Saturday, June 26, 2010

Like Water For Chocolate

Cooking is such a powerful art that it’s actually scary when you give it your entire thoughts. The cook’s emotions are transferred into the food and those emotions are then, in turn, sent into the person eating the food. This process can be totally unintentional. It’s especially scary for people who eat in restaurants. Maybe the food is being prepared by a disgruntled chef who hates his wife or maybe your own wife is angry at the time she prepared your dinner.

I was Macrobiotic for 30 years and many times I recall Avelyn Kushi telling us that the Mother of a family, as food preparer had complete responsibility for the health and emotions of the entire family. Avelyn,being Japanese and speaking limited English, I never fully understood. I knew about the health part but not the emotions until I saw the movie Like Water For Chocolate. Then I began reading more about vibrational cooking and I realized Avelyn was giving us supreme information.

Then, too, I remembered the old saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If you aren’t familar with the movie, it’s a Mexican movie, made in 1992. It won a multitude of awards. These pictures are from my copy, an old VHS. Every so often I dig it out from a box in the garage and renew my love affair with the movie’s characters.

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