Friday, January 11, 2013

An Annoying Walk

I usually think of myself as being mild mannered, like Clark Kent, reporter.  I attribute this to having very little fire in my astrological chart but maybe I'm just lazy. Cody and I daily walk the 5 mile  perimeter of the Fair Grounds. Cars aren't allowed on the far side and the scenery is rather wild and spooky, like the picture above. Very few people, too.

As we were walking along that stretch, I saw 2 large black labs come running toward us. Dogs usually just want to sniff and say hi to Cody but these 2 were barreling straight toward me.  Bam! They both hit me with running force, almost knocking me down on the snowy ice. I could see they meant no harm but were just untrained dogs that wanted to play, as I let out a little scream each time they jumped up on me with their full weight.

Then I saw a man walking toward me but on the other side of the old race track fence...... JUST MOSEYING AND TALKING ON HIS CELL PHONE.  Suddenly my Clark Kent mild manner dissolved, as if Clark had seen Lois Lane kissing Batman.  I'm still being pummeled by jumping dogs, leaving paw prints all over my jacket and I'm fighting to stay on my feet.

By now I was like any Montana bar-room fighting Floozy.
"Get off your  %$(*&@!   phone and call your dogs."
He kept on talking and paid me no mind.
I repeated my un-ladylike command, even louder this time as my arms and legs were flailing to keep my balance.
I heard him say to someone on the phone, " I have to go now. I'll call you back."
Upon putting his phone away, he said, "What's your problem?"
Duh......The dogs, still jumping on me, "Get your   &^$#*%  dogs off me.  I'm 83 and I don't want to be knocked down."
He finally called his dogs who were obviously having more fun jumping on me than minding him.
He then said, "If you're 83 maybe you shouldn't be here."
Oh boy, what an idiot, jerk, imbecile....we walk there every day and I've never run into an amoeba like him. I yelled at him, "Maybe you shouldn't own dogs if you're not intelligent enough to train them. My dog isn't jumping on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody was just sitting in the snow, probably thinking, I'm the good one.

His dogs finally went to him and he was still muttering as Cody and I hurriedly walked on and I'm thinking that I should be careful what I say to strangers in this remote area........ he could be a serial killer or an axe murderer.  And ladies don't use language like that either, right? .........but I'm still here to post another day.


  1. Hahaha...Good for you!!! Sounds like he's the one that should have been a tad scared. What an idiot!!! Might get you some pepper spray (for the dogs...hahaha)

  2. Right on, Manzi! What an ass he was. I love the ease of cellphones until I hear a story like this. People get so self-consumed they see nothing but their own world. Walk on and have a beauty of a day!

  3. Well, obviously ladies DO use that kind of language, because YOU did. The guy was an inconsiderate schmuck. You let him off easy. (You coulda zapped him with your X-ray vision!)

  4. Your anger was definitely not out of place -I can't believe he wuold say such a thing! How inconsiderate and rude to not even care that his dogs were practically knocking someone down.

  5. Two words--pepper spray. Not sure if you should use it on the dogs or the man, though!!

  6. Well, thank goodness you are okay. That could have been really nasty. What a plonker that man was!!You are right though, you have to be so careful these days, especially in a fairly remote spot like that. I really hope that you don't meet him and his dogs on your walk again. I bet Cody was feeling very proud of himself. Bless!!

  7. Good grief what a total jerk. He had worse manners than his dogs. Like Olga said, maybe you ought to carry pepper spray to back up your words. That really looks like a remote place. Make that bear spray.

  8. I am happy you weren't hurt. I can't believe someone would think it is okay for their dogs to jump on someone.... not only once but repeatedly.

    You might want to get some pepper mace and spray not only ill mannered dogs but their owners too.... Well.... you know.... Maybe you need one of those stunner things too.

  9. I always tried to be a good neighbor with my dog, realizing that not everyone likes dogs, and that's okay. I took her to work with me, so jumping on people was a big no no. Too bad about your encounter.

  10. What a moron, people like that shouldn't own animals. Sounds like he deserved the swear words and more. His dogs probably have more brain cells than him haha

  11. What an entitled assclown and a douche. Makes you wonder who the real dumb animal is, huh?

  12. I thought country folk were a little friendlier than that. Clearly the guy is a mutton-head with no due regard for that fact he too will one day be older.

    Glad you survived to walk another day!

