Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day In May In Montana

Rebecca Hartka is a most talented cellist, a beautiful person and also a hot married chick. Also fun to the core. I jumped at the chance to tag along on her Folkfire video shoot, mainly because I love the Geeky video stuff and I love Rebecca and her young university friends. There were 3 locations and 3 costume changes for Rebecca. Montana weather does not always cooperate and we used up all the little icons the weather station offered for the day. Wind (OMG did it blow & try using my cheapy camcorder in the wind), sleet, sun, rain, and real, real cold...... except on top of a steep mountain where we stripped layers because of the altitude. God, that was a steep climb for an old lady but those beautiful athletic kids mountain goated it up and down while I clung frantically to a lodgepole pine branch.
Not a complaint all day from anyone. Smiling, joking, singing ........ you'd think we were spending a day in the woods with spring daisys and 80 degree weather. They loved their work and they loved life. Absolutely remarkable group of 5 helpers. Stephani, the talented videographer toted around a heavy tripod and camera and she was "oh, so comfortable with what she was doing." They let me take photos and vids in-between the shoots. I was thrilled. I felt so Hitchkockian.d
I later discovered that Folkfire Production is shy $3,000. If anyone wants to donate to a great artistic endeaver for a paramount group of people and help Rebecca realize her cello dream, please contact Rebecca Hartka at

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