Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where Will Our Ducks Go This Winter?

Ducks don't read newspapers or watch TV. Do they know about the oil spill? Is there some kind of underground Duck Hotline that spreads the word? Will they start flying South and then find out about it and end up someplace in between, say Keokuck, Iowa? Cody and I worry about our Montana ducks.


  1. Sorry to interrupt your amazing life with my meaningless Hoo-Ha, but I felt like it was time to thank my followers (those who have blogs of their owns) who-hopefully?-take time out of their more-interesting-than-mine lives to read the works of a teenage girl's crazy inner mind. It's been a personal, yet quite sad, goal of mine to reach 25 followers and now I'm really floatin' on a cloud with the 25 I have recently reached. So...thank you. I think your blog is quite fascinating, btw. Congrats on your years of wisdom, and more to come. (I don't copy and paste these posts, so I would hope you take this post personally -cue annoying winking smiley face-)

  2. Congratulations. It's always rewarding to reach a goal. I love to hear about the inner workings of someone young. Pehaps I forgot. Keep up with the ballet, tap and dance. It's been my whole life & not one moment has been wasted. You are an amazing young woman.