Sunday, June 20, 2010

Evening in Paris

Hey Babes and Babettes,
Is fragrance "in" or "out?' I don't honestly know. Years ago when I lived in Morocco, we'd say (if in a hurry to get dressed) "do the French thing" which meant spritzing perfume and no bath.Today, I hear people complain about the annoying smell of fragrance in work or public places. (Forget the whales). More Morocco notes: Movie theaters were a strange olfactory experience, garlic ala Chanel #5. Now there's a smell that'll turn your head.

But the fragrence of a lifetime, the scent you'll never, never, never forget is "Evening in Paris." While I was growing up, the whole world smelled like Evening in Paris. Everyone wore it and everyone loved it. It was made in France from 1929 to still being made BUT it was no longer exported to the US at sometime in the '50's.Men always knew the exact gift to get their woman.When I was 15, a special boy gave me the large set for Christmas. Each item was embedded in a box lined with a heavenly diaphanous fabric. My supreme ecstasy was unparalleled. All of my life's wishes were suddenly fulfilled.

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  1. Of course I've heard of it - but I don't know that I've ever experienced its aroma!!

    But LOVING the idea of 'doing the French thing'! I'll be dynamite in the caravan parks of OZ with that little strategy, won't I?!?!