Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Warmer If I Don't Know The Temp

At 5 this morning, wearing bathrobe and scuffs, I took Cody out. I'm thinking, I might as well walk down the alley to the garbage can, since I'm out.  Oh, I'll go down to the mailbox by the front street and deposit some letters for pick-up. Cody must be ready. I'll go back to the side fenced-in yard for her.

I got in the house, turned on the radio and the first thing I heard was, "The temp is minus 6."
Oh My Goodness, it must be all that bee pollen and royal jelly I'm taking.  :)

(How many deer do you see in the header photo?)


  1. I see three too and haha well I guess it's best not to listen to the radio.

  2. Well I can only see three deer.

    Cold up there in your neck of the woods. I am with you on that one. When I don't know how cold it is I can go out of the house with no coat... If you tell me it is below 40 degrees, I think I need a coat.

  3. I see three deer too!

    Five in the morning!? Yikes!!

    Take care

  4. Yikes, 5 degrees???
    I see three but I am thinking I am missing something.

  5. Turquoisemoon : OK, you all have good eyes. There are only 3 . I showed this to 3 people and none of them could find the 3rd deer slightly blended in with the bushes. That is a mama deer and her twins. She must have been hit by a car because she has a gimpy leg. She was born in my rock garden and had her babies either in the garden or somewhere near-by because they stay in a few block radius. Everyone that i've seen, protects her and her family. When I put Cody in the fence, I use a leash from the house to the gate because Cody thinks it's her job to chase deer.

    Pat Hatt : Bingo, there are 3 but a number of people could only see 2.
    Proves bloggers are smarter.

  6. Optimistic Existentialist : Well it's not really so cold because it's a dry cold and it will get down to 30 below a few times during the winter. We wear down-filled jackets and coats and nearly everyone living here is a enthusiast, so they all live and pray for snow.

  7. Terry : Right, only 3 but many people can't see the 3rd. I hope it stopped raining so you can get out and catch some Vitamin D. I have to go to the store soon but I'll get my down-coat out. I sweat in that. Hope you are having fun.

    Old Kitty : I go to bed early. I read or listen to talk shows. Then I have a burst of energy about 4 AM. It's just the way I'm wired, I guess.

    Patti : And this is below zero. But, it's so dry here that it doesn't always feel very cold. My little old pickup is sitting out behind the garage with a full bed of snow. I thought I'd drive it down to you as a surprise. ha

  8. Hi Manzanita .. I thought there might be four - definitely three though.

    That is very cold - and boy am I glad I'm not out in it .. we're about to have a cold period .. but not like that!!

    Keep warm ... cheers Hilary

  9. I see three and maybe a shadow of a horse behind the fence? Oh, you are brave to go out in that cold. it never snows in the town I live in so as you can imagine I fear the snow. Please stay warm and take good care of yourself.

  10. Hi there. I only see three deer, like most of the others, but I can see how it would be quite easy to miss the one on the left! My goodness, that was COLD!! Can't believe you didn't feel it was that cold! Sometimes I feel that we listen to the weather forecast too much (over here in England anyway), and can get quite depressed by the forecast, instead of just taking each day as it comes, and then, if it's dry, that's a bonus.

  11. Brrrrr. You're made of a lot heartier stock than I am. Dry cold my tush! That's COLD, I don't care what the humidity is.

    Oh, and I guess I'm seeing things. I thought there were FOUR deer in the picture. The deer on the left? Looks like legs to another deer behind him.

  12. Gracious, that's cold! Makes me want to start a fire in the fireplace. You're made of sterner stuff than I am, Manzie.

    Hmm, three deer, hmm, maybe four what with the shadow on the left.

  13. And we had 6 degrees here and that was cold, very cold. I think I see three deer and a horse, or something looking like a horse on the other side of the fence.

  14. Haven't been by in a while. Minus 6. Yes, I can see that you would definitely be happier NOT knowing that number. I am in FL and HOT right now, but that makes me cooler.

    I can see why people only see two deer in your photo. That third one is hidden quite nicely in the corner. The colors of the tree and snow are excellent camo, just as nature intended. She blends perfectly.

