Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cody Time

This Post is from Me, Cody, the awesome Aussie, Shepherd mix

Is it a bird?  Is it Puss N Boots?  No, it's me, Cody in Boots.

We've had a little cold snap because of the air inversion and it gets trapped between the mountains or something like that.   I don't know.   It's just cold and my feet get cold.  I also have my own fur coat (naaa naaa naaa naaa PETA) and my hair is haircuts in winter.  But I do soooooo love to go to the beauty shop.

I don't have the fancy wardrobe my brother, the Chihuahua hadBut he went to doggie heaven 2 years ago and I didn't fit his clothes.  I do have 2 sets of boots.  The boots I'm wearing have little silver strips across the front that glow in the dark.  Then I can chase the deer at night. (only I get hollered at when I do that)  I also have a scrumptious brown jacket.  It matches my eyes.   And..... I have my very own backpack.  On hikes,  I carry my own water  and some energy treats.  I guess I'm just One Lucky Dog.
Adios Amigos   (I picked that up from my brother) 


  1. I had to check out this post because my nephew's name is Cody. Aha! I see that Cody is a dog, but he is just as handsome as my nephew.

  2. Gotta love a dog that carries his own backpack.
    Is he a border collie/german shepherd cross? I had one of those once, looked like a border collie, but with the shepherd black and tan colouring.
    And smart? That dog could have joined Mensa!

  3. Such a handsome dude you are Cody and what cool boots. If we got more than one snow a year, I'd get some for Mighty.

  4. Hi Cody!! Very fancy boots you have on. Your Momma takes such good care of you, she must love you very much. That is why your fur coat is so shiny, she makes you special meals to keep you healthy.

    Tell Manzi I said hello!!

  5. I was wondering, Cody, do you realize what a lucky pooch you are???

  6. Cody, As we say here in NM, You are one hot tamale dude!

  7. Cody is beautiful!! He looks almost identical to the first dog I ever had. His name was Boxie haha. I may do a blog post on Boxie someday.

  8. Dogs are better than people. I love them all!

  9. Kay : I think I've seen pictures of your Cody. You have a wonderfully good-looking family.
    My Cody-dog is really a girl and I had originally named her Dakota but somehow it got shortened to Cody. 2 syllables is easier to call a dog than 3, I guess.

    River : You had a cross between 2 of the fastest learning dogs. Bet you missed him. Cody is Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix. Also 2 quick learning breeds.

    Patti : Mighty would love boots. I never had any for Wetoe (Chihuahua). He couldn't stay out in the snow for over a couple minutes. I carried him in one of those little chest packs like they have for babies or else in a small zipper bag that looked like a purse (but it was a dog bag).
    I bet Wetoe and Mighty would have had fun together.

  10. Terry : Thanks for all the kind words. Yes, my Momma makes all my food with a grinder and I watch and wait for her to drop a little. It happens. Ha

    Turquoisemoon : Oh yes I know. I was what they call a rescue dog so where I lived before wasn't much fun but I was real little so I don't remember it very well.

    Paige : Oh thank you. I know Wetoe, my brother was a hot tamale because he came from South of the Border but gee, I want to be one too.

  11. Optimistic : Was your dog a Border Collie or a mix, too. Cody looks like an Australian Shepherd from the back but she has a Border Collie face. Yes, good idea. Introduce us to Boxie.

    Hey Fishducky : Thanks for stopping by. Hope your day is going well.

    JJ : Who else loves one so unconditionally? Who else is so happy to see you and wiggles all over the place when you come through the doorway? Gosh, I never thought about it.... could be a wife, too. Ha

  12. Woof! Lovely to see you here today Cody. You are very handsome, I must say. I can see that you are a very well looked after (and much loved) dog. I'm sure you love Manzanita very much as well. Love your little bootees. Tell your mum that I wish you both a very happy, healthy and blessed new year.

  13. My dogs love the snow but don't get to see it very often so due to their short-term memory...every years one-day snowfall is a new life experience.

  14. One lucky and great looking dog too, spoiled rotten just like the cat at my zoo.

  15. Hey Cody!

    I'm very lucky to have our Jack Russell dog show me which letters to push on the keyboard to type out this comment. Thank you Penny the Jack Russell! :)

    You are looking really good and prepared in that photo, Cody. Actually, if we get some snow here, perhaps you could help Penny in her snow ploughing duties :)

  16. Does Cody actually like to wear those boots? Many years ago, we had a chihuahua/toy manchester dog who hated to go outside in the rain. So my mother made her a raincoat and boots. Poor little thing looked so funny walking in those boots, I laughed until I could hardly breathe. She'd pick her feet wa-a-a-ay up high and exaggerated-like, walking in slow motion. (But her feet stayed dry!)

  17. Start of the year, and you've gone to the dogs. Sigh! Oh, well. That's what small-town life can do to you.

    Must say, though, you've got a fine-looking dog!

    Me? Stuck out my snout, only to discover it's still winter. Back to hibernating.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  18. Got to love a dog who wears high fashion ... backpack complete with water bottle - boots with elegant silver straps ... and his 'own' fur coat.

    Love it!

  19. Hi Cody, Wrangler and Shiner here. I'm Wrangler and Shiner keeps trying to tell me what to say. I'm the only one who knows how to type on Mom's keys. We don't have snow here, but it sure looks like fun. I'm a border collie and Shiner is an Australian cattle dog. Mom says to say hi to your mom.

  20. Plus, I hear you can lick yourself.
    How sweet is that?

  21. very lucky dog enjoying some beautiful snow!!! new follower, hi! :D

  22. Chuck : But wouldn't that be heaven to have every experience feel like the first time?

    thisisme : You say such kind words, I blush. I've never been to your part of the world but my Mum used to go there often. I'll tell my Mum you popped in.

    Pat Hatt : Spoiled is the word and then they can behave like rotten little brats.

    Klahanie : Penny the Jack Russel... I'd love to help you with the snow. I stick my nose in it and and roll in it. Penny, you type better than I do. I tried using my Mum's fountain pen to write with but it accidentally got chewed up and my Mum didn't like that very much. Thanks for writing. You can come to Montana and chase deer with me (I'm not supposed to, but it's such fun).

  23. Susan : I can actually picture your chihuahua picking up her feet. I was always dressing up my chihuahuas too. It's like playing with dolls. Bet the rain outfit was adorable. Wetoe had had rain jacket but I didn't make it.
    Cody does OK with the boots. She picks up her feet real high for the first couple steps but then they must become part of her. I try to walk 5 miles every day and she runs twice as far by going ahead and back, etc. and the boots stay on.

    Bear : Howdy. I'm happy to hear from you and that you are a-peep'n. Tiz a long time yet till the honeybees will be buzzing. Enjoy your hibernation.

    Yes, I think I've gone completely to the dogs. Maybe instead, I should "put on the dog."
    Take care.....

    Carol : Hey Shiner and Wrangler....we are kindred spirits and perhaps shirt-tail-relatives. My mom was an Aussie and Dad was a Border Collie. I look like my Dad in the face but I got my mom's butt.
    I keep exercising but I think it's genetic. Oh well..... You two should come and play with me in the snow. You'd love it.

    Wendy Quillfeather :Oh thank you maaam. For that you get a big wet kiss on the nose. I'll tell Mum you stopped by.

    Al : Ah Gee, I lick and clean up my paws after I did holes. My Mums laughing. She said your comments crack her up.

    Tammy : Thanks for visiting. It's a nice day and I'll meander over to your house.