  13. Thank goodness you're still here to post another day, Manzi! The guy was a jackass. Good for you for telling him off. One of these days, those dogs will jump on one real mean son-of-a-gun and teach that owner a thing.
    You're right though in wondering maybe you shouldn't. I do that, too, after my mild-mannered self turns to crazed because I'm suddenly dealing with oafs like the dog owner. I think, I hope, that we have a good enough sense to know when to stay mild-mannered.

  14. Did you try ordering them to sit?
    Probably wouldn't have worked though.
    That man will be old himself one day, then he may have more respect for older people.

  15. You freakin' rock, and I hope I'm able to not only take walks at 83, but kick ass and take names like you!!!

  16. He is not "a serial killer or an axe murderer." I looked it up online. He is called, "a moron."

  17. You don't think about things like serial murderers when you're riled like that, do you. That ignorant man deserved the full force of your tongue and more. Well done!

  18. Ouch! What a horrible experience. Makes me want to jump all over him

  19. Turquoisemoon : I have bottles of spray all over the house and in my car but when there is usually never any need for them, I become complacent and don't want to carry it. I'll probably have to start again.

    Teresa : That little episode makes me now remember to carry my phone in case I have any trouble with jerks like that.

    Susan : Well, I guess I can be a lady or not be a lady. Depends on what the situation calls for. Ha. Thanks and you too.

    Optimistic : Takes the cake, huh? I really believe people should not own dogs if they don't train them.

  20. Fishducky : I think I'd at least start with the man...Ha

    thisisme : Plonker...I love that word. I guess it's a Brit word and seldom used here. I'll adopt it for a while. Thanks for showing concern. That Plonker. !!!!!

    Patti : Jerk, yes. Plonker, as this is me (above says) :) Patti, I do have spray all over the house and just never think of carrying it. I'll make an effort to put it my my walking jacket or better yet, stick it in the pocket. Thanks

    My Journey With Candida : I'll try to remember to take pepper spray with on my walks. Trouble with those, if the wind is blowing, you have to be careful what direction you spray. :) Often a can of hair spray works just as well, if you are close enough to the person, dog.... whatever you are spraying.

    Galen : Lucky dog to be taken to work. I always feel so sorry for dogs when their owners work all day and they are either tied up or cooped up in a house. If I worked, I wouldn't have a dog. Same goes for kids in my book, but that is another story.

    Pat Hatt : You said it. I have such empathy for animals and if they try to defend themselves from a cruel person, they are whipped or put down. I find that often ranchers and farmers become insensitive to their animals. That is how I acquired Cody. She was just a little pup and an old ranch neighbor brought 2 pups (Cody being one) in the house for pets but he knew absolutely nothing about training dogs. He let them run in the house unsupervised and of course pups will mess where ever. He would not crate them at night. Then he would beat those poor little pups and kick them with his hard-toed cowboy boots. My heart cried for them so I said, " I think 2 pups are a lot of work for you. Would you let me help you and take one?" He agreed. I really didn't want another dog but she is such a smart dog. I bought a crate for the old man and suggested he put the other pup in the crate at night, then he wouldn't poop all over. That is funny. The old guy had millions and I'm buying his crate. I hope it gave that pup a little better life.

  21. Al : That is the truth. I have always said, you have to be smarter than the dog to train one. I think that cell phone has deteriorate his brain completely.

    Chuck : People around here are USUALLY kind and understanding. Always a few bad apples in the barrel.

    Su-sieee : It's hard for me to say swear words. By the way, that wasn't the F word. That is being said all the time by most everyone and on TV, in movies, etc but I can't say it. No man close to me has ever sworn. I never heard my father, grandfather, brother, anyone swear. I think they did when a bunch of the guys got together because it seems like a man-thing to do. I never heard my husband say a curse word .... ever.... but then I overheard a conversation where he was with all men and he was swearing. That is when I realized that if a man respects a woman, he won't swear around her but he will join in the swearing in the men groups.

    River : I was saying, down, Sit and screaming every time they jumped up on me. When they put their paws on me, they were taller than I was.

  22. Just Keeping it Real : Well thank you and it is nice of you to drop by. I shall return the visit.

    JJ : Moron is a good word for a moron. One runs into a few of them in Montans. :)

    Rosalind : Nope. I guess you want that person to know you are displeased with them. By the way, it wasn't the F word. It's hard for me to say that word, although it is everywhere. Old fashioned, I guess.

    Angelikas : Thank you and it is a pleasure to have you visit my blog.