  15. I see three deer. That's pretty cold, so I'm glad you weren't out long enough for frostbite.

  16. I counted 17 deer & 3 elephants--but I may have been having on of my visions. Gotta go--I just heard a voice telling me to save France!!

  17. Minus! I see three but wanted to see four...I tried hard to.

  18. Hi Manzanita,

    Right then, avoiding listening to the weather forecast, oh 'deer', I think I see six deer. Then again, I've gone cross-eyed and it should be real fun trying to find the part where I press "publish your comment".

  19. Hilary : Only 3 deer but usually people had trouble seeing the well blended into the bushes. But you bloggers are just "good." That mama deer seems to be the nanny for all the deer in the neighborhood. All summer she seemed to be baby-sitting a lot of other little babies along with her twins. Helena had allowed people to build on the mountain and that pushed the deer into town. The deer actually are taking over the town but it's quite peaceful to see them munching your trees and plants. Ha

    Murees : 3 deer but there may have been more on the other side of the fence. This town is over run with deer. Good thing it was still dark this morning when I was out walking in my bathrobe. Ha

    thisisme : 3 deer..... many people miss the one on the left. It did not feel that cold. I later went to the health food store and was talking to the girl in produce. She said she didn't think it was that cold either but became suspicious when her car was a little chuggy.

    Susan : Honestly, it is so dry here in the mountains (usually) that it doesn't feel as cold as it sometimes is. Not like Minnesota where I grew up. That is moist and damp and the cold goes through to your bones. Something like Chicago.

    Karen : 3, you are right. I feel like I'm the only blogger who lives in a cold climate.

  20. Kittie : A fireplace. I've been wanting to start the wood stove and turn off the gas furnace. That is such comfortable heat. I have lots of wood but it isn't split. I have an electric log splitter and I can work it very well alone. A neat little one I bought at Home Depot and every man I know is impressed how well it splits the wood.
    3 deer...

    Inger : That is cold. I didn't know your part of the country got that cold but I heard that there is a real cold snap there abouts.

    Robin : No I haven't seen you for some time but I took the summer off and just recently back. I hope you are well and happy.
    Yes, nature did a good job in protecting her charges.

    Carol : I probably could have. I had scuffs on my feet.... they have different names, like a sandal slipper and I was walking in snow up to my ankles.

    Fishducky : You forgot the 3 tigers. But when you put your specs on, you'll see it. Oh, you are the one who saved France. Marilyn and I were in prison during the revolution.

    Chuck : Only 3 but the one on the left is usually missed.

    Klahanie : Sorry I made you cross-eyed. But you can read faster if you are seeing 4. Let's cheer up, spring is around a corner, somewhere. Bye and thanks for stopping.

  21. I see three deer. I looked for legs.
    I often find I'm cooler if I haven't heard how hot it is going to be.

  22. River : The body must be able to endure extremes of temp just fine but when we're told it is excessive temp, either hot or cold, we react accordingly. I can recall skiing all day in below zero temps and never cold. We get a lot of 100 degree days here in summer but I'll say, my body likes the cold a lot better than the heat.

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  26. I can see three deer but was tempted to go for five and be a smart-*rse. Glad I didn't now as I read that there are only three. Re the temperature, amazing what mind over matter ca do, or was it really all that Royal Jelly etc?

  27. Patrycja: Thank you for visiting. I did go to your blog and saw your beautiful photography. I saw some comments that had been left but since I cannot read your language, I could not figure out where to leave a comment. Sorry.

    Le Petit Plastique : Thanks for stopping. I will return your visit.

    Ros : It really is mind over matter. I can't believe I was walking all over the neighborhood in my bathrobe and feeling warm but when I knew it was 6 below zero, I put on a long down-filled coat that keeps me about 300 degrees and I felt cold. Go figure, huh?

  28. The humidity controls your comfort more thsn the temp. I remember years ago in El Paso Tx, we would be running around playing ball and such at 103 degrees. Is desert there. In New Orleans La 85 degrees will be absolutely miserable because of the moisture.

  29. 3 deer. Hidden pictures still is my favorite feature in Highlights for Children, though I think the editors are making them too easy to do. Unless, oh no, it's because I'm older. hahaha.

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