it didn't work out. After this, I think I'll take my shingle in.

    I should stay out of other people's love affairs. Your husband is right.

    Old Kittie,
    I'd love to find a match for you but I'd probably have better luck finding a match for Charlie :)

    After this afternoon, I may be quitting business. :)

    Some of us are just born romantics. I may be one of them.

    It seems like lots of sweets might do it. Men sure do love pies and cakes and cookies. :)

    Hey, you matchmaker. You did it too. Your's was really a great success. Hurray for them.

    I may be out of business after this one. Too nerve-wracking!!!

    Canyon Girl,
    It really is difficult to meet and date today. I think it's because people seem to get married older. When I was young we got married much younger.

    Thank you, everyone, for your sweet comments. Good Matrimony. Manzi

  15. Of course I read about your match making talent just as you are considering closing. It has been troublesome to find a date and I could really use some help...

  16. How cool that you got that call. I've done the opposite, prevented a disaster from happening. Thank God it worked. An other time I helped a couple to convince their unwilling parents and that couple is still doing well.

  17. My best friend met her man at my 27 years, 9 kids and a grandchild on the way...they are still going strong!
    Isn't it fun?
    Your blog name really caught my eye....have you ever heard to word game "wanna buy a duck?" it is hilarious!
    I love your post and will definitely return!

    following from Friday Over 40's hop
    come on over to